Plumber’s Friend

This Arlo & Janis classic is from two years ago; it seems as if I just finished it. We were talking about the creative process. Sort of. I like this little series, because it makes the most out of not much, really. It ran for several days, and most of the jokes were better than average, although the subject matter couldn’t have been more mundane. The art work wasn’t bad, either. On those maddeningly rare days when I can look at the most unpromising premise and produce something worthwhile, I feel good.

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36 responses to “Plumber’s Friend”

  1. Ghost brought me breakfast in bed. I took a pain pill and going back to sleep. Dickens is attached to me, Gypsy is in kitchen with Ghost. Crying.

    No one got much sleep. Dickens is a nervous wreck.

  2. As some of you may have guessed (since Jackie just revealed it), the new puppy’s name is “Gypsy”. The more astute of you will have already divined that from last night’s post of JB’s “Gypsies in the Castle”. Which itself is an allusion to how Jackie’s former “help” treated her property while she was traveling…and sometimes when she was home. Also, there was something about a group of lonely and amorous gypsy women abducting me and forcing their charms on me. Or perhaps I dreamed that.

    Debbe 😉 Jackie misunderstood the question. Terrie the Lissome Subordinate has long brunette hair. Gypsy is more of a reddish blonde. So far she has learned two tricks…getting under my feet and turning over her food and water bowls…and she is working on perfecting untying my shoelaces. (Gypsy, not Terri. Terrie is working on perfecting tying my shoelaces.)

  3. Jimmy, I reeeeeally liked that series, too. In the above strip, I wanted to pop my head in the door and ask if I should put the coffee pot on (since every project has a point at which you need to stop and have a think).

    Hooray for Gypsy! Dickens has been the only dog the Village (and thank goodness for him), and while I do like cats, I am a dog person at heart. There…I have said it. Bring on the puppies.

  4. Update: She’s learned a new trick…falling asleep with her head resting on my foot, while leashed to a table leg. (Gypsy, not Terri.) Although Terrie just called to say she overslept but is on the way. I could have slept an hour later, myself. I may leash her to the table beside Gypsy. 🙂

  5. Dickens is a nervous wreck? Is he that distracted by Gypsy? And since when does Burdine’s give free puppies with purchase of food?

  6. Dickens accepted Ghost as Alpha Dog and himself as Beta. He has the look of a terrified spoiled child who wants to know who this large pink thing is you brought from the hospital?

    Dickens loves Ghost and wants all attention. He spent night defending his bed. He is tired.

    Burdines gave me Voodoo as well years ago when I went for feed. Ghost likes Voodoo and Charlie but they are old now. I know Gypsy will get to play with them as well out in dog yard and they will win his heart as well.

    Voodoo is named Voodoo Queen. Charlie is Charlie Brown. Ghost and I are both dog people.

    Gypsy has huge feet and at eight weeks she is twice Dickens size. I have always had large dogs. My biggest pack were eight ranging from 130 pounds for Newfoundland and obese bird dog down to smallest, my keishound at 50 pounds. All at once and spoiled house dogs.

    You will hear a lot about dogs now. Both Ghost and I are outed.

  7. Gypsy is a puppy from a mixed heeler litter raised by Jon Burdine, the Batchelor brother Co owner of my feed and seed store. He found homes for all the fat healthy sweet puppies but the lady who took this one returned her crying her eyes out because she couldn’t keep her. I hope Gayle and Jon tell her the puppy has a forever home with us.

    I will take Gypsy’s photo this morning and put on Facebook and here, along with Ghost.

  8. Good thing Gypsy is so cute, ’cause she sure is dumb*. Well, she won’t be the first female I’ve known to make it on her looks. 🙂

    *Actually, she is starting to get way her with me so often I’m beginning to wonder which of us is the dumb one.

  9. I watched the James Comey special committee interrogation. I don’t usually watch these goings, but this one was absorbing. Mr Comey has it right when he says this is not about political parties,but about the integrity of our country.

  10. Smigz, that is some of the best associating a friend can give, identify the need before needed.

    Jackie and Ghost, dogs are good too. In fact, I love them so much, especially larger breeds, that I would not subject one to my schedule or small property size. I have now lived in three neighborhoods where a dog lover has their best friend chained for a convenient time that probably seems not very long to the owner. Then they become conveniently deaf to sounds of protest.

    I write about cats because they adapt to my world better than a dog would. Or I should say, I expect the cat to do what I would not ask of a dog.

  11. Gypsy is adorable. If she ends up 60 pounds adorable that is OK too. Ghost is a large guy and she won’t look big with him. That is Ghost holding her.

    She is in bathroom with him while he dresses to go to Tulsa on our date. He and Terrie cleaned off the fenced, gated back porch with roof for her to stay on so she has a safe place while we are gone.

    We built the dog porch for my mama’s dogs when I moved her and dogs here to live. It has high cattle panel fences turned into porch screening four feet high and locking wire gates and doors so no one let’s her out.

  12. By the way, Jackie. They now have a La Madeleine open in the Tulsa Hills shopping center. I haven’t been, but I recall reading about it earlier. Their website says its open now.

  13. Very odd.

    I have been a faithful reader of A&J since late 1985, and I have never missed a day.

    So why is it that I have no memory whatsoever of the current series?

    And it was only two years ago.

  14. Rick, I had the related confusion of failing to recall the passage of time. I never would have recalled the plumbing repair on my own. But show it to me, and I could swear it was just a few weeks ago.

  15. I owe this news flash to Symply, Phillippe-symply who posted it on his Facebook page. Read the link about Indiana joining Oklahoma and Missouri in making any sex not performed in missionary position and lasting more than seven minutes illegal. There are other restrictions.

    Neither Ghost nor I are native, being from Mississippi and Louisiana, so had no idea. We figure we must already owe the state of Oklahoma hundreds of thousands in fines and fees. Plus we have already traveled to Missouri numerous times and plan to spend a week in St. Louis for my grandsons baptism. Haven’t made it to Indiana as we cancelled that trip thank goodness!

  16. The rural Oklahoma economy is apparently doing worse than I thought. I passed a country store this afternoon with a sign out front reading “We rent minnows”.

  17. As noted earlier, Terrie the Really Skimpily-Clad Today Housekeeper was late reporting for duty this morning. Apparently she wore her “apology” outfit. I won’t attempt to describe it in this family-friendly venue, but if she wore it while cocktail serving, $100 tips would be falling like leaves in autumn.

  18. GM Debbe & Mizz Charlotte

    Adult Truths:

    21. Shirts get dirty. Underwear gets dirty. Pants? Pants never get dirty, and you can wear them forever.
    (Who ever said that was never in a cow barn.)

    22. Even under ideal conditions people have trouble locating their car keys in a pocket, finding their cell phone, and Pinning the Tail on the Donkey – but I’d bet everyone can find and push the snooze button from 3 feet away, in about 1.7 seconds, eyes closed, first time, every time.

    23. The first testicular guard, the “Cup,” was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974. That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brain is also important.

    Thankfully that is the end of that group.

  19. It is from The Onion. See if you can find it. Ghost says it is a satirical news site. I’d ask Ghost to find it but he’s dealing with a crying awake puppy and a jealous dog.

  20. Wow! What a way to welcome a new poster in the Village! The spelling Grammer police issuing a citation!

    Dave I don’t care if you compliment or complement Jimmy. Come back and post again.

    To hell with correcting people here. I was a paid editor more than once but I don’t give a damn if the Village spells it right, wrong or splits infinitive.

    No one here should EVER correct anyone else and I will call out anyone who does in future.

  21. That ks Mark. Hey, I thought it was a real news story until Ghost told me otherwise! I didn’t know the site was satirical humor.

    Despite my friend Painen Dias posting a story that 87% of the women in America reaching orgasm while fantasizing about the Groton fisherman.

    Remember Arlo the Symple Fisherman and Janis the fish munching mermaid? Don’t tell me Jimmy’s mind isn’t as vagrant as mine and Ghost’s.

  22. Apropos of the cat/dog discussion here, I also noticed the Family Circus cartoon on Ron’s link, in which Dolly says “cats are smart. they don’t grow too big to fit in a lap”.

    My mom didn’t like cats and none of my friends had them so I wasn’t around cats until I was grown, and found out that I liked them. On the other hand, I grew up with dogs. Now I have both. So, am I a dog person who likes cats or a cat person who likes dogs? Either way works for me.

  23. Jimmy has a new strip posted and Jackie has the only comment there so far.

    Trapper, I’d say you are a person who likes animals. I’ve had a variety of pets in my life, but nowadays I lean toward cats. Having said that, though, at this point I don’t have any pets and I’m enjoying the respite from the constant care.

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