Quotidian Marks

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Today’s classic A&J comes from less than a year ago, but I’m showing it to you again, because it relates to our conversation about subtlety. To wit, sometimes I am to blame! I admit it. The above cartoon probably would have worked better for most of us if I had used the word “mundane” instead of “quotidian.” The words are virtually synonymous, and more people probably are familiar wit the former. However, I’m human! I learn a great new word like “quotidian” and I have to use it. My old journalism professors warned us about that, but I wouldn’t listen.

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  1. Forgot to say my journalism teachers used some comparable education level of third or sixth grade education level too. The readership of A and J is far above that. Unless we are faking it.

  2. This was not subtle. I remember looking up Quotidain in the dictionary after this came out and got it. I think that I may have even posted that this is what I love about A&J in that I actually learn something. If anyone questions me about reading the “funnies”, I could tell them that this just helps me to escape the Quotidain!

  3. ” My old journalism professors warned us about that, but I wouldn’t listen. ”

    Reinforcing the adage, “Those who can’t do, teach.”

  4. Day off today, sort of. Morning physician appointments for my Mom, an afternoon class for me.

    Jackie, your mention of third and sixth grade levels reminded me of when I watched more TV news than I do now (and more than was good for my peace of mind). I tried to watch a range of commentators, and there was one on MSNBC whose delivery style could only be described as that of a third grade teacher. She spoke very slowly and distinctly. She used too many graphics. She repeated herself, a lot. In other words, she lectured, and on a grade school level.

    She may have had good reason to believe her audience was comprised of eight- and nine-year-olds, but I was not one of them. To me, she was unwatchable.

  5. but people should be able to get that from context. .. ..I find myself having to look something up every time I watch Archer, pretty highbrow for a cartoon. … … up top makes me think of what I’m going through now after wife died, going through every drawer and cabinet and closet – so that’s where everything is ! what is all this stuff ? did we, will I ever use it ?

  6. I don’t think the quotidian reference was excessively obscure. I would argue that it isn’t directly equal to mundane. Mundane implies ordinary or even banal. Quotidian is more of a reference to frequency (daily). Here’s an example: My dialysis treatments were quotidian, but never mundane. I did them every day, but they were never banal or even common.

  7. Me, I just go “Damx, that man had a lot of stuff!” And I have not gotten to the Boat Palace or the annex yet. My stone mason and his wife say he is set for next ten years in clothes. Wait until I start unloading my clothes to her!

  8. Ghost, I am still in Fort Lauderdale but getting off up coast. You are safe on your day off. Hey the new smaller bra fits perfectly which is only good news if you’re already top heavy.

    Seriously is any one else trying to lose pounds?

  9. Now Jimmy, how many comic strips elicit this kind of vocabulary lesson? And no one has to go to the giant unabridged dictionary at the library anymore, we just use the Google and are edified!

    A&J isn’t for those that don’t understand it. 🙂

  10. “Humdrum.” “Pedestrian.” Two words that might be found on A&J or in the Village but would never describe either.

    Jackie, is it one of Vickie’s Secrets? Inquiring minds and febrile imaginations want to know.

  11. Knew you’d ask, Ghost. Just a simple thin flesh color lycra sports bra size 42 I think under a similar sports tee with “Carpe Diem ” and mermaid on back and the octopus on skull logo. I noticed neither fabric blocks your “pokies”. Hope I entertain yall a little!

  12. “Little” wasn’t the word that came to mind, Jackie. 😉

    Does anyone else wonder if Gene’s pickup truck is based on Super Truck?

  13. That’s great news on the colonoscopy, cep! I bet you feel like you’re floating on air now that you have the results!

    John in Richmond, most women, if gently questioned, would admit that we use only about 30% of the household items we have. Partly, it’s a nesting instinct. I think it’s also frugality for some of us: to save every citrus reamer, sundae glass, pillowcase, knick-knack, and dustrag against the time we may need it. It’s also a way of providing for those we leave behind…each item is an “I love you” and a way of making sure we’re still taking care of their needs. When my Grandmother passed away, her son who lived with her found a stash of new bath towels. He exclaimed in disbelief, “We had these, and I’ve been drying myself on towels so thin I could read the newspaper though them?!?!?”

  14. Perhaps 8-year-olds should not be watching a show called Oggy and the Cockroaches? Just a thought.

    Especially 8-year-old boys who don’t grok boobs. I did when I was eight. Dad should be glad he didn’t ask, “What kind of roaches?”

    Sitting in Radiology Waiting, wondering if the little medical girls are getting cuter or if it’s just my febrile imagination.

  15. GR6, reminds me of a Shoe strip of many years ago. One character asks another how his dating is going. Not good, he answers. Most of the women I’m interested in call me “Sir”.

  16. One of my favorite A&J cartoons (I don’t have time to look up): Janis asks Alro if younger women look better to him as he gets older. “No,” Alro deadpans. As Janis smiles, Arlo thinks to self, “Older ones do.”

    One of Jimmy’s more profound observations.

    Jackie, should you find a t-shirt lettered “Carpe uberibus”, be sure to get it. At least you might be groped by a better class of masher.

  17. Maybe this would have been clearer had JJ used “quotidian” (BTW, not “quotidain”) in its more common adjectival sense and not as a noun substantive.

    Thanks, Denise.

  18. I understand what Arlo means, Ghost. I still look at the young guys, but my eyes don’t linger on them the way they do on men with lived-in faces and bodies. I’d rather have a meal prepared by a man who can cook tan a candybar handed to me by a kid. 😉

  19. First learned quotidian from Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, but cannot remember which book.* In order of publ.: [* or maybe in an article]

    “The langurs of Abu”, Harvard U.P. Based on her doctoral research on Hanuman langurs near an inst. for the blind in India. Much as some object, infanticide is normal in some primates, and has since been confirmed in other mammals that live in particular sorts of social groups.

    “The woman that never evolved”, Harvard U.P. [But she (human woman) did, even though earlier male primatologists paid her little attn., or got it wrong.] Sarah is a good writer, eminently readable, a very civilized feminist, and a neat person. I’ve mentioned her here before.

    “Mother nature”, Pantheon, magnum opus, the first of three projected volumes. About the nature of primate mothers and motherhood. I need to get back to that one. Other things came up, and I’ll probably have to start it over, or maybe skim through the first half.

    Peace, emb

  20. Arlo:

    No matter how much I pretended, it just never came true.

    I fear that I will never become suddenly interested in things malarian.

  21. Feeling that I have to grouse some over this word everyone is fawning over. Sure, it has those meanings you guys have discussed … I’ve known it a long time … but it’s not a word suitable to use in conversation. It’s awkward, hard to pronounce, sounds funny if you do say it out loud … even looks funny on the page. If spoken in conversation would sound pretentious, even ridiculous.

  22. John, Thanks for your interest, but I assure you that I am very familiar with prostate treatment options. My surgeon tells me that if I had not chosen surgery I would have had a sexless life that would have ended by now. I remain cancer free after eight years, with the exception of some skin cancer.

  23. Guys and gals, when you were young(er), did you think that you would be interested in sleeping with a senior citizen? “Older women are beautiful lovers.”-Ronnie McDowell.

  24. To someone in here, assuming that she was serious:

    Troll, troll, troll your board,
    flaming down the Web.
    Desult’ry, desult’ry, desult’ry, desult’ry,
    The Net is but a screed.

  25. First self-defense class (unarmed) completed. I can now take someone’s legs out if they grab and grapple with me; break a choke hold with one finger; and break’a they face if they bull-rush me in a parking lot. And I saw a chubby five foot two inch lady put a 6’3″ 225-lb instructor flat on his back with a shoulder toss.

    The class was about 90% female. Smart ladies. I’d recommend that all the Village ladies check to see if their area law enforcement agencies offer such a course. We don’t live in bubbles, and we never know what kind of situation we might encounter.

  26. Dearest Ghost, the class you took sounds truly amazing! Wish I could have seen all that. Must be very worthwhile indeed. (I fear that I am in no kind of shape to take a class like that, but I’m glad that you did.)

  27. Charlotte, it’s more about technique than strength or agility, and your best defensive weapon is your brain. One of the class was a young man confined to a wheelchair with paraplegia.

    I saw one slightly-built lady in her late sixties repeatedly punching an instructor (in pads) in the solar plexus; any one of the punches would have bought an attacker my size to his knees and made him forget whatever he’d had in mind. And it would have been effective mostly because the attacker would have never expected it from her.

  28. Debbe 😉 Did you have some green beer today, hon? This song isn’t Irish, but it somehow sounds as though it should be.

    Warren Zevon is better known as the writer of “Werewolves of London” and Linda’s “Poor Poor Pitiful Me”, but this could have been part of the “soundtrack of my life” at one time, and I suspect that’s true for others here.


  29. Visited friends I really like and laughed until my face hurt with Dave’s wife, see I really do like women, not just men. Dave is a Sail maker and boat builder but loved getting to know his wife.

    Guess what was out in neighbor’s yard and came over for Ritz crackers? Sand hill cranes, the last thing I expected to meet in a suburban neighborhood. Beautiful birds.

    Ghost, I took one of those courses a long time ago, Houston I think but you know how you keep saying you have to practice over and over and I didn’t have anyone to slam on floor. Or kick in knees.

    That song is one I am familiar with which just makes me curiouser and curiouser as Alice said.

  30. Just saw the comment about my seize the day tee shirt. I don’t think I will be groped at all, it is a man’s wicking tee from the Hemingway fishing collection and logo is on my back along with the statuesque mermaid. It was probably designed for muscular men with large fishing tackle and big boats. Or wannabes not women. .

  31. But I still expect a “Carpe uberibus” t-shirt might get you groped by someone well-educated enough to read Latin, Jackie. Whether he would have large fishing tackle I cannot speak to.

    Perhaps your deputy would let you slam him around and kick him in the knees. If you could kick that high.

  32. Ghost you aren’t bad, you are being cruel and hurtful. I am barely 5 ft. 2 inches tall and you are at least a foot taller.

    I had started to say I had already decided to officially declare you to be The Mystery Man even before you offered your song hint. I may have to retract that title. I only like educated men, preferably with beards, good taste in food and wine, eye patch optional.

    Love Jackie

  33. Good morning Villagers…..

    I know I am going to like the new story arc in today’s A&J……thanks JJ 🙂 Does anyone else think he gets ideas from the Village? Remember when he had Ludwig posing for pics to post online as lolcats, he did about three days worth…..there’s you a challenge GR 😉 , think you could find those?

    Mark, thanks for the link to their latest album, had not heard anything from them in years. Will be tuning in later.

    And how can anyone not remember that song by Zevon……it’ll be my earworm today GR.

    Denise, how eloquently you defined “stuff” we women keep. Every little thing I have has a magic memory in it for me.

    Jackie, if you’re going to kidnap me, please make it before the 25th…..that’s when they “depopulate” or “purge” the other hen house and I’m looking at long days. Have to pack my eggs at house #2 (my house) come home, rest and eat, and then run over to #1 and ‘supervise’….humpf, they don’t even listen to me on Saturdays…………..that song by Zevon may just be my song before it ls all said and done

    Oh, and GR, yes to your question on the “oh no second” I saved it the first time you found it for me.

    gotta go

    ya’ll have a blessed day.

  34. Hi Ho Debbe. Did anyone else see the color of the sun when it came up this morning? What will be the effects of the solar flare today? Will the effects of being out in the sun be more severe today? Stay tuned.

  35. @ John II yesterday what you told Jerry – I took a look at that book in Amazon and saw some others about that stuff, I’m 56 and pretty dang healthy but am hypochondriacally scared of all that stuff

  36. Once upon a time I ended up in a karate class, and wasn’t too far from getting my black belt but the class sort of fell apart and I couldn’t find another one in my area, so that was pretty much the end of that. I do remember my training, though, should I ever need it.

    Debbe, love the Cheezburger! One of my outside cats will walk with me when I take my dog out for his walk. She waits patiently while he waters everything, then disappears when we get back to the house.

    Gene had better build a very secure hen house because, as a friend who tried to keep chickens once told me, everything likes chicken!

    Ghost Sweetie, behave!

  37. We too have had cats that would walk with us. I’ve seen a woman walking in our neighborhood recently with a small dog on a leash and a cat, usually leading the way, that looks very much like the one pictured.

  38. Thought for the Day: There are several theories about how to argue with a woman. None of them work.

    I know, I know. I’m asking for it, aren’t I?

  39. My secret in 32 years of marriage is not to argue. It is possible to disagree and discuss, but without bitterness or recriminations. I’ve found the rule we taught our girls, that is the “Thumper rule” from Bambi, works very well. “If you can’t say sumpin’ nice, don’t say nuttin’ at all.”

  40. Laughing again at you Ghost. Yeah, the most interesting man in the world. Does he speak Latin?

    You apologize well if you can make me laugh.

    Love Jackie

  41. What d’ya mean, ‘nor the men.’ No eye patch, no hair on top, but still getting educated, beard of varying length [trim it every 6-8 weeks, habitual wear = turtle necks [incl. purple for St. Urho’s Day] most of the year, polos in summer.

    emb displays out-of-the-loopness again: What’s the ref. to today’s rather chaste Leighton painting? “at the Waldorf Astoria” or some other hotel or resort?


    Peace, emb

  42. I’m feeling persecuted by all the beard talk! I have enough of the genetics from Caddo and Cherokee ancestors that a full beard is impossible. Even a soul patch would be dubious. However, neither of my daughters complained about the inheritance that leaves them shaving their legs infrequently. 🙂

  43. emb, I didn’t get it either. When I searched the words I got the song YMCA by the Village People.

    No beard here either. Tried to grow one once. Just couldn’t get enough to be acceptable. Looked like I belonged in a homeless camp. I couldn’t even grow a decent mustache.

  44. To make the beard less feel better I almost married a Native American when I was in college, young. And yes, he had no need to shave.

    I am sitting down at NASA at badging center. Where is a flying man when you need one? Warbird museum behind me. I have friends who live out here.

  45. The Sir Frederic Leighton painting is “Invocation”, which doesn’t help much.

    Was it Quayle [from the town in Indiana where my half-brother and his wife are buried; my wife did her graveside inurnment service] who thought he’d have to learn Latin to converse with Latin Americans?

    Peace, emb

  46. I knew Dan before he was a Congressman. I lived about 10 miles from his home in Huntington. He was (and still is) a very bright man. While I am sure that a few of you here might not agree with his political viewpoints, we was always willing to listen and counter much better than you could imagine. I have my theories as to why he was characterized the way he was, but that is counter-productive. He did say some strange things at times, but I’ve been told that I do as well!

  47. We have had some great Aurora Borealis in Northern Michigan the last couple of days. Too far north and too late at night for me to see. I think I will write a letter to the editor and complain that “They” need to move the Aurora Borealis to the Detroit area and at a time when more people can see them! (Please note saracasm)


  48. Jackie said: “And if not, our Smart phone will put our foot in our mouth.”

    There are entire memes of nothing but smartphone fopauxs. Leading the list is the innocent word, “duck.” It has the capability to go astray in so many wrong ways.

  49. And going by what I see on Damnyouautocorrect.com many of these are caused by the learning ability of the spell check. If you use an expression the phone will remember and try to substitute it. As Allen Funt used to say, “Somehow, when you least expect it”, that’s when the phone strikes.

  50. Hey, I just sent an entire email to the wrong person and was answering again when I saw I was now writing to first person. I am giving up. I hate Florida beaches at spring break.

  51. What’s wrong, Jackie? You have an aversion to wall-to-wall drunken college students? (See also: “Youth is wasted on the young.”)

    Speaking of which, in a waiting room yesterday I saw a TV report of a Penn State fraternity being suspended for posting nude and semi-nude pictures of young women who were apparently sleeping or passed out in their house. Geez, if young women can’t trust a bunch of drunken frat boys, who can they trust?

    What those men did was totally reprehensible and indefensible. At the same time, do some young women check their brains at the door when they enter college?

  52. GR6, you sound just like the fire department. This is only the 3rd gas line they have severed. Two water lines, two electric, and one cable. Not too bad, they’re trying to bring fiber optic cable to 152 homes. Clearly explains the reason I don’t use AT&T.

  53. sandcastler ™, look at the bright side. Since we are on DST, it is daylight later, allowing you to see without needing candles, flashlights, etc.

    You could almost sing their track record to the 12 Days of Christmas. 3 gas lines, 2 water lines, 2 power lines and one cable tv.

  54. We get the print version of the Funny Times; I often want to share things that I read there so I go looking for them online. This frequently results in the discovery of other fun stuff, like this: http://zestnow.com/37-rock-songs-for-boomer-funerals/

    How could I NOT like the author – she’s described as “the world’s funniest librarian” and has a new book of library humor coming out called Our Bodies, Our Shelves.

  55. “Highway To Hell” at end of the service. “Dust In The Wind” as my ashes are let free.

    Denise, until now I had not been a plannin’ my departure. Thanks!

  56. Neither, Jackie. i just enjoy the audience response to the song as it goes along. As for the other, listen to it and you’ll get the message. I forgot to add Mindy from Indy to the suggested audience for that second song.

  57. Please be nice, Ghost, you’ve no idea how bad the rest of my day’s gone! I am taking a direct route out of here through AL MS to avoid any more teenagers.

    As we say in the South, be sweet. You are as Southern as I am, possibly more so. And if I was rude, I apologize. If you were, consider it because you are a charming man under most circumstanes.

    And you can lecture me for idiocy as well. I am often wrong.

  58. Not snarking you about the spring-breakers, darlin’, commiserating. I try to maintain at least a 50-mile buffer between myself and beaches during spring break time. (Although I’m not always successful.) And if your route runs far enough south through AL/MS, you’ll see more teenagers.

    And you, rude? Never. And I’m always sweet. 🙂

  59. Going more like GA AL MS LA far north of 50 mile boundary. My lawyer and financial institutions are in Monroe and Delta. I am tired of this weather and crowds. I would not have liked this at any age.

    I was never like this, sorry!

  60. Brachiating was on a sign hanging in the background of a Far Side cartoon. Actually it said “No Brachiating”. The locker room had some gorillas talking. I had to go look up brachiating in a dictionary cause that was where you looked up things back then. To save you time it means locomotion by swinging from arm to arm. Hilarious. I did not have to look up Mr. Johnsons word because he told me what it was. Keep it up Mr. J. I like it.


    actually I think the text of the conversation in the locker room was; “look, that guys a gray back already”

  61. sand, I hope Pete’s tactical situation never requires him to move quickly, because with all that hardware on him, he won’t be able to. Also, if he ever falls into deep water…well, hello Spongebob.

    Not to mention how out of place he’ll look in Alabama in August. 🙂

  62. Jumping in late on the mention, but big thumbs up for anything by Warren Zevon. I suspect a lot of villagers would enjoy his work. Too bad his most commercial song is also so unlike most of the rest of his other works. Any song from “The Wind” would be appropriate at a funeral- he wrote and performed it as he knew he was dying. A personal favorite is “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner”, if only for its weirdness.

  63. What is it with me and 5:30 AM. I have no chickens nor reason to be awake.

    The concealed carry guy could fit in where I am from in hunting season if he added some long barrel rifles or shotguns to his look but that would not be concealed.

    How hot is rest of the country? I have set at 66 to sleep .

  64. Good morning Villagers…..

    Denise, that was cute…Meg’s middle name Debbe……how about Meg-a-Debbe 🙂

    GR 😉 Warren’s version is much better, and I loved the link Ruth Anne about boomer songs at funerals. If they played every song I’d want played it would be the longest funeral ever 🙂 , but there is one in particular that will be played at my memorial (remember, I intend to be an IU med cadaver) and that one song will be dedicated to my son…..”Simple Man”

    And yes, GR, I did read TDS’s comments on heating….everyone is an authority. But when you have some 79,000 hens, they heat the house. And pullets usually start laying little eggs at 24 weeks. Remember, they were too small to go thru the packer, and I had to hand pack those little suckers. I just hope we have warmer weather when we have to clean #1 hen house, it’ll be cold and dreary.

    Mark, thanks for that song, and you are right the crowd and lyrics work well together.

    I had a melt down yesterday, for some strange reason, all my energy zapped at noon and all I wanted to do was come home and hit the recliner….which I did. Husband made some great enchiladas…from scratch. He’s a good man….does the grocery shopping and cooks 🙂 But no eye patch, scruffy beard right now.

    gotta go…..

    ya’ll have a blessed day.

  65. My friend’s had cat named Gray who was identical to Ashes our long hair gray cat. Identical even to personality. He immediately came over and acted as if he was Ashes and rubbed my legs and rolled over for tummy scratch. Strange.

    We now have Meow Meow the second tortie living in my large bathroom closet waiting to have kittens. Pet sitters say she is totally at home there. So much for not acquiring more kitties.

  66. Giving up and dressing to get on road and this has nothing to do with darkness of room nor quality of bedding nor temperature but insomnia

    Apparently you can not buy a good night’ssleep and please, no cracks about drunken college students as it was quiet .It was no fault of youth

    It has suddenly dawned on me that I am moving back into anorexia because I realize I am no longer actually eating nor can I say what or when I ate exactly. And if I do eat it is minimal


  67. Ghost, I appreciate the craggy Arlo strip. His face does have a lot of character—bet I’d give him a second look!

    Steve, the UP and northern LP have such good stuff: auroras, flannel shirts (even in July), quirky towns and people. Not fair!

    sand, no! No planning, no departure; how did I get in on this?

    Jackie, did this start after you put daughter and grandson on the plane?

  68. @mark – I’m at work, I have to wait til home for youtube, because of one no longer here idiot employee, it’s locked out. … .. @Jackie, yeah here, it’s that seasonal change, where you want a few degrees cooler to go to sleep but a few degrees warmer early morning … … ..I remember, a professional educator handed Dan Quayle the “correct” spelling on cards and he did look at the wrong one quizzically but figured, well she’s the teacher

  69. Jackie, I had wondered about the (dramatic? drastic?) weight loss you seemed to be intimating recently. How long do you think this has been going on?

  70. ““look, that guys a gray back already” That must be a direct translation of Gorillese. Primatologists and mammalogists in general call them silverbacks. But then, why should we expect gorillas to know anything about silver?

    Peace, emb

  71. Meant to mention this* but got distracted by the brachiation cartoon. [Neatest exemplars of brachiation are gibbons; very graceful.]

    31 F out now, 2″ of fresh snow, and still light snow falling. High 40s expected, so it should all melt unless lots more falls today. emb

  72. Anorexia and sleeping disorder are life long
    . I discovered at about 13 that you didn’t eat and already looked adult and were beautiful you got attention and love, at least from someone.

    That was why I objected to our trolls glorication of it. I also become addicted to exercise which is part of the disease. My youngest daughter also has eating disorders and almost killed herself that way.

    Have no idea except that I love the Village I am sharing this. I have a lot of therapy and history so I saw it coming.

    How do you guys think models, beauty queens and Sports Illustrated swim suit models look like that? Or Playboy bunnies and even trophy wives. Sorry to be serious this early in morning

    Ridiculous thing is now I am also again thinking plastic surgery which I know my cardiologist wouldn’t approve. Although he does have a deserved reputation for liking women he has so far loved me for my soul and generous spirit.

    Love you Jackie

  73. As long as I am being serious and lecturing how do we get Kirstie Alley or Delta Burke or any of the spokes women for weight loss products I recognize that WW is the best of them and I actually joined when I weighed about 110 lbs in an effort to stabilize weight without anorexia. I actually had to have a doctor refer me, Ghost.

    So when I would lose weight my entire life I stopped eating and got show stopping size then went back up when I wasn’t starving. Sick isn’t it? My shrinks said it was a form of protection against sexuality and made people’s attractions other than sexual.

    More knowledge than you wanted today. So actually I do relate to Janis and her insecurities and I am glad Jimmy has made her happy and secure as she has aged. I wish I had an Arlo and not the most interesting man in the world too.

    Thanks for listening. I hate support groups but you’re the Village.

    Love Jackie

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