To be or not to be?

March 15, 1999
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For those of you who’ve been missing Gene, today’s classic A&J is an introduction to a week of clever repartee from 1999. This was a good period for the strip, in terms of writing. I don’t think the strip ever has looked better than it does today, but I also think that in the critical area of writing I was doing some of my best work at the turn of the millennium. I hope you like this latest wrinkle, using the daily post here to exhibit a classic A&J, as usual, plus linking to its original context at GoComics. I hope you won’t feel short-changed; my idea is to offer more, not less. And if you do follow the link to GoComics, remember: even though they might be 20-year-old comics you are free to comment or like or share, if you so wish. Just sayin’.

15 thoughts on “To be or not to be?”

  1. My wife shares a birthday with Abe and I am sure that she will enjoy today’s strip. We rescued a cat that had lost it’s owner a few years ago and she adapted well (except for other 2 cats) to her new surroundings. We often think how lucky cats are not to carry the baggage of a broken heart. The other two cats are brothers and are 12 and we wonder how they will react when one of them passes on. I think they will be depressed. But I don’t know, I’m not a cat!

  2. I realy enjoy the links and usually read on for several days. most always clicking the like button. I noticed this morning that Arlo and Janis are now Just 2 away from 70,000 followers. Yall make today the day it surpases that mark. It is quite a milestone marker.

  3. Jimmy:
    Re the 2-12-20 real-time cartoon: Jackie and I agree that it’s an instant classic…poignant and timely, and for a bonus, kitties for her and one of my favorite presidents for me.

    Re the retro cartoon five-day sequence: Back then, Janis was just, for lack of a better word, well, cute. (How many commas can one sentence have, anyway?) Perhaps, from your comment above, it was the haircut.

    • I clicked through many days because Gene was featured. I’m still looking for the Sunday one where Gene comes home and Janis says “is that you Gene?”. His reply was “no Mom it’s a burglar” Our late son, named Gene, used to do that when he lived at home.

  4. JJ,

    Looking over the archives, I agree that you were in a great writing groove in the late 90’s- lots of good story lines and characters. But don’t underestimate your drawing skills either. The Sunday comic on May 24, 1998 is delightful. Your drawing of Janis is very sensual and reminds of French Impressionism!

    Speaking of which, do you have a link to your old blog from when you visited France? I wonder if that visit influenced your later work.

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