Rantless Friday

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Let me wish everyone a belated Happy Thanksgiving! I was going to pick out an old Arlo rant about Black Friday and frenetic holiday shopping, but if you really want to see one, there’s one in today’s newspaper or at the GoComics Web site. I’m not even going to go on about it in today’s post, because it’s another horse out of the barn. It seems Black Friday is losing steam, because so many (big) retailers are now opening on Thanksgiving. Be careful what you wish for, I suppose. Maybe there’s hope; there has been something of a backlash. Some retailers publicly have announced they’ll not be following suit, so employees (I mean, “associates.”) can spend the holiday with family, as it should be. Many of the public, too, have expressed revulsion at the creep of commercialism into Thanksgiving, our purest festival, in my opinion. Still, hordes do turn out to shop on the fourth Thursday in November, and that will be interpreted by the Powers that Be as a public vote of approval. OK, so I did rant. I can’t seem to help myself.