Some of you probably have wondered what I consider when I moderate your posts. The fact is, most posts are approved verbatim. Sometimes, if I have time and the mood strikes me, I will edit to correct particularly egregious errors in spelling and grammar, reasoning that the writer surely knew better but was in a hurry. Otherwise, whether the post is germane, clever or makes sense at all is entirely the responsibility of the writer.

I occasionally do not publicly post specific suggestions or requests that are better addressed outside the forum. In most of these cases, I try to drop a note of explanation to the poster. I never reject a post, because it is critical of my work. However, I will reject mean-spirited posts on any subject. Vulgarity is out. “Flame wars” are discouraged, but that’s just a geeky phrase for “spirited discussions,” so they have to be allowed. It goes back to that “mean-spirited” business. Yes, I’m the judge. That’s about it.

I must say, you’ve been great so far. What you’ve seen is what there’s been.