Photographic Memory

February 13, 2000

I didn’t have a chance to post Friday, and yesterday I was busy Saturdaying, so I felt as if I owed you a Sunday post. It’s a little abbreviated, but odds are good there’ll be a rare Monday post tomorrow. Please stay tuned, and thanks for dropping by!

10 thoughts on “Photographic Memory”

  1. She didn’t like the painting of a tree with “a naked lady behind it” either. Wonder if that would have passed muster in a ’30s comic?

    • I’m just guessing here, but back then the artist would have had to hit at what the lady was (or wasn’t) wearing. I’m not sure just how you’d do that, but having Janis blushing might work.

  2. ? I have lived this comic, been asked to replace my framed photo with a less sundressy one. Nowadays the controversy is over which photos pop up on the phone when she calls.

  3. I get this about my desktop’s wallpaper; it’s a wonderful shot of us on my motorcycle when I was 28 & She was 29. She says She hates it because we don’t look like that 36 years later; I love it because it reminds me how good we used to look……..

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