“Plumber’s Friend”

As we continue “Plumber’s Friend,” Janis seems to be catching on to what makes a truly invaluable assistant. I have things to do this morning, but I did want to drop off another episode of the plumbing series, and I’ll try to post another one or two Saturday. That’s tomorrow.

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  1. Jimmy, I suggested a friend get a long-sleeved t-shirt for his repair-challenged Dad: left sleeve to bear the word “loosie,” right sleeve “tightie.”

    Ghost, Gypsy is pretty darned adorable. You probably already tried this at night, but if not, putting one of your worn t-shirts in her bed at night might comfort her. Dickens the Adventure Dog will get through this…he may be small, but I have the feeling he is mighty. (I had a Chihuahua…the smaller they are, the mightier they think they are.)

    And yeah, what are sand and Loon up to?

  2. I really liked this retro A&J. I’m a lefty and have battled inanimate objects all my life. I should make “righty tight, lefty loose” my mantra.

  3. But it can be darn hard to figure out when you are looking at it from the opposite side. Many a time I will turn the stupid thing from wrong direction because I am looking at it from the wrong direction. Does that make sense to anyone?

  4. Words like complement/compliment and affect/effect get used wrong all the time. I mentioned my son who TOWed the line when I meant TOEd the line and a friend gently reminded me of my mistake (which I KNEW better too).

    However using LOOSE instead of Lose bothers me. Of course the “o” can stick on the keyboard and we can’t edit on this blog, but it really bothers me on FB posts Their/They’re ones that really bother me. lol

  5. And among things I’ve discovered I enjoy, Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt. Tastes better to me than most of the name brands I’ve tried. Had coconut cream this morning with coffee. Yum!

  6. Yes, Mark I totally agree. I post my dogs, my cats, my food, my garden, my flowers, birds, cars, restaurants, boats, adventures.

    I hate “Can I have an amen?” Or “Prayer fors” and similar posts. I am not an atheist but I don’t like being asked to verify my faith or have it challenged.

    Had seen Batman and Robin joke already but still funny.

  7. Take it that Trader Joe’s got opened in Tulsa?

    Last night I tried to get Ghost to go to Aldis and Sprouts while we were in Tulsa. He says there are things he likes to do more than visit grocery stores and sight see.

    He has never seen either, don’t know about Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. He used to shop Publix, one of my old customers, very up market.

  8. Yes, they’ve had Publix in both Tennessee and Alabama for some time and they are my favorite chain.
    From Googling the Trader Joe’s opened last year sometime. Where I’m located I have a Sprouts, Trader Joe’s and a couple of Whole Foods near, as well as Reasor’s, Aldi’s and Walmart supercenter and neighborhood market stores. So if I want something particular, odds are I can find it. And the Fresh Market is across the street from that Farrell’s bakery.

  9. Jackie: re plumbing

    It is goesinta = male

    or goesonta = female

    Steve f RO:
    I have a problem that way too – most times I just let the sub conscience
    guide my hand.

    Cub & Targette

  10. Isn’t Tulsa a wonderful place to shop? I love the food selections there and variety.

    Ghost shopped Reasors with me and liked it a lot. He is trying to curb my shopping addictions. We did buy me around a dozen short shorts last night at a Ross store because they were a great bargain and because I didn’t have many and my butt has gotten small enough to wear junior sizes and look good.

    Healthy eating. Going to make a meat loaf for lunch with some sauteed squash and whole grain rice. Garden going wild.

  11. Steve/RO: At the risk of being a heckler, I think you meant to use the adverb “wrongly” in your opening line.

  12. I too have always hated the idea of turning a pipe or screw to the left or right. For me, it has to be clockwise our counterclockwise because that doesn’t change as you move around.

  13. The problem with San Antonio is we get a choice between HEB and Walmart. HEB ran Kroger and Albertson out of town and then raised prices.

  14. I’m with you Sideburns. When you’re turning something round, at any time one part is moving right, another left, another up, and the other down. So which part are we talking about with that rightie/leftie thing? 🙂

  15. This is beginning to remind me of the sign in the antique store that read “Unsupervised Children Will Be Given a Sugar Donut and a Puppy”. Dickens’s food was upsetting Gypsy’s stomach, so I sent Terrie the Sometimes As Much As 76% Naked Housekeeper to the feed & seed again for the food Gypsy had been being fed. There she found Gypsy’s identical twin sister, and, being a bit absent-minded, she thought she had taken Gypsy with her to the store and brought “her” back. So guess how many large-footed puppies we have now.

    Details will follow, but the twin’s working name (with apologies to Cher*) is Tramp. And just as we had managed to eliminate all the Thieves around here.

    * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLTETaWswCY

  16. Lunch ended up being Barbque meatloaf, fresh green beans, new potatoes and cucumber salad from garden. Fresh baked cornbread. Having it all over again tonight along with fresh creamed yellow squash out of garden.

    Country dinner. Ghost is being seduced with good cooking and fresh vegetables. But no beets.

    I love beets.

  17. Sounds like the local feedery has found two solutions in one. Loving home for litter, and repeat customer base. Good stories and friendship thrown in gratis. I think I like this place.

  18. Jackie, out here, Whole Foods is commonly known as “Whole Paycheck” because everything there is so outrageously overpriced. Trader Joe’s, on the other hand, has a variety of things that you probably can’t find anyplace else except a specialty shop, at reasonable prices. You can buy brie cheese made from goat’s milk, sausages (both italian and breakfast) made from chicken and bacon made from chopped and formed smoked salmon. It doesn’t have as wide a variety as a regular supermarket, but in many cases, that just means that it doesn’t carry the lower-grade brands.

  19. Sideburns, I follow one main practice in those specialty stores, if it isn’t on sale, I let them keep it. Since there is no proven increase in nutrition in organic produce, I see no reason to prefer it over the other. However, I do like better tasting foods, and have found some products in these stores to taste much better than what you get in the normal chains.

    Someone at Burdine’s must have asked Terrie if she wanted to go double or nothing. At least Gypsy should cry less now that she has a trusted family member with her. Dickens, on the other hand, is now outnumbered as well as outsized.

  20. Sideburns, I no longer have a Trader Joe’s nearby. But I enjoyed curiously different products offered there. As an example, they had their own brand of creme filled sandwich cookie. I doubt it was healthful, and don’t recall if it was cheaper. But definitely more enjoyable than Oreo, Hydrox, or any of the knockoff impersonators 2lbs for a dollar. Back when it seemed like I burned off everything I ate. Well, I ate a lot of them.

    Just one specific in a wide range of pleasant surprises from a favored store.

  21. The one thing for which I made special trips to a Trader Joe’s was either of the fantastic Ghirardelli chocolate bars – milk or dark – in TEN pound slabs!! Been known to buy one of each on more than one occasion. Alas, TJ no longer carries same; probably just as well, given my diabetes. If memory serves, those 10 lbs. cost only $19.95.

  22. Morphy, one thing I like about the Aldi’s stores is the selection of German foods. Good stuff there. And if you see a World Market store check it out. It’s a division of Bed, Bath, and Beyond which carries home decor items, but also imported wines, beers and foods.

  23. I shopped Trader Joe when my daughter lived in St. Louis.
    Had not seen them before but enjoyed them. She loved them.

    When older daughter worked for Whole Food they trash talked TJ a lot and feared them. She was let go by WF so attitude may have changed.

    The family who own Aldi also own Trader Joe’s but separate companies.

  24. Completely off of all topics:

    Am I the only person left in the United States who prefers natural lawns?

    Lawns with clover and dandelions and other so-called undesirables?

  25. I’ve found it to be an interesting commentary on USAmerican infrastructure and retail overhead, that Aldi’s has undercut so many brands without the usually seen drop in quality. Sometimes tradeoffs occur but overall it seems good. I’m still a creature of habit, but if Aldi’s were to build another store on my side of town, I would likely shop there more.

    I first knew Trader Joe’s in San Francisco, visiting my sister. It was years before I learned the Aldi connection that had been a diversity play for that business. They are the ones responsible for the expansion craze of TJ from late 90’s onwards. They have an internal division in Europe that splits the geography. I had heard something in that arrangement had kept them out of the Americas for a while. By the time I started seeing them pop up I had forgotten which part was which.

  26. Rick, I don’t mind clover and probably a few other types of ground cover. But dandelions for some reason bother me. That and crabgrass can ruin a nice roll on the lawn. Trying to treat for some with today’s treatments usually means eliminating most others as well.

    I do remember the smell of clover, and the bees, from childhood. When my children were confused by the Trinity, I took a page from Patrick but did not have any shamrock around. The duplex I was renting at the time providentially had clover in the yard. So a small scale substitution filled the bill.

    Back to my childhood, I remember afternoons spent looking for the elusive four-leaf, hearing Bugs Bunny singing in my head. Because he was the only one I had heard sing, “I’m looking over, a four-leafed clover, that I’ve overlooked before.”

  27. This is my youngest girl, Trudi. She’s a German Shorthair Pointer mix and loves to go fishing with me. She gets really excited when the fish are close. Catfish are her favorite… don’t know why! This was taken in 2014, before I was walking much.

    Teddy Bear is the black fellow that is only partially in the shot. He and his sister Taffy came to us as puppies in 2004. They are both still hanging on, though Teddy has lymphoma and Taffy has badly arthritic hips.

    Trudi came as an adult in 2013. She’d been returned to a “kill” shelter because she was destructive. It seems she didn’t like being left alone in the back yard all day… she is too smart and it was very boring for her. Staying with me at home has been perfect for her.


  28. I remember when white clover seed was included in the standard, “yard grass” seed mix. The clover helped improve the quality of the soil and fertilized the other grasses. When I was little I would catch the honeybees that were on the clover.

    Here, we have the “Texas Dandelion” or “False Dandelion.” They are actually very pretty. I have very few of the common dandelion.


  29. David:

    Site says the Texas dandelion is native. The common is not; it’s from the Middle East, and it [or most of them] are a triploid hybrid of two ME asters, and therefore sterile. The seeds develop asexually, but the flowers still contain nectar and attract bees. One of the world’s more successful weeds. Attended a ’65 NSF 3-week workshop where one of the lecturers was Herbert[?] Baker, a Brit. expert on weedy plants. When we were on theol. tour in Turkey, I did photos of scruffy dandelions in their native habitat. Fellows thought I was nuts, but Elaine understood. Fun.


  30. Hi, guys. Home from a few days visiting friends in Flagstaff. 84 there, 104 here in Tucson. I admit that’s definitely better this time of year! Speaking of Village dogs, remember we have one now too, as of four months ago. We took her with us up to Flag. And she is Lady— to go with Tramp now, I guess! A perfect name for her–she is truly a lady and just the dog we needed/wanted. All three of us were lucky that day.

  31. Mark, “… is frightening!”

    EMB, thanks for the tidbit on the common dandelion. Never realized it was an invasive species. It certainly is prolific for being sterile! Interesting that most common dandelions are clones. I also learned that “Apomixis” is the term for cloning via seeds. So, that must mean that any variation in the species must be due to externally induced modification to the reproductive cells when producing the seeds?

    I immediately wondered what purpose the pollen serves, since it isn’t used for reproduction. I found some information that suggests while the pollen is not useful to the individual, it is essential for the species. Here’s the abstract for one article/book chapter (I didn’t buy the full text). https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-90-481-2770-2_22

    Thanks again for the excursion.

  32. I wish I could remember where I saw the article (and of course I can’t) but the early settlers to America were very upset that there were no dandelions in The New World. They were used to having this plant that had so many uses, both as food and as medicine, that they wrote back to have others bring plants with them. Nowadays we no longer see the dandelion as needful, but weedful. And yes, I am one of those people who like them, and let them grow. Of course, neither am I much of a “lush lawn” person. I’d as soon have vegetable gardens in the front yard. The funny part is, here on The Mountain, I don’t have much room for either.

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