Plotting the Future

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This old Sunday from 1995 is another example of what we were talking about yesterday, the marriage of word and image. This one has a punch line that stands alone, as does yesterday’s classic comic strip, but the reader also is visually treated (I like to think.) to young Gene’s visible histrionics. I have learned over the years that if an idea I’m developing is overly weighted with verbiage, I can offset that by having the character’s move their arms or make exaggerated faces, as a stage actor might do.

Fall has not disappointed around these parts. The first full day of autumn yesterday was beautiful, and today has dawned the same. A pessimist might begin to worry that this portends an early and harsh winter. Just thought I’d mention that.

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  1. One of my favorite Sundays 02/27/2005 (I think) which isn’t in the online archive anymore. shows your great talent for matching faces and words, it’s eight panels of Janis telling Arlo let’s talk – about anything, as Arlo shows consternation – just say words? about anything? Janis has a completely different expression in each of the eight panels. It’s in my rotation of A&J Sundays I use for a screensaver at work

  2. Amazingly the Chicago area has been experiencing beautiful Fall weather for the past few days and the forecast is for more of the same for the rest of the week. Gotta take it while we can. Last winter was brutal.

  3. Good morning, Villagers! Gosh, it’s great to have our stomping ground back! A nice cool morning with a gorgeous sunrise. Rounds went well and I thought of Ghost when we had to go to the ER to lance a felon (not a recidivist, a finger ailment) An older doc we were talking to called it a “whitlow,” which I had never heard

  4. I’d forgotten about this strip, the sentiment of which I have been experiencing myself recently: the struggle to successfully impart learned wisdom. The head may hear, but until the gut also knows, it simply doesn’t matter. Thanks, Jimmy.

  5. Clear blue skys. 75°. What am I still doing in the office?

    Perfect day for a picnic, but a certain part of my anatomy still refuses to cooperate. Graduated to some chicken soup with my potatoes and applesauce. I see food and think “Oh I would love some of that!” but can’t. Good training for my effort this fall to lose some weight. I love beeing 10 lbs lighter. Let’s make it 30!

  6. It seems we Village folk do have at least one thing in common with The Dark Side…an interest in food. Of course, that didn’t stop some of them from getting all contentious about the whole vegetarian/meatatarian thing. (Somehow, I think I’d have been vaguely disappointed if they hadn’t gotten in each others’ grills about something.) And don’t even get me started about that negative comment about mushrooms, which are actually one of God’s Great Gifts to Gourmets and Gourmands.

    If anyone needs an easy recipe for rather good Oyster Stew, you are welcome to mine. It would go very well with the cooler weather many of you seem to be experiencing. (Caution: Not a “heart healthy” recipe, particularly.)

    Ghost’s Oyster Stew

    2 dozen raw oysters, in enough liquid to cover
    1/2 stick butter or margarine
    2 green onions, chopped

    1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
    3/4 tsp salt
    1/8 tsp white pepper
    1/4 tsp paprika
    Dash of red cayenne pepper

    2 pints Half & Half

    Heat butter in a large cast iron skillet, sauté onions until tender, but not brown. Add oysters, liquid and the five seasonings; heat until edges of oysters curl just slightly. Add Half & Half, heating slowly, but do not boil. Serve with a lump of butter and dash of paprika. Makes 6 servings.

    Note: This is Recipe Zero, the first in a collection of favorite recipes I have on my computer which now numbers in the hundreds. It was first stored on a Tandy 286 computer, in the fall of 1993, and I have kept it in the original Courier font, the one that makes it appear to have been typed on a typewriter. (Those of you too young to remember what a typewriter was, just google it.)

  7. Yea! Glad the blog still lives and so does Jimmy!

    I honestly thought he had taken off for Paris again and was caught over there in some kind of awful mess, what with the world in state it is.

    Mostly I am caught up in stuff like: my dryer bit the dust forever again (I keep replacing appliances) and I had piles and piles of dirty laundry which my cleaning lady (but mostly me) tackled in a marathon of washing and drying and folding and hanging.

    I would keep checking to see if blog was back and it wasn’t, I went into withdrawal and clipped coupons non-stop to fill in the time!

    Lily, I can beat your Johnny Cash singing to you. Dale Earnhardt came by on my porch, wearing his signature giant cowboy hat and his satiny jacket, mustache, leaned into the kitchen window,
    cupped his hands around his face and put it against window. Told me he’d come to get me or something like that, at which point I jolted awake, as he is quite deceased!

    And I am no Nascar fan either.

    Ghost, Sideburns, Steve, David and all those afflicted, I hope you have fast recoveries.

    I kept laughing at the ones on Dark Side I knew were you all!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  8. finally made it back. tripped and fell sunday night, landed on left wrist. pulled it out from under and thought, this doesnt look good. brother took to er, distal radius fx. saw ortho dr on monday, at outpatient surgery on tuesday. closed reduction with external fixation. wont be adding comments for a while, but thought some of you might wonder where i went.

  9. Good to see you back, Jackie. When I start getting music in my dreams, it’s a pretty good sign I need to wake up. Course, Neeshka pretty much takes care of that, but, still!
    Mark, that is called a Colle’s fracture. Archaeologists use it to mark what skeletons belong to workers. Around here, it is biking and skating accidents.

  10. Dang, this place is turning into “Medical Moments”, isn’t it? (He asked, typing with nine fingers.)

    Hi, Jackie. I was hoping you weren’t too snowed under with boatery things to check in with us.

  11. Well, I recognized Dale Earnhardt but I have NO idea who that was with him? Funny, it was so real, so vivid I could see everything around me exactly as my kitchen is. I have big double windows that take up entire wall, so great view.

    But ghosts from Nascar? That was weird!

    I know so little about Nascar that back when I was flying to NC all the time for meetings with Lowes corporate, I saw that big track and honestly asked my boss what in the world it was? He could not believe I had no idea.

    Glad to find out I am not only one addicted to the Village. I missed you all so much, I was bereft. There is a good old fashioned word for you Ghost. You won’t see that one much in today’s world.

    Broke my “don’t watch t.v.” moratorium and watched NCIS New Orleans. Quibble on that one a little but main thing I could not believe was how clean, green and nice the park was in front of the old Federal building where I worked. What happened to the winos and dead bodies?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  12. Long live the NCIS franchise! I must confess, as a Mark Harmon look a lot alike person, that I enjoy walking through a mall with my NCIS cap and sunglasses. They start to ask and, well, no, I don’t think so. Either way it wouldn’t be cool. I asked a guy in a restaurant if he was Neil Young and he claimed that he didn’t know who that was. I still think that it was him.

  13. Jerry: Remember, this is a diverse group. Who is Neil Young?

    Lily: ‘ER to lance a felon (not a recidivist, a finger ailment). An older doc we were talking to called it a “whitlow,” which I had never heard.’ Thanks for bringing those two terms together. I had them occasionally decades back, and had forgotten. Seems to me I lanced them with a cleaned hatpin. Maybe some are bigger/deeper than others.

    Still haven’t had a killing frost locally. Thought I’d had my last lunch on the patio, but it’s s’posed to be mid 70s-low 80s tomorrow and maybe Friday.

  14. Lily: Searched Wiki for felon/whitlow, which were the terms I learned from local MDs or my RN wife, and found ref. to paronychia. ‘Paronychia is commonly misapplied as whitlow or felon.’ Wiki illustrates paronychia with infections at the base of a fingernail. Seems to me I mostly had them in the ridge of skin at the side of a nail. Didn’t have them often and only over a few years, maybe in my 50s. I don’t miss them. Never occurred by toenails. Guess I never had a real felon/whitlow. They look really nasty. Are they associated with particular occupations/jobs?

    Others: If all this is spoiling your supper, you shouldn’t be playing on the net at mealtime! G’nite.

  15. “Bereft” is a perfectly good word, Jackie, and, I’m quite sure, appropriate in this case. Missed you, too, hon.

    Production companies have hair stylists and makeup stylists (and, I suspect, even cleavage stylists), so I’d not be surprised to learn they have park stylists as well, to make everything look suitably photogenic.

    When I woke up yesterday, there was no music, nor any deceased NASCAR drivers, but there was something I won’t go into detail about, except that it seemed to involve a choir, but no robes. 😉

    Not you, too, Lady Mindy! If this keeps up, we’ll have to set up a triage unit in the Village.

  16. emb: This felonious whitlow was deep, deep in the pad of the forefinger. She is a dog groomer, so maybe she got it that way? Anyway, The Boss Of My Life put the whole finger to sleep with a digital block and cut almost to the bone. After she cleaned it out and packed it, I put a tubegauze bandage on it. She did put the poor woman on antibiotics, Keflex. I asked her about clindamycin or cipro and she said she reserved them for personal enemies.

  17. I can take anything but tetracycline without problems. And if I had to go and get myself an MRSA infection, I’m OK with clindamycin or whatever it’s sensitive to.

    Tonight, for the first time in a week, I can actually touch my fingertip without it feeling it’s being caressed with an electric cattle prod.

  18. We fought continuous MRSA infections with my recently deceased mother in law, over and over and over. And some others I am too tired to remember the names/initials of. So many that I had begun to suspect she was infecting herself. Munchhausen syndrome is more common than one would think, an attention seeking disorder that is often for compensation but sometimes just for the attention.

    I am not saying we are doing that here, I’d say we are often accident prone or work in situations that lend themselves to having accidents. Or expose us to germs we’d prefer to avoid!

    My classic Munchhausen case was a warehouse worker who stubbed her toe on a military base in Alaska and by the time she made it into my division’s jurisdiction had so many surgeries from her toe to her neck and all the bones and body parts in between, cost the government millions literally. Sad part is you cannot legally force them to accept the psychiatric help they need.

    Anyway, we moved mom in law to assisted living and the infections abated due to constant attention and excellent medical care from hospital staff. But they are hard to control in any medical facility, so I avoid hospitals all I can!

    Lecture over! More than anyone wanted to know!

    Love and good night,

    Jackie Monies

  19. Jerry in Fl:
    I had a henway when I was in grade school, but my little brother broke it.

    One of my paternal aunts married a guy named Whitlow. I never thought about the name having any special meaning…

    And one of my college roommates had the doctors guffawing over his self-inflicted abscess under a fingernail… he got it by trying to scrape a dried macaroni noodle from a pot. He was upset by their laughter, but still ended up as a pediatrician at an Air Force base in Alaska.

  20. I once knew a physician who closed his practice and took a job as the medical director at a (male) private prison. If the inmates knew he was an OB-GYN, I suspect I know what they called him.

  21. Morning! Today is going to be a day. Someone is FINALLY coming to rewire the store, today is order day, I get the joyous task of overhauling my schedule to accommodate everyine’so new life changes, my furnace guy is coming tonight, and hopefully I get the good news someone is coming to tackle our wood spider infestation. Now just keep your fingers crossed the electrician gets there after I finish with books, but finishes before I have to be home for the furnace guy.

  22. Mindy, I am so glad you posted your schedule for today! Now no matter what happens in mine, it cannot possibly be worse than yours, as that is a formidable list.

    While running a flower shop next door and a gift shop on other side of a convenience store I got to know a lot about the one in the middle and decided there WERE things worse than a flower shop.

    Did I mention the time a driver went through the front wall and kept accelerating, taking my friend and the front counter all the way through store and out the back wall with my friend hanging onto the windshield? No serious injuries except half the convenience store swept along, so they got some remodeling much needed anyway.

    Hang onto the hood and windshield and don’t turn loose! You are one formidable lady, as are many here. Or hit them with a broom if they don’t get cracking!

    Which makes me think of another indomitable lady, Debbe. Good morning and cockledoodoodledoo too. That cannot be right!

    Love, Jackie

  23. Good morning, all. No surgery today and I have to run into town to get some supplies. I love doing that, it makes me feel I am playing hooky. I am driving my MG so that will just add to the holiday air. Have a great day!

  24. Lily, you are like a heroine in a Nancy Drew novel with her roadster car, perky attitude and hair flying. Except the tequila.
    Nancy Drew did NOT do tequila.

    But maybe that fantasy instead of playing a guitar in the gutters of New Orleans which would NOT meet your sanitation requirements. Do you actually play a guitar?

    Car fantasy better. I used to love doing that.

    Love, Jackie

  25. Gilbert used ‘bereft’ in a song in ‘The Gondoliers,’ but I cannot find it. We don’t know which of two republican [small ‘r’] gondolier brothers is actually the long lost king of Barateria, so they both are crowned. Being opposed to royalty [but now with misgivings], they sing a duet that includes the phrase ‘two kings of undue pride bereft’, but I don’t find it in my complete G&S book. Later.

  26. Ghost, one of my cousins says his most vivid memories of childhood involve riding with me in a red convertible while my hair whipped him in the face. He said it stung (whipping hair does do that) but he said it was so cool he has never forgotten what it felt like.

    Maybe Lily could borrow a Dolly Parton wig or Beyoncé or someone more current hairstyle?

    Love, Jackie

  27. I am back! Drove up with a boot ( as we MG drivers call it) full of syringes, bandages, and various grocery items for the break fridge. It was such a great, cool morning, that I am afraid that I exceeded the speed limit a few times. My hair is too short to fly, but it sure can whip around like thunder.
    Jackie, no tequila? I knew there was a reason I liked Cherry Ames, Student Nurse better than Nancy Drew. 😛

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