Post Labor Day

I’ve been so busy catching up after the New England foray, that I haven’t had a chance to update for days. When I said things would get back to normal around here, that isn’t exactly what I meant. And then there was the holiday, etc. Anyway, Tuesday always is a good reset day at Here’s a late Labor Day-weekend cartoon from 2009. It accurately reflects how Labor Day was around here. I did get out Monday evening on a local lake after the craziness had subsided, and I saw a bald eagle. Was I ever angry! I’d just spent a lot of money and trouble to get to Maine, where I saw eagles, and here was one in my own county. I felt cheated.

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  1. That is the best catching up to do. We went to the Ford Museum in Dearborn, which I had not been to in about 15 years. They had a special Beatle exhibit which was OK, but had articles that were not genuinely theirs . For example, they showed guitars which were the same model, but not the actual ones used by the Fab Five. They did have the chair (actually a rocker) that Lincoln was shot it in as well as the vehicles that Kennedy and Reagan were shot. Fortunately the admission was a gift as the price was surprisingly high.

  2. We are getting more bald eagles around here, too. My wife went on an Alaskan cruise in July, and called me one day saying she was watching a bald eagle fly around the ship. I told her we could go to one of the local lakes here, and possibly see eagles. She wasn’t impressed.

  3. We have lots of eagles on Lake Eufaula, you can see dozens circling the high cliff’s down toward dam where they build nests , they fish in the river as it comes out of dam back into the Canadian River, so lots of them flying and dive off those cliffs.

    Only Native Americans can own the feathers so you can’t pick up any you see on ground.

    Best eagle viewing is on water from boats.

  4. Aside, why does spellchecker take a perfectly typed correct word and change it to something entirely different and nonsensical? I used to be a proof reader, paid.

  5. Have decided to leaverify boat in Port Townsend for some necessary modifications and repairs. This is town full of repairmen.

    I will drive back sans boat in truck. Come back later to retrieve her. Stopping in Golden, CO at Sage Marine to get my motor mount I am buying. More scenic route home@

  6. Steve from RO, MI – I just mentioned this weekend to my wife that we need to go to the Ford museum. I haven’t been since 1979. Regarding the Fab 5 Beatles, are you including Best or Sutcliffe (or someone else)?

  7. Bob:
    Sorry, I was thinking of one of favorites, Jeff Lynne of ELO, who produced the Beatles Anthology in the 1990’s and we joked that it was the Fab Five. Best and Sutcliffe were Beatles before they were Fab (a George Harrison tune that Jeff Lynne produced!)

  8. Jackie, have you considered hiring a transport service to return Stella to OK? For what fuel, food and hotels are costing you, it might not be much more and would save you having to drive back to WA again this year.

  9. Grr … thought I had the picture set to Public. I’ll try to fix it later. We’re off to the local Irish pub in Richmond Hill, GA, now.

  10. George Martin was the real 5th Beatle- his work in the production booth complimented and completed the visionary songwriting of Paul and John.

  11. The Smithsonian is like a monster set of buildings, don’t think I will ever get through all of them.

    Why did the spell checker change the spelling? This could be an entire new joke class.
    “Because it was autocorrect.” 😉

    Still recovering from the London Loonathon. She leaves no passageway unexplored and views sleep as a nonessential.

  12. Going BACK to Port Townsend is one of the attractions of leaVing her there! No way would I miss that. I like PT so much I hate to leave and had considered living there part of year

    Oddly the journey to me is as important as the destination or the acquisition of something.. Stella is just my ticket to the Chocolate Factory

  13. If you don’t eat your meat then you can’t have any pudding. The Ford museum was a little bit of a disappointment to me. They have room for so much more. I would love to see an eagle but I’ve never seen one. Depending on the election I may be like Ben and vote for the turkey.

  14. C e-p: I was always told that “poisonous” refers to something that is dangerous to ingest or perhaps to touch. “Venomous” refers to a creature whose bite injects venom (duh), which is commonly referred to as poison and thus the confusion. I expect we might hear a better explanation from a biologist.

    Still trying to create a visible link to the photo.

  15. I see I’m going to have to work on my nautical terms if I’m going to crew for Jackie. If she ordered me to “Leaverify the boat!”, I wouldn’t know what to do.

  16. Ruth Anne: Not biology but English usage. Be nice if that distinction were made, but poisonous can mean either. I prefer the distinction, because it makes for precision in writing or speaking. E.g., I prefer ‘convince’ to mean get someone to agree that something is good, bad, impractical, whatever, and ‘persuade’ to mean get someone to do or not do something.

    Jerry: ‘I would love to see an eagle but I’ve never seen one.’ After DDT was banned and bald eagle populations had begun to recover, we and our kids were driving out of town on a trip and saw an adult overhead downtown. Realized that people would go 1,000 miles to see what we could see often. In ’89 [I think] we were staying with former students on Kodiak Island, AK and were out checking our hosts’ crab pots. Dozens of eagles around the inlet, on the lookout for scraps, like ring-billed gulls here in Bemidji.

    There’s a webcam on a bay in ME where you can see eagles roosting and nesting on a shore that has human homes [perhaps mostly summer cottages] on it. The Decorah and north Decorah eagle nest sites are near roads and a pasture [beef cattle, maybe]. The MNDNR eagle nest is somewhere in the Twin Cities metro area. When walking across ‘Salisbury Plain’ between home and Sanford Health Bemidji, I see them occasionally. Don’t know where the nearest nests are, but would guess a few within 10-12 miles.


  17. I agree that the words are synonymous to most people (I just happened to be married to a nitpicker 🙂 ), plus sign makers need to go with what will get the most attention. Unfortunately the ones who are apt to be oblivious to the world around them are often the same ones who think “the only good snake is a dead snake”.

    As Jerry said, you have to be alert to the presence of eagles in Florida. Once you are and get a little practice distinguishing them from vultures, osprey, etc., in flight, they’re more common than you might expect. Until their tree died a few years ago,there was a successfully breeding pair nesting in downtown Winter Park. I’ve spotted them flying over my backyard.

  18. Your distinction between “poisonous” and “venomous” seems quite reasonable. I might go a step beyond and claim that the quality of being venomous in a subset of the quality of being poisonous in that the former indicates the means by which the latter enters the scene.

    Searching what remains of my mind, I think I would have considered persuading someone as having been accomplished by, say, wheedling and cajolery, while convincing someone was done by logical reasoning. This is strictly off the top of my head, with no more thought than can be done in a few moments; may be totally wrong!

    Welcome, fellow picker of nits!

  19. Last I heard from Jackie, she was paralleling the Columbia river and looking for a truck stop with room enough to pull in for gas. By now she has probably found her hotel and gotten off the road. Hope so, anyway.

    Happy trails.

  20. My nits are
    “very” unique
    And nauseous when what is meant is nauseated.
    Closest I got to a Bald Eagle was about 50 feet. It coolly sat on a fence post
    as I drove by on a tractor.
    In 50s a nest was 40? feet from State Hwy in CT – Was hard to see when close
    but cresting hill 1/4 mile away was quite visible.
    emb is MNDNR cam in Wabasha Eagle Center?

  21. We used to reside in SD in the Yankton area. Right across the (Missouri) river, in very northern NE, was a favorite site for eagles. Unfortunately, the years we were there were before the rebound of the eagle population, so we never saw more than one at a time when we travelled to NE. I suppose more may have been in flight, but they were not as evident as those sitting on perches.

  22. Who besides mE believes in things that are meant to be? Today I came closer to crying than I have in a year and believe me, there have been times I should have. I am lying on a bed in a Motel 6 in a tiny Washington Port town called Kalama after I walked out of my reservation in frustration. Just drove off and said I didn’t care where I ended up, I’d know when I got there. Got on I-5 to Seattle.

    Not much visible so drove, pulled off road and found the one motel, clerk said put boat front of office, he’d watch.
    Turns out his Newport 45 has been stolen and he was strandedicated. Very salty but that’s not the significance of the town. It’s the only town I remember Mike talking about going to and sailing the Penguin sister ship to mine.
    He stayed here when it was not a Motel 6 and ate next door.

    This is weird, like a movie plot. Of course I won’t be able to breath from cigarette smoke and left my clothes in truck to avoid smoke. But I am OK now and saved a lot of money if they took upscale off.

  23. Ghost you don’t need to talk nautical, nauti will be fine.

    Besides I have that third floor waterfront suite for a week. I hate to waste the totally tasteless decor. Great bath and balcony but I confess I laughed hysterically first time I saw decor. I got used to it, loved quiet and birds, waves, stayed weeks alone.

  24. Good morning Villagers…

    …and a good morning to you Old Bear

    Same old chicken $hit, but different day 🙂

    Jerry, enjoy your trip, and be safe.

    Jackie, think about you every day while packing… brave woman.

    Indy Mindy, got to rereading your job description you wrote on a hen house employee some time back….I still get a good laugh every time I read it. If you don’t remember it I will bring it home and retype it here.

    So, is it a hump day, or not?

    Thank you for the blessings Doumacan

    Llee, that was a good one that I had missed…thanks

    Sandcastler, so is Loon’s toe getting better?


  25. This is for Jerry. This Motel 6 used to be called The Columbia Inn and dates waaaaay back. Elvis slept here in 1962 when we presume it was newer, I-5 did not pass through parking lot and we were all much younger, even me.

    I am putting on enough clothes to go out to truck and find something to wear. I thought of just wrapping a large scarf around me temporarily.

  26. Ok, read my Elvis history and he and Me.Phil Mafia stayed
    Here enroute to Seattle to film it Happened At the Worlds Fair.and ran up biggest bill in history of hotel which was brand new then. I was at that fair too but not with Elvis. In famous red convertible.

    In search of Walmart to fix glasses. One eyed dog right now.

  27. Yours or mine? Allergy season in Pacific Northwest. Benadryl and others. Can you fly? The nose wouldn’t bother me running.

    Seriously, got my glasses repaired, ate a very unhealthy potato pancake and vegetarian scramble with hollandaise. Onto last leg of trip and I am there. I like Washington more than Oregon but if I’d been able to see the Columbia River drive I’d have enjoyed it more.

  28. Ghost – Not to be indelicate, but I’d guess somewhat close to the amount of phlem clogging up my lungs. Will be sleeping upright on the couch tonight. After a long, sucky, day, it was nice to come home to a hot shower and my trusty Vick’s Vaporub.

  29. 100%? What counts? Do suds qualify as clothing? The girl on the bike nr the end comes closest. Some of the props or locales were more interesting than many of the models.


  30. I am within spitting distance of my destination since y’all are all discussing mucous. Liquidity very high up here, Temps in 60s and it is so thick with tall trees my satellites and cell aren’t working well.

  31. I would say break out a sextant and a navigation chart if GPS signals fail. But it’s probably cloudy there, too.

    For you non-sailors and non-airmen out there, a “sextant” is not a selfie Anthony Weiner sends on his cell phone.

  32. GM Debbe

    You know that little thing inside your head that
    keeps you from saying things you shouldn’t?

    Yeah, I don’t have one of those.

  33. The clouds were spilling down the mountains and hills and up from sea. I have balcony door open to water but it is in 50s here so will probably close it until morning.

    Boats lying off just below. I think I own a sextant but can’t use it. Can you?

    Very tired and I have to haul up some clothing and go lock truck. Here’s my hotel.

    Definitely not the room Officer and A Gentleman was filmed in. That is in old section of inn.

  34. Cannot stand leaving Dickens in truck, am going to try to move to an old room he can stay in. He is my most loyal and loving friend. Loves me more than anyone else ever has. How can I sleep here and leave him down there?

    He remembers being here last year and headed for that room. I almost cried and feel like it now. I am a miserable example.

  35. It is shocking what people do not know –
    especially people in authority.

    Some sounded as if it were just a power trip.

    And other people wonder why the public is losing
    respect for authority.

  36. Good Morning Villagers…

    GR and Indy Mindy….thought my nose was bleeding but it’s not 🙂

    Hope the two of you get to feeling better real soon

    Glad Jackie made her final destination

    good monring OB

  37. Trucker Ron: I was even more troubled by the idiotic comments on the article (although I rarely read them after articles because they are usually pretty dumb)

    If someone had just googled $2 bills, they would have found the answer. Of course a 1953 $2 bill may in fact be worth more that $2!

    With seven kids, my parents, on occasion, did not have the money for school lunches until Friday when they were paid. I would go the office and get a voucher and I certainly would not go hungry. Back then the school lunches were pretty cheap and bringing my lunch may or may not have been more economical. They part of this story that bothered me most was that the kid did not get a lunch that day.

  38. Up with clothes on. It is in 50s here and suitcase I dragged up is one I packed to build boats in Port Aransas, TX where it was in 90s to 100s at the time, full of sacrificial clothing to sand, epoxy and paint in.

    God, I hope that second suitcase from New York contains a few things I’d wear here! I may freeze but I grabbed some jeans at Walmart while having glasses fixed. That and a long sleeve tee are it today. Will look for socks and shoes in truck.

    Gulls are screaming outside balcony.

  39. Headline: “North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un Bans Sarcasm”

    “Well, so much for my lifelong dream of visiting North Korea,” Ghost said sarcastically.

  40. Thanks to Gary and to Ghost and all who helped. I let the system update be installed on my iPad and it all seems fine, no problems. Gary, what’s the meaning of “bricking” the iPad?

    Jackie, so relieved that you got there safely. You drove awfully well to go that far — just you and Dickens — you are a very tough woman.

    The word here in ReHab is that I can go home on Tuesday Sept. 13. The family and I are very excited and we are making plans for Nancy to drive me (one mile!) and for her and Marge to shop for groceries I will need.

  41. Back in room, boat in water, she didn’t sink, I have a great position in show so high visibility, going to get up early 6 a,m. Again and go try and clean 4000 miles of dirt off her and make her look presentable. Going in with work clothes and old towels, cleaner, sponge, then change to clean clothes.

    Right now have to shower for dinner with friends. Later.

  42. Charlotte, if you brick a device, it becomes no better than a brick. It maybe useful to prop open a door but not much good as anything else. I have managed to brick various devices over the decades. Some could be recovered and made useful again. Some not so much. I have managed to recover various iPhones and iPads but I could not recover my son’s iPhone when he bricked it. We had to recycle it and get him a new one.

  43. Thanks we are right on first row opposite the maritime center and first thing they see centered, opposite restored boat Ebb Tide big power cruiser belonging to friends. I was at its relaunch last year. I must get flowers for Helen for her boat.

  44. Cleaning up email files, ran into a poem by Jeffrey Harrison, “The shoulders of women.” Have been similarly gratified myself twice lately, first at a wedding and the following bash, and 4 days later at an outdoor gala for contributors to the hospital fdn. Neither of those events was a fundraiser, and there was no lengthy speech. Various shawls and such emerged as the outdoor event cooled. Since the poem was printed in The Writers’ Almanac w/ publishers perm., I’ll let you use the URL.

    As Elaine said often, ‘All men are prancing, leering billy goats.’ She didn’t really mind. Not sure what she’s up to, now.


  45. Yes, I am happy and having a great time but tired too. Just had the most wonderful Thai meal, a prawn cold stir fry with asparagus on mixed greens, garlic green beans and strange fritter appetizer. I love the food on this town, healthy and creative. My designer friend is English, one of presenters, his wife from Kentucky. So fun.

    Wish I had you all here. It is amazing town

  46. Up at 6 a.m. and getting dressed for show and boat cleaning. Barely dawn.

    You are right of course Ghost. I am Da Queen of Da Nile.

    It’s not just a river in Egypt. I try to grab life and embrace it like there will be no other chance.

    Going to clean boat and let Dickens run around in cabin.

  47. Chuckling over today’s real-time A&J. That’s why men and kids never have to use the facilities at the beach. Practical women don’t, either. 😉

    Jackie, The Adventure Dog must be having a ball with you. Is he a people pup?

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