Rearranged Marriage, fini

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I had a different old cartoon picked out to show you and to discuss today, but I decided for once to finish something I’d started. Here are the final two episodes of “Rearranged Marriage,” completing the entire sequence that first appeared for one week in 2005. You might recall that not long ago I reprised this idea in a rather colorful Sunday. Did I deliberately sneak back and crib from the older comic strip? Not really. Not consciously. What usually happens in these situations is that I’ll get started on an idea and in creeps the nagging question: Have I drawn this one before? The answer in this case was, Yes.

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  1. Hey, Jimmy other mediums do that too. As a floral show designer and commentator I was wont to walk off stage six hours later and look at an arrangement, admire it and ask who did it? Me of course, I had just forgotten it already!

    Love, Jackie

  2. I would guess water depth, volume of water and movement of water through the lake, but that is just a guess. It keeps our lake here ice free normally.

  3. ah yes, I remember an episode of Penn and Teller’s Bulls**t show, they did one on feng shui and had secret recordings of the designer admitting he didn’t know what he was doing, and sorry Arlo, I don’t think a TV would make it in any feng shui design

  4. Just locked myself out in snow in a tee shirt, short sleeved, pj bottom and no cell phone or spare key chasing 10# dog. Popped one lock with small screw driver, not too encouraging and almost got another one and a window. Should increase security perhaps? Or wear a key on my wrist like I used to at the gym. Not happy! Dog is in, he changed places with the cat that is a duplicate of Ludwig, now outside frolicking in the snow. My deputy is out on patrol and did call and check on me, however, before I locked myself out.

  5. Just got invited to a volunteer training session, designed, among other things, to ensure that our interactions with the public will be “impactful.” I dutifully registered for the event.

    I think the sender of the message did not create that text, but sent her the following reply:

    ‘ “Impactful”? You didn’t originate that, did you? If so, I love you anyway, but “effective”, or even “useful” would be better. Impact used to convey the sense of a major, possibly damaging collision, like my gym incident of last March. Now it means everything from that to any measurable effect, = it means little except that the user knows the current jargon, as she or he “moves forward.” ‘

    Peace, emb

  6. Jackie, I have a thought about your security issues. Check out Dropcam. It is a security camera that does not require cables, connects to your computer, and will send you alerts if it notices anything moving around in the monitored areas. You can see what it sees on your smartphone and even talk through a built-in speaker. It has a microphone too, so you can hear what is going on.

  7. OK, Jackie, you win the Village Pokies Queen title. So quit going outside so skimpily clad in those temperatures, already. You’ll have to give up the title if you freeze them off. 🙂

    But seriously, if you can into your house easily, so could anyone else.

  8. Heck, Ghost at least I had on a bottom! Until my aunt objected to traveling with me constantly flashing eveyone in a long tee shirt and bought me pj’s I had never worn them. I’d work in office in a short tee sleep shirt, get mad at a customer or get writers’ block. Then I go outside to pull therapeutic weeds for awhile in that, flashing any passersby! I still will go out on back decks and work in pj’s.

    I do have a very good friend who lives in a country where nudity is not against the law. He gardens nude and I told him if I took that up in Oklahoma not only would I be arrested but I would collect chiggers, ticks, mosquito bites and snakes as well.

    Glad to see you again Ghost, Did you have a nice weekend? Did the ice get you too?

    Love, Jackie

  9. Frost bite of breasts? I guess it is possible or hypothermia? Mark, that is excellent suggestion and I know I need a camera mounted for security. I bet my deputy could do that too, he is a nice guy, got the water heater lit after the rest of us failed.

  10. Jackie
    “Bob, in that case I bet you know where Ajo and Why are and the bombing range there.”

    Yep. plus Tombstone, Bisbee, Green Valley, etc.

  11. Arizona used to be part of my territory and I think I have been over almost every inch, not just the major cities. I ended up managing two different salesmen in that territory where I did all their appointments, scheduled their days, all they had to do was show up and get to the customer. It is, however, a sparsely populated state with long spaces between towns or customers!

  12. Wow. Not even ten years ago, and dig the TV set.

    Thanks, Jackie. It was a quiet but satisfying weekend…if you know what I mean. And, the only ice was in my bourbon.

    And yes, do beware the frostbite. It’s the extremities that are most susceptible to being nipped by Jack Frost…if you know what I mean.

  13. Jackie, you are welcome. The reason I suggest this one is my ex got one since she is in kind of an isolated area too. She let me log in once to see what kind of resolution it had and it was very good. It has its own infrared lights for night vision with the lights out.
    Here is their website:

  14. Just got back – have to read more – later.


    Julia Richmond HS: First time I’ve thought about it since ’47 or so.
    It was all girl back when my mother went there early 30s
    Maybe that is why you remember it.
    My early years were 189th & Broadway went to P.S. 132

  15. Continuing a multi-year tradition, every single Oscar awarded last night went to a movie I had not seen. As I had predicted…since I did not go see a single movie last year.

    I gave up going to movie theaters years ago, because movie theaters. My DVD player went south about the same time, and I haven’t felt compelled to replace it, as I always seem to have better things to do at home than spend two hours of my life watching a movie. Perhaps that will change at some point in the future.

    Neither do I watch the Oscar ceremonies, because acceptance speeches. That is not likely to change.

  16. Do you like live theater? Plays? I wondered because I hate movie theaters and television pretty much as well but I always like plays with real actors. Mind you, I am not certain I have watched an Oscar show all the way through, although I am likely to have walked through a room with it on.

    The play’s the thing, which I feel is strange because I do not think I have attended one here in Oklahoma after leaving Houston. What makes it different? Is it the actors actually there in front of you? (If you can afford good seats, otherwise they are about like watching a television.)

  17. Few artistic endeavors are more enjoyable than a well produced and well performed play. Conversely, few endeavors of any kind are more excruciating than a badly produced and badly performed play.

  18. I was fortunate from my teens to see good theater and work in college with a well funded and supported local playhouse that could get professional assistance because one of their benefactors was actually a Broadway producer who had left Louisiana but still supported us. It was a good amateur experience.

    But it was actually Houston and the theater they supported and funded that I loved. I only had one cousin whom I knew on my biological father’s side, he was a New York stage manager and director but I always felt he sold out to the production of the massive regional outdoor theater genre. I always thought he and I were most alike and I wish I had known him better.

    He ended his career with 20 years of stage productions for Opryland in Nashville as artistic director. I think it paid well but was it art? Now “Damn Yankees” with Gwen Verdon might be argued to be art and that was the kind of stage plays he did before the festival days.

    I sound too snobbish here I think? Love, Jackie

  19. Wake from long nap at 1745, make tea, open laptop, check email briefly, go to: ,

    alert Village, have tea while watching show. Sorry for the one woman there, because a northerly wind mostly moved steam toward us, hiding most of the jets. Cam operator did best for us, moving back and forth to catch action.

    Time to steam veggies to go with half of wrap bought at the deli counter Sat. Peace, emb

  20. “What usually happens in these situations is that I’ll get started on an idea and in creeps the nagging question: Have I drawn this one before? The answer in this case was, Yes.”

    Now, this is appropriate: Ecclesiastes 1:9.

  21. “and snakes as well.” Snakes are no more interested in unclad people than clad.

    Julia Richman was NYC’s first female supt. of schools [or whatever; I did a search]. I don’t remember knowing any girl who went there. The one girl I was interested in [fortunately wouldn’t give me a tumble] went to Washington Irving, much nearer Greenwich Village, also all girls then, coed now, and apparently a much worse crowd.

    Peace, emb

  22. EMB, if we are to believe the story of Eden, that particular snake had a great interest in unclad people.

    But I agree that the snakes in my yard would equally strike at clad, unclad equally.

  23. Mark, yes that is funny! No, I don’t look like that yet I hope. But I have to tell you the worst thing I ever did was get stopped at 130 mph in a town where I was supposed to be doing 35-45
    miles and I was actually pretty much asleep at the wheel. The trooper was so sweet and didn’t book me which he probably should have but made sure I went to a motel and checked in and got off the road. He gave me a ticket so I could take a remedial driving course and get off somewhat with my insurance as well. No, that wasn’t on this trip but I have a heavy foot on the gas in the past sometimes and used to own the cars to drive like that.

    Minivans are comfortable to drive and certainly I don’t need five speeds and shifting and clutching any more!

    Love, Jackie

  24. Mark, I am listening to country tonight and Bonnie Rait and Nora Jones are singing “Tennessee Waltz” and I am thinking what a coincidence that may be as I just clicked the play all button.

  25. “If your grandmamma doesn’t remove the Marlboro from her lips before telling the State Trooper that just stopped her to kiss her ass…you may be a redneck.”

  26. Jackie, the song is an odd coincidence for me. That is the first tune I ever danced to (not that there’ve been many). My kindergarten class had to get into costume and dance to that about 1960-61. This was during the Civil War centennial and the boys were wearing Confederate uniforms and the girls were in antebellum type clothes.

    Good night everybody. Work comes early in the morning. Glad my commute is only from the bedroom to the home office. It’s cold (by Alabama standards) out there!

  27. I quit smoking Marlboros in 1966, Ghost, and I have never, ever told a state trooper to do any kissing anywhere. I protest! Now, airline pilots, flight instructors and air traffic controllers, that is another story.

  28. Good morning Villagers….

    Good laughs this morning, love the redneck joke and Hermann. When Ian and Dakota went to buy 400 ft of auger last week, they had a list of “you might be a Muslim” jokes. Dare I quote a couple? I’ll sub ISIS, as I do respect a true, pacifist Muslim.

    If you think vests comes in only two styles, bullet proof and suicide…you might be an ISIS
    If you have more wives than teeth, you might be an ISIS.

    OK..enough of that.

    GR 😉 love the Dance of the Seven Zippers….and yes, it will be another morning of that, as it is minus 3 out there!

    These county roads are slicker than snot. Suzi wouldn’t start yesterday morning, seems my driver’s door didn’t close completely and an interior light was on all night. Had to drive husbands front wheel drive….and she would not go up this hill…had to take a detour, which we will again today because even in 4 wheel drive no one is going up that hill after freezing temps last night.

    Jean…..when Brooklynne Rose and Kyler started coming around I dug out Ian’s childhood books and started reading them to the little ones….I use to read to Ian all the time. Subscribed to Nickelodeon Magazine for him too. He loved to read. Now it’s games. When they gave those standardized tests in high school, we found out he had college level reading

    Jackie…I’d go with you in a heartbeat, if I was single. I always loved road trips. But, unfortunately the old hips don’t sit well for very long. And I would look into Mark’s link on home security too.

    Gal 🙂

    ya’ll have a blessed day…

  29. I never did figure out yesterday’s strip (Monday). Had to click on the comic and look at the comments and immediately realized what had happened. I waited for today because I thought maybe today’s would better explain yesterday’s. However today’s strip was funny and obvious.

    I took some beautiful pictures of the snow that fell Super Bowl Sunday, but then realized that I needed to get the snow off the roof. So for three weeks my footprints have stayed in the snow, along with the occasional bunny rabbit.

  30. And this morning there is snow on the Mountain! At least two inches, with more coming down, so we’re not trying to go anywhere just yet. We do still have power though, so we’re good. 🙂

  31. Deeper than two inches outside the office window but not as deep as it was. Don’t know how but some must have melted? We haven’t had sun or warmer temps either.

    EMB, slicker than snot is an old country expression and there are other versions of it as well but I don’t think we should start putting JJ’s site full of the references! Actually Debbe, I have been using that one my entire life. EMB, just substitute other bodily substances and you get the drift.

    Snot is politer than others.

    My minion can’t get down off her mountain/hill and is stuck up there. I told her if there was a break to bring clothes and come stay here which she had planned to do. Dog sitter is only one block away down street but she’d still have to make it here? Need to go see if I am going to have any window of getting out of here and in which direction?

    I have seen ice storms so bad here that the trees explode and come down all over, worse than hurricanes actually. One about 15 years ago lasted forever, our cell towers exploded from ice, the water plants did too, they were rescuing people off the mountains with bull dozers to get through fallen trees.

    Going to look at weather map!

    Love, Jackie

  32. How is anyone moving? I just checked weather and road conditions, they are saying stay off roads between here and Texas or Arkansas, Not sure how I could escape?

  33. Jackie, the weather service is calling for possible 4-6 inches of snow in Birmingham tomorrow starting late in the morning. If it happens, it will be absolute chaos, in a city without road salt or adequate clearing machinery.

  34. Anyone between Tulsa, OK and Gulf Coast of Mississippi or Florida, Alabama can report in for me. I know the chaos that happens in South with a little snow and ice. We aren’t even prepared up here in OK which is why I am sitting in my house looking out and nothing is moving. I was once in New Orleans and then again in Houston where they got a couple inches of snow and the entire cities went insane.

  35. Wait, where did my response about the skating rinks out on I-45 where the cars gracefully glide and twirl across 4-5 lanes of traffic and the overpasses that turn into ski jumps go?

    Just in case any of you harbor concerns I will not be OK, I attach my newest series of columns about choosing life, “Paths Not Taken”.

    Not just because I am in search of praise but because I think this is a message that pertains to a lot of us in the Village.

    Love, Jackie

  36. What truly is slicker than snot…cat excrement on linoleum.

    How’s that global warming thing working out for everyone today? 🙂 Climate is what we expect…weather is what we get.

    Thanks, Jackie; you’re reading my mind again. (Scary, ain’t it?) I was going to ask if you would mind posting links to your articles as you write them.

  37. Not really scary, Ghost. I have done that most of my life! Lost a really good sale on a Town Car once because I was walking across the lot with the customer, whom I had just met a few minutes before and asked him something about “When you were in the oil business?” He turned white and demanded to know who I was? How did I know that? Did I know him? His wife?

    Anyway, he bolted and that was that.

    Thanks for asking, Ghost. I’d do an emoticon if I could! Chapter 2 is at the offices (Australia)
    of my editor and I am waiting to find out what happens in Chapter 3 because it hasn’t happened yet.

    I am still on masthead of my other magazine, Small Craft Advisor, so I need to write something different for them entirely. This is only one I get to talk about “life” in as boats affect it.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  38. Trapper Jean, I’m glad your power is still on!

    For those Villagers not used to driving in the road conditions you have: don’t, if at all possible. Much of the US is not for the inexperienced right now. Stay safe.

  39. Jackie: that was beautiful. Over the past several years I have watched a few of my friends/family members deal with widowhood and seen each of them chose quite different paths. You will be my inspiration should the day come when I must chose a path. Actually, with retirement looming ever closer, you will be my inspiration now 🙂

  40. Ruth Anne, I have had male friends who broke down in tears of joy at my decision because they too watched family members tear their lives and the lives of others apart, in death, in divorce, in many forms of separation or change. So have I.

    I write my life for others, not because it is perfect, but because it is life.

    Love you all, Jackie

  41. Denise, even if the power does go out we have a generator and firewood, so life would be inconvenient, but not impossible. 🙂

    Ghost Sweetie, my Dad used to say if you don’t like the weather in Georgia, wait 15 minutes; it’ll change. He also used to say that something was slicker’n owl s%*t. 😉

  42. Jean dear, we are then indeed fortunate that owls are not as plentiful at a neighborhood mall as are the pigeons.

    Thought for the Day – Some mistakes are too much fun to make only once.

  43. Speaking of snow, Marko Kloos writes in his blog from rural Vermont:

    “We have never had as much snow as we’ve had this year, not even close. It has never been this cold for so long without any thaw days in the mix. We have never had three major winter storms on three consecutive weekends. Even here in the country, we are running out of space to push the snow, and down in Boston it just piles up because they don’t have any room left. Among my local friends, there’s widespread extreme winter fatigue. Spring can’t come soon enough, even if that means mud and blackflies, but at this rate I’m afraid it’ll take until July for all the snow to melt.

    “There are locals who have lived here half a century who say that they’ve never seen anything like it before. When you have seasoned New Englanders crying “uncle”, it’s a complete Bitchwinter.”

    That makes me even more concerned about what Miz Charlotte has had to deal with this winter.

  44. Ghost, I had two friends who moved to Camden, ME area, one recently from British country, who abandoned it rapidly. He is now in Port Townsend, WA where believe it or not the weather is rather mild. He told me he just simply had NO IDEA what the Maine weather was like. They are boat builders and designers, sailors who wanted to be in a marine environment. They just couldn’t take it.

    Another moved there from Houston. Houston, of all places! He left and went to Great Lakes but I hardly see how that was much of an improvement! So yes, Miss Charlotte has been on my mind.

  45. My house is being lived in while I am gone and I have enough communication equipment along I hope that something will work somewhere. Now if anyone wants to offer tech support, I would be delighted.

    Trying to get off while there is a window in our forecast. You all know I am totally and idiotically transparent, all my information is over on Sail Oklahoma including my phone numbers and email addresses. Those emails go straight to me but my email address is and the phone #’s are mine too. No stalking, please!

    Going through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida all the way to the Keys.

    Love, Jackie

  46. He’s back – took notes, sorry to come late to some conversations but

    Slicker than goose p00p through a tin horn. Owl p00p is not slick it has too much hair in it.

    Saw a program that showing off house? or training young ladies & gents in deportment
    (there is something not recognized much today) that had young people in Antebellum costume
    and Uniforms.

    Jean Shepherd – did not read him but listened on WOR am radio long years ago. If his
    books are like his oral stories they will be #1

    There was only 1 book so bad I never finished – in fact only got about 20 pages in.

    For humorous reading try Robert Asprin’s Myth Adventure series – Very PUN Y
    The other is Phule’s Company.

    John in Richmond — 02/21 @ 12:27
    If you like Ian Fleming you might like Donald Hamilton. There is Matt Helm – nothing like the
    Dean Martin movies – Unlike James Bond he is most comfortable in the woods & in the South West. Later books had more boats. First is “Death of a Citizen”. These others are not Matt Helm
    Night Walker – Lots of boats and Old money houses. 1954
    Murder Twice Told -1947
    The Steel Mirror – 1948
    When reading these the thing is to remember what cars and styles were back then.
    Hamilton’s description of clothes (especially women’s) goes into detail. Gas stations and Diners
    not what they are today.
    His “The Big Country” was made into a movie with Gregory Peck.

    Another detective is Hugh North (started 1930 to 1968) by F.Van Wyck Mason – Just found “Goodreads” will have to see how that works. Does anyone know about them? Could not find a cost.

    Till later

    Prayers for David
    & Jackie on your trip.

  47. Old Bear, good choice on Robert Lynn Asprin. Too bad he died young, had lots of good work yet to come. Never read Matt Helm books. Have read all the Louis L’Amour I could find once a friend got me started.
    One of the Megapack books I picked up was a collection of Dashiell Hammett short stories. Liked them very much.

    If you like SF/Fantasy try Spider Robinson’s Callahan series. They are among the best I have ever read, with nods to Robert Heinlein and Travis McGee in different places. In fact, Spider was the author picked to complete an unfinished Heinlein manuscript and edited a complete but unpublished one a few years ago.

  48. Good thing we have a librarian among us! We need one. What an eclectic reading list we generate yet I have read so many of them. It is true, I would read a cereal box.

    I had a friend named Jeff Millar from Houston who wrote “Tank McNamara” and columns for the Houston Chronicle. I remember him saying he could not throw away or burn anything that held the printed word like a book. He had every book he had ever owned supposedly!

  49. I’ve been thinking more about influential reading materials from my childhood; several come to mind. Perhaps some of you of similar age will recognize these.

    A lot of Poe’s stories; the complete Song of Hiawatha; Ben Hur; two works by Holling C. Holling, one dealing with cowboys and one with Indians. Those last two had childish storylines, but the marginalia were absolutely GREAT for detail of actual items used. I still recall some of those drawings. Omoo & Typee were also absorbed.

    To my brief list of true books, let me add a 3rd Osa Johnson work, “I Married Adventure”. It strikes me that I heard that Osa’s husband Martin had earlier sailed on at least one trip with Jack London, but I could not prove that now. As well, “We Live in the Arctic” by Bud & Connie Helmricks gave insight into living off the land north of the Brooks Range (Alaska) just after WWII.

    Maybe our resident librarian can comment.

  50. Jackie:

    I have never thrown away a book, and I doubt that I ever will.

    I have recycled a few that were made of wood pulp and were beginning to flake away.

    Otherwise, I donate them to our local library, the Maywood Mission, St. Vincent de Paul, or to The Book Exchange.

    But to throw away or – even worse – burn a book seems tantamount to eradicating part of humanity.

  51. Rick, I should have said that I agreed with Jeff because I too cannot burn a book, although I can a magazine or newspaper. Even magazines I try to recycle and take to an office or waiting room where they will be read or go home with someone else!

  52. Sorry to be so late. Jackie, your article for the boating magazine was GREAT. I’m not a boating person but what you said could apply to anything in life. Prayers for everyone who needs them and I’m sure we all need prayers. God bless us every one.

  53. Oops, if you like animals and amusing stories, find Gerald Durrell’s books about his collecting and preservation efforts. The only title that comes to mind presently is “Catch me a Colobus”.

  54. Osa Johnson’s “I married adventure” is one of the books I read as a kid. If you are interested in reading non-fiction about critters, written for intelligent laypeople, get ahold of a copy of Sarah Blaffer Hrdy’s “The langurs of Abu” [Harvard Univ. Press]. Sarah is a good writer, also a good speaker, and a gracious host. Wife and I visited her, in spring ’86, I believe, a sabbatical quarter that I [successfully] scheduled around viewing Comet Halley over the Everglades, after the visit to CSULA and U.C.Davis, below.

    She was then 41, teaching at U.C. Davis, and pregnant with her 3rd child. They knew it was a boy, and had chosen the name Niko, after Niko Tinbergen, a pioneer in the study of animal behavior. Heard her speak twice* at an annual Nobel Conference at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. *Address during a panel, and also the banquet address. Tops.

    I own the above book, and two others, both mentioned in:

    Peace, emb

  55. I attended 1 or 2 of those wonderful Nobel Conferences, too – about 35 years ago. I wonder if we happened to see each other, not that either of us would have known.

  56. Mark
    I too have most all Louis L’Amour’s books – though toward the end he could have had a better
    editor – I did not mind him repeating himself but not in the same book 10 pages apart.
    Louis L’Amour lived the life before writing about it.

  57. Old Bear, yes he did. His autobiography is more interesting than some of his Westerns. It’s something how many of the writers, etc, of that time period had parallel lives. Carl Barks, who wound up being known as The Duck Man for his work in comic books, was a logger, railroad employee, farmer, chicken rancher, and drew cartoons and edited a risque (for the 1920’s) humor magazine.

  58. Good morning Villagers….

    Jackie, what a beautifully written essay that was truly inspired from your heart. Thank you. I have bookmarked it to reread whenever I get in one of those ‘funks’

    Miss Charlotte….you OK?

    …and still no word on David, I am concerned….prayers…………….Amen

    GR 😉 you have been too quite lately….pensive perhaps? I love the ‘mistake” quote, going to write it down and put in on the bulletin board at work…..that will keep The Boss wondering 🙂

    So we have winter storm “ReamUs” 🙂 coming up….oh, the names they come up with….at this point nothing can bring me down any more with this stinking winter weather.

    We’ve been throwing cat food out the back door, as the woods is not too far from our back door. So far we had a possum come up yesterday, and a couple days of a juvenile skunk’s appearance….going to bring home some chicken feed today and feed the birds in front. (Ran out of bird feed.) Kylar and his mother and Andrew stopped in yesterday….Kylar got all excited when he saw the red bird….he hollers “red bird’….we’re working on his enunciation. He has trouble with word endings…such as yesterday when he seen he was coming here, he repeated all our names and then said ‘hores’ for horses that one of my nephews has on our front pasture.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day


  59. Debbe, thank you. Column #2 is at editor’s in Australia and #3 hasn’t happened but it will. I seem sometimes to be looking in hearts like Jimmy looks in our windows. I get a LOT of fan mail, believe it or not, those whose souls I seem to touch and that is a good thing for me. My publisher lives in Texas, my editor in Australia and my readers seem to live all over the world actually. When I wanted to ship my friend’s ashes around the world to go in the oceans I put up a request and sent them world wide, I know he must be pleased and having a great trip.

    David is worrying me. I will be down in Texas the next couple days and off and on in next few months, I wish I could reach him for us all and I pray he is OK too. Jerry, come out again!

    You too, Ghost. I hope you are in a happy place and enjoying yourself. You bring us all a lot of joy, you know that. I have been worrying too, not just Debbe.

    Debbe, I keep promising my aunt to come visit when the snow in Indiana melts but it looks as though it will never stop. I might add that I had no idea there was so much drama in the egg business and chicken houses. Used to think the floral business was one big soap opera and apparently so did Steve Skelton who draws Two Cows and a Chicken because he had a strip called Bloomers. Ate two eggs on a whole wheat English muffin in your honor. Medium size eggs, not big ones.

    Later Village, Love, Jackie

  60. Old Bear – Donald Hamilton sounds perfect thank you. … For when I want some real stuff I have every single issue of American Heritage, Invention and Technology and American History, that I pull at random. .. .. on a different topic, I can’t believe Wild Wild West was cancelled in 1970 for being too violent, Has anyone seen any of Gotham? one example, last episode, someone is trapped by the body part hunters, so to make her eyes less valuable, she gouges one (of her own eyes) out and smushes it on the floor

  61. Bear, yes, I agree about goose p00p, and I don’t know why my Dad used that saying about owl p00p, but he did.

    And Ghost Sweetie, as long as the pigeons just p00p on statues we’re safe. 🙂

  62. Somebody mentioned hair [and feathers?] in owl guano. I’ve noticed that stuff under GH Owl nests [probably stolen from a Red-tailed Hawk; they don’t build their own, I believe], but have never examined it. Owls in general get rid of bones, hair, and feathers by coughing up pellets. Once those dry, they have little if any odor, and make a fine exercise for JHS, HS, and college labs, mostly / identification from skull parts, particularly teeth. You need reference skulls, of course, which is what mammalogist-style mouse traps are for.

    Peace, emb

  63. I went back and looked again. It isn’t the one I remember from years ago, but on the same subject as the one I remember.

    And Arlo did express the same opinion years ago.
    Janis didn’t comment back then. I think she slept through that one.

  64. Debbe 😉 Pensive? As in thinking deep thoughts? Me? Nah. 🙂 My Mom is doing well enough that I have been able to begin catching up on personal chores that have been placed on the back burner for a while. Also, my creative juices seem to be drying up a bit, and I haven’t felt I’ve had much interesting to say lately. How *does* Jimmy do that, anyway?

    Jackie, parts of OK, TX, LA, AR, MS and AL were displayed in Technicolor on the radar map this morning. I hoped you weren’t planning to head south today. Everything from a squall line to snow accumulation has been forecast for the Deep South. “Winter Storm Ream-Us” may be “Winter Storm Wrecked ‘Em” before it’s over.

    Yes, Jean dear, but if one stands in one place too long, one runs the danger pigeons mistaking one for a statue. 🙂

  65. OF blew at 1111, but also provided a natural history lesson. Physical theorists are likely right when they tell us that everything that happens in the physical universe affects [NB: NOT “impacts”] everything else. Fine, but often best add, “not very much.” Case in point: the time and physical characteristics of an eruption are largely the results of factors downstairs: the geometry of the chamber beneath the blowhole, the amt. of water present, the temp* and pressure within the chamber, the heat flow into the chamber from the massive magma reservoir in the basement, and the dimensions of the blowhole itself. The time of day, the ambient temperature and wind direction upstairs, the cloud cover and precipitation, if any, the people/bison upstairs, and such have little effect on what comes up from the blowhole. *Temp will be over 100 C. if the pressure restricts expansion of liquid water into steam, which it often does.

    But above ground factors sure affect our perception of an eruption. There is a moderate NW wind today, coming toward us from front and left. Therefore, when the jets cool to form a cloud, it may obscure the jets. It’s partly cloudy, so OF was in the shade part of the time. But it was also late morning MST. Sol was behind us to our right. When the condensing vapor cloud was higher than the jets themselves, we had a grey geyser, erupting into its own shade. I left while OF was winding down, and the webcam operator had not chosen to zoom out to show the benches and walkway and overall basin, so I know nothing about people or bison, but doubt OF was much influenced by them either.

    Peace, emb

  66. Ghost, I heard from my Texas friends and no, I am delaying leaving. Mostly packed but will now go get hair and nails done.

    How many sailor adventurers do you hear that one from? Boats and water and some talent is OK but personal appearances count for something too I suppose. When I was selling cars it counted for a lot!

    Personally, I miss your humor but isn’t it hard to do that? Sometimes I do write humor and not just feelings but it is hard to keep it up. What about Dave Barry or writers who churn it out like Erma Bombeck did? I think my favorite stab at humor in recent years was when I wrote the ultimate “peril on the high seas” account where I threw in everything from dismasting to being bitten by a great white that took off the bow and ended with a splintered boat on a deserted island.

    That is why I am such a fan of JJ’s and he is the master of puns and double meanings, not bad on limericks too.

    I just broke down and joined FaceBook. Pigs are flying past my office window right now.
    My editors wanted me to, nay asked me to, as a writer for them. And of course now all my sailing events have FaceBook sites so I guess I’ll have to do that too.

    Love, Jackie

  67. Laughing out loud at Jackie’s “pigs are flying”, can hardly type! I’ve been out of the loop for a few days but am okay and thanks are due to the dear friends who are asking for me. I hurt my ankle two weeks ago and it’s swollen really a lot, and painful. Makes it hard to walk around, cook, drive the car — slowed me down badly. It has worked out well, I am glad to say, for my birthday was a few days ago and lots of family had already planned to visit on or before the 22nd (George Washington and I share a birthday!) It was fun seeing them and I also got good advice and help getting to the doctor.

    Will write more later, need to lie down and put my foot up as high as possible; this helped a lot yesterday. Love and good luck to Debbe and Jackie and all who are struggling with this awful weather. Thinking of you guys and wishing the best.

  68. Happy Belated Birthday, Miz Charlotte. Sorry to hear about your injury, but a sprained ankle is better than a broken hip, any day. Take care.

    And you’ll know when I get a Book of Faces account, because that is the day the NWS will put out a Winter Storm Warning for Hell, and I don’t mean Michigan.

    You ever been to Hell, Denise? 🙂

  69. Ghost, I really almost didn’t admit that one, I was so afraid of your scorn. Sorry, I have two magazines who wanted/asked/requested I do so.

    Online magazine wants instant updates from the Everglades Challenge posted on their FB site and photos. I type slowly without a keyboard but the tablet has that.

    It turns out I have hundreds of friends it seems or are they followers? I think that is Twitter or Tweet or Linkd or something. I have a lot of friends on Linkd so I guess I need to become tech savy somehow. Anyone want to volunteer to tutor?

    Love you all, Jackie

  70. You forgot reddits, ‘grams, pinterests and tumblrs . Whatever those mean.

    Actually, Jackie, FB makes perfect sense for someone like you…you already have a following and those followers obviously are interested in keeping up with your adventures and your comments about them. (Unlike some of my adventures, that would either make people run away, screaming, or simply stand and say, “Huh?”) And, of course, blogs are dead, or so say those-in-the-know, done in by FB and Twitter, that themselves have probably already been done in by something you and I have never heard of.

    Remember the old saying, “I’m just road-kill on the side of the Information Superhighway”?

  71. Charlotte, happy belated birthday! Elevation and ice should be helpful for your ankle.

    Ghost, I’ve been to Hell and Paradise, both; Paradise has pasties!

    David, you’re in our thoughts and prayers.

  72. I actually moderate and run several boating groups forums and I can say that we are being knocked out of activity by FaceBook, which is why my “boss” wants me on FB. I am actually a “co-owner” of his forum group and moderate it, so I understand what is going on. My own group Sail Oklahoma remains active but not as much as earlier. Some groups are totally dead and blogging not so much except for some of the main stream ones like run by magazines, etc.

  73. Connected to miners and Welsh I believe? Cornish? I believe they are very popular in New Zealand too, kind of like a Southern fried pie and full of meats and other things. They could hold them in their hands while nibbling. Well, this isn’t getting too much better is it?

    Taste better than they look, just like Southern.

    Listening to Kris Kristopherson and sorting out about 20 huge garbage bags of my mom’s clothes that the ex-housekeeper bagged up. Very depressing. And finding a few laundry hampers full of my clothes housekeeper had shoved back there. Except I am giving mine away too, not all but a lot of them. My mom and I were not the same sizes, HK was lazy more than anything. There are some I’d like to find.

    Cool, the new privacy fence is looking good! After 20 years I no longer have to look at neighbor’s mess. We have no neighborhood standards, so you have to build fences or put up landscaping. Or both.

    Ghost, I knew the minute someone said “pasties” what you’d think!

    Love, Jackie

  74. That is a type of pastie that has somehow escaped my notice.

    As a long-time pokies fan, I of course consider the other type of pastie an abomination, in much the same class as pantyhose. 🙂

  75. Pantyhose are the devil’s creation. Not sure how I feel about under wire bras? I will find out soon I guess! Never wore the others.

    Unless I give up habit of working in tee shirts and pj bottoms I will probably not need to advertise for workmen. Small 10# dogs don’t hide much in this kind of weather. No one has quit yet, but I pay decently.

    Fence looking good! Love, Jackie

  76. Thank you for letting us know, David. I was about to go to Austin and it is a big city now!

    Willie is singing “you Are Always On My Mind”, so prophetic?

    Love, Jackie

  77. Good report, David. And about time. 🙂

    I went to see my pneumatic and pulchritudinous haircutter today. She was wearing something that appeared to be a cross between yoga pants and leggings*, with a just-below-the-waist over-blouse. And wearing it quite well, I might add. 😉 She has a derrière that would be the envy of many women 10 years her junior. (Shapely legs, too.) Brightened my mood considerably on a cold and gloomy day, it did.

    *Whatever she was wearing is called, I’m sure that lawmaker in Montana would want to ban it. 🙁

  78. 10# dog is perching himself in the bags of clothes or on top, afraid someone else will leave I think? He wants to be sure to go along.

    I think I know the reason my ex-housekeeper put so many of my clothes in my room’s apartment. It is right next to laundry room and my bedroom and closets are at front of house. Too far to walk. So, I have found baskets and baskets of my clothes which will have to be rewashed or sent to cleaners. These bags were to go straight to donations, so I am glad my instinct made me search. Maybe I will find more?

    Know how they manage those 230 calorie meals. No food, just the boxes.

  79. Indeed, David, that is absolutely great new!
    Don’t try to do too much walking/standing while the foot/ankle heals, Charlotte. So happy to hear you have reliable people around to help.

  80. “news”

    Who was that old journalist who maintained that “news” was plural? He was quoted as asking someone (employee?) “Are there any news?” The other party replied appropriately, “Not a new!” .

  81. Yes, Ghost. I am moving into the world of cyberspace in a creaky old space ship. I am apparently well liked, lots of friends it appears. Now I shall have to find something to say to all of them. Mark, some reason it is not letting me connect to you. I am following instructions too on the phone.

    Got a great compliment from the company producing my Gig Harbor Scamp, the little 12 foot boat/dinghy/sailboat, who said they wished I had written it for them, that I had a way with words. I said “Have at it and use it. Once it runs in my primary magazine you can have it for your website.”

    So, I guess I will end up with a blog entry over there too. Grandma Moses of boating world I think? Rather old for something I should have done 30-40 years ago but the net has made all this possible. So, I can’t ignore technology any more I suppose.

    Lots of love, Jackie

  82. c x-p: Lovely. My major peeves are data and media. “The data is . . ..” A former junior colleague at U Mich., who has since done distinguished work in ecology and been a widely loved prof, and tragically died in his 70s of a rare disease, once used “phenomenae” in a poster / a talk he was to give at UM.

    David: Progress! Hope all goes well.

    Pasties and pasties are pronounced differently. Long a in the stupid, obscene nipple hiders, as in toothpaste. ah in the meat and veggie pie, drawn out in some traditions: pah.ah.sties. Best wife and I had were lunch at the summer hovel of a student I am still in contact with. She has become a skilled cook. If she visits in March, I’ll let her cook or supervise at least one supper.

    I’m partial to food wrapped in dough: pasties, burritos, other wraps. Favorite “Mexican” chain is Qdoba. No idea how authentic it is, but I do 2 or 3 of their burritos a month. Each = base for two suppers, along w/ steamed veggies of var. sorts. Asparagus was on sale at my preferred super mkt. today.

    Peace, emb

  83. You would no doubt like the meat pies as featured in “Steel Magnolias” movie, a tradition in Louisiana in only that one town. The Cajuns make crawfish pies same way, now more people are doing the meat pies in imitation.

    Knew about the differing pronunciation but love messing with Ghost’s mind, so it hardly seemed important for that! Actually they make them in many locales that the miners worked in, which is why I think the tradition goes with mining, I have had them in western states where there are mines as the workmen’s wives must have carried the tradition with them.

    Of course these are the same type meat pies that featured so prominently in “Sweeney Todd” where the murderous barber dispatches the victims and the catering lady below him cooks them up. I was told the Welsh-Cornish link by someone from Great Britain.

    Love, Jackie

  84. Umm. Jamaican Meat Pies, aka Jamaican Meat Patties, aka (believe it or not) Jamaican Meat Pasties.

    I say “pah-sta”. Giada says “passed-ah”. But I forgive her for being a little pretentious, because she is Hollywood-Italian, you know. And busty.

  85. John in Richmond and others especially sand & GR6

    a passage from Deadfall in “Murder Twice Told” indicative of DH’s humor.
    …..holding a .320 Colt automatic pistol. …
    The gun did not go with the apartment nor with the slender hand that held it.
    There was nothing expensive or feminine about the weapon; it was Mr, Colts stock model in that caliber, without radio, defroster, or white sidewall tires. It would not give good FM reception, change the baby, or make you attractive to the opposite sex. It wasn’t Weston thought, even much of a gun. You would starve to death before you filled the pot with what it killed, even in a country teeming with game. When you came to think of it, the object was practically useless. It wasn’t good for a damn thing except shooting a man at close range.

    I am glad we had the book talk – I dug out my old paper backs.
    John let me know how you like Donald Hamilton.

  86. Had the world’s smallest fajita diet frozen dinner tonight and then a glass of orange juice to raise my blood sugars. And now we have to talk about “hand pies” which is what they seem to be called in New Zealand. I say NZ because I was reading a menu over there on net. Their pies seemed to be called something often different from ours. I want to go see the land of the Hobbits, elves, fairies and assorted humans of Tolkein’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, one of my favorite books when I was a teenager.Hence my interest in their foods. Humans, not Hobbits.

  87. I actually met Matt Helm before I became acquainted with Travis McGee.

    Coincidentally, I just read on Roberta X’s blog that Geoffrey Boothroyd, a British firearms expert, wrote to Ian Fleming in the 1950’s, telling him that the Beretta .25 auto that he had James Bond using was “A lady’s gun…and not a really nice lady, at that”, and ultimately convinced Fleming to equip 007 with a Walther PPK. (Not a huge improvement, in my opinion, but then no one read all those novels because of Bond’s proficiency with his weapon…or did they?)

  88. Good morning Villagers…..

    It is a good day when one wakes up to good news….David’s post and recuperating (yeah, the kidney awakens), and Miss Charlotte is getting the attention she needs on her ankle. Miss Charlotte, I’ve heard and experienced that sprains are more painful…keep that foot propped and stay off it…

    “Ding dong, GR’s back, GR’s back, ding dong The Pokiemon is back” And to think all it took was a trip to your beautician and the word ‘pasties’ 🙂 Isn’t life wonderful….at times.

    Snow coming, not much….but Sunday is bothering me…snow and rain with a high of only 37…I hate ice.

    Also GR, I love the add on to the winter storm “ReamUs” to “Wrecked ’em” ….clever 🙂

    Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday, Miss Charlotte 🙂

    Jackie…glad you’ve delayed your journey. Ian, in his Senior year, had to accumulate 50 points of reading material. Each book had a different point value. “The Lord of The Rings, Trilogy” had a 50 point bonus, which he read….and then he took a test…and got his 50 points.

    Ian just purchased “Lord of the Rings, Trilogy” video game. I think he is addicted to gaming. You would not believe the quality of these games….they are almost life like. And to think it all started with Super Mario Brothers!

    I hope Jimmy gets back to the neighbor story arc soon…..

    Ya’ll have a wonderfully, blessed day…

    and Emb, I didn’t mean to gross you out with that old ‘metaphor’ 🙂

  89. David, that’s wonderful news! Prayers for you continuing.

    emb, cooked pasties freeze and reheat well. Perhaps during her visit, she could make some and freeze them for you.

  90. Debbe, actually it started with Pong and Asteroids. I think that cat is a domestic shorthair, pattern is a variation on tabby but I can’t think of the name of it.

  91. My favorite tabby pattern but don’t see many. I usually end up with mackerels.

    I am afraid to look at weather, am still trying to get out of here for Florida. Deputy is so quiet I wouldn’t know he was here except minion makes sure she keeps an “eye” on him. He is most attractive, if you like huge, athletic guys in uniforms that drive big pickup trucks and carry guns.
    Oh, that’s right, I do but I am being a good “hostess” to my guest and not even sticking my nose outside. I like him and want him to stay around. It is giving me much peace of mind.

    Love keeps flowing my way for my return to full time writing, so I guess I had better head for Everglades the long way round and earn my keep. Oh, that’s right, pay is small but the love makes up for that deficit so it ends up being a positive balance for me.

    Better look at weather going south. Not a good choice of words, that is only way it seems to be going!

    Love, Jackie

  92. Jackie,

    You probably realize that my hobby is copy-editing; I’ll be down to church about 10 to do this Sunday’s bulletin]. Also taught an expository writing for biologists course for some 25 years. Except for occasional typos, which are not really poor writing, just poor proofing, and which most of us have done here, your writing is fine, better than much that gets published in magazines. Newspapers also, but we need to be charitable there; those people worked with less than an hour deadlines. My newspaper columns have been gone over many times [hard to count when word-processing] and still things get by. Miss my copy editor; she presumably has E.B. White if she needs one.

    Peace, emb

  93. Debbe:

    Was I grossed out? Slick as owl poop? No, becoming inured to gross-out is part of a mammalogist’s job. Remember my stint as a Bronx Zoo asst. mammal keeper?

    Peace, emb

  94. I fell in love with NZ about a decade before the LOTR movies. NZ is where all scenes of “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys”, “Xena: Warrior Princess”, and “Young Hercules” were shot. Our whole family sat enthralled by the action and humor during those shows.

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