All right, so the image at the top of the page is different, as is the background color. And the archives have disappeared. Other than that, what’s changed? You might be forgiven for answering, “Not much.” However a lot of behind-the-scenes code has changed that, hopefully, will allow this site to remain up and running for years to come. Now, cue the rabbit: completion of the dull infrastructure work will allow me to magically transform the façade of our village. I’m going to be concentrating on that between now and the end of the year. What you see here is what there’ll be through most of the holidays, but I welcome your suggestions for the future. In fact, now is the perfect time. We don’t want to keep the rabbit waiting!

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

25 responses to “Prestidigitation”

  1. I realize the role we, your audience play here, but your happiness with the site is the central issue. For my part, I think it’s a good, clean, workable design, and will serve your purposes quite well. Good job.

  2. I found that the “Older Posts” links lead backwards, one day at a time, to at least the fourth, instant. So the archives would not seem to be lost, just inconvenient to get to.

  3. Re 12-14-18 cartoon: (Which bears a remarkable resemblance to the one from 12-17-12) When I was a child, I loved finding candy in my Christmas stockings. Lucky Arlo finds eye candy in his.

  4. I note that I have to enlarge the page 150% to get it to fill most of the width on my screen. Is that a setting that can be changed in the making, or is the page width set by the program?

  5. One issue with the archives was that we were not able to access comments as they were shown to be “closed” Sometimes I would remember a witty or poignant post and go look for it.

    At least this is the “Real” Arlo and Janis and not one of them fake sites.

    All Hail Jimmy!

    ps. Does that mean the book is still in limbo? Any updates? Or does Gene have the book and that is why we haven’t seen him lately?

  6. Since you asked, a reiterated vote for non-nested comments. Chronological listings are so much easier to follow, especially when the writer addresses them to a writer of a previous comment.

  7. So, adding an avatar with the Gravitar website is not complicated. This message was posted after I created an account and added an image.

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