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Some people solve this problem by writing their initials on the pillow tag with a laundry marker. Or so I’ve heard. Don’t dare remove that tag!

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  1. I must admit that I don’t understand this. If your pillow is that different from your partners, you should be able to tell the difference, and if it isn’t, what does it matter. Of course, I’ve never been married, so what do I know?

    And, as they say at Slashdot, First Post!

  2. CX-P, congratulations on the anniversary! Having a lifelong partner is something to treasure. In a slightly related note (but on-topic for the retro). My wife of 31 years will always be sure she has “her” pillow when I mistakenly put the non-matching pillowcases on the wrong pillow, but she will intentionally sleep on my pillow if I am away…

  3. Two very different pillows on our bed. We would notice if they ever switched. Have noticed there are nights when the pillows migrated, SFAD. 😉

  4. Just found my favorite soft feather pillow is residing in Mike’s bedroom on the Chippendale four poster (which is where I slept too until cancer hit) He has traveled so much at motels and bad pillows (good pillows are recent pluses to travel) he can sleep on anything.

    I left it in there for him.

    And yes, Chippendale is my favorite furniture style and I didn’t mention that when we were on Chip N Dale subject.

    When I had some $$$ it took a team of four moving men to get it to my third floor bedroom in Houston. Since I lost all the money we find that two decrepit senior citizens can move it ourselves. We luckily live in a small one story house now but Mike wouldn’t buy it until he made sure the bed and the armoire would clear the low ceilings!


    Love, Jackie Monies

  5. Good morning, Villagers. I asked The Boss Of My Life if we had any Chippendale at the Casa, and she said the display in the dining room and the breakfront in the front hall. I am informed that the chairs and the table in the dining room is Sheraton, which was news to me.

    Having a great morning, ran ten miles and saw a case in Emergency, abdominal pain. I could tell you how The Boss Of My Life proved it wasn’t appendicitis, but it is too gross for here. But I have to admit I disgraced myself badly by giggling. 😀

  6. Oh, and carbonated soft drinks, particularly diet coke. What are we thinking? (*sarcasm alert!*) I haven’t drunk a bottled or canned or fountain carbonated soft drink in years – prefer water, bottled or tap, or iced tea. Or lemonade or limeade.

  7. Has anyone in Village read today’s real time strip on the tomato sandwiches? Is there anything better than a tomato sliced on whole wheat bread with mayo? Unless it is a BLT?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  8. Yes, Jackie, I read it and was silly enough to post on The Dark Side (I am SusieSchroeder over there) I love a fresh tomato sandwich, (preferably home grown like I had for lunch) with homemade mayo and freshly ground black pepper. I also sliced home grown and pickled hot peppers and basil to mine, and put it on sliced baguette mad by The Man In My Life. Yum!

    I don’t eat bacon or any cured meat.

  9. If my wife’s pillow were on my bed I’d notice the different colored pillow case immediately! Then I’d yell at her: “What the heck have you been doing in MY bedroom?!”

  10. About the “who peels tomatoes?” comment over on TDS (I went and read after Lily mentioned) that is an old Southern habit of peeling them, as Arlo says about his mom. No one in my family would eat a tomato unpeeled to this day.

    Except us, the renegade outlaws who went uptown, the rest still all peel everything, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, peaches, all the fiber goes. My mom will some how carefully spit out all the skins from our meals that I leave on for the fiber, she even manages to some how spit out green bean hulls!

    She is 93, so we let her spit– everyone else has to eat them.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  11. Lily, about the Diet Coke:

    Last night, my kids and I were sitting in the living room and I said to them, “I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug!”

    They got up, unplugged the computer and threw out my Diet Coke.

    The little ______!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  12. Jackie, as to your question is there anything better than a tomato sandwich, only one made with homegrown tomatoes and homemade bread! I like to sprinkle just a little black pepper on mine. My grandmother made them that way and that is what I grew up with.

  13. “. . . anything better than a tomato sliced on whole wheat bread with mayo? Unless it is a BLT?” Of course there is. Remember, “De gustibus non-disputandam est”, if I have it right.

    A Rachel on pumpernickel, hold the thousand island. One or another of Qdoba’s chicken or pulled pork burritos, on a wheat tortilla, black beans, brown rice, mild salsa. Various pizzas at one of our remaining local shops, crowded despite half a dozen chains in town. Gyros and other wraps [or naans], various locations. Various Papa Murphy’s bake-at-home pizzas, but not in the summer; 8-9 months of the year, no net power wasted, because it heats the house.

    Sardines [water pack] on Racine Bakery’s Latvian rye toast; daughter brought me a loaf from Chicagoland recently. The scones and paninis at Brewed Awakenings, a coffee house in Grand Rapids, MN, and such at various other cafes in several towns. The buffet at The Holy Land on Central Ave. in ‘Nordeast’ Mpls., just down the street from my favorite Twin Cities UMC. A good lutefisk supper at any of several Lutheran churches, in the fall.

    About carbonated drinks. Only soft drink I care for is good root beer, and I can go years without that. I’ve not used a vending machine since before they accepted bills.

  14. cxp – Congratulations on 52 years. May you and your beloved enjoy many more.

    My great aunt and uncle have agreed to stay married for 75 years, then they were going to trade each other in for younger models. 😀 They are north of 50 married years, but sadly, I forget how far. As long as their health holds, I can see them breaking records: they wouldn’t know what to do without the other.

    I love bacon. However, my fevered brain has seen those stupid Beggin’ Strips commercials too many times and I cannot just say *bacon*. I HAVE to say “IT’S BACONNN!”

  15. emb: what you say is perfectly possible (congrats on 52, btw) though I never have had the pleasure of tasting them. Just as I would instance a perfectly seared tenderloin au poivre. Hyperbole is the norm in describing good food unless one is a professional restaurant critic, Lord forbid.

  16. I’m back from the wilds of Lower Alabama, where the local InterWebNet provider seems to believe that a hundred thousand or so visitors don’t really need good, reliable WiFi access.

    Many happy returns to you and your BH, c ex-p.

    Oh, and Gal, really? Ornery? God’s gonna getcha for that. 🙂

    Or joshing, if you prefer, Dearest Virgin. Also, I was not aware that Charlton Heston had brothers named Siegfried and Roy.

    Mention of Siegfried & Roy always reminds me of the joke, “What’s the difference between a tiger and a small kitten”? (Make up you own punchline…I can’t post it here.)

    Jackie, I suspect your name is still mentioned at a certain moving company In Houston…and not necessarily in reverent tones. 🙂

    Lily, I’ll see your seven guns and raise you seven more. (Do you have a pet handgun?)

  17. At any rate, I don’t have a garden so no homegrown tomatoes. But my next door neighbor is making some homemade bread and butter pickles and has promised us some. I hope the reality is as good as my imagination!

  18. Debbe 😉 Great slow dance tune. Missed you, hon.


    This is my Mom’s recipe. Does it look familiar? (I call them “Zucchini Burgers”.)


    6 oz. grated zucchini (weigh before grating)
    3 oz grated onion
    2 oz. grated cheddar cheese
    1 egg
    1/4 tsp salt
    1/4 tsp pepper
    1/2 tsp garlic powder
    2/3 cup SR flour

    Combine zucchini, onion and cheese. Add egg, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Mix well, then add flour and stir until all is well mixed. Make into patties and drop into hot vegetable oil, turning once to obtain proper browning on both sides.

  19. Ghost: Yeah, my Glock .40. I carry it everywhere. If the bad guys want another shot at me, they are gonna have to pay. Not that I don’t love my SIG Sauer P226 X-Five nine mm, but it is too pretty to carry everywhere.

  20. Debbe, I wouldn’t lie to you. Joke, be sarcastic, exaggerate sure. But never lie. As for guns I don’t have a single one, I swear.

  21. Debbe, I wouldn’t lie to you. Joke, be sarcastic, exaggerate sure. But never lie. As for guns I don’t have a single one, I swear.

  22. Lilyblack on 28 Jul 2014 at 5:44 pm #xx: emb: what you say is perfectly possible (congrats on 52, btw).

    Lily: It’s cx-p and HBH who just celebrated 52. Our 58th was 26 Apr. 2010, but wife died 28 Dec. ’10. I hope cx-p and HBH get further > that. It’s ok, you’re not the only Villager who has mixed us two up. I believe he is a bit > conservative > I, both politically and theologically, but we overlap broadly, I think. I’m glad he’s here.

  23. Lily, I carried my gun around for a long, long time in case I was attacked again. But Mike took it away from me after I slammed his arm in a metal door when he came home unexpectedly. He figured he’d be shot instead of a “bad guy.” Seriously, I quit putting a gun in my pocket somewhere along the way.

    The police always told me that had my attackers had my gun instead of the Saturday Night Special they used at my daughter’s head, we would be dead because they’d have had a more reliable gun. So, two view points.

    This is not to start a discussion on whether we should carry guns or not. I may have mentioned the time my mama’s purse whacked my husband in the back on Space Mountain at Disney World and he found out she had a 44 inside! We had to take it away from her. My daughter was a small child then.

    After that my husband made me frisk mama whenever we went to Disney World and she always had a gun we had to hide in car and take away from her! There are probably as many viewpoints on guns as there are people on this group.

    I bought the Janis gardening strip where she runs and gets the paper cartoon gun when the rabbit attacks her garden. That is how I am, of confused viewpoint!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  24. Well, Jackie, all I can say if I was back on that parking lot on that moonless night and a van rolled up to me, stopped, and opened the sliding door, whoever grabbed for me would be three-tapped by the time he or I took a breath. That is never going to happen to me again. The only time I don’t carry that gun is when I am running with my dog, and I hide a .25 in her vest right behind the folding dog dish.

  25. Many, many thanks to all the kind folks here who wished us well on our 52nd. There have been quite a few more nice comments on this site than in person and by mail, together!

    I had an aunt/uncle who made it to 67 years of marriage, and they did not marry young: both were 26 at the wedding. Had they wed at, say, 18, they would have made it to their 75th….

    eMb, those were really nice words. Let me return the compliment by stating that I feel honored to be confused with such a scholar as you. Yep, I am a bit more conservative, but that doesn’t mean we cannot communicate in a friendly manner.

  26. Yesterday was a good day. Aside from the WA dinner out, I managed to win an eBay lot over which I’d been salivating for the past week. It wasn’t exactly a bargain, but I had never seen one of these collector items offered ever since I began to use eBay 8 or 10 years ago.

    Perhaps more importantly, I managed to “find” an old friend from HS days after 15 years of looking! That search included all the genealogy sites I have, but no fruit of my labor had resulted. Just by chance – and you can imagine the odds – one of the “old newspaper” sites showed me a sample part of a sample page when I entered the name. The fragment shown gave me proof of her identity and, importantly, her husband’s name!! Amazing coincidence, no?
    No other classmates knew what had happened to this woman, much less her married name. With knowledge of the married name, it was easy to locate her – address, phone number, and email. I will send off a written note tomorrow to see if she is interested in trading bios. While we were not close, we did have a number of classes together and sat on several of the same committees. With a HS whose student body numbered in the many thousands, that’s about as close as two students would be. I remember her as a very good scholar and as a take-charge person. I wonder if she will reply, if only out of curiosity.

  27. Don’t know as much as you thought you did, do you, Ghost? The Virgin shall teach you. See you next month.

    Love, Edgar Alan Poe, Rachel Weiz & Rufas T. Pettibone XLII

  28. G27 or G23, Lily?

    Owing or carrying a firearm for self defense is a personal decision that must be made by each individual based on pertinent personal factors. I would not presume to influence anyone’s decision about that, one way or another. The one thing I would recommend is that if you do decide to own or carry, get some training. A firearm is not a magic wand that one waves to make a goblin disappear. And as Jackie pointed out, there is even the possibility your firearm could be used against you.

    I carry (concealed), but I have invested a considerable amount of time and expense in equipment, practice and training. My instructor is an experienced SWAT ninja who also happens to be the training officer for his agency. At the end of my last refresher training with him (handgun), I fired the same qualification course as his officers (B-27 silhouette target) and scored 99 out of 100. The one round that cut the line and cost me a point was a one-handed snap shot from 10 yards. I can live with that. And one day, I may live because of that.

    I view learning the skills necessary for safe and efficient firearms use in the same light as those for first aid and survival training…I hope I never need them, but if I wait until I do need them to learn them, I have waited way too late. And I suspect Lily feels much the same way.

  29. Interestingly, I owned guns and had permits in Texas for hand guns and carrying concealed weapons. I did not happen to have my personal gun on me or car when we were kidnapped. And, it would have done no good, as they pointed gun at daughter and grabbed her while I was approaching car.

    And just in case anyone thinks it takes a dark, dead of night for evil to take place, we were kidnapped in board open daylight on a Sunday afternoon from a national amusement park. Just where you would think you were safe.

    I can imagine most of you would guess my stand on carrying weapons for self defense. The bad guys have no trouble getting hold of them apparently. But I no longer carry a gun although I do have one in bedroom. Would I use it? Yes.

    Which may be why Mike prefers I not have one handy! Used to sleep with one under my pillow. Noisy dogs help better than anything.

    This is not something I talk about much, as like Lily I prefer to forget. But I did make changes and that counts for something.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  30. Hey Ghost, am glad to see you survived Southern Alabama! I feel the same way in the swamps of Louisiana with no service. But we don’t have the population, now if alligators used cell phones maybe?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  31. Jackie, your mom would not get in the park with that item now. These days, Disney security looks in all bags, etc carried into the park before you ever get in the gate. Now if you want to declare a business gun-free, that is what you should be doing. If you want to tell all law-abiding folks they can’t bring a gun, even if the authorities have given them a license to do so, you should make sure Nobody brings one in. But I don’t see Target, et al, doing that, do you?

  32. Mark, I certainly wish that the two men who grabbed us had been checked and arrested before they got us. Who expects to be snatched like that?

    But I spent eight years of my life and a lot of money to try and change that, to say that a business, hotel, park or any other place seeking the public to utilize their facility are also responsible for just that, the safety of those who come.

    And if Target doesn’t want to enforce that, well then, now you can sue the heck out of them for their failure to keep out the bad guys. It is now a liability issue that can and should cost them millions.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  33. Great choice, Lily. Like you, what I carry varies by circumstance (and wardrobe), but what I favor is a Glock 23 as primary, and a Glock 27 as secondary.

    Why, one may ask, would I need to carry TWO hand guns? Well, even before the SWAT ninja expressed it in these words, I had already figured it out: “One is none; two is one.” Meaning that if your firearm/knife/flashlight/any-other-tool-you-really-really-need gets lost or broken, and you only started out with one, you then have “none”; if you started out with two, you still have “one”. Makes as much sense to me as having access to a spare set of car keys or house keys.

    There is no perfect defense, of course. I’m fully aware I could be taken down tomorrow by a kid on roller skates with a two-by-four or a baseball bat. But there are still many potentially bad situations in which the odds would be tilted in my favor by the fact I am armed and alert to my surroundings.

    And yes, I do totally agree that businesses should be held reasonably responsible for the safety of their customers while on their premises. But no, I do not think that simply putting up a sign at the entrance to their property stating that firearms are prohibited is the way to go about it. I can’t see how that would deter criminals or other dangerous people.

  34. In other news, I spent part of my weekend playing with an adorable dachshund puppy. Hope that doesn’t tarnish my “gunslinger” image. 🙂

  35. Ghost, I believe Robert Heinlein called that a “belt and suspenders” approach. Better safe than sorry. If you aren’t safe, someone else will be sorry.

  36. Off to bed, have to get up early to go see rheumatologist! Exciting date. He is hard to see, overloaded with patients. Can’t have breakfast, the vampires always draw a lot of blood.

    Please, let’s not argue about guns. It is the choice of everyone to behave responsibly and I think Ghost and Lily and Sandcastler and those who do are to be commended.

    My friend from New Zealand where laws are tough is licensed and permitted, was a sniper in Viet Nam war. He qualifies every six months I think? Anyway, he came to visit and my mama being southern wanted to know what he hunted?

    He said “Targets” but with a heavy NZ accent and she thought he said “Tigers” and launched into discussion of wild game hunting!
    Actually, New Zealand while strict, has a lot of wild game hunting I found out but my friend doesn’t do that. He keeps up like Ghost is talking about to be legally able to keep a gun.

  37. Charlotte, yes, but we have all the rest in a safety deposit box, big one, down at bank. Some are antiques. We don’t let mama keep one in her purse anymore, which is really dangerous for children.

    She left her rifles and shotguns back in Louisiana where I assume my drug crazed nephew/cousin/whatever has sold or kept them.

    When I got over being afraid we sold all our guns and I had not had any for years and years. Mama is extremely fearful and is a involuntary sidelined hunter, which we are not, so we had to pry the guns out of her hands!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  38. Dear Jackie, I knew you would be careful. Wow, your mother sounds like an amazing character!

    I have learned so much from this group … an awful lot just in today’s discussion alone!

  39. Keep saying it, I wish I actually lived nearby the Village because I would enjoy having you as real time friends.

    Yes, my mama is an amazing character and is going strong at 93. Her vision is awful now and she can’t see deer, even when we point them out standing alongside roads. I’d hate for her to be armed!

    Her favorite hobby used to be going snake hunting to shoot them.
    She actually sought out snakes!

    We are most dissimilar in most ways but I come from a long line of strong women.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  40. “…behave responsibly…”

    Exactly, Jackie. That’s what I’ve spent time and money endeavoring to do with firearms. And hey, that pretty much applies to everything that good people do in life, doesn’t it? I’ve also decided we’ve got a number of strong survivor types here in the Village, that I suspect will fare pretty well, one way or another, if and when TSHTF.

    And for the record, I enjoyed playing with that pup this weekend much more than I enjoyed punching holes in paper targets on a hot, dusty firing range the weekend before.

  41. Our pillows are like jigsaw puzzles and are bent different from each others. We have 2 pillows each. Normally I keep them in order on the bed while making it so I know which is which.

    When we had the house treated for bed bugs I had to strip the pillows covers off. I knew that they would be moved around a lot while the house was being heated. So I marked the tag of each with a color mark so that I would be able to put them back where they belonged.

    We now have an RV (as we will never stay in a hotel again) and I have to deal with 4 new pillows (well 2 new pillows, 4 new ones were too high so we have a new one and an old one each at home and in the RV). I keep my two pillows together with my blanket and mattress pad in a bag when not in use and his ditto. His bag has a marker on it so I know which is which (Sheets and pillow cases get changed and washed, so I do not have to keep track of them. Blankets and mattress pads are washed once a season or as needed.)

  42. Drove most of today; too wired to sleep. Late night on The Weather Channel (volume muted version): Bunch of guys hauling a purse net full of fish on board a boat. Oh, the thrill! The action! The excitement!

  43. Good morning Villagers….

    Wow, so much info above on which, what kind of and how many guns…..we only have a couple of rifles, and I have no idea what kind. They’re kept in the closet, unloaded, and only used to ward off unwanted critters….outside. Personally, I carry two bony knees 🙂

    Steve…that was tragic. The laying hens were only 20 weeks old. They start laying at 24 weeks. It looked to be an old building, like the 30 year old one I work in now. They finally laid 1200 feet of new auger in yesterday afternoon, it was a real workout to get the old one out. I left….too much testosterone for me…name calling isn’t necessary.

    Thanks GR 😉 , so what was the puppy’s name? I knew there was a who 🙂

    gotta go

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  44. Good morning all. I woke up to a dream where I was throwing stuff off a pantry shelf at my husband’s secretary he was having an affair with. 1) He has never had a secretary except me 2) He says he is not accountable for the things he does in my nightmares 3) He says he has more outrageous life in my dreams
    4) He wouldn’t live in my mind for five minutes.

    So, here I am awake!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  45. About pillows- we used to travel together in a huge RV but it was full of Christmas samples to book orders for the NEXT Christmas in mall stores, gift shops, etc. Not to sleep in.

    Picked up one at home office, it caught on fire outside College Station, TX due to not being serviced properly by company.

    I was riding in a long sweater and panty hose, skinny in those days. Jumped out with just that on. Saved my special feather pillow and Mike’s collection of Jimmy Buffett tapes. You have to know what is important.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  46. I just had to buy a new feather pillow, as my old one was flat beyond any fluffing up. The new one is lovely!

    I rarely carry my gun with me any more but when I do it’s a Smith & Wesson .38 Airweight. Most of the time now it resides in a kitchen drawer. No, there are no small children around who might get curious. Husband has a revolver in his nightstand, and a Glock .45 in his car. Everything else, including two M1 Garands (his and hers), is in the gun safe.

    Once, years ago, Husband and I were at a large, very nice, outdoor rifle range practicing with the M1s. Next to our station was an older man with his target rifle and spotting telescope-the whole nine yards. He seemed to get very upset that a young woman, sitting cross-legged on top of the shooting stand rather like an elf on a mushroom and shooting a military issue rifle, was outshooting him and his expensive target rifle. One of the high points of my life. 😉

  47. Speaking of guns, Brooke is dragging things out again in 9CL. Remarkable what his double agent can do with a pistol at great distances.

    Reminds me of a film clip I saw at an ’80s lecture about portrayal of women in films. This [police? no uniform] gal, has just seen a boy kidnapped and the villains are driving off. With her pistol, bang 3x, she kills all 3 and the boy is unharmed. Sure.

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