Red-letter day


The Thanksgiving series from 1996 that is appearing again in newspapers this week is a favorite of mine. I remember it being a lot of fun to write and draw. The short series also includes some of the first truly zany material to appear in Arlo & Janis, which makes it something of a milestone in my book.

Speaking of my book! As surprising to me as anyone, we’re on schedule. That, however, is about to change. We’ll be wrapping up a few remaining preorders today, and I had intended to offer the book to the public at large at least by Wednesday of this week. However, I’m going to take a few days to digest the lessons of the preorder experience, give the mailroom gang a holiday break and generally tidy up loose ends. Oh, and a day to be thankful, of course.

This means that Beaucoup Arlo & Janis will be made available to all bright and early next Monday, Nov. 28.  So don’t spend all your money over the weekend!