Photographic Memory II

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I was playing around with the A&J logo you see on the top of this Web site, adapting it for the A&J Facebook page. I tinkered with it in Photoshop until I produced the “cover picture” you’ll see if you “visit us on Facebook.” (No, I don’t really have an Arlo & Janis branding iron, although it would be neat!) I was showing the fruits of my labor to a friend, who said, “Aw, they’re kissing!” What the devil was she talking about? “It’s the same logo I’ve been using for several years,” I said. “Well, it still looks like they’re kissing,” she replied. Kissing? I looked. I looked again. Then I saw it. It looks as if the ampersand and the J in “Janis” are locking lips. Huh! I never noticed that!

Several of you (You’ll know who you are.) ordered books from within the past few days. I apologize, but the snow and ice have slowed things down a bit. Your books will be sent out today by priority mail.