Rearranged Marriage

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Today I’m posting a two-fer from 10 years ago. I’ve been doing a lot of this sort of thing myself lately, thinking of ways to expand my studio, which is a small downstairs room in my house that is overflowing with, well… I’m not sure what all this crap is, but suffice to say it’s “overflowing.” In 30 years of drawing Arlo & Janis I have had only one perfect studio space, the entire upstairs of a small Tudor-style house I lived in briefly in the 90s. Of course, this situation is my own doing. My lack of organizational skills and my relative indifference to clutter have turned many an adequate room into a dysfunctional fire trap. Well, if I say so myself, this year’s resolutions are holding strong, and I’m determined to transform my current workspace, albeit small. Maybe I’ll post pictures as I go!

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  1. OF due 1031-1051 CST. Right now I have a different URL that I need to hang onto, one that you may find interesting. To find my favorite open cluster, take binocs [(%&&#@ speelczech] somewhere with no/little light pollution, find Jupiter high in the S. It’s in the dim constellation Cancer [the Crab], a ‘sign’ of the zodiac with no bright stars, but with a ‘smudge’ just a bit NW of Jupiter in the direction of the two bright stars, Castor and Pollux [%%*##$*] in the next ‘sign’, Gemini. Binocs resolve the smudge into a jewel box of stars, M44, the ‘Beehive’ cluster. The Wiki site is pretty good.

    You can find the OF URL in one of my posts yesterday. Peace, emb

  2. I have a hall closet I’m going to dejunkify, rearrange and organize, just as soon as I can get a round tuit. For some reason, every time I’ve walked by it in the past year, the name “Fibber McGee” has come to mind.

  3. Everyone needs to live in a series of small rooms with low ceilings and crooked walls. You get a new prospective on scale. This house rambles but it is all small spaces.

  4. If you should have a small slice of real estate, we could all show up for a “Studio for Jimmy” build session. A great reason for a gathering, plenty of home cooking, and a great new studio built by A&J fans. If we do this, does it mean we have become an Amish Village?

  5. Actually a good idea, Sand. like Habitat houses. You and I would fit in, that’s for sure I think. It might be like those 200 bearded men in my back yard and the porta potty guy asking if it was an Amish family reunion?

  6. Large open area. Lots of natural light. North facing windows with a garden – wildlife area outside. Interior separated into drawing space, business space, and storage areas. Small outdoor patio with two chairs and a small table to support contemplation and idea fermentation.

    We have a winner. — JJ

  7. Wow! Can I relate to that, Jimmy. I am a keeper and saver. My Auburn Room was presentable about 5 years ago but I have cluttered it up so much that Wifey keeps the door shut most of the time for fear someone will look in on it and be horrified. I make the same New Year’s resolution every year, but can’t seem to find that round tuit either. Maybe this year for Lent or something. A blessed Ash Wednesday to everyone.

  8. GR6, me thinketh ye under estimate the talent represented in the Village.

    Eh, thanks domaucan. As me ole friend Will Shakespeare was fond of saying, “Tis Ash Wednesday, eat like an acting seeking employment.”

  9. Ghost, speak for yourself on building. While I would not frame a building, I can actually mix and pour concrete, put up siding, sheet rock and plaster, paint, install tile and wallpaper rooms.Decked porches. I have put in drop ceilings and insulation, do I want to do this again for myself. We will find out!I have a lot of repairs pending. I lost the electrician, plumber and builder.

  10. JJ your studio sounds like my computer room. We have a 900 sq foot house with 2 bedrooms, one which has been turned into a computer room. I have to have my better half move her chair for me to get to and from my computer. I got the good spot I sit over the heater duct, she sits next to the litter box.

  11. About rooms that require that the door be kept shut – reminds me of a college friend who claimed her dad would look into her room, shake his head, and ask, “Was anybody hurt?”

  12. Drat! Take two –

    Still here. Slowly battling all of the germs, viruses, and general yuck going around. Funny how life works. My pregnant assistant called off Monday, very sick, and on her way to the hospital. The baby is okay, but mom is not so much. She has pneumonia, and they are keeping her until she has the baby. Monday was *supposed* to be my day off, and I was thinking I wasn’t getting on this week. However, twist of events got me today off – which is awesome, because I feel like crap today. Which in turn allowed me to dig through my digital archives, for my cousins, for photos of my aunt’s sister-in-law, who died of a massive heart attack in her home last night.
    Concerning 9CL, when does Juliette do when she finds out the story-teller is also the killer?

  13. All in my mail today was a 2# Defender catalog (which is actually a marine catalog) not what it sounds like. I get all the ones like LL Bean, Lands End, Duluth Trading and as an extra bonus all the ones selling more tech stuff than anyone could imagine, except it is for boats and outdoors, like REI and West Marine.

    When I get back skinny, which I am, I will go back to wearing well tailored women’s sportswear again. I miss looking like a Land’s End photo shoot I guess?

    Healthy eating going well and I am resisting the Diet Cokes, despite great provocation today with insurance companies and Walmart Pharmacy. Three hours over prescriptions that were all called or faxed in! I wanted some caffeine so badly I could have just injected it in my veins!

  14. In other words, I should get a waist holster and stick my gun in my pants under a loose shirt?
    And shoot myself in the butt being less suicidal in appearance?

  15. sand, the Duluth Trading Company television ads are gems.

    Mindy from Indy, you have officially been nominated for sainthood for your general above-and-beyondness. And wonderfulness. And your attention to kitties. And I hope you feel better soon.

  16. No, Jackie, just follow the Four Rules and don’t be negligent and you’ll be fine.

    And celebrating the death of someone because you don’t agree with their beliefs is such a lovely ISIS-like thing to do, isn’t it?

  17. Mosquitoes, bees, wasps, horseflies, snakes,etc but not giant beavers. How about calling them cat-proof pants? Ever had a cat decide to climb your pants leg? That would get them a whole new demographic.

    Ghost, those bra holsters require a new rule. I will leave it to you and sandcastler ™ to come up with it.

  18. Hopefully not TMI for a family forum… two key body function requirements post surgery have been satisfied. Both were essential before I can be released to go home.
    I am still experiencing ATN (acute tubular necrosis) or sleepy kidney. That means that the kidney was damaged by the waiting time on ice after donation. It is a normal, expected, part of transplant, especially cases like mine. The kidney was on ice for 22 hours! As a result of the damage, the function has not been what we had hoped for now. It is at least producing some urine, see #1 above.
    Still not feeling well, very tired and sore from surgery.
    However, with all that said, it is possible that I will go home tomorrow. The surgery is healing well enough and I’ve passed all the training tests. I will be doing dialysis at home until the kidney starts.

  19. Pretty good report, David. Although the results were not (so far) as optimal as might have been hoped, that still sounds encouraging.

    Happy body functioning. 🙂

  20. She violated rules 1 and 2 (and likely 3), and it cost her her life. Another rule wouldn’t help. And no, it wasn’t an “accidental shooting” or a “misfire”, it was negligence.

    Jackie, you didn’t mention if yours has ever been utilized as a kitten transport device.

  21. First, about southern beavers, we do have them. Oklahoma is more southern than midwest and our lake here has beavers. But Louisiana definitely has beavers. In fact, I am going to visit a friend in Dubach, LA (near Shreveport) and he has a private lake on his property. The last time I was there we got a tour of the beaver chewed dogwoods and other ornamental trees he had placed around lake, now eaten by beavers. One even came up into his front yard and got a tree there. Aggressive beavers?

    But one of the times I got angry at my mother was when she had the beavers killed on our farm in the Mississippi Delta of Tensas, LA which is just off the Missisissippi or in the river in some circumstances. They had built a dam and were flooding some farmland so she had them killed.
    I am surprised Mississippi and Alabama don’t have them.

    Love, Jackie

  22. No, but the 10# dog was raised between my two frontal mounds because he was so tiny when I got him and I would work in office on phones and computer and he’d snooze inside a pajama top or sweat shirt and poke his head out occasionally. He looked like a furry earmuff actually.

    Then he’d sleep on one ear at night, mine, which was weird and if I turned over he’d switch sides. He may weigh more than 10# now but he still wants to try to balance on my chest and he usually slides off now.

    OK, Ghost, you can visualize a fur ball between …………

  23. Jackie, not giant angry beavers. Ordinary ones we got. Saw one cross the 4 lane road near our Winn Dixie last year. Funny thing is, there is no body of water there. Guess he was hunting new territory. Saw swampy area created by beavers in a state park in TN, too. Didn’t see the beavers but saw the chew marks on standing trees they hadn’t gotten yet.

    We have had possums eating our dry cat food outdoors, too. But haven’t seen them doing it lately. The cats will not go near them though. Smart cats.

  24. Mark, I have always thought of bras as bait traps.

    After this evenings fireside chat, I am having concerns if we could behave in Camp Hill long enough to build an artist retreat for JJ.

  25. Y’all made me forget what I was going to ask: I am looking at a map of the coastal region of Mississippi-Alabama since I will be heading that direction the end of February and I notice the Sandhill Cranes wildlife refuge there. I suppose the cranes will all be up in Nebraska with John in Richmond about then, right? Anyone visited the Mississippi refuge?

  26. JJ
    Do you work on horizontal surface or one that is tilted?
    I guess i was implying tilted was OK because it is more difficult to
    pile thing deep. ( without doing some serious engineering )

  27. Sand
    GR6, keep purchasing doo dads, you’ll need to upgrade your pants. Next trip to post office should be for these,

    Add a couple pairs of the Buck Naked undies to complete the ensemble. ????

    They do have nice long t shirts (which they advertise ingeniously) that fit me but at
    $30 each I will pass. Their galluses are slick too with the way they attach to the belt-
    non metal so pass airport security.

  28. Dear David in Austin, very happy to hear your news. Wishing, with everybody here, for a return to full working order, and that you will feel stronger and more like yourself. Thank you for sending us a report, for we all want to know.

    Love, Charlotte

    Also sending love to Debbe, Jackie, Ghost, Mindy from Indy, and other friends … I am thinking of you. Galliglo, is life treating you kindly?

  29. But you could still strangle the pilot with them, right? I bet Sand and Ghost know how to kill six ways with a pair of suspenders, with or without metal attachments!

    Mark, you will not believe this but we used to do floral arrangements in six pack cartons of sodas, Barqs being one we used. If we did bud vases, we would empty one bottle and use it for flowers while leaving the remainder full to deliver, Someone had to drink the extra bottle so we could wash it and put floral preservative in to arrange the flowers.

    I have to remember to find my binoculars for this trip. It is hard to watch wildlife or birds without them usually.

    Love, Jackie

  30. Jackie
    Just found a pamphlet by Quaker Table Cloths about table setting – very interesting verbiage.
    This has no copyright date but is from late 50s(?) Mentions the “Jet Age”.
    The thing is every picture (b&w) has a floral arrangement, usually described. And warning to keep them low so people could talk across table.

    David more prayers

  31. Friend of 50 years stepped on the rainbow yesterday. He was 95.
    GR6 and Sand would be interested in that he returned a souvenir sword, (that he picked up in Japan at the end of WWII), to it’s owner’s son in a ceremony last year. It had 2 tags on it which I have been told is rare.
    It was on the News here in the Twin Cities.

  32. I love old magazines and booklets like that designed for the housewife, homemaker. People did have floral arrangements for every dinner party and often for weekends, like Sundays or at all holidays. Center piece design was still a big deal up into the late 80’s.

    One of my favorite things we did was to make all the floral arrangements for the University of Houston’s chancellor and among those parties was the decorating of the University of Houston’s sky box in the Astrodome for each football game. Now comes the interesting part:

    Each arrangement had to be done in only the school colors, red and white but were not to resemble a Valentine’s bouquet in the least.

    Each was to be done in “high style” design, ie. a form of modern art in flowers

    Each was to be only so many inches tall, as the chancellor was a short man and wanted clear visible eye contact

    Each was to be masculine but employ no “cute” elements like football picks, etc.

    Can’t remember how many tables we did (a lot) but each arrangement had to be completely identical to each other.

  33. Are we talking about me making floral centerpieces for the chancellor’s parties or the eat a beaver tee shirt?

    Making centerpieces for university presidents is what began my floral design career. I was a botanical plant classification and herberium specimen mounter but when someone had to make a corsage, wrap a plant and put bows on them or make centerpieces, guess who had to do it?
    The only girl/woman in the department!

    That eat a beaver joke was around in the 196o’s along with some other scatological “jokes”.

    Love, Jackie

  34. You probably don’t want to know about the butler and the bartenders, serving staff for the chancellor’s sky box either then? And the liquor and bar and dinner menu?

  35. Good frigid morning Villagers….

    Emb…getting a taste of what you experience in weather….minus 9 with a wind chill of minus 25 right now. Eeee..haaa!!!!

    GR 😉 saw that ‘saying’ on a bumper sticker once…almost lost control of my car 🙂

    Left the hen house with window only open an inch and only 8 fans running, it was 70 degrees in there when I left….will probably see ice as we did the other morning formed around the openings. I can call the number and it will give me the temp inside the building..but I can wait. The other morning while walking down one of the middle aisles, I spied a dark moving object…I thought “too big for a mouse” then it took off flying. $hit….that is a ‘cardinal’ rule….no birds. Told my boss and he said the same thing “Oh, $hit….” then he asks ” does it look sick”…..I just shook my head….said “I can’t tell, it’s flying though”. Haven’t seen it but one other time that day….must have hit the pit, I hope.

    David….prayers are still with you. Keep up your spirits, it does well in the healing process.

    Gal….type something and let us know how you are doing.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day……

  36. David, good to hear those couple of items have been checked off your To-Do List! Thank you for sharing how things are going; I know many here have you in their thoughts and prayers. I know, too, that we are a curious people in the Village, and appreciate learning just how this transplant and recovery business works.

    In today’s real-time, Robin has Jimmy’s sense of humor!

    Debbe, was Max Lucado the author you recommended to me a while back?

  37. David, charge on!

    As for the daily offering, run Janis its an ambush!

    Jackie, I’ve done my share of environmental work and saved many a fine tree. 😉

  38. Now I am getting pop up ads from Duluth Trading Co. Guess it beats the ones from meeting women in my neighborhood?

    My method of staying up and awake until I am exhausted enough to sleep works but now I am waking up by about daylight to 7:30 a.m. with only four or five hours sleep. Not so good. I am not ever going to fall into the drink ’til I pass out method our past “visitor” subscribed to supposedly, especially since I have never liked anything alcoholic in past except really good wines and I sincerely doubt I can operate a corkscrew any more!

    That is a joke folks! And pills, well, that is same situation. I have a medications bag full of them for the assorted diseases I try to control and I promise you, my monthly refills coordination is so hard for correct use of them, no way would I ever become a drug abuser! That and fact I have a lifetime abhorrence of both substance abuse.

    Today is something I have been avoiding and am forcing myself to do, go confront ATT about the darned cell phones and cell phone programs and get those amended, change the wellness center membership over to me and insurance for autos. Since I have death certificates I guess I can change titles and ownership on cars, boats, stuff I have to pay license fees on too.

    I worry about Miss Charlotte, Gal, John in Richmond. I have the therapy of writing, both to you all and for publication, which is quite cathartic I might add. I belong to the “go ahead and say it” club I guess? Gal, John, I am actually a friend who writes to others, should you want an ear of someone who may be a few feet in front already.

    Love, Jackie

  39. That b&w cat in the next photo to the left in Debbe’s cheezeb. post at least knows how to spell desert as opp. to dessert.

    Debbe: You live in IN, no? That’s pretty cold. Outside thermometer read -27 an hour ago, but it’s suckered to a triple pane glass window, so probably reads a bit high.

    That grey kitten in hand didn’t need clever wurdz, did it?

    I’ll go back and check

    Peace, emb

  40. Ghost, I am certain you are equally charming and personable in person, as entertaining as a gentleman of the old south. That said, I think you had a previous life perhaps.

  41. Hello Village! Guess I SHOULD check in. I have been lurking for the past few days.

    … Here in SE Ohio, at 11:00 AM EST, it is 6 degrees, feeling like -9. Should get up to 11 today! So I have been hibernating. But I am getting stir crazy so should try to get out today. We have about 10″ of snow on the ground, so getting out of my parking lot should be interesting!
    … This weather has given me a good excuse not to be out and visiting people. This quiet time has been healing.
    … I still do not want to actually talk with people. My daughter is very understanding – we do converse. But she doesn’t expect me to be all bright and bubbly. And that is a relief. We did have dinner the other evening with my former brother- and sister-in-law. They were passing thru on their way from Florida to Mansfield, OH. It went much better than I had expected. So that was one hurdle out of the way. It has been 20 years since I was married to his brother. So I guess they have accepted that I have another life now. I probably should appreciate that they still want to be “family”.
    … My prayer life is still active! Have been praying for all of you that are having to deal with the elements – Jackie and her travels – David and his new kidney – John and his dealing with his efforts in dealing with his loss – Debbe and Mindy and their work (and life) situations – all of you in sharing bits of your lives… and your caring…
    … the Village is a nice place to be…

  42. While I am not old enough to have actually known Mr. Clemens, I have always loved him. I once owned an entire collection of his published books, courtesy of a lending library in Sunflower, MS that apparently shut down sometime in early part of 20th century. So, I have actually read every printed book. Do wish I had not sold those darned things?

    The closest I have ever come to Mr. Clemens was several times seeing Hal Halbrook as the great man. Once my seats were literally front row in Houston, at his feet, so it was like being in a living room with him alive, if you could shut out those around you in the cavernous theaters in Houston.

    I would put Mr. Clemens on a short list of historical people I would enjoy as a dinner companion.

    Some of his writing was/is cynical and jaded but that is OK, he made up for it in wit and charm.

  43. As a boy, I had a friend who lived in the ground floor apt. of a 3-story house on the SE corner of 9th St. and Fifth Ave. in “the Village” = Greenwich Village, in Manhattan. Like many 18th and 19th century houses in NYC, Boston, Philly, etc., it had a substantial stoop leading up to the first floor entrance, which allowed for a basement apt. with plenty of windows. A plaque by the main entry said it was Mark Twain’s NYC home for a time. Maybe some of it rubbed off. I hope it’s been designated as a historical landmark.

    Bob was also a Stuyvesant H.S. buddy, and my roommate at Cornell U. for 4 yrs. Has a Ph.D. from Cornell Med. and an MD from NYU Bellevue, both in NYC. Mostly did and supervised pharmaceutical research, is now retired in Palo Alto. Stuyvesantians get around.

    Peace, emb

  44. For anyone who cares, the Decorah pair of bald eagles brought forth their first egg of the season yesterday. Mom-to-be is busily warming and tending it. It’s on USTREAM. Looks as though the bald eagles were successful in fending off the pair of Great Horned Owls which coveted the nest earlier this year. The GHO are formidable, but, in a confrontation with eagles, would probably be lunch.

    At Berry College in GA, both tiny eaglets have hatched and seem to be feeding well.

  45. 5.5 days snowed in now, no ones killed anyone so we are ahead of the game. Running outta kitty food and milk but otherwise no biggie. My spouse will be able to walk down the hill Saturday so my brother an take her to get meds and kitty food so all is well. No one is going up or down my hill in a motorized vehicle for at least another 5 days. I LOVE being snowed in. Ran out of bread so baked corn bread yesterday and biscuits today. May bake bread later.

  46. Jackie about U of H – right now, everyone wants audits of U of H, seems there was massive overspending and unforeseen costs for what else? a new stadium, raised tuition 45 a semester for 25 years to supposedly cover it, heck, they’ll want a couple more stadiums in 25 years. … … ..all the stuff about putting things in your name, I’ve got the big important stuff done, but there’s all this little nitpicky stuff, I have to make an appointment with Social Security for April ! I have to go get my $255 death benefit, which I could live without, but I have to get a letter from them telling the bank that I can have the last check they sent. … work is silly, I have maybe two hours a day of work, I guess my job description is to just be here if the president wants to ask me something, I’m hourly, so I’m just saving the company money if I’d take off. I’m close enough to my life plan of quitting, I could stop working, but I’m only 56 so there’s no point in using up my funds to pay the electric bill yet. Who knows? maybe I’ll find a fully restored Auburn, Cord or Dusenburg to buy, but all I want to do is volunteer at the science museum or a hospital or something

  47. Oh, Ruth Anne–a lovely piece of writing indeed. It was also posted on Facebook this morning by a writer I follow, but I hadn’t read it yet. How very inspiring. Best regards, Nancy Kirk

  48. Prediction, of course, was 1800 +/- 10 minuten. Carried laptop into kitchen and onto counter, made tea in m’wave, glancing at screen, brought tea over to laptop. First jets about 1759, then OF sort of fiddled around. Put supper on reheat casserole. Began to think it was a fizzle, but about 1805, full-blown, splendid eruption. No smart phone, no iPod[R], but old enough to be grateful for this technology. Only one viewer showed [may have been others off to left or right], lightly clad. Must be warmer there than here. Supposed to reach teens-low 20s Fri. Grateful for that too, and longer days. Two different beers in fridge.

    Prosit! emb

  49. Ballast Pt. Pale Ale, B.Pt. Bwg. Co., San Diego. 5.2% abv. Not bad, only slightly squiffed [@@*&%%*@ speelczech]. [The other is a porter, not really right for emb’s original leftover fried rice mix.]

    Peace, emb

  50. Spent all afternoon at ATT with a very diligent female who got me out of Mike’s contract, got rid of his phone, neither of us could figure out what the heck he thought he had accomplished with his program/plan? Got me unlimited text and voice and 10 gigabytes of data to see if that is enough, got me an even newer Smart phone, a Samsung Galaxy 4 in its’ newest incarnation, plus a 10″ Samsung tablet with a real keyboard in addition to the built in one with touch screen, got a semi-waterproof cover called n Otter which I think refers to fact it is supposed to be waterproof to 30 inches deep but I doubt it floats like an otter?

    Got cover and protector for tablet, insurance on everything and probably some more stuff I forgot included, all for less than I was paying for husband’s miserable plan. Then I had to listen to daughter telling me what an idiot I was. If I am, I will listen to the Village saying so and think over what you say but not my kids right now. This is supposed to be the sturdiest they have available for people like me who plan to be in some places phones and tablets aren’t supposed to be, I guess? Think I will hire the sales lady as a coach to teach me to use this stuff, she used to be a school teacher and burned out, I believe that!

    Now I have two new goals in immediate time, learn to use these pieces of technology correctly and learn to use and handle my new defense system, the gun, not the deputy! So, it turns out a lot of people I know shoot guns as a hobby or as self defense, so I need to get signed up for lessons. Actually I am entertaining myself and not bored or depressed much at all, surprisingly.

    Love, Jackie

  51. Forgot to say, I will write down anything I am supposed to be adding to the phone and/or tablet and get it. Protection seemed in order, so protective covers for everything were purchased.

  52. Jackie, can’t criticize any of your purchases. Have an Otter case on my phone, mainly to add some thickness and grippability. On the data plan; I consume 12 -18 Gb a month on just my tablet. Both phone and tablet should have user guides stored on board; read these before paying for help.

  53. Jackie, it sounds right to me. Good thing on the protective covers. My only beef with the Otterbox for the Iphone I had was the clip to attach it to my belt. The clip is made of durable plastic, but the hinge was just two tiny molded pins. Being on the wide side, I would catch the phone on doorways or chair arms and eventually the pins would break. When the first one did this I contacted Otterbox and they sent me 4 replacements for free. Now that is excellent customer service.

    Good thing the phone and tablet you got were both Samsung. That should reduce the learning curve since they share the same operating system. That tablet should make a good e-reader for you too. The Google app has a voice command feature that you can use with the phone. You tap the app icon, then say “Google” followed by your question.

  54. Have been to see mother. Departed in a turmoil, transferred to a snit and will be in a grand funk soon. You can pick your friends and pick your nose but you can’t pick your relatives.

  55. Jackie said; “ turns out a lot of people I know shoot guns as a hobby or as self defense…”

    I can see you hanging with the hobbyist group, but what kind of people are constantly shooting in self defense?

  56. Jackie, it sounds to me as though you got a great deal. Your data usage will depend on how much your use your tablet and for what when you are traveling and/or do not have access to WiFi. When I’m traveling, I run my WiFi-only tablet through my phone’s “hotspot” when WiFi is not available, and I’ve never exceeded 2GB of data usage per month. sand must use his tablet for a lot of what I use my PCs.

    Don’t let sand tease you; I know what you meant. 🙂

  57. I do know several police officers and some of my boating group are still in military or reserves, so that counts as Sand’s reference. Even our Corps of Engineers guys are armed at times, they do lake patrol and the State Troopers here do lake patrol as well. And the Park Rangers and Coast Guard are armed too. It seems a lot of people I know are involved in trying to maintain a lawful use of state and federal property and observance of law and order.


  58. Jackie, GR6,

    We have a home wireless network, data gets inhaled an exhausted at a high rate in this house. Phones, tablets, laptops, printers, and TV all access it. When out, phones go to 4G; we connect other devices to local WiFi, mainly hotels, *$$, or in Loon’s case Micky D’s.

  59. Jackie, if you approach shooting with same verve and determination you seem to have applied to everything else you’ve done in life, I have no doubt you will become proficient. Two suggestions…get good some instructions and then practice, practice, practice. There’s a saying in competitive shooting, “Don’t fear the competitor that bought a $3000 gun; fear the competitor that bought $3000 of ammunition.”

  60. Ghost, I wanted to thank you for the John Ringo Zombie Apocalypse recommendation! Have you got and read the fourth (last) yet? It came out in January, I have it but have not yet read it, since I’m in the process of re-reading the first three before I do. Just started #3. I really like them, even though I have to look up military slang and jargon a lot!

    I know there are Robert Heinlein fans here. Just as a note, Ringo has one direct reference to Starship Troopers in one of them, and also one indirect reference (when Faith gets pinned).

    Here’s a question for you, Ghost. What’s your explanation of what is said about the Marine Corps Ball the morning after? Help, please….

    Best regards, Nancy Kirk

  61. Ghost, I got an email from a friend, male (do I have many of any other kind?) who wrote to say how much he admired my inspirational attitude and he was glad to see me plunging into life.

    Plunging is probably a good description of me. I rarely do anything without enthusiastic mind set. In other words, I like a lot of things but I am rarely a person who hesitates or takes the measure of things but attacks with sword flying. I think were I a pirate I’d be plundering and slashing!

    Somehow I seem not able to do things by half. By the way, I gave up my Diet Cokes and I am drinking a big glass of water right now. Iced tea with lemon or lime, no sweetner and water, that’s it. No sodas or juices or artificially sweetened anything.

    I would slit my wrists and inject caffeine at times. I think the Diet Soda is harder to give up than anything although I have done so many times. It is actually painful to drink and I think it is the pain and the caffeine I am missing.

    Love, Jackie

  62. Dear Galliglo, good for you, writing in and sharing what you’ve been doing. Glad to see that you are doing so well. Did you get out of the parking lot this morning? Ten inches of snow, that’s a lot to drive in. It snowed here last night, and again today; good grief!

  63. Ursen, your description of what’s going on is amazing, and you sound cheerful and unfazed. Hope the food holds out until you are able to get out for more supplies.

    Jackie, you are a wonder! Sounds like you made good choices for all the phone stuff; good that you were able to save money on the plan. Do I envy your being able to read all that Mark Twain published! I have read a lot of his books, though. I think he was another force of nature — you would definitely make good dinner companions for each other.

  64. When we were downsizing I got rid of a lot of my books, we used to have a library as big as most people’s living rooms with shelves up to 15 feet in air and a sliding ladder to get to the high shelves. Anyway, a lot of Twain’s books are totally out of print, I believe, and these were actually printed not long after he wrote them, so some were pretty obscure. Actually not everything he wrote was totally wonderful but I checked and every single book was in the collection. Each was stamped with the library plate and dated, so I think they dated from late 1800’s.

    We had inherited these somehow from a relative who had gotten them from a closed library. I had books from Hazelhurst, Mississippi and Sunflower, MS both small towns.

    My children give me no credit for being capable of anything I believe!

    Love, Jackie

  65. Credit where credit is due: On or about Fe 9th, I aired my thought about needing to contact the IRS just to get the instructions for tax forms. My thought was not positive.

    Let it be noted that my internet order was filled and delivered to me by ordinary mail on Fe 17th, only 8 days end-to-end. That is good service.

    However, I would not want to have waited until Ap to try that!

  66. Mark
    One picture to treasure – especially in his memory.

    Did you know of Julia Richmond HS? My Mother went there.

    Rotary dial is good enough for me. Some day I will be dragged into the 20th cent.
    kicking and screaming.

  67. Old Bear, you and my late mother! She had rotary dialed phones hard wired into the farm house and every time I would have to contact the phone companies or carriers on her behalf, they would say, “What kind of phone ARE you on?”

    So, she could not use a modern phone, much less a cell phone. I would have to dial one for her and hand it to her after I got her party on line. She could not use a remote, could not understand that the a/c thermostat was not a light switch. Nor use a microwave, a toaster except the kind you laid bread on and slid in flat like a shovel into an oven, just on and on. She’d buy cars with lots of fancy equipment, could never even turn on a radio and most of the stuff she never knew she owned.

    Gayla, my minion, is a Luddite and we argued about gps and paper maps the whole time we were gone. I told her today she would have to use paper maps on this next trip, as we were going on very rural country roads in most cases, real Blue Highways. She likes that idea.

    Love, Jackie

  68. sideburns and Old Bear, you are welcome for the picture. There are some other really attractive pictures in that photo series. You ought to give them a look. The one immediately before the rainbow is a time exposure panorama of Devil’s Tower Wyoming (remember CE3K?) with the stars in the sky showing as white circles.

  69. Right now that appeals to me a lot, Old Bear! I am in just that mood tonight. Still dragging out clothes from closets that belonged to my late husband. My brick mason will not have to buy any clothes for the remainder of his life I think. I am going to take the nautical wear along with me on next trip and hand it out to people, mail some to friends who asked for some and I won’t see them.

    I got flowers from my workmen when Mike and mom died, got Valentine’s and birthday cards from them too. Better than my kids did. They are building a large length of my privacy fence right now, something I have wanted finished for two decades now. Can’t sail a privacy fence, of course, so it was way down the bottom of the to do list!

    Love, Jackie

  70. We do have a nuker but it has a rotary timer – the only kind my MIL could use.
    It is good enough for me. Do have one at other place that timer quit – so turn on and
    watch sweep hand on watch – it works.

  71. Good morning Villagers….

    Emb, yes it is IN, southeast central….I live in-between Loogootee and Jasper out in the country.

    We are currently under ANOTHER winter storm watch, depending on who you want to believe… or accuweather, snow and ice tonight into the morning, anywhere from 1 to 5 inches….we will see. Going to call my doctor, my ‘script for anti stress pills runs out soon. I’ve been having anxiety attacks over this stinking weather. Right now it’s minus 14.

    Gal, so good to see your post. That’s a lot of snow, and as I’ve said before, each has their own way of grieving. Yesterday my husband’s son would have been 38 years old. He committed suicide in 85 at 17 years of age…three days before his birthday. My husband dreads February. He was his only child.

    Thanks for the song GR 😉 …needed to hear that 🙂

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  72. Good morning, Denise…..

    Yes, it was Max Lucado I suggested. He’s my favorite Christian author. I am posting a link to his daily devotionals and such.

    My favorite book by him is “When God Whispers Your Name”. I enjoy his style of writing. Thanks for bringing him up at this time….I’m Christian, but a struggling Christian.

    God bless you.

    Gal….you may want to look him up also.

  73. Hey Debbe, all Christians struggle. It is the human condition in this old fallen world. However, we have Someone who helps us through our struggles, and I am thankful every day. My littlest grandchild is having surgery today, outpatient, but has to have general anesthesia. Prayers appreciated.

  74. Thank you for confirming that, Debbe, and also for the link! Things were a little disrupted in my household for awhile and I just couldn’t remember his name. Then “Max…Lucado?” crept to the front of my brain.

    Granny Carol, prayers for the little one being said.

    John in Richmond, I’m making out my grocery list and can’t remember: was it Glad or Saran that got the thumbs-up?

    Galliglo, kind thoughts and gentle prayers for you.

    Jerry, don’t you sometimes wish you could gather up the Village and put it on the train for Willoughby?

    Jimmy, I’m very interested to see the direction of the new story line.

  75. Good morning all, I suspect the winter weather has us all down right about now. I know I feel like I am in the midst of my winter of discontent, personally. It started today bleak and gray and no sun. Haven’t bothered to look up “whether” right now but it may change my plans for today.

    #1 and #2 Are write captions for my column’s photos and pay bills. Talk about writer’s block!

    Still sliding back insulins to keep the blood sugars level and not hitting lows so constantly. I am eating, just not to levels of insulin doses apparently. So, I am doing OK and trying to keep mental levels constant too, far harder to do!

    (St. Thomas Aquinas I believe? Nope, Will Shakespeare and Richard III) Not a very original quote apparently because when I googled it, dozens of blogs and references to it on winter weather popped up!)

    Love, Jackie

  76. Denise, Just hearing from someone who knows what Willoughby is makes my day. So much of the time I feel that I’ve been set down in a foreign country and nobody speaks my language.

  77. Hi y’all! I’m back!

    We got a small ice storm over here, and the power went off Monday night. Thanks to our power company and all the crews from Alabama, South Georgia, and other places we got back online yesterday (Thursday) about mid-afternoon. We fared pretty well, though, as Husband is a firm believer in being prepared. He had just bought a spiffy new generator-the old one is a bit cranky-and it was gassed up and ready to go, so we could keep the fridge and freezer cold and run the pump and have water, and with kerosene heaters, a fireplace, and gas stove, we did okay. No hot water heater, though, so no showers, but since we couldn’t get down the mountain we didn’t worry much about that. Once we had hot water that shower felt really good, though. 🙂

    David, glad to hear you’re doing well enough to go home, and hoping the kidney wakes up and does what it’s suppose to!

  78. Julia Richmond HS: First time I’ve thought about it since ’47 or so. I knew of it, but nothing else. Was it coed then? Maybe some in my Washington Sq. Pk. crowd went there. Will do a search.

    Willoughby’s used to be the big photo store in NYC, 32nd St., btw. 6th and 7th Aves., just across from Gimbel’s dept. store. Later combined with Peerless, a newer big photo store.

    Peace, emb

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