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Today’s “old” A&J strip is from 2014, and speaking of stuff: I wish I could be more authoritative, but I think those of you who pledged during the fund-raising campaign and selected a reward will be receiving a “survey” from Kickstarter. That’s what they call it, a survey, and it only goes out once, so fill it out carefully. It should tell me what reward you selected and where to send it. In the case of shirts, it will be your opportunity to specify size and color. You will notice that I built in some wiggle room for myself. Most rewards are promised to be delivered by the end of October. Hopefully, most will arrive well before then. The book, however, will not be out until November. That’s pretty certain! I will address this process further when I, myself, am more familiar with exactly how it is going to work. Remember, though, you can always email me with any concerns you might have. Those of you who donated outside Kickstarter, I have an email record of your requests and will be in touch. Bear with me. This could be something of an adventure. I guarantee, though, that everyone will get their reward before we’re done.
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  1. “Arlo is Charlie Brown….” ?? Kindly explain, as I must have missed a connection somewhere. If it was a matter on VisageVolume or other social network – none of which I use – such may account for my non-understanding.

  2. And Janis is dressed as Lucy. They are in costume as the comic characters for the convention where those attending go as fan favorite characters. Is Elvira considered a comic character? I love witches and she combines two great looks there.

  3. Forgot to say I have been entertaining myself reading old A and J strip online but with a twist. These are on people’s blogs and online articles. Sort of like clipping the cartoon and putting on fridge but a step further, putting on Web blogs. Lots and lots and lots.

  4. “That one’s easy, black bra and panties.”

    Jackie, in my experience, “black bra and panties” is often the very definition of “easy”. 😉

  5. Jackie: ‘The lady in red’:

    ” ‘Twas a cold winter’s evening,
    The people were leaving,
    O’Leary was closing the bar.
    And he turned and he said to the lady in red,
    “Get out, you can’t stay where you are!”

    She wept a sad tear in her bucket of beer
    As she thought of the cold night ahead,
    When a gentleman dapper
    Stepped out of the [phone booth],
    And these are the words that he said:

    ‘Her mother never told her
    The things a young girl should know,
    About the way of college men,
    And how they come and go.
    Now age has taken her beauty
    And sin has left its sad scar,
    So think of your mothers
    And sisters, boys,
    And let her sleep under the bar.’ ”

    [As sung at Cornell U. in the late ’40s-’51.]
    Modified here from a crummy Air Force version, found by searching “O’Leary was closing the bar”

    Apparently there’s another “Lady in Red” by some popular composer.


  6. I color coordinate from the outside, also. I choose my outer garments, then put on my white underwear. Well, black t-shirts for tactical wear. 🙂

  7. I may have to read another book from this stack for awhile. I never thought Jerry Lee could be made boring.. I have made it to chapter 5 and the Sun days. He has not even cut a record yet.

    Being in a Southern frame of mind I think I will perhaps try Eudora Welty and the Optimists Daughter.

    Maybe it isn’t too late to display having a mind.

  8. I was driving down the street in Memphis and saw an old t-bird parked at the curb so I stopped to take a look. Then I was surprised to find that I was in front of Sun records. I took a picture and went on my way.

  9. For some reason I was thinking of “Landslide” by the Dixie Chicks. It’s a beautiful video too, but apparently I’ve forgotten how to cut and paste the site.

  10. Apropos of not much, while browsing through a cacophony of old Arlo and Janis strips tonight, I noticed that over the years Gene has had several hair color changes, going from dark like Janis to blonde like Arlo. As I read the strips which were in no particular date orders, quite random, it became obvious he has varied more than most of the characters. Arlo is most consistent.

    Even Ludwig has changed, Mary Lou, little Meg. That is fine. I think Jimmy continues to grow as an artist.

    Tonight’s introduction of Gus again is an example. Hard to explain how well those thick glasses captured his eyes and soul.

  11. The current story arc has me pretty happy. Gene, Mary Lou, and Meg are living out and loving the early aspirations of Arlo and Janis. They’ve made the ideas their own, though, based on their experiences.

  12. Just heard from my Dr. at the VA about the cardiac stress test done Tuesday. Results were abnormal, possible blockage in coronary artery. Told me to start taking baby aspirin daily and has already got me scheduled for a heart cath this coming Monday. Same group that did my stress test. Which is moving at light speed where the VA is concerned, and which concerns me. So I will probably be out of touch with the Village Monday.

    By the way, this is being done through the Veteran’s Choice program which was set up in response to complaints of slow service through VA hospitals. They find local provider to do work at the government’s agreed fee and VA sends you there.

  13. Mark this is scary but best thing that could happen, finding it before you have a heart attack or heart stops working. Losing weight and eating better cannot be anything but good. All of us will be worrying about you and waiting to hear good news it has been fixed.

  14. And now for proof of something odd in the water here:

    Lawyers representing local and state officials have filed to dismiss a lawsuit against Utah County Clerk Bryan Thompson, who refused to issue a license in June for a man to marry his computer.

    Chris Sevier filed a complaint in U.S. District Court against Thompson later in June, arguing that since the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled in favor of gay marriage, it was his constitutional right to also marry his computer.

  15. Just put on a wicking tee shirt, should I decide to leave the a.c. and go somewhere. Yesterday I took the extreme route of canceling my hair appointment. Gasp!

    Put on a wicking sports bra under the tee shirt. Who designs these things? Descendents of the designers who bond women’s feet and flattened their cleavage in flapper days?

  16. I kept on reading Ole Killer, Jerry Lee, last night and he has finally cut his record and met Elvis and sung in the Million Dollar Quartet. I gave up about two thirty and fell asleep. I would listen to him now and again on YouTube to keep myself focused.

    Here’s an amazing Somewhere Over the Rainbow and I meant to copy it last night.

  17. I just saw a comment on Facebook with a phrase I may have to steal: rolling my eyes so hard I can see my brain. I feel like I’ve been doing that a lot lately 🙂

  18. This just in: Formations of porcine aviators have been sighed over Oklahoma, and there are reports a massive snowball fight has broken out in Hell. Both stories are believed to be related to Jackie cancelling her hair appointment.

  19. Yes, Southern women have postponed funerals for less. You know I have natural colored hair, roots don’t enter the picture.

    Just read the most fascinating article from 1984 and Rolling Stone, The Strange and Mysterious Death of Mrs. Jerry Lee Lewis. He complained about her hair in coffin.

  20. Just finished
    “Dream Come True”
    More to catch up upon.

    Death is male – Winter
    Life is female – Mother Earth – Spring

    Early 90s Britcom – Mulberry – was about the son of Death & Spring
    sent to escort an old lady.

    Derived from the Greek.

    GM Debbe
    might get to comment later but was denied the other night.

    ?”Did you know that a large group of Baboons is called a Congress?
    That explains a lot now, doesn’t it.”

  21. I just came across a pen and ink (I think.) drawing, based on a late 19th century French painting of a picnic in the woods, with either one or both of the women nude. This version features classic Fleischer cartoon characters, and fortunately, Olive Oyl isn’t the nude. Share and enjoy: (The link is to a copy on my site, because I downloaded and saved a copy and don’t have the original url any more.)

  22. I see that Matthew McConaughey has been hired to write, direct, and star in advertising spots for Wild Turkey bourbon. He wasn’t able to convince me to by a Lincoln, but I suppose it’s still possible he could get me to switch from Maker’s Mark.

  23. Yall are ALL weird!

    Have been reading the not so authorized versions of Jerry Lee’s life including death of two wives in questionable circumstances, divorces and marriages that at one point made him married or not to three women at once, children that took his name but failed DNA tests, drugs, drink and sexual high jinks.

    How did Rick Braggs produce such a bland book? The title says why. His Own Story. He had Jerry Lee’s full cooperation as long as he told it his sanitized way after he got really old and worried about heaven.

    By the way, they just held a giant garage sale at the Lewis Ranch, selling off mostly junk but offering a $100,000 Rolls Royce. It didn’t sell apparently.

    Switching reading materials, enough traveling down memory lane!

  24. Sweltering in SE Mpls, in apt. above 2nd son’s garage, but happy to be here in one piece.
    Did a seminar* on whether being a scientist affects ones appreciation of art at lifelong groups in Bemidji. Used the Manet, a Cezanne hillside w/ blocky buildings, and an American landscape [artist’s name escapes me]. Answer is, it depends. I’d have to have all 3 URLs available to discuss why. The Manet is strange; what is he up to, and what does he get away with? He, of course, didn’t split. What is the position of the viewer? That is, what is the orientation of the ‘4th wall’? How can you tell? Fun.

    *2x: Once in Bemidji and once to a group W of us, who met in Clearbrook HS, about 40 mi. NW.


  25. Good luck, indeed Mark. I have had several nuclear “dye” stress tests and two angiograms–ended up showing that I do NOT have any blockage; what I have is “stable angina” (chest pain). That’s fairly predictable chest pain under certain circumstances, not caused by a blockage! (More than you ever wanted to know?) Anyhow, it’s not a terrible procedure and definitely good to get done whatever you need done.

    Here’s a good one: From the Word a Day website: A THOUGHT FOR TODAY:
    Do unto those downstream as you would have those upstream do unto you. -Wendell Berry, farmer and author (b. 5 Aug 1934)

  26. Betty Book is adorably cute. I used her for some great shop window displays, painting her life sized. Thought about that with this painting. Wouldn’t that have raised eyebrows?

    When I did windows, Snoopy and Garfield were frequent requests, but the oddest thing to me was that iconic sunbonnet girl, the one there is a quilt of. We did her as spring, Christmas, winter, all different milleau and settings. Probably same reason quilt pattern continues.

    Since no one had imagination or they’d have done their own, we’d use greeting cards to give them concepts and I’d sketch display idea, never duplicating. No one ever wanted fine art but we had fun doing dramatic windows life sized.

    Yes, Ghost, I could do a life sized Janis on foam board, just like John Wayne, for your house but Jimmy could too. I wouldn’t copy Jimmy unless we has a Village fete’. For decorations.

  27. Had a Village fete.

    My favorite foam board was Miss Liberty, full sized scale statue 8 feet tall and a giant head, 4 by 4. I am enthusiastic about patriotism.

    Strange blending of cartooning, art classes, drama and stagecraft combined with floral design and marketing.

  28. That is beautiful. Is that supposed to be Elsa Lancaster in the sewn together nude? I have never seen horror movies I must confess although I like Adams Family.

  29. Betty Boop started out as a dog – eventually her ears got smaller and her loop earrings
    got larger. Pre Hays Office days she was sometime risque.

    GM Debbe
    Your rod conveyor may benefit from Plasti Dip coating (I have no interest other than we used it on nest bottoms) It is a rubberized coating.

    True value sku# 184407 White spray on
    127070 Yellow dip or brush on

    Don’t know if it would work – may be too long dry time.
    When you are in town read the can.

  30. Good morning Villagers….

    Still here, just not posting…..this heat and humidity is really starting to affect me. Hydrate, hydrate and more hydrate.

    Old Bear, will look into that. Have to wipe it every morning. Thanks a bunch.

    Mark, prayers with you.

    Happy Caturday.

  31. Ghost: RE: summer doldrums… that is the way I feel. Slept 10 hrs last night and feel like I could go back to bed! But… errands call…

    Hugs and prayers for all…

  32. Jackie / enthusiasm about patriotism.

    “patriotism”: I was cruising at the speed limit in my hybrid on the way to Mpls yesterday and a big pickup passed me at some 10 mph and was soon out of sight. It had an American flag painted on its tailgate. Its mpg: Lord knows.

    patriotism: Some Bemidji people pick up aluminum cans when they are out and about, add their own empty sardine cans, fill used plastic bags with them, and, when traveling SE on US 2, drop them off at the animal shelter, which in turns sells them for recycling, using the money to support the shelter.

    I did not say patriotic displays are unpatriotic, but James 2:18.


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