Redoing the Redux

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As promised, here’s the earlier version of the Sunday A&J comic from last November, that reran here yesterday. It wasn’t quite as old as I remembered; it was from 1993. I included the two bonus panels at the top, which are designed to be disposable, because I wanted you to see the store shopping bag. In the recent version of the strip, you’ll notice a cardboard box. In the strip from 2014, most of us would conclude Janis purchased the skirt online, and it had been delivered. I think that’s probably the single biggest difference in the strips, drawn 21 years apart. There’s something else that sticks out, something that bedeviled me for many years. In the older strip, Arlo and Janis are roughly the same height. By most reckoning, this would put Janis on the tall side or Arlo on the short side or a little of both. It just seemed to be that way. For no particular reason other than creating visual contrast (think “Mutt & Jeff”), I consciously reminded myself for years to make Arlo a little taller than Janis. Now, it comes kind of naturally, but it took awhile. I now think of Arlo as average in height and Janis perhaps a little taller than average. But not much. There, have I written enough for today?

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  1. From yesterday’s blog, regarding today’s strip:

    Debbe, Denise and Sand: I agree with Sand. No depression, just a sense of mortality. The Village has experienced mortality during the past few months. I felt that the strip of today recognized those experiences and, in a way, saluted them. Thanks, Jimmy…

  2. Just came in to say: I think this is one of the coolest things you’ve ever done with this website! Thanks for sharing, and kudos for, um, trying something new by trying something old, I guess!

  3. I will miss Leonard Nimoy’s acting, always good, Spock or not, yet Spock was best. No matter how hard they try there will never be a Spock as good.

  4. LLAP, Mr. Nimoy. I followed him on twitter. A treat, he was always posting nifty tidbits.

    Today real-time makes me happy. To me, it’s just learning to enjoy the moment. I am not a morning person, but watching the sun rise through a large tree that lives across the street from my store is one of those small moments.

  5. That has always been my favorite Janis hair!

    I believe we voted for the new “do”, many years ago, when the change took place daily. Every day for a week Janis had different hair. (Am I remembering this correctly?)


  6. I like both the old and the new versions. However, I didn’t realize how much Janis’ face has changed – especially the nose. No value judgment – just found it interesting.

  7. Just walked in from Shands in Gainesville. Passed a van with three cats in every window. Hi Jackie. Debbe, I liked your jokes. Here’s a one line song that I wrote in 1979. “Take out one i and leave off the e and that’s what Shiite means to me.” No offense to all of the friendly patriotic Muslim-Americans out there. I’ve promised to spend less time here so I’m afraid that I will not have time to catch up or post very often. If mama’s not happy, it’s snafu.

  8. There’s a rumor that Putin has Asperger’s. As you know, I am a well-known authority on the subject. A covert operation has been approved to place a whoopee cushion in his chair. If he sits down and doesn’t laugh he does have Aspergers. If that is the case every American will mail him a birthday card every day until he jumps off the roof of the Kremlin.

  9. Don’t you hate it when two people block the already-too-narrow aisle at the market, not shopping but simply running their mouths about nothing? When I become King of the World, that will be an offense punishable by ten lashes. In the meantime, I suppose I’m limited to what I did this afternoon, which was to ask (politely), “Are ya’ll the Kroger speed bumps?”

    A bit less snarky than my original plan of holding up my driver’s license and asking, “Do you need to see proof of insurance coverage, also?”

  10. At the gym, many are there for social reasons, as well as working out. There’s plenty of room to stand around, but many prefer to sit on, say, the triceps machine and the rowing machine. I sometimes switch my sequence, but other times, just stand there.

    MPR doesn’t know it, but they are playing a series of carts at once. Now it’s done. Next Verdi’s Requiem, live, Orchestra Hall, Mpls. Love it. You can probably stream it live at

    Peace, emb

  11. Good morning Villagers….

    Jerry, that switcharoo was funny, made me laugh. Don’ be a stranger, I will miss your antics.

    Been in a funk lately, yesterday I was waiting in line behind a car to get gas. Driver got back in, didn’t move, I inched forward, still didn’t move, they were busy scratching their lotto cards. FINALLY she pulled forward and I wanted to floor it, Andrew was inside the gas station, when I went in to pay for the gas, he told me “I thought you were going to plow into her”…and I said “she can scratch her a$$ on her time not mine.” Good thing they know me in the store. I’m in there every day getting something. The clerk calls me “Beautiful”, and I call her “Sunshine”….Ian has taken an interest in her…..yeah…..

    So that was how my day went yesterday, GR 😉 …speedbumps, good one.

    Dakota is bringing in his pellet gun today to try and nail that bird….this could be interesting. The Boss put a $10 bounty on the bird….said he didn’t want any guns, because one time they kept missing, shot holes in the water lines and the walls…..Andrew said he’d bring his 22 AND his caulking gun…in case he missed 🙂

    Got some strange weather coming this week, Tuesday it will be in the 50’s then back down to the 30’s….snow, sleet, rain tonight and tomorrow….

    Indy Mindy….ya ready for the snow up there?

    ya’ll have a blessed Caturday

  12. Jimmy, looking at the two, it is clear you are now a better artist. It must be great to be getting better with time! The most important difference is that your command of ‘physical comedy’ in your art has now reached the highest level.

  13. Today’s newspaper comic [= “Click to read today’s A&J”, above] is accurate. However, Luddy’s lobby has settled for subspecies status, if one is recognized. Felis catus is the “wild cat” of Europe, Africa, and Asia. If Luddy is anything special, he’s Felis catus domesticus.

    Likewise, Luann could be saying the same thing to Puddles. He was Canis familiaris. Now he’s Canis lupus familiaris, if that formal designation exists.

    I’ve seen both of the wild species: wild cat in Kenya, wolf NE of Itasca State Park, which is not in Itasca County.

    Peace, emb

    Just heard multiple carts on MPR again. Must email the nearest MPR rep.

  14. Jerry: Cartridge, a tape with a canned msg. on it. I’m sure the device is different now. That was a hilarious video. Just in case somebody local gets ideas, I think I’ll avoid moving any loaded ‘abandoned’ carts henceforth.

    OF foggy, still no current prediction.

    Peace, emb

  15. I’ve been waiting around all morning waiting for the temperature to rise so that I can begin my long walk today. Hoping to get in 15 to 20 miles.

    I took one of our cats to see the Vet last night as he had been vomiting for a couple days. I could not believe how much Vet care is. While I understand it, I am not happy about it. The employees there really love animals but almost to a fault. When I mentioned a few things about his care, I got lectured about why it was wrong.

    I had a cat that lived to be 21 and we never let the cats outside, so while I respect their opinion, I will continue with the care that I give them. I sometimes give the cats a 1/2 can of Fancy Feast, which I guess is not good for their urinary tract. One of the ladies gave me a list of “treats” that are more healthy, which I will try however.

  16. A few years ago, when Seth Meyers was doing the Saturday Night Live Weekend Update “news”, he related a story about someone who had spent $10,000 on a total hip replacement for their cat, then added with his slightly smirky smile, “Which was $9,900 more than a total cat replacement.”

    Many here, I’m sure, will fail to see the humor in that.

  17. Steve
    One can goes to 6 cats — half in morning, half in evening.

    If you have trouble contacting MPR let me know. Might have contact that will send you to the right direction. MPR is my station of choice.

  18. Still more or less snowed in. Driveway is melting slow due to temps bouncing up and way down. I can walk down the hill to the car, but coming back up is a major test of new heart meds that are supposed to control chest pains. One tenth of a mile long, some of it 19 degree grade, takes me 20-30 mins to get up it. Been out twice since I slid the car down the hill Sunday. Real had to’s or I wouldn’t have done it. Maybe some warmer wx and rain will do it this Sunday. Almost got my Subaru stuck twice going down hill last Sunday. When a Subaru gets in trouble you know it is bad.

  19. Don’t know how you guys deal with all that ice and snow almost every year. You should move down here, where the only weather you have to worry about is a hurricane blowing and/or washing away everything you own once every decade or two. 🙂

    Well, and tornadoes, but just about anyone can have one of those in their area, sooner or later.

    Thought of the Day: Would there be tornadoes if there were no mobile home parks?

  20. Ghost, better thought is : would there be tornadoes if there were no Jim Cantores to report them?

    Our big one in 2011 did not discriminate. It leveled everything it hit, from the city’s emergency management office, apartments, upscale homes, railroad trestles and a public housing project.

    Glad you liked the video, emb. I enjoyed that show when it was running on a national station. Now that I have found it on Youtube I will be looking up more. A good laugh beats the nightly news any day.

  21. Mark in TT

    Where ever you are you have to put up with something

    Tornadoes, Hurricanes, The ground falling off the Continent, Black Flies.
    Mosquitoes, Heat, Cold, Floods, Wet, Dry. Some more than others.

    It just goes to show “Wherever you are – there you are”

  22. Old Bear: The site is now in my favorites, but I will seldom have occasion to use it. The rest of the Village now has it, below. At home I usually have classical MPR on when I’m at this cptr. In the car, I listen to Great Courses CDs. I’ll have one to recommend here after two more lectures.

    Peace, emb

  23. Just read all today’s messages and enjoyed them. Have to agree with Old Bear, totally! Debbe, I sure hope your day goes well — you deserve some peacefulness. I’m wondering about Jackie also, we all want to hear from her — she perks us all up.

    More later, I have to go put my foot up. And eat some lunch. Can’t do both at once! Foot comes first.

  24. eMb et al. : So far, the most enjoyable Great Courses item seen is “Writing and Civilization: From Ancient Worlds to Modernity”. I do believe this requires viewing, as I cannot fathom a good experience merely by listening.

    I have a few more, from favorite classical music to mental mathematics (what else?). Even their catalogues – which they send rather often with discounted prices – are interesting. If memory serves, the website is . No doubt you can get on their mailing list fairly easily.

  25. “hit me with your best shot”….

    …and the bounty went up on the bird in the hen house…The Boss mentioned $100. That’s how serious it is, and with Corp coming in on Tuesday….well, prayers would help.

    Jordan, another high schooler, and he’s a Senior, showed up with a pellet gun with a scope…I told him the bird is more brazen in the early morning hours and to parkh is butt in the back deck when the lights come on at 5 a.m. Jordan is an avid hunter, and only kills what can be used for food, not for the enjoyment of just ‘killing’ something…..he is going to college to be a pharmacist.

    Miss Charlotte, you are so kind…thank you….keep that foot elevated, can your renter help you out with meals? Are your daughters coming around too. I worry about you, you have to be on the borderline of going nuts with the weather conditions there….


    Jackie…you had better check in this evening or we will have to send out an APB on you….and I am serious about the ABP…

  26. Ruth Anne in Winter Park: Here is another video with great views. I’ll never see this view in person, I couldn’t climb the stairs. Physical and mental challenges. From what I’ve read, this was a US Navy radio/radar installation in Oahu. The stairs were put in to help the folks who had to maintain the installation. If you want to look it up, search for the Stairway to Heaven in Oahu.

  27. Oh yeah. Go ahead and skip to the 5 minute mark. That is when the interesting part begins. And feel free to mute it and play your own favorite music. I don’t share this guy’s musical tastes.

  28. Mark in TTown: even without the physical challenges I don’t think many in this village would make that climb since it’s essentially illegal now (and was when the video was made – see Closed sign at the beginning). From what I just read, it seems there was a good deal of damage done by a storm last fall, making it even more hazardous. Some local groups are trying to find a way to establish an entity to be responsible for repairing, maintaining, and providing access to the area with safety and respect for nearby residents as priorities.

  29. Debbe 😉 If I were closer, I’d dust off my 12-gauge and some #8 shot shells and at least make the bird want to be elsewhere. Of course, it might start a hen stampede, too.

  30. Debbe, why do birds find it so easy to get into a building and so hard to get out? That has always puzzled me. You folks are in my prayers, as are Loon, Jackie, and Charlotte.

  31. Denise: Depends on what goes on in the bird’s brain, and on what the space it has entered is like. If something startled a bird near an open doorway, it might fly in to “escape.” This is more likely if it can see lots of light inside, or if it sees a light [e.g., a window] in the distance. Once it’s inside, it will typically fly up toward any lighted area. It may be unable to conceive of flying down into a darker area to get out.

    Local gym room is two stories high, with celestory [speelczech says that’s wrong, but I cannot find the correct spelling] windows around the top. Just glass; they don’t open. Lovely, light, airy room. If someone in summer left a main floor door open to let air on, dickey birds might fly in. No practical way to get them down. That door no longer exists / add-on and renovation. I expect construction workers found mummies up there. Hankie?

    Peace, emb

  32. Dear Debbe, you are so sweet to think of me, when you are having a hard time with the cold weather yourself. My house is warm and I don’t have to go anywhere — except a doctor’s appt. on Monday. Tenant does not cook, but I can manage easy meals myself. Daughters are doing all they are able to. Twins drove me to the doctor last week, shoveled snow so minivan could turn around in back yard, helped me to X-ray and ultrasound; next day same thing to see orthopedist. Amy has now returned to upstate NY and Alice to Vermont. Youngest, Marge, flew back today from a Florida vacation — husband to Daytona 500, Marge and three children skipped that. She’s coming over tomorrow, Sunday — lives about thirteen miles from my house. Nancy’s goat farm (two females, hopefully pregnant) and chicken ranch (only two left) is a few miles farther on. She’s coming on Monday to take me to the orthopedist again. More snow is predicted; I can postpone the appt. if the snow is bad.

    Thank you, Denise!

  33. eMb, you might mean “clerestory”.

    Birds inside: would hanging netting be likely to entangle any safely? Hanging old fashioned sticky flypaper is too drastic unless there is a real health risk in having the wild birds present.

  34. clerestory.

    Mark and c x-p. Thank you much. JJ should be able to write off any costs here because it’s a non-profit educational site.

    Peace, emb

  35. Ghost that was a great convergence there as my hip replacement was about $30,000 or so. No word from the wife as to how much a total Steve replacement would be!

    I did get my 20 miles in yesterday. The cold weather has been brutal and it’s been hard to walk every day. The last 2 or 3 miles were tough. It was about 20-25 degrees but not a cloud in the sky. I will be reading the scriptures at Church this morning with a nice tan on my nose and face. I guess I need to wear sunscreen.

  36. Steve: My dermatologist [= former student, probably now close to retirement] would have a frown on her face. 20 miles with no sunscreen!

    Attended college performance of The Mikado yesterday afternoon. Everything was quite correct. Almost. They didn’t realize the “Japanese” pronunciation is vAHse, not vAYse. Splendid tenor as Nanki-poo. Katisha was a hoot. Not all the voices were A-1 [or HP, for that matter], but the overall production was spot-on. The Mikado, sung by an English prof who is the deepest bass in town, was in Noh [speelczech recognizes that and Koko, but neither Nanki nor Katisha] make-up. They must think The Mikado is really about Japan.

    Odd that Koko was in a wheelchair; turns out the actor/singer injured his back. Worked around that nicely, using an ancient prop-shop wheelchair that wife used a quarter century ago in the second act of Octet Bridge Club. She played the oldest of 8 sisters in the octet.

    Peace, emb

  37. Jimmy- Race you! 🙂

    Steve, are you sure that’s a tan and not frostbite? I think emb’s dr. would have additional objections about out in such cold for so long…..

    Debbe is there a screen or netting across the window you have to leave open? If not, perhaps that’s where the birds are getting in. And you’ve probably already thought of that one. 🙂

    OF is lovely this morning.

    Have a good day y’all.

  38. emb, I hadn’t considered that the bird might be fleeing something and head into the building to escape. In the bookstore, birds would often enter through the stockroom doors during deliveries. They primarily stayed high in the room (ceiling about 25 feet up) unless pursued; then they would often drop down toward the floor and skitter under or between things.

    Caged canaries I’ve had over the years seemed to get confused and panicky if they got out and went to ground pretty quickly…except for Bing, who liked to fly around for a bit. He would then head to the den, land on the floor under the desk, and admire his reflection in the chrome base of the desk chair. Or perhaps he was courting the bird he saw. Since it was just about impossible to get him out from there, I used to just leave his cage with the door open on the floor and close the room door. In a half hour or so, he’d be back in his cage, looking a little smug after his adventure. In spite of my best efforts, he did this once a week or so for his entire life. I seriously considered changing his name to Houdini.

  39. eMb: would that wheelchair’s design make it likely that it might have been used in a production of The Man Who Came to Dinner?

  40. Replacing my CRT-D in January cost just over $100K, Medicare paid what it paid, the accountants did what they did, and I was billed less than $100. None of that makes sense, but I found myself smiling when I mailed in the check.

  41. Jackie sent me photos on Facebook on Wednesday, but I don’t do Facebook so I don’t know what it is. You may remember my step-granddaughter’s drug problems. Before it was supposed to be pills and drinking. Now I understand that she has been doing cocaine for three months. This time the police are not involved. Her mother found the coke. I am tempted to call the police myself before she kills herself. She is still only 17.

  42. Sorry, it is winter in Michigan and when the sun is out it is so bitterly cold we tend not to be outside that long. It never occurred to me that I was getting exposure like that until I got home. I will try to remember the sunscreen next time out. When I used to run in below zero temps, I usually put Vaseline on my exposed parts. It was in the 20 to 30’s with very little wind and I did not feel any discomfort so I did not even put the vaseline on.

  43. “Man who came to dinner”? Quite likely. Would do for any play before the ’50s, I’d think.

    “about 20-25 degrees but not a cloud in the sky.” If those are + degrees with little wind, not much danger of frostbite. We’ve had lows of -20-25 lately, but today’s high w/b over 20F. Had a few thaws in Jan. Not sure we had any in Feb. Will likely have some soon.

    Peace, emb

  44. Jackie is indeed fortunate to have friends in so many places, low or otherwise. Influenza is much more than just an inconvenience, especially at her age (sorry, Jackie, but you know what I mean) and especially with what I gather is her medical history. Even with the best of outcomes, it may be a few days before we hear from her. Facebookers, please keep us posted if you hear anything before she gets back here.

  45. Jerry in FL, seriously, look up the nearest location for Teen Challenge. It is a Christian-run drug and alcohol rehab problem that has a good success rate. Even if you have a resistance to Christian-sponsored programs, saving this girl’s life is worth giving it a try. Hope this helps,

  46. I walk until I’m done….

    Time is not really a factor but it took me about 5 1/2 hours. Marathon will last about 7:15 to 7:30. I have been at 16:35 per mile but I would guess the last 6 or so will about 18:00 per mile. When I ran in the 1990’s, I ran most of them in 4:00. My right hip will need to be replaced eventually and frankly does not hurt. My feet get sore as does my back. I am wearing a back brace, which helps with my posture and supports those muscles. Had I not slipped on the ice a few weeks back, I think my back would have been fine.

    Unlike some former posters, my marathon times are real :-P! If I do decide to walk the full 26.2, I’ll post a link

  47. Hello all, I found Jackie on Facebook, but her most recent post was on Feb. 25 at 12:04 am. There are some photos, none very recent. That’s the best I could do — I am on FB every day, several times, though it’s hard to figure out a lot of the settings — what you can and can’t do, who can see you, lots of details.

  48. Meant to say, glad someone heard from Jackie, but it’s worrisome, not knowing! Ghost is so right about her age and medical history. Hoping that she is in good hands and getting good care.

  49. You are welcome Jerry. I have been attending Assembly of God churches for several years now and they are very supportive of this organization. In fact, the last church i attended in Tennessee was pastored by one of their graduates. From what I have heard of Teen Challenge over the years they sound like a good choice for those having drug and alcohol problems.

    I too got the invitation to look at Jackie’s photos, but when I checked there was only one she had posted and a list of her Facebook friends. I have been in the habit of only rarely checking it, because the people I had originally joined to stay in touch with were not really keeping in touch. Now that Jackie is planning to use it I will have to change that so I don’t miss something important, like this latest news.

  50. Don’t know why, but I cannot find Jackie on Facebook! I checked on Google to make sure I had the spelling correct – which I did – but no luck.

  51. Gal: glad it wasn’t just me. After Llee’s comment confirmed that Jackie really is on Facebook I finally found her by scrolling through the names on the Duckworks list. (Really had to fight with autocorrect on that sentence!)

  52. Jackie did tell us her Email address shortly before she left on the Road Trip. I wish I’d written it down. I’ll go back and look for it. She didn’t write any contact information, would have been useful; and BTW that’s something we all should do somehow, so we can be reached if anything happens, or vice versa.

  53. Debbie – Nine, count ’em, NINE inches of snow here. Barely made it to work this morning. I was *supposed* to get my car back Friday. That didn’t happen. Actually glad it didn’t. I would not have made it in my car – too low to the ground. My entertainment for the day was watching everyone else get stuck at the corner in front of my store. So many people don’t seem to realize 4 wheel drive does not guarantee locomotion. Also had a lady come in wearing heavy winter coat, satin pants (in the world’s ugliest print) and 4″ stilettos. Another genius, 14 yo male, came in wearing pinstripe-satin pants (pjs?) and crocs with no socks – and he was walking…

    Really glad I am off tomorrow. Want this cold to go away.

  54. “Want this cold to go away.” Me, too. Starting next F, 6 March, we’re supposed to get 5 days of highs in the 30s. Slush city, but that’s ok. Shouldn’t be bad; we’ve less than 1′ on the ground, I think.

    Peace, emb

  55. Out where I live it’s currently 52, down from a high of 56 on its way down to about 45. It’s been rainy off and on all day with at least one thunderstorm and some hail. And, to top it all off, there are flash flood warnings although I don’t think there’s any real threat of it where I live. The more I read about all of the snow and frost in the Northeast, the happier I am that I don’t live there. I do hope, however, that those of you who have to deal with all of that snow and ice are doing well and enjoying your annual taste of the Ice Ages.

  56. Steve, I’m impressed that you can cover 20 miles in about five and a half hours. Heck, I’m impressed you can do 20 miles in one day. Due to seasonal conditions (yep, we have them in the Deep South, too), I moved my walking indoors to the small gym up the road the first of the year, where I do the treadmill for one hour, six days a week. Currently, I’m doing between 3.5 and 4.0 miles per session, working my way up to five miles. Legs, feet and even the knee I banged up a bit in a motorcycle accident a few years ago are all holding up well so far.

    Lady Mindy, I saw some photos of the snowfall by a blogger I follow in Indianapolis. Yes, it’s getting ridiculous, isn’t it? I’ve also seen a lot of people over the years making poor clothing choices in very cold weather and always wonder if their brains are iced up or if they’re like that all the time.

    sideburns, your weather today actually sounded much the same as ours, minus the hail.

  57. Good morning Villagers…..

    Had a peaceful, easy day yesterday….didn’t get out of the recliner, watched “The Graduate” (love that movie and music), “The Natural”, then took a three hour nap……it was a good day to be inside as it snowed and sleeted here.

    Indy Mindy…nine inches isn’t anything to sneeze about….now we have this new storm coming in and it’s name is ‘Thor’ and I’m really thor about it 🙂 . Almost 50 degrees tomorrow with rain and then minus 2 degrees Thursday night…..I’m going nuts. Don’t they wear Carharts up there? You’d know me if you’d see me…, Carharts, thermal gloves, wool scarf, and stocking cap.

    Now for Monday…..thanks for all the suggestions on trapping the bird. Ian went into work yesterday, said they didn’t see it. I was worried about the boys and their pellet guns and the 400 some lights we have on in the hen house (we just replaced 60). The bird probably came in through an open fan louver, as we have screens under the eves where the windows are. Since we are a bio-security operation, we have to sign papers that we will not own any birds, be around any birds, and if we are, we are to not come to work for a week. Before entering the hen house, we have a foot bath of dry chlorine we step in and a hand sanitizer. The Corp is very serious about it’s bio-security program. We have yearly updates. They came in a few weeks ago to go over their program….seems the State of Washington has found some Asian virus in some birds…..they don’t take any chances.

    Miss Charlotte, you brought something up that I had been thinking about. We love this Village and all who post. I told my son, Ian, that if anything ever happened to me he was to log onto this site and let one and all know.

    Now about Loon, I know Sand said he was flying out Saturday, then Loon posted from a desert in the middle of the night with a non English speaking Middle Easterner….I am worried about her.

    Worried about Jackie too……Like GR said, those of you who Facebook, please keep us posted.

    Jerry, please do an intervention on that 17 year old girl…..she will thank you for it later.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day……

    GR 😉

  58. Our two cats “know” several words, but their two favorites are “chow” and “treat!” Here in eastern NC we have had a cold, icy, snowy past couple of weeks, and the cold has been extra cold all winter. I overheard a couple of shoppers in Lowes discussing this with another shopper. Apparently they had relocated here a few years ago from “up north” to escape the harsh winters. I heard one say, “Last winter everybody said ‘this is the coldest winter we’ve had in years.’ Now, this winter everybody is saying ‘this is the coldest winter we’ve had in years.’ What’s up with that?!” Yes, we do get cold “down here” and, maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but it does seem colder than when I was growing up! I continue to keep David in my thoughts and pray he is having good success with his kidney. Prayers for Jackie too; flu is not to be taken lightly when you have autoimmune conditions.

  59. One does lose hardiness over the decades. A few years back I posted that I keep the house at 65F days and 60 nights. It’s now 67 and 63. Starting F, we’re supposed to get 5 days of highs in the 30s. Hope that holds.

    Peace, emb

  60. News Flash: “North Korean launches two Fishkiller ballistic missiles into the sea. Speculators immediately drive futures prices for sushi to record highs.”

    Well, it works with crude oil prices.

    If I set my heating thermostat to 60, I’m not sure my central unit would ever kick on.

  61. I’ve been looking for Jackie’s Facebook page, but I keep getting “link broken or page removed”, and I couldn’t find her on the Duckworks page. Hopefully it’s just a momentary glith.

    Jerry, good luck with your teenager.

    I, too, am keeping David in my thoughts and prayers.

    I like our little Village as it is, and prefer that all the denizens therein are well and health.

  62. I was on Jackie’s page yesterday and the link I posted worked then. Today I’m getting the content not available on it. I sent a message to LLee via Facebook asking if she knows anything. I did see that Dallas had a major ice event this weekend and Longview is about an hour east of Dallas (lived there on two separate occasions so I have experienced their winter weather). Wonder if the weather has created any extra problems.

  63. I can’t say what happened to Jackie’s page. Strange, though!

    Loon, hope you made it safely to your destination. 🙂

    Everyone- be well (or as well as you can)

  64. Carol, When I have trouble understanding Cilla (she does have that Tortie accent) I just tell her to show me and she usually does. If I’m not paying attention she will pull on my shoelaces until I do. Jackie is probably just out in the glades aggravating the gators.

  65. Jerry – Blacklight has that Tortie accent too. Just heard it as I sat writing out checks; she wanted in my lap for a nap. Now that I am done, I have obliged her. Happy kitty. She won’t be when I go out to shovel.

  66. Wanted to check in and see if there were any updates on Loon, Jackie, David…..all were on my mind today.

    GR 😉 I like your thoughts for the day…..

    Another day of “no bird” in the hen house….do I hear an Amen?

    Indy Mindy, got to thinking about that lady in the satin pants and heels…do ya think she just got off work????


  67. Yes, we do have too many Villagers who are currently out of touch, which is not good for our peace of mind.

    Debbe 😉 If that “lady” was “working” in that outfit and expected it to protect her from the elements, she’s probably too dumb to protect herself from, ah, other things.

  68. I am now Friends with Llee on FB. Would be happy to connect with anyone else here who would like to let me know how to look you up. Also cannot find a way to get to Jackie there. Nancy Kirk

  69. Yeah, Jean dear, what was wrong with that Phillips guy, anyway, that he had to come up with a different way to screw? Wait; that didn’t come out right.

    Yeah, I know; phillips-head screws are better for power screwdrivers, but slot-head works OK for hand drivers.

  70. Once Our Humble Author drew some attention to the relative heights of our Happy Couple, I went back and looked a little closer. Note in Frames 3 and 4 that Janis’ and Arlo’s heads pop above the black line of the frame just a tad. That is actually a very nice little touch.

    Our Humble Author’s artwork has always been enjoyable. Both the original and the current depictions of Ludwig are very expressive in their own manner… so too with all of the cast, actually.

  71. Nancy: will be trying to look you up on FB tomorrow. My little notebook doesn’t work great on FB. Or probably just me! On the other hand, you can look me up – Gloria Ryan, Gallipolis, OH.
    Note all!

  72. Mindy, When I adopted Spunky to provide a little sister to Cilla she was named Tatiana. Well, that had to go of course. How did you come up with Blacklight? I like it. Cilla is black with gold scattered throughout and cream and orange on her chest and stomach. She has always been a diva and walked like a model. Spunky is black with gold scattered and, since you can’t see her chest, you can’t see that she doesn’t have the creamy chest and stomach. You can tell them apart because Spunky is and will always be smaller. She must have been the runt, but dynamite comes in small packages, hence her name. Of course Elvis, Cilla’s brother, is my bobcat, my big orange boy cat, weighing in at about 19 pounds. That stretches out so he can stand up and reach the door knobs. which he does.

  73. I just watched the video of Haley Reinhart singing House of the Rising Sun on American Idol. Why in the world was that never on the radio?

  74. Don’t have time to read all the comments right now but I will. I have been without internet for a few days because I frankly don’t know how to open the darned web on that new Smart phone and I have been too sick to even try. I am back home in Eufaula for the night and I promise I will read them.

    My friend graciously took me to the hospital in Longview, TX who just as graciously took care of me and my gastric virus which I was totally relieved was NOT a recurrence of my pancreatitis as I feared, treated me and through the miracle of modern medicine I recovered after 24 hours of round the clock sleep and drove myself home. Much to the relief of my friend who was not wanting a dead female to account for!

    New plan for Florida is I drive to St. Louis and pick up my daughter and grandson and take them along. I would imagine they are totally suspicious of their mother at this point. Can’t say I blame them actually.

    Much love, Jackie

  75. Ghost, the Lee Valley zester for limes/lemons/oranges, etc. and catches it in a little drawer that fits on the back of said implement, all in stainless steel, is the cat’s meow. Best zester I ever owned, will do nutmegs too or anything else you want very, very finely grated. It began life as a man’s tool for shops before turning into a kitchen tool.

  76. OK, Jackie is alive and talking about zesters. I on the other hand, have to make do with regular old Microplanes, so apparently she is better off than I.

    Did I mention I’m glad you’re alive, Jackie?

  77. Jackie, great to hear you are home. Why should they be suspicious of someone wanting to take them away from the awful winter in the Midwest and to “Sunny Florida” ,we hope, for a few days? Better get a quick start though. It is supposed to be in the 70’s here tomorrow, and then drop quickly on Wednesday.

  78. Thank goodness, Jackie, you are home at last and feeling better! We were all so concerned — anything might have happened. Bless your friend who took good care of you! Take it easy — if you possibly can!
    Love, Charlotte

  79. Ghost, I bought it at a wood working show in St. Louis, MO several years ago when Lee Valley had a booth there. Probably cheapest thing in booth?

    It is a micro planer with an attached/removable sliding steel drawer to catch all the goodness and juices along with the grated peels.

    I suspected I was near death with that gastric flu, it was actually worse than a pancreatic attack, which is saying something. Just heard from another friend with it who said he just moved into bathroom. I would have done that but my friend I visited was remodeling and had scraped off the bathroom flooring. Even then I considered it! Bad stuff.

    Sorry to have worried you all. Not sure if I will get to Mississippi on this trip now which cuts out several great restaurants I wanted to hit in Miss-Ala area and Louisiana for that matter.

    Good news is weight is peeling off dramatically, can’t wait to get on scales in morning. That’s a weird feeling!

    Love, Jackie

  80. Still here! I had to do dialysis Saturday night due to high potassium, but we still have reason to hope for improved kidney function in the long run. More labs and a doctor visit tomorrow. Should get the staples out then as the external incision is substantially healed.

  81. Good for you, Jackie, on your weight loss. This morning when I got dressed, I had to use the last notch in my belt. This is the third belt I’ve owned since I started Weight Watchers. A while back, I realized I could buckle the first belt in the notch I wore it when I started WW and pass it over my body from head to feet and step out of it. They got a kick out of that at WW meetings.

    I suppose I should have kept the belt as a memento, but I left it at Bad Mindy’s house, and I no longer speak to her, so bad cess, that.

    And of course, as my surgeon told me after I mentioned some welcomed weight loss following major surgery, “Yeah, but that’s a hell of a way to do it.”

  82. Ghost, I had a microplaner too but I wonder if it didn’t migrate out to the Boat Palace? I haven’t seen it in ages. I love the zester and mine doesn’t shoot the zest out like that, I keep it in the “drawer” until I am ready to scrape it out as it catches all the oils too.

    I actually own a nutmeg grater too but not sure where it is, I don’t grate much nutmeg now. I love the zester for fresh ginger too and garlics, as it catches the oils, juices. Naturally I have a number of bartenders implements as well, even though I do not drink. Good for other uses. If I would stay home some I might be able to organize kitchen a bit better.

    Housekeeper is feeding my guest in back apartment whenever she gets the chance. He is a big “boy” and I suspect has a healthy appetite. I love having him back there. We never see each other but he calls to check on me and I can get accurate road and driving condition reports whenever I need them. And frankly, I sleep a darned sight better knowing he is back there most of the time. Even when I am gone.

    Love, Jackie

  83. David, glad you are doing well and may it continue. I will take your abundant potassium, as I am always potassium deficient when I get tested and have to take huge amounts to supplement.

    You will improve, I know it. I am sending most positive thoughts and prayers your way.

    Love, Jackie

  84. Yes, barware repurposes well. I have a long-handled bar spoon I liberated many years ago when I played relief bartender I now use to stir my chai tea in its tall cup.

    Yep, must be nice to have your own live-in security. I have to make do with Gaston. (That’s what I named my GLOCK.)

  85. You knew the position was open, Ghost! Didn’t get your application for live-in security guard.

    Among many things it does is amuse me that I moved a county deputy in because it should slow down some drug activity in neighborhood too unless they get po’d and burn the house down. It happens in Oklahoma, unfortunately, not just Faulkner novels.

    Love, Jackie

  86. Debbe
    Had to do what you do when I did plumbing job at a coop that raised fertile
    eggs for lab work.

    Had been away from FIL birds for awhile so was not worried about contagion.
    When we moved back we did not worry about moving flock to flock or Salmonella.
    We had free birds – I think I already said.

    But that was 20 years back

  87. Welcome back the prodigals, prayers and hugs.

    Passed on your comment about overlapping carts to MPR
    If it continues let me know times.

  88. Good morning Villagers….

    …and a special good day to Jackie and David, so good to hear you both are rebounding.

    BUT…the mystery continues on Loon….and where is Sandcastler?

    Jackie, Mark is right, the weather is going to change drastically. Today is supposed to get up to the upper 40’s and start dropping and snow all day tomorrow. Two weather sites say anywhere from 2 to 4 inches…..right now, we are under a freezing rain advisory…..auuughhhhh!!!!!

    I just love my tax dollars at work. Finally got a good health plan on the 13th of February, and the ACA’s Marketplace, as of last Friday, still did not have me in their computer….go figure. She assured me I would be on Monday, and to call…I will not be penalized on my 2015 taxes. So I come home, call, 20 minute wait, I waited, I waited and I waited some more…on my cordless phone…my elbow started getting atrophied…slammed the phone down. So I thought, (silly me) that since they were overwhelmed they might have a second shift working. But Noooo. Their business hours are 8 to 5.

    Old Bear….so you know eggxactly how it works. Corp will be showing up today and will be clothed from head to toe in white, toss away protective clothing. One of the high schoolers has a dog, his mom called and said she had to take the dog to the vet and wanted to know what he had ate as he was vomiting. I told him that probably the dog licked the young man’s working boots and it had chlorine residue on them. And I was right on.

    Ursen…still hanging there?…is that Subaru still stuck at the end of your driveway?

    So Indy Mindy, I like Jerry, how did you come up with the name “Blacklight”?

    …and as always, GR 😉

    Miss Charlotte…did you make it to your doctor’s appointment yesterday?

    gotta go….

    ya’ll have a blessed day


  89. TIP BlogSpot: We haven’t had one this naughty since last time. [As wife said, ‘All men are prancing, leering, billygoats.’] [speelczech won’t buy ‘billygoats’.] Also, cptr. made me get to this comments section circuitously, so lost the BlogSpot URL. Have to get to work. Somebody else please find it.

    Thanks, emb

  90. Folks, I overslept so need to get going and dressed, out of here. Dropped four berry jam on my keyboard last night, it is sticking. Go figure. Jam was blueberry, strawberry, blackberry and raspberry, all combined by me of course. Another talent of mine, great jams and jellies. I was desperate, my blood sugars were crashing last night. Which reminds me, I must check that.

    Love, Jackie

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