Power of Suggestion

Power of Suggestion

May 17, 2016

It’s been an uncommonly cool spring this year. I’m still wearing my wool socks every day. In years immediately past, we’ve become accustomed to full-blown summer weather by now. This year, however, the humidity is low and the temperatures during the day rarely reach 80 degrees. That’s about to change, the weathermen say, but I can’t complain; the recent weather has been a treat. But you know the best thing? Very few bugs, and almost no mosquitoes or flies, normally the bane of outside life beginning in March. I’m really going to miss not missing those flies.

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  1. Yesterday was the first day I’ve worn a short-sleeve shirt since last October… and it will be a few days more before it gets that warm again. It may be June before I’ll put the flannel shirts away at this rate!

  2. Yesterday was the first day this year I’ve worn a short-sleeve shirt… and I’ll be back into the long-sleeve shirts the rest of this week, maybe longer. That’s about a month later than usual here.

  3. “Nightie night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs hide under your nightgown.”
    Ever wonder from where the expression “sleep tight” comes?

  4. Truthfully, we had a mild winter. But…..A few days ago we had 2 hours of very light snow. And the always-present wind. We were wearing all our winter gear (except boots) to walk the pooch. Is this May?! What exactly is “spring” anyway? Along the coast we usually jump from winter to summer but this winter won’t back off.

  5. Somewhere in Florida, twice a year, we have Love Bug season. Love bugs are two attached black fly like bugs that are drawn to exhaust fumes as the seem to congregate on roadways. The infestations are usually May and September and last about two weeks each. For commercial car washes this is their Black Friday. High School clubs will not hold their fund raising car washes during these weeks because no students would show up. The work would be much to difficult. Of course this May, not a problem.

    • Have you tried the dryer sheet method* of removal? It’s the most efficient way we’ve found. Of course, having the car sitting in the driveway all the time will help too.
      * Wet the car, wipe off the bug remains with said sheet, rinse

    • In 2005, Hurricane Katrina seemingly pushed every love bug on the Gulf Coast into our area. For about a week, they were probably the only thing that could have made us more miserable than the lack of electricity and sufficient food and water already had. They got EVERYWHERE. During that time, I had to attend a grave-side service with some members of my all-female staff, and I noticed one of them was getting more and more fidgety as the service progressed. When the service ended, I walked over to her and looked at her questioningly. She whispered, “I’ve got about six love bugs in my bra.”

    • Oh, do I remember those amorous insects! I think a paint scraper might work, but might also engrave the windshield.
      Another pest were various biting ants. Once, I was hosing off the family chariot in our carport. Water seeped between the concrete slabs into the sandy soil, wherein lived lots of ants. Their brains told them they were being flooded and ought to seek anything higher for safety. As it turned out, I was the something higher. They could crawl up my legs quite rapidly and did so until I noticed. Left the area so I could pick them off…took a while. Yes, I got bitten up. Glad I had shorts on, though, for their removal would have been harder otherwise. In retrospect, the ants were smarter than the love bugs.

  6. March 97th? From March 31st we add 30 days for April and (now) 13 for May. I make that out to be March 74th. [It isn’t February 97th, either].

    Yeah, I’ve been a number-checker since I was a kid, for better or worse.

  7. Have you ever heard of the Carrington Event of 1859? In May 1921 a very similar event occurred, sparking fires at telegraph stations and causing the Aurora Borealis to be visible as far south as Texas.
    THE GREAT GEOMAGNETIC STORM OF MAY 1921: 99 years ago this week, people around the world woke up to some unusual headlines.
    “Telegraph Service Prostrated, Comet Not to Blame” — declared the Los Angeles Times on May 15, 1921. “Electrical Disturbance is ‘Worst Ever Known’” — reported the Chicago Daily Tribune. “Sunspot credited with Rail Tie-up” — deadpanned the New York Times…


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