Punch Line

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Today, I’ve chosen another really old A&J for you, from 1987. I talk a lot here about the evolution of my drawing and sometimes about the evolution of the writing, but I don’t think enough is made of how much the personality of the characters has evolved over time. Arlo and Janis both have become familiar, knowable individuals. In the early days, as in this cartoon, nothing defined the players beyond an air of whimsy that always has existed within the strip and married-couple banter, hopefully from a fresh perspective—mine—but still married-couple banter. The development of the characters is, of course, a reflection of growth in drawing and in writing, yet it’s more: while a sum of the whole, it almost is a separate metamorphosis, the satisfying outcome of the cartoonist’s craft.

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  1. I’ll have to go back when I have more time and give Jimmy’s above thoughts the attention they deserve.

    Debbe 😉 Yes, it was Wordsmith Denise we decided we want to write our eulogies (what we’d like remembered about us). Perhaps fortunately, she doesn’t know enough of the details of my life to write my obituary (what will be remembered about us). 🙂

    No problem, Denise. None of my scribblings here comes with a copyright. And that was original to me, or at least as original as anything written can be.

    And yes, Ruth Anne, I suspected a librarian’s retirement might be something like the proverbial bus-man’s holiday. Enjoy.

  2. I am always very interested to see strips that I previously only saw on the date of their original publication.

    At this point in time, both Janis and Gene had the upswept cowlick thingie going. Janis would revisit it with the infamous “saucepan” hairdo of the early 2000’s, leading to the Hairstyle Poll followed by the infamous “Weasel Words” explanation on the first version of the A&J website.

    While I don’t miss the upswept cowlick thingie, I still enjoy the writing. Don’t overanalyze, JJ. One reporter asked the Beatles upon their arrival in the US “Why do you think your fans are buying so much of your music?” When no one else responded, Ringo said, “It pleases them, I think.” There is no more analysis needed than that.

  3. Mark

    Thanks for link

    We have one similar to one pictured – not so fancy. It still works and we dust it off
    every few years.

    Also have one that is in two hardside suitcases – 1 case splits apart ( front & back) so
    there is stereo definition. The other has a Garrard changer and amps. Early transistors
    that don’t work in cold temps.

    Took a cheap fare that was routed through ATL – since that time I have paid the extra.
    Normal 3 hr journey was over 8 hrs, not worth the hassle.

  4. Dear emb … I miss hearing from you, and the Old Faithful geyser eruptions, and all. Can you get someone to fix the glitch that’s keeping you from posting, or maybe you aren’t feeling well? Now I’m worrying about you.

    Debbe, no, you have certainly never said anything to annoy me! You are the dearest person, and I am so interested in the many problems and adventures you have with the henhouse (and your family). I love reading your daily posts. I don’t find a lot to say, many times, for I seldom look at the links you and the other Villagers are always sending each other — sorry, but I am not into the music performers that you guys all like so much. And I don’t send out links myself because I simply cannot remember how to do it! Also have never watched much TV so references to old shows go right past me.

    Ruth Anne, that’s okay, asking you was a shot in the dark … RLS is not so popular nowadays, but I have always liked him a lot. I will indeed ask a librarian and see what he or she comes up with. Thank you anyway.

  5. Sigh. Don’t go back, reposted:

    The last …. whatever this adds up to … hours from June 7: Go to work, fight and lose to paperwork – again. Type up detailed instructions, as best as I know, for book work for my day off. Leave at 5:30p to make mad dash to Fort Wayne to attend some of aunt’s sister’s viewing. Leave 9:30p to return back to work to get “absolutely required to submit book work tomorrow” counts complete (no one knows where to put them, not “required” to close bookwork. !!!!! ) for book work girl. Fall into bed 2am. First phone call at 9:30a – To quote “bookwork girl” – “I’m stupid, I can’t read/follow [color-coded and numbered!] instructions. What am I supposed to do with this stuff?” Muffle annoyed screams. Housework. Bed at 10p. Call from second store at midnight that my third shift girl had been robbed, again. At store until 2a. Go home. Sleep two hours, come back. Dash out an order, lose to paperwork. Work until 5p, go to bed, go back in at 2a. Work until 2p. Come home and turn I to vegetable on couch. Current.
    About the robbery – for the second time, the same girl never acknowledged persons entering store, nor looked up until gun was pointed between her eyes. I cannot impress upon her that her inattentiveness has gained a reputation, and she now is actually part of the problem. I would love to be shut of her, but unfortunately, have not found a suitable replacement.
    I have put in a request for a pair of retired K9 officers, each “on duty” for 12 hour shifts getting 24 hour coverage (preferably with blood-stained muzzles and low tolerances for stupid people ?).

  6. “…(never) looked up until gun was pointed between her eyes”? For the second time?! I’ve seen some slow learners in my day, but that one comes close to taking the cake.

    Lady Mindy, sounds to me as though you are being expected to run a fairly high-speed, low-drag operation with low-speed, high-drag employees and support personnel. If so…ain’t never gonna work.

  7. Ghost – I am supposed to be eliminating the “drag.” However, we require employees to pass a (very) basic math test, drug test, AND background check. Sadly, such qualifications are rather hard to come by. “How many felonies can I have?” is a common question. I had one young miss become absolutely LIVID because I wouldn’t hire her after missing all but two math questions. She couldn’t believe she wasn’t going to be hired, to run a register, because she couldn’t add, subtract, or calculate sales tax. Sigh.

  8. I feel your pain, Lady Mindy. Apparently too many of today’s youth never imagined it would take more than the ability to Tweet or post Facebook entries to get them through life.

  9. Lady Mindy, I personally liked your security idea, but borrowing from Matt Helm’s observation that “You can’t kill people just because they’re SOB’s; you’d never know when to stop”, I’m afraid the same would hold true for letting K-9s eat stupid people.

  10. Denise, that is so true. Although one time I escorted a customer to Japan and he told everyone in our group that he finally met someone that talked more than his wife. I immediately started to get very self-conscious about my talking until he told he ” Oh don’t feel bad, at least you usually have something interesting to say”

    I am in Leon Mexico on business. When I was in Italy, I had no issues with my cell phone but basically I could not get the signal to work when I landed in Mexico. Wifi allowed me internet access but my phone wouldn’t let me call using Wifi. So I turned that option off and suddenly my cellular service is working. Ate at 6:30 AM and had 2 bags of peanuts on the planes. I am still at the plant at 7:00 so hopefully I can eat in the next half hour or so!

  11. Dearest Ghost, the YouTube video is very fine. The composer is great, so is the orchestra; the concerto is pleasing. Thank you!

    Old Bear, I can see that you appreciate good music. Those Minnesota Public Radio sites look good … I will try them out.

    Dear Mindy from Indy, what you are going through, shouldn’t happen to a person like you. You are doing a great job, but you aren’t getting much support! I wish I could help somehow. I hope all these darned problems will smooth out, and soon. Much love, from Charlotte.

  12. Mindy from Indy, I had an idea for improving convenience stores years ago. install a video order screen on the outside of the building along with an “airlock” type door for passing merchandise out. Don’t let the customers into the building from dark to daylight. Have them enter their orders on the video touch screen and pay using a bank-style drawer. Then put the merchandise in the pass-through, and let them take it and go. By airlock, I mean a double door arrangement where only one can be unlocked at a time, preventing anybody from getting into the building that way. Safer for employees, eliminates theft/shoplifting.

  13. Claude Debussy – Images: Iberia is playing on the MPR Stream right now.

    If you know how to pronounce “Debussy”…you may not be a redneck.

  14. Good morning Villagers….

    Oh my, Indy Mindy, I so empathize with you. You deserve a medal and a raise 🙂 for the BS you have to put up with….I have a low tolerance for inept people. (How many felonies can I have???)

    And right now ‘Skittles’ is getting on my nerves….we shipped him to the other hen house yesterday 🙂

    I learned a new word yesterday. Fans are being fixed at my hen house, down to five not working. I told John (our main electrician) that the temp in the house was 90 degrees….he said that was good as long as it was ambient. I put on that dumb blond look and said….explain that $50 word to me….he responded that as long as the temp is the same inside as it is outside that is good. I also asked him what temp the alarm goes off….100 degrees.

    The Corp is also calling every two or three days, and their main maint. man is asking about egg production. It is going up, and I give the total egg count for the days he ask. He always asks how I am doing….told him I’m sweating right now. It’s hot, and I am not allowing anyone in the hen house as I do not want my girls getting stressed in this heat. He said that’s good, and laughed. I told him they were my babies, and he said again that is good.

    The Boss got into the pit with his tractor and stirred it, we have a fly infestation….and stirring the pit should help eliminate those nasty pests….I hate flies, and I wonder why they were allowed on board the Ark!

    Steve, enjoyed your posts on traveling…been to the Atlanta airport a few times…had lengthy stayovers but never had to stay overnight. Hope your business trip ends well.

    Miss Charlotte, thank you. I too am concerned about eMb…as well as cxp, who usually keeps us updated by eMb’s emails.

    GR 😉 That is one of the few songs by Elvis that I love. I watched a docu on him a while back, and it was in the beginning days that he would sing faith based songs, a cappella, with some other black singers….wonderfully done I will say.

    Going to be another humid, sweltering day……

    ya’ll have a blessed day

    Denise 🙂 nobits!!!! cute!!

  15. Mindy, you’re in my prayers. Retail is such a tough business, and you’re in the toughest segment. You are an amazingly strong and level-headed person.

    Charlotte, you’re not alone! I usually don’t follow the music links, either. And to continue the heresy further: while I feel honored when a cat allows me to pat it, I am really a dog person. 😀

  16. Debbe 😉 I thought I had used “ambient temperature” in something I wrote about flying. Perhaps you missed my foolishness that day. Or perhaps I was talking about OAT (Outside Air Temperature) instead. (P.S. Ambient is also often used as part of the phrase “ambient lighting”.) Stay cool, hon.

    Don’t feel entirely alone, Denise. I’m a dog person, too.

    And I will have to say that 9CL has, this week, earned a +2 for nightgown cleavage. (But a -3 for lack of pokies, so it’s still a net -1.)

  17. Fast report I am in Rockport Texas for the TX 200 memorial service for Mike with girls and grandkids , still embarrassing them. This is incident lyrics as expensive as a funeral but Mike was a legend and “the most interesting man in the world ” so he deserves the memories and this means a lot to girls.

    We baked Cowboy Cookies ate Cajun seafood boil, eggs Benedict and swam in pool , went to bed about midnight. Fabulous bay view from suite and white rockers on a private porch at Lighthouse Inn.

    Meeting our fishing boat charter to go to the sailboat mast cross out in bay after lunch, then back here for seafood (not dumped on table!) And more pool time.

    Later and love, Jackie

  18. Oops, forgot to say Debbe, do you have man eating dogs and armed security on hen house? We paid $4 a dozen for eggs with a limit of 3 boxes per person. And the big news here seems to be Blue Bell ice cream. There are benefits to be had by not reading a newspaper or turning on a television for six months.

    For those worried about demise of written word like me, I subscribe to Tulsa World, an excellent paper who fails by not carrying A and J. I consider that a major fault.

    Love Jackie

  19. Debbe that cat lives at our house. The TV goes on, she gets on the table, then we exile her to the bathroom.

    Ghost I see that the idea of pokies is never far away.

    Yes today’s AJ was well done. The comments sounded like Ghost was not far away either.

  20. Actually, it looks like they used all the salacious plumbing jokes over on TDS, so all I have to offer is…

    Q: What happened to the newlywed couple that didn’t know the difference between Vaseline and putty?
    A: Their window panes fell out.

  21. Debbe-
    I’m alive and as well as can be expected. eMb hasn’t sent me any more emails, so I cannot add anything here from him.
    Thanks for asking.

  22. The book OOPS, Or Life’s Awful Moments by Art Linkletter had a good story about a woman helping her husband with plumbing a kitchen sink. Look up the book in your library. It’s good for many laughs.

  23. While I have been traveling my deputy has turned out to be a master plumber. He has repaired and rebuilt or replaced and l my plumbing. At a very low cost in return for the free apartment.
    I have been afraid to mention during plumbing cartoon run for fear of jokes.

    Now he has started on repairs on all the wood trim in house which he is also expert at. I told him he would not be shot at doing most home repairs but he wants to be law officer. His fiancee and in Laws are too

    And the burglary rate in neighboring subdivisions has increased while ours has dropped .

    Love Jackie

  24. Mindy, I offer the following without comment. In Pensacola there is a store called the Happy Seven. It sits directly in front of a low income apartment complex and it is owned and operated by South Koreans. They keep at least four guns hidden in the store including behind the counter and in the cooler. They will not only shoot you inside the store but they will chase you outside and shoot you in the parking lot if they can. No one has attempted to rob the store for many years. The last guy was arrested when he went to the emergency room for treatment of his injuries. He was from out of town and did not know that you do not attempt to rob that store.

  25. BTW Mindy, Can I assume that the wages paid to the employees are beyond your control? Few people that can get a job anywhere else will work in a convenience store for minimum wage. Did anyone hear what happened to the McDonald’s employees that were trying to organize a strike in California? I heard that they were demanding a minimum of $15 an hour.

  26. Loon, it will obviously be easier to relocate the populace of a city wanting to be moved than one that does not, but still, I can see how that would a Herculean task. So we can expect to hear from sand in like 25 years, perhaps?

    Note: I may have space available for a few refugees, but I must warn those in charge of assignments that there are strict sex, height, weight, hair color and comeliness parameters that must be met.

  27. Jerry – Yes, and “Sprawl-mart” and “McDoodles” are planning increases in their base pay very soon. The small puddle keeps getting drier.

    Mark, Not sure about anywhere else, but our Meijer gas station has one of those. It apparently was not cost effective because they are closed at night now.

    Honestly, my current store hadn’t been robbed in quite some time. This girl essentially brought a lot of this on herself. Attentiveness is key in this industry. I’ve worked midnights at the three “scariest” stores in town. Never been robbed or had a serious issue. (Crazy guy playing with his gun was on days!) But then, I am known all over town as “the greetings girl” because that is my standard LOUD welcome. That isn’t a fail safe, and I know this, but it goes a LONG way.

  28. Some years ago, when driving I-65, I’d normally exit at Culman AL, eat at the Cracker Barrel store, and then drive up the street to refuel. The convenience store I stopped at once had a setup I’ve never seen elsewhere…the cashier area inside the store was completely enclosed and barricaded, and looked like a drive-up bank teller’s window, right down to the bullet-proof glass and drawer you used to pass through your money.

    The cigarettes and other pricey merchandise were behind the glass with the cashier and the register, and I imagine the entry doors had remote locks to keep grab-and-dash thieves from making off with other items. It took me about three seconds to realize that eventually some strung-out tweaker or other criminal mastermind was going to come in, pull a gat, hold it to some innocent customer’s head, and threaten to blow out said customer’s brains if the cashier didn’t push the register cash through the drawer. I paid for and pumped my gasoline, left, and never stopped there again.

  29. Ghost, the same thing could be done in a bank. Perhaps you never go inside a bank, but I like the more personal service and usually do. When I was a leo I believe that I spoiled a robbery in the making when I was in the parking lot and saw a very suspicious person on foot taking a circuitous route to the bank. I jumped out of my car and followed him without trying to hide myself. He walked right on by the front door and kept going.

  30. Banks instruct their tellers to do whatever it takes to get the robber out of the building ASAP and without hurting anyone. Which usually means giving them stacks and stacks of cash. The special stacks of cash. The ones with the explosive dye charges that blow up in the parking lot. Along with the ones with the GPS trackers hidden in them. Maybe I shouldn’t have told that, but I seriously doubt we have any bank robbers in the Village. Or if we do, they are smart enough to already know that.

    If I were in a bank that was being robbed, and it was obvious the robber simply want to get of the bank ASAP with his special stacks of cash, I’d just shine him on. But if it became obvious he was about to hurt someone, or take someone hostage when he left…well, I’m no sheepdog, but I might have to give that some thought.

  31. sand, wondered if you’d ever run across this…

    “Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of a readiness to die. ‘He that will lose his life, the same shall save it,’ is not a piece of mysticism for saints and heroes. It is a piece of everyday advice for sailors or mountaineers…a man cut off by the sea may save his life if he will risk it on the precipice.

    “He can only get away from death by continually stepping within an inch of it. A soldier surrounded by enemies, if he is to cut his way out, needs to combine a strong desire for living with a strange carelessness about dying. He must not merely cling to life, for then he will be a coward, and will not escape. He must not merely wait for death, for then he will be a suicide, and will not escape. He must seek his life in a spirit of furious indifference to it; he must desire life like water and yet drink death like wine.”

    – G. K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

  32. Ruth Ann
    What is round and hard and sticks out of a mans pajamas?

    His neck.

    40 years ago McD was paying $6.00 (when I was making $2 – not on Cape Cod) on Cape Cod,
    busing kids from the mainland paying bus time, because they could not get
    local kids to work.

  33. Dearest Ghost, I wonder if G. K. Chesterton was ever actually in combat? I heard a lot about this from my late husband, a WW 2 Combat Infantry veteran. He would have laughed, or maybe groaned, at this bit of mysticm. What I got from his stories was, that he was brave, and stayed alive by being very quick, intelligent, and alert — super attentive to his surroundings. Ghost, you have recommended the exact same things in previous post, and I respect you for that.

  34. I have been saying this for years-
    15 years ago we were warned in a small engine class that some gas at the pump had
    30% because of separation.


    I will add to this – do NOT use any ethanol product in a small engine. Lawn mower,
    snow thrower, blowers, trimmers.
    Small engine producers also will not warranty fuel problems.

    The alcohol separates in as little as 1 week – the alcohol attracts moisture in the air
    that changes to acid that eats the hard parts of the fuel system. The ethanol eats
    the soft parts – in as little as 24 hours.
    Even E-10 gives 15% less gas milage so you start with a negative gain without figuring the cost
    of producing the alcohol.

    Back in the day – engine not start, change spark plug =$1.00
    Today – engine not start, replace Carburetor = $100+

    Keep 1 Gal (with fuel stabilizer) on hand and replace at the end of a month.
    Use the Non Ethanol if you can get it.

    Rant over – for now

  35. Last non-ethanol I saw at the pump was 60 cents per gallon more than the 10%. And my 2011 Ford Crown Vic has averaged 1.5 MPG less than my 2005 one, with identical driving patterns. I noticed a drop in average MPG as soon as the 10% became prevalent.

  36. GR6
    When buying for small engines the volume is small – don’t think I would put it in
    a camper (except at end of season).

    It is a case of pay me now or pay more later.

    The store where I work used to do small engine repair – 80+% problems were fuel

    Many people related – and my own observation – the difference of MPG while traveling
    from an ethanol state to a non ethanol state.

    Once the subsidies came off most ethanol come from Brazil (MO)
    Much of the good alcohol comes from Canada

    Back when I was young my wife trying to discourage my drinking took me to a spot
    overlooking the Segram’s distillery –
    “You can’t drink it as fast as they are producing it” she said.
    “Yah, but I got them working nights” I said.

    (Just kidding)

  37. Good morning Villagers…..

    GR 😉 foolishness, nah, never….you may have used ambient before here, and I (in my morning stupor) may have overlooked it. The written word, I sometimes have to reread, but in speaking and listening, I try to stay totally focused….I hate to say ‘huh? Oh, and I knew you would have high specs on the refugees… 🙂

    Ursen, are you serious? About that being your cat? Sometimes I can be gullible 🙂

    Cxp, can you email eMb?

    Old Bear, that was funny, got them working night shifts…..almost believed you until I read ‘just kidding’.

    Indy Mindy, while reading your post yesterday about your nite time clerk, the thought also crossed my mind (as it did Sandcastler’s) that she could be an accomplice. Stay safe lady.

    And it got up to 92 degrees yesterday, and it was an ambient event!!! Got to start drinking water, and power aide with electrolytes….came home drained. And I do know better, just need to apply it.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day


  38. I actually had that inside job conversation (sort of) with her yesterday. I’ve have watched both robberies several times, and no, she was not part of a “team” either time. She is not particularly liked by my customers, is a bizarre cross of Wednesday Adams and Rob Schneider, and has poor people skills. However, she is bluntly honest to a fault. She is just a poor employee. She is now actively seeking other employment. Woohoo, another body to replace, and I can’t find the first to fill my roster.

  39. Mindy from Indy, you and your company are better off without that kind of employee. They will end up costing more than just their salary. When the guy who drove the car into the pond told handed in his resignation because he wanted to apply for sherriff’s deputy, I took it quietly, then celebrated later. And when he failed to get the deputy position, I refused to rehire him.

  40. Ghost: That’s another oldie but goodie. Oddly enough, I remember some details of the first time I heard it – at a high school football game my senior year; one of the guys sitting behind us (who told the joke) was the class president from the year before; he died in Vietnam not many years later.

  41. Ruth Anne. now that you mention it, I realize that many if not most of the jokes I know I first heard in high school and college. (And the dirtiest ones, too!) I don’t whether to praise myself for my memory or condemn myself for all the time I wasted back then. 🙂

  42. And Debbe 😉 , you shouldn’t post things like “nip in that there cup” out of context for me to find while I’m drinking a cup of chai.

  43. Yeah, but what about the redheaded Army brat with Air Force uncles who marries the Navy man whose parents (yes, his mother, too) were in the Marines?


  44. Sorry, I left off a “Drink coffee”.

    The Navy Rules

    Drink coffee
    Put to sea.
    Drink coffee.
    Deploy Marines.
    Drink coffee.
    Recover Marines.
    Drink coffee.

  45. But of course, so do blondes and brunettes. And everything in between. What about gray or silver, you ask? Just shades of blonde, as far as I’m concerned. 🙂

  46. GR6, thanks for sharing the Lufthansa link. Especially the one with the photos of a smartphone, was unaware the Germans where that far advanced in 1955.

  47. sand, I believe what the 1955 Lufthansa stewardesses are looking at is a B&W Polaroid print one of them snapped of their cute Co-Pilot during their overnight layover. The 2015 Flight Attendants, on the other hand, are looking at a full-color HD video one of them recorded of their cute First Officer during their overnight layover.

  48. 1) where s/b were, Siri needs to stop jumping to conclusions.

    2) GR6’s tale would be more reasonable if you reversed the player’s role in the filming activity.

    3) how does an old AF type know about the actions of the less glamorous civil types?

    4) did he spill coffee or egg salad on his post?

  49. 1) One word…edit 🙂

    2) Query Loon ref “gender equality”.

    3) Stories. Lots of stories.

    4) Ghost is exceedingly careful to avoid spillage at all times.

  50. Debbe, I hope that things are a little better at work. Here’s my favorite chicken joke-two chickens keep checking books out of the library. Finally the librarian decides to follow them. They go to a pond where they give the books to frogs. The frogs throw the books away exclaiming “red-it, red-it”.

  51. All the convenience store posts reminds me of walking in on robbery in progress in Houston before cell phones could not get pumps on, no one could answer help button. Went in and no uniformed clerks. Two guys in muscle shirts and a lot of gold jewelry behind counter. Couldn’t operate credit card machinr, asking for cash, store full of bit ching customers oblivious to robbery in progress

    Got out and found pay phone to call in, then called corporate of store chain. Report I got was clerk tied up in cooler while till and safe being emptied and I hope it was true and not dead clerk. They’d hang around get cash from customers and take cash from safe too.

    The scary thing to me was no one else noticing.

  52. Which (you guess) reminds me of the elderly lady who left the grocery store and found four strange men sitting in her car. She put her groceries down and pulled out her pistol. She screamed at the men to get out of the car which they quickly did and they ran off down the street. Getting in the car she found that her car key would not work and she then noticed her identical car three spaces away. Feeling extremely guilty she drove to the police station and confessed her error to the officer at the front desk. He broke up laughing and pointed to four men a few feet away who were reporting a carjacking.

  53. In today’s convenience store news – About 5:30 this afternoon, there was an attempted armed robbery of a competitor by a woman with a gun. Police were on the scene before she could get away. Details are sketchy beyond this, but a man is dead.

  54. Just returned today from Leon Mexico. I had forgotten that the fat on the meat there is not as marblized as it is here the US. I did have a nice Margarita. I rarely drink but I like slushies and was told (accurately) that the Tequilla was smooth. One night I ordered a chicken totillia soup, which may have been the best things that I ate. One of my guests ordered Ostrich and another order Ant Eggs. My system is way too delicate to handle anything too exotic

    I had to leave for the airport at 5:30, so I had a fitful night sleep. At about 3:00 AM I started to feel the effects of the fatty food that I had eaten and again at 4:00 AM. I have to admit that I had flashbacks of my vacation to Italy when I got food poisoning on the last day of the trip (that lasted a month before I could eat “real” food!). I was feeling rough on the first leg of my trip home. The airline “misplaced” the snacks and then I had a tight, connection but the weather actually cooperated. Before I got home a 3:30, I mentioned to the attendant that we did not get our snacks on the first flight and that I had not eaten all day. She was sweet and we had a nice conversation. A few moments later she slipped me a couple of cookies!

    Yes strangers are friends that I have not met yet!

  55. What I need to know is if the female agents will still be walking around U.N.C.L.E. headquarters wearing white blouses and tight black skirts, and packing Beretta pistols in their Small Of Back holsters. 🙂

  56. There’s a serial robber in Indianapolis? This is a robbery. Gimme all your Cheerios! Not funny when somebody gets shot though.

  57. Mindy from Indy, the robbery story you told, of a competitior, is scary. I hope that you and your store stay safe. The Village is all wishing you well.

    Steve from Royal Oak, sorry that your trip was rocky in places, especially on the way home. How nice that you found a helpful flight attendant. Are you feeling better now that you are home and rested up a bit?

    I haven’t flown for years, so please tell me, friends in the Village who do fly — with all the regulations, are you allowed to bring any food at all on the plane? Cookies — a cheese, or peanut butter, sandwich — and if not, why not? Just wondering.

  58. Dunno, Lady Mindy. Did you watch the trailers? You might get at least an eye candy teaser from them. No tight-skirted, sexily armed female agents that I saw, but there were a couple of females wearing only the bare essentials.

    Not sure about food on flights now, Charlotte, but I think the airlines would probably want to sell you anything you eat in-flight, rather than allowing you to bring your own. Besides, the TSA is so dim, they’d probably fear you’d use sandwich ingredients and condiments to build a bomb.

  59. Sad. Even sadder, some ignorant knuckleheads somewhere will probably blame the police officer for not waiting for the woman to fire first, so that he would know she had a real gun. Or for not just shooting to wound her, or for not shooting the gun out of her hand, or some such Hollywood crap they once saw in a movie.

  60. Charlotte, thanks for letting us know that your husband was a WWII combat veteran. (I had the honor of knowing a friend’s father, recently deceased, who was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received during the Battle of Hürtgen Forest in 1944. They were a special breed of men.) I’m sure that Chris was a practitioner of what I’ve preached about here a couple of times, situational awareness, and I’m equally sure that helped keep him alive.

  61. Miz Charlotte
    You may get it on if it is smaller than 0.5 oz

    Awhile back (when TSA was new) bought some “Donkey”(rhymes with pass) Kickin’ Hot Sauce – at the airport. It was about 6 or 8oz , factory sealed. Had to trash it – could not give it away.
    I suppose they were afraid I might pour it on the floor and it would eat out to the other side.
    No liquid is allowed through – coffee or soda – saw a person told drink it or dump it.
    Once through security you might be able to by something – but then you might be escorted
    off the plane. – There was an article (Mark?) about cabin attendants wielding power.

    Next they will be asking us to check the most dangerous weapon at the gate – human brain.

  62. I’m thinking that airlines probably set their own policies on what food can be carried onboard. And liquids have a size limit set by the TSA. On Amtrak, you can take food and drinks to consume on the trip, but you have to do it at your seat. No alcohol brought aboard Amtrak can be consumed unless you have one of the bedrooms in the sleepers.

    Last year was the first time I had flown since June 2001 and it was a whole other experience. Having to take off shoes and belt, planes were all at capacity, seats were much more crowded than before. But the crews on Southwest were cheerful, attentive and patient.

    If you have the time and want to see something, take Amtrak. I’ve seen fares for the Southwest Chief as low as $135 one way this summer for Chicago to California. And the coach seats are built to sleep in on the long-distance trains with plenty of leg room.

  63. Miss Charlotte – I missed your post about your husband. Sounded like a brave and sharp fellow. Situational awareness is always something I am working on improving. I’ve always regretted not asking my grandpas about their seervice. By the time I really got interested in family history, they were both gone.

    Not that I have much time to go anywhere, but air travel is pretty low on my preference travel option. Once staffing is no longer a major issue, I am going to look into a train ride to somewhere.

  64. Good morning Villagers…..

    GR 😉 why does it not surprise me that you took the ‘nip’ out of context 🙂

    Mark, I’ve always wanted to take a train ride, a long one. I’d read a long time ago in a travel mag that there is one that goes across Canada, making a few ‘port’ stops. Sigh, maybe in another life.

    Indy Mindy, I worry about you and your store, desperate times calls out desperate people. The worst that can happen to me is getting pecked by my girls.

    Jerry, too cute….’Skittles’ asked me yesterday at work what kind of bees make milk…I fell for it and asked ‘what kind’….he grinned, ‘boobeees’…..groan……..I told him to get away from me and get back to work.

    The egg packer was down three flippin hours yesterday, courtesy of ‘Skittles’….broke the cross shuttle chain….so I busied myself and went hunting for dead….they have to start using flashlights….I literally had to peel some off the bottom of the cage. Passed a temperature gauge, said it was 89 degrees in the middle of the hen house. And with the humidity, I am sure it was a ‘real feel’ of a higher degree.

    Cxp…thanks, and tell him we all are thinking of him and concerned. Miss him.

    well, going in early…it was 79 degrees in the house when I got there yesterday at 7ish….

    ya’ have a wonderful Caturday

  65. Flying on every continent means subjection to different rules. Even within countries, it can be vastly different. The Israeli are the strictest, most European nations and China are the most relaxed, and the Russians I’ve never fully understood. TSA pre-check helps, but I don’t always get the upgrade. Loon seems favored for pre-check, I think it is her charming ways.

  66. Not that I’ve flown that much, but I’ve never had to remove belt or shoes, nor have I seen anyone else have to do it. Of course, the Jedi mind trick helps.

  67. Charlotte. Much better, thank you for asking. In regards to food, getting them through TSA is problematic, but I brought some snacks in my carry-on, but couldn’t dig them out on the plane, so you should be able to bring most non-liquid foods. Many people on the flight were able to buy their lunch at the terminal and eat it on board. I often got a pulled pork sandwich when I fly out of Nashville and get dirty looks from some people because it smells so good.

    I did have a different experience when I landed in ATL from Mexico. They send you to kiosk and you scan your passport and take a picture of you that you carry through the process. As I was exiting the area, I realized that I did not have it. The guys at the TSA told me to empty my pockets and looked in my bag, not for security purposes but to find the scanned picture. They told me to go back through to the start and talk with a guard to see if someone had picked it. I walked back through the area exactly how I entered it and located it, along with my folded up boarding pass laying on the ground. People must have thought is was garbage and did not pick it up. When I walked back through, I told the TSA that I felt like the 1st grader loses his note from the teacher on the way home. They laughed and were very cordial.

  68. My luck, I’d end up seated next to the guy who brought a fried tripe and sardines with onion, garlic and sauerkraut sandwich on-board to eat. With a side of chòu dòufu.

  69. When flying, my backpack is my E&E bag. Everything I need is packed in it, including granola bars, individual bags of trail mix, and a 20oz aluminum water bottle. Just fill the bottle once your past the check point. Confession,the backpack is my day to day office.

    Loon travels with packages of crackers, individual servings of peanut butter, dry cereal, and apples. As to her getting patted down, she just smiles and says afterwards, “Thank you for making my day special.” It works best if you have an Eastern Euro accent.

  70. I have a courier bag like that. Only it includes some items that aren’t supposed to get through airport screening. And which might or might not, judging by TSA’s recent performance. Not that I would try.

  71. GR6, allow me to say I (we) won’t be traveling to certain regions for sometime to come. Actually, I can’t leave the country at present time, my passport has been embargoed.

  72. “And there’s even a ‘Valentine’ function that sends the message to a boyfriend’s smartphone so he knows when to apply the cream to his girlfriend’s skin.”

    I would bet good money that someone is already working on (or has completed) a hack that allows the boyfriend to set whatever interval he wishes for reapplication of sunscreen.

    “Oui, Babette, I know that I just finished rubbing oil all over your body, du haut jusqu’en bas, trois minutes ago, but le smartphone says it is time to do so again. Que puis-je faire?

  73. >>“Oui, Babette, I know that I just finished rubbing oil all over your body, du haut jusqu’en bas, trois minutes ago, but le smartphone says it is time to do so again. Que puis-je faire?<>Nous ne voudrions pas que ces pokies d’appel d’offres pour obtenir brûlés.<<

    Dit par un homme trop gentil… avec un coeur d'or!

  74. Done in by my use of brackets for quotations… Ma foi, eh bien, encore!

    GR6: “Oui, Babette, I know that I just finished rubbing oil all over your body, du haut jusqu’en bas, trois minutes ago, but le smartphone says it is time to do so again. Que puis-je faire?”

    Moi: On doit faire ce qu’on doit!

    Sand: “Nous ne voudrions pas que ces pokies d’appel d’offres pour obtenir brûlés.”

    Moi: Dit par un homme trop gentil… avec un coeur d’or!

  75. “Nous ne voudrions pas que ces pokies d’appel d’offres pour obtenir brûlés.”

    Strange you should mention that. A few years ago, one member of my all-female staff owned a tanning bed and not surprisingly had a lovely year-round tan with no tan lines, whatsoever. (That’s another story.) So of course I had to ask her the obvious question. “Yes, they did,” she told me, “but only once. Believe me, that’s not something you let happen twice.”

  76. Dearest Ghost, thank you for the nice comments about Chris. He had a Purple Heart also — from shrapnel, thank goodness he was not badly damaged. Very thankful that he was not in the Hurtgen Forest. I read all about it not too long ago, it was horrible and didn’t need to happen at all … a ghastly mistake of the higher-ups if I remember correctly.

    Thanks to all for explanations of airline regulations about food on board, made for fascinating reading! Sure is a wide variety of rules to think about. At my age (never thought I’d use those words) I don’t plan to travel much. If I did, I like Mark in TTown’s idea of using Amtrak. It sounds like a very comfortable way to go to faraway places.

    Steve in Royal Oak, glad to get a progress report, and your story of dropping the much needed scan on the floor, and having the stunning good luck to find it again! Was exciting.

    Old Bear, glad to get your thoughts too. You seem to have much knowlege.

    Dear Debbe, gee whiz, every day brings some new disaster. You somehow bounce back with a smile, you are a wonder.

  77. Ruth Anne in Winter Park, no I haven’t felt any of those. They must be weak, because as the story says, the affected area is close to Tuscaloosa. It;s funny you should bring this up, because I was reading this article a couple of days ago: http://www.al.com/living/index.ssf/2015/06/11_of_alabamas_worst_earthquak.html

    The only earthquake I know I felt was in Japan, while there in the Navy. That one was weak, too, just a slight movement that rattled things.

  78. Charlotte, I really did enjoy my Amtrak trip last year and would do it again. I would like to try the sleeper service. It’s pricier, but your meals are included in the price of the ticket. Just relax and enjoy the train ride as part of the vacation and you will arrive in a much better frame of mind than flying. The seats are much further apart than in a plane. Amtrak coach seats on the Superliner cars have a pitch of 50 or 51, while most economy coach seats on a plane are around 31-32. I don’t know why they call it pitch, Seat Pitch is the distance from any point on one seat to the exact same point on the seat in front or behind it.

  79. I just had an email from eMb in which he asked me to relay the information that he is alive and well – unlike his laptop and the local server. He’d been attending a theological conference for several days, so hadn’t been keeping up as much as usual.

    I told him that, thanks to the Newseum site which covers, among hundreds, the current newspaper of his place of residence – and the fact that he’s well known there – I hadn’t been the least bit concerned. [That Newseum site can be interesting, especially the associated websites of any paper selected; recommended.]

  80. Today’s A&J is one of the few that doesn’t feel like my life. I’m only up because Cilla makes me get up and feed her. I’m not a morning person, but I do stay up about an hour and go back to bed. We’ll have company today so it won’t be for long, just long enough to still feel like I’m retired. Yeah, it sounds boring, but it beats fire, flood, tornados, etc. Today is also the last day of the Parade of Homes and we begin moving this week so I better get my rest now.

  81. Good morning Villagers….

    GR 😉 good songs to wake up to; and yes, with the heat index link, you definitely got my attention. Hmmm, 1976….which particular day would you be interested in?

    Miss Charlotte, thank you for the compliment….would that make me the 8th wonder of the world? I’ve always practiced “fake it till you make it.” Yesterday was that kind of day. The teen that was working with me was ready to go home because of the packer still malfunctioning. I told him, we’ll fake it till we make it, Evan. We got out of there at 3ish. and that included cleaning the packer and scrubbing the packing room floor.

    Sent Ian off to work today, and GR, I showed him the heat index and your post…told him he needed to drink more water than Mt Dews. And that I should practice more what I preach.

    Been searching for info on how heat affects hen laying….egg production is down, and heat and water are factors I test the water nipples at the end of each line, and yes, the water is warm…(hope this works) this is what my layer house looks like….


    Dang, I think I just broke Indy Mindy’s longest link 🙂

    Jerry, will this be your last moving experience? Do you still have roosters on top of the cabinets? I can send you some real ones 🙂

    Cxp…thank you for keeping us informed about eMb…and yourself. You two are admired from afar.

    Mark, loved that link you posted for Ruth Anne…..never saw those…especially loved the dog sitting and getting up with another dog under it…..

    …and GR, you need to check out Mark’s cheezeburger link….scroll down and you’ll see what a crochet bra looks like…and I’m not talking about what it looks like on the cat 🙂

    later….think I’ll hit the recliner for awhile

    Oh, and Sandcastler….love Loon’s remark about ‘making her day’….

  82. The link will take you to several pics….just hang on a couple of seconds and the one pic I clicked on shows the story of my current “I love my job”…and I do, miserable as it sounds, I do.


  83. Early this morning this caught me between eyes. Now sharing with the Village.


    Across the world she tapes explosives to her chest
    steps into a shopping mall
    a life devoid of all of mercy’s tenderness
    really isn’t any life at all

    Tender mercies,tender mercies, come before despair
    shine down all your tender mercies
    it’s every mother’s prayer

    Down below the factory along the riverside
    children swimming in a poison pool
    playful afternoon of unintended suicide
    gone before they ever knew

    Tender mercies,tender mercies, come before despair
    shine down all your tender mercies
    it’s every mother’s prayer

    Across the world she holds her loved ones to her chest
    lays them down and listens at the door
    everybody safe and warm among the truly blessed
    how can we even dare to ask for more

    Tender mercies,tender mercies, come before despair
    shine down all your tender mercies
    it’s every mother’s prayer
    Mos Def Bedstuy Parade Lyrics 27.50 Rocio Durcal y Enrique Guzman Acompañame Lyrics

  84. Debbe 😉 Thanks for the directions to the “bra” link, hon, and I don’t mean the cat part of it. 😉 I suppose that is what happens when you order something called a “Lady Padded Bra Tops Bustier Cutout Vest Crop Top Bralette Tank Blouse”…you never know what you might get. Plus, I learn a new word…”bralette”. Plus, some of the related links led to ads for even racier, ah, upper garments…definitely ones no one in their right mind would allow their 16-year-old daughter to wear in public. I suspect the root cause of the problem is a profound misunderstanding of the phrase “One Size Fits All.”

    Which day in 1976? Oh, I don’t know…just a typical one…assuming you could describe it here. 🙂 Of course, I can’t say much…I actually don’t remember too many 1976 days myself.

  85. Nothing on the ‘boob’ tube….didn’t Dire Straits do a song on 57 channels and nothing’s on? I pay 95 dollars for ‘nothing’s on’….

    Geeze, Sandcastler, I just finished reading about the Hurtgen Forest on Wiki….and you share a beautiful ‘poem’ about tender mercies…..in that article, it mentioned a monument to a
    German soldier who tried and succeeded in saving an American soldier from a minefield….the memorial was dedicated by American soldiers….

    Miss Charlotte…thanks for educating me 🙂

    GR 😉 , don’t feel bad, I can’t either…living in Corpus at the time….and a good time was had by all 🙂


  86. Debbe, having grown up in an universe populated with WWII and Korean vets, they just seemed like normal guys. Later, when I began my career they still made up a portion of the senior military leadership. It was not until 1990 that I became awestruck. I was in Abilene, Kansas for the Eisenhower Centenary; seeing them gathered there was impressive. Felt like I was witnessing a piece of history, knowing that this might be their last great gathering; much like the Gettysburg Reunion of 1913. Sadly, my father passed a year later.

  87. Unfortunately, sandcastler(tm) that website won’t let me look at your picture without signing up. It threw up a large banner covering the photo and asked sign in, join up or continue. When I clicked continue it went to a login screen and still covered the photo.

  88. The original link works for me. You can see the entire picture by scrolling a little. Debbe, thanks for the pictures. Are you in any of them? Can I assume that the movie will be coming out on the Lifetime Movie Network, the home of chick flix?

  89. Thanks Jerry. Linking my own stuff in here is always hit and miss. No desire to setup and maintain a website, so I limp along the best I can. Call me a tech without a site.

  90. Thanks sandcastler(tm), that worked. In 1976 I was on the Oklahoma City as it prepared to do a cruise. It was to have been in Hong Kong on the bicentennial, when the Miss World pageant was being held there. Unfortunately we had two typhoons in different parts of the South China Sea we had to run from. Our arrival was days late, but at least we arrived. Hong Kong under the English was a fun place to visit, even for a non-bar hopper like me. Book stores, historic sites, exotic restaurants(for someone from Alabama) and the huge department store selling goods made in mainland China. That store also had plenty of old or old-style Chinese art and sculpture which made it as good as a trip to a museum for me.

  91. “…huge department store selling goods made in mainland China”? Heck, I was in one of those this afternoon. 🙂

    Debbe 😉 I remember once, back in my ill-spent youth, drinking beer and listening to this song in a place at 9:00 AM. But it wasn’t a bar. It was a curb store where one could buy tall cans of cold beer, with tables at one side where one could sit and drink those tall cans of beer, while listening to their juke box. But it wasn’t a bar! (I still don’t know how they got away with that.) My excuse for drinking beer at nine in the morning was that I was working an 11-7 shift. My companion had no excuse, other than she apparently liked to drink beer and listen to music with me.

    The song also minds me of the time when, back in my not-quite-as-ill-spent later life, I piloted the riverboat up the Mississippi River one night while two cute and slightly inebriated young ladies were apparently committing frottage on me in the dark pilot house. But I’ve already told that story.


  92. But Ghost, in 1976 you had to go the Orient to find those things, and they were considered luxury goods. Now finding something made in America or Europe means they are probably in the luxury goods category due to the cost of making them and the difficulty in finding a skilled worker who still can.

  93. And around here, Ghost, they called them curb markets. For those too young, they are what the convenience store replaced. Most didn’t sell gas, but food and drinks and the other things a convenience store has now.

  94. Ghost honey, you do have total recall don’t you? Sorry but you made me laugh. I heard Tina sing Proud Mary with Ike in Honolulu back during those halcyon late 60s of Vietnam while clouds of smoke swirled thru the audience and no one inhaled. Of course as Sand pointed out, we were all young and beautiful then.

    Ms. Turner still is.

    Love Jackie

  95. Good morning Villagers….

    No Jerry, I am not in any of those pics, was just wanting to show ya’ll what a hen house looks like, with the feeding troughs, and the egg belts…..

    GR 😉 I worked as asst night auditor for the Marriott in Corpus. Usually getting off at 8ish, I was on salary. We’d get off work, head to HEB grocery store, where they provided cold cases of Corona…we’d get up to check out and would get funny looks. I always wanted a T shirt that said “I work graveyard shift, what’s your excuse?” Then we would hit Padre Island for a few hours.

    Back then Texas had this silly little law that you could not buy beer and I think drink beer in public until noon on Sundays. My friends made me sit in the van until noon….you can come out now Debbe…It’s Noon……also, you could drive on the beach back then, back your van or car up close to the water’s edge…those were the good old days for me….

    I am spoiled, my husband or son make my coffee in the evening, and all I do is hit the delay button….and my coffee is ready for me when I get up. But today’s coffee somehow has a hint of cinnamon in it….not bad, but I wouldn’t want it every morning.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  96. Sandcastler, I get awestruck anytime I see a military person (male and female) in their full dress.

    There is a military base outside Corpus, one time I saw this huge cargo plane preparing for a landing….I was awestruck then how low and slow it made it’s landing, still cannot fathom how it could be that big and look like it was barely moving.

  97. Debbe, I could attempt to squeeze into my dress blues. :-). Both sexes eh? Do you swing from both sides of the plate? 😉

    Houston is under a tropical rain warning. Seems there is a tropical depression out in the Gulf. At last report, it is lining up to either smite or side swipe us. The problem: bayou, rivers, and creeks are still high from two weeks ago. Standby,.

  98. Re Colt, Mark…yep, I’ve been following it. It’s what happens when hedge funds get involved and the financial can cannot be kicked any further down the road.

  99. Sounds like we got out of Houston just in time. All streams and bodies of water were already flooding and muddy nasty water running high. Of course I’d better check Oklahoma this morning unless state no longer joins at Texas border?

    Love Jackie

  100. Thanks for the hen house pics, Debbe! That really helps me understand some of the things you’ve discussed. I have a great-uncle who raises rabbits on a large scale, and there are some similarities.

    The last several days, we have been in Michigan’s UP along the southern coast of Superior. Doesn’t get any better for me, especially since we acquired some pretty nifty camo mosquito jackets that have mesh hoods. They even have drawstrings at the end of the sleeves so you can cover your hands!

  101. Denise, I have donated blood to your thirsty vampires yall call mosquitoes I n swarms like mass blood suckling carnivores I will be up sailing with you later this summer, so exactly where did you buy these wondrous garments and can Mark link to them? The hats with nets didn’t do much good.

    But I agree on weather and scenery and your attitude!

    Love Jackie

  102. Taking on water, the rains have arrived, again. Twenty story office building across the way appears at times to be shrouded in mist.

  103. Thanks for the info, Denise. If there’s anything I really want to wear in the Deep South, June through September, it’s a jacket with a hood. 🙂

  104. For those who care: it seems that all 3 Decorah eaglets flew the coop between about 1pm yesterday and now. Hope they remain out of touch with electrical wires….

  105. I’m not surprised the British police didn’t know quite how to handle the “snake of the loose”. After all, they tell people not to defend themselves with anything that might injure their violent criminal attacker.* (Despite what the media would have you believe, they do have violent criminals there. Lots of them.)


    *Note that they say on their web site that the only legal means of self defense is a rape whistle. Hint: Ladies, blow the whistle until you are blue in the face and perhaps the rapist will lose interest. That should work as least as well as it would on a “venomous adder”.)

    British Empire, the sun called. It says it has set on you.

  106. Sand, you make me laugh too. Mark, thank you my friend for the gift of Mark Knoplers who I am listening to right now sing “The Last Laugh” and now “Do America” now.

    Ghost, I can’t agree with you on the UK but that is OK, the snake was funny. And I hate snakes pretty badly, just like Indy.

    Love Jackie

  107. Mark, that reminds me of a story told to me by an AF buddy: At his previous base, there was a young guy of Korean ancestry in his unit, just tall enough to meet the minimum height requirement for enlistment and about whom it was said had a Black Belt in Something-Fu, a fact he never confirmed nor denied. One night at a bar, someone at their table had words with someone at another table. The club bouncers put the kibosh on that and things seemed to settle down.

    A short time later, the Korean kid got up to visit the facilities. A minute later, four guys from the other table got up and followed him. My buddy and his buddy looked at each other and immediately decided that wasn’t A Good Thing™. They jumped up and followed. They burst into the restroom to find the four other guys all on the floor, unconscious, and the Korean kid standing at the sink, calmly washing his hands.

  108. Yeah, he waxed them, alright.

    Speaking of waxed, I just read a newspaper article from 2007 that references “MySpace, the premier online social network”.

  109. Drove through what looked ominous on toll roads to Tulsa. All the 18 wheelers off the road on shoulder, most of cars too. Idiot here drove thru it and emerged on other end to make doctors appointment .

    Determination, pass it on.

  110. Toll roads to Tulsa. Sounds like the title to a C&W song. Glad to hear from you, Jackie and glad to hear you are enjoying Mark Knopfler. As the sergeant on Hill Street Blues said, “Let’s be careful out there”.

  111. Mark I have to confess that Piper to the End makes me cry and who in the world put Far From the Clyde back to back with it? I tear on that one and then Piper gets me. I love pipes and I am sure I have mentioned men in kilts?

    Yes, I love Mark Knoplers and all your other groups too. You all have reintroduced me to music I love from all genres.

    Love Jackie

  112. I just ran across and read a “Hollywood Reporter” article on a subject that interested me. It ended with the comment “An earlier version of this story featured the wrong year for Nixon’s presidential campaign.” Something tells me I won’t be reading a lot of their articles in the future.

    Do media organizations no longer hire editors? Or do they just hire editors that are no better founded in their craft than so many “reporters ” are these days?

  113. True, sand. And “I saw it on the InterWebNet, so it must be true.”

    Along with “History is about old stuff that doesn’t matter anymore.”

  114. WANTED: Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. P.O. Box 322, Oakview, CA 93022. You’ll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before.

  115. Jackie, you have hit on two of my favorites by Mark. And I have teared up listening to Piper to the End, and So Far From the Clyde reminds me of what happened to the ship I served on. She ended up as a target ship in a fleet exercise, sunk by torpedoes not even fired from an American ship. Sad end to a WWII and Vietnam vet. But listen to Why Aye, Man and you will cheer up again.

  116. Ghost, judging by the stories in the online edition of the Birmingham News, the reporters are somewhat dependent on the readers to point out errors and typos for them so they can be corrected. I don’t know what the rush is, as they are the only newspaper in town. Their only competition is from the tv/radio stations, who only post a paragraph or two on any given story.

  117. Anonymous: Have weapons, will travel. Never particularly cared about personal safety. (I have flown light and medium aircraft; ridden motorcycles; and dated numerous women.) How far back?

  118. Here I sit in my own backyard listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn playing All Your Love and dang, now he is doing Pride and Joy! A tornado will hit me before I go inside.

    Wait, the above ground storm shelter is out here with me in the Boat Palace. Just need to get the CDs in with me.

    Love Jackie

  119. You guys are so entertaining! I can’t add anything tonight, maybe tomorrow. Take care now, Mark, Jackie, and Ghost. Debbe, the henhouse will be cooler, I hope … maybe it was today?

    Very glad that eMb is okay. I miss his posts; hope his computer starts talking to us soon.

  120. C in NH

    Amtrak is good but I don’t see them going to Europe any time soon.
    Though I think I remember a hair brained scheme in Popular Science about
    a tube to Europe and one across the Bearing Strait.

  121. Not aware of a planned Bering Strait tube, Bear, but a few years back I saw one of the cable science channels do a program on a proposed bridge, which as I recall would cross the Diomede Islands. They used CGI imaging to show how it would be constructed, and I remember thinking it might just work. But I also remember thinking the real challenge might well be building, maintaining and keeping open the approach thoroughfares. I’ve never been to Siberia, but I have been to northern Alaska in the wintertime, and I have my doubts about that part of the plan.

    In any case, I suspect that at the present time our social welfare spending and Putin’s Dream of Empire will effectively rule out any such cooperative project, anyway.

  122. Mark
    Many moons ago man in Putnam CT built boat in cellar.
    Them dug his way out to street – about 20 -25 feet.
    Laid up dry stone wall and put in double doors.

    “We’re churning out a generation of poorly educated people with no
    skill, no ambition, no guidance, and no realistic expectations of what
    it means to go to work”. Mike Rowe

  123. GR6 I recall something like that now also.

    Just filled in a Census form – They do want a lot of stuff they “promise” is secure -ha
    They wanted race and one box was White – white is a color not a race.(So is Red, Black,
    & Yellow)
    In the box for other I put Caucasian.

  124. Talking to my brother – his daughter is classed (on her college application) as Latina because
    she was born in Brazil (it even said ignore race) She is 1/2 Chinese & 1/2 Scandinavian
    and all smart as a whip.

  125. Mark, both tornado song and The Boat totally entertained me. I am going to pass The Boat onto my sailing/boating friends
    Wish I had it when I wrote one of my articles about where people build boats, it would have been perfect!

    Ghost, I know you won’t believe me about swimming in water coming off a glacier but I did, halfway to Alaska although maps and navigation are not my strong suit as we all know. That was so unbelievable being able to do that, look at snow and glaciers melt and pour down just yards away, yet swim in warm waters. Of course there were no roads but some planes, wondered if you’d flown with any of those?

    Love Jackie

  126. Must keep the gubbermint bean-counters happy, mustn’t we?

    And we’re supposed to somehow take that bean-counting seriously when a half Chinese/half Scandinavian individual is classified as “Latina”?

  127. Good morning Villagers…

    Anonymous…..you’re good, will you take on a 61 year old woman with no weapons, but can kick butt when needs to, as long as GR can go too 🙂

    Lost electricity about an hour ago….panic set in, called electric company to report outage…then called my hen house for report…it was 79 degrees and the power was on, then I called the other hen house, it was 82 degrees and power was OFF….call The Boss and he was already pulling into the parking lot at #1. He asked how I knew, did I get a call? No, I just called the hen house numbers to get a status report and told him I had called electric company…I wonder if he thinks I’m nuts at 4:30 in the morning….

    And Sandcastler, I only eat off of one plate…I just admire the integrity of women who willfully join the military to serve our country.

    GR 😉 if you do find Mr. Peabody’s WABAC machine, I’m the one in the orange string bikini 🙂

    gotta go…..

  128. Miss Charlotte….cooler, no, today, no, it’s the stinking humidity that kills me. Ian got sick yesterday…told him he needs to eat, so I guess I’ll go make him a sandwich plus a P&J for breakfast….

    oh, and the generator did kick on at #1…do I hear an Amen?

    and I glad you enjoyed the pics, Denise….just wanted to give ya’ll some idea what an operation like this poultry house sort of looks like. But remember, it’s a 30 year old building, but a lot of similarities between the pics and the antiquated machinery we deal with.

  129. Just looked at radar and 90% chance of rain today with probable flash flooding in flood prone areas. Oh goodie just what we need

    New flood wall in front of house works beautifully but now backyard is getting awfully soggy! And van may get stuck in mud since car port is now a courtyard and back is too muddy to do anything with.

    Arkansas River was out of banks and flooding in Tulsa and Muskogee and muddy, flowing fast. Canadian River out of Texas feeds our lake and the South Canadian from True Grit passes down at the used to be beach from my boat house in yard.

    Love Jackie

  130. Squall warnings until 10 PM, long day ahead. Traffic was light when I was out for my morning *$$. Glad we are on terra firma, Loon has a great deal of motion sickitist.

    Debbe, keep the girls cool.

    Jackie, keep to the high ground.

    Everyone, enjoy a blessed day.

  131. Ghost that story reminded me of the “Malice in the Palace” when Ron Artest of the Indiana Pacers went into the stands to hit a fan that he believed threw a water bottle at him. He picked the wrong person but the guy that he picked was obviously a push over. We always wondered if he would have gone after someone if they were the same size.

    One of the guys that I worked with at the time was tall, skinny and liked to wear Winnie the Poo shirts to work, even though we were both in Sales and that was not too professional. He also spent 5 years in Japan and taught Budo and Martial Arts. When I showed him the video and asked him what he would have done had he been the fan that Artest attacked and he started laughing. “Minimum of 5 seconds and Artest would have been screaming for his Mommy”

    Lesson is don’t fight anyone. You never know if they have the ability to kick your…….

  132. Good morning Jackie, at least you have boats, if you have to take to them. Glad you liked the Buster Keaton film. He’s one of my favorite comedians. Everybody have a great day and be careful if you are near flood waters.

  133. Saw the grocery riots in Houston on whether channel and all the empty shelves. No one in Oklahoma stocks up for anything but ice storms. Super Wally was empty last night, two checkers working and empty lot. Drove into town minutes after 9 pm and they had rolled up streets, turned out the lights and locked doors.

    Of course if snow and ice are coming you can’t find bread, beer or dried pinto beans!

    Love Jackie

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