Remember the Mall Things

Remember the Mall Things

December 8, 1997

This old A&J comic strip is from December 8, 1997, a Monday to be exact, and it introduces a week-long series wherein the entire family shops for Christmas gifts at the local mall. How quaint, huh? I know I’ve mused about this in the past, but it’s hard to imagine any 20-year span in human history when day-to-day life has changed for more people worldwide more than it has in the first 20 years of this century. The only period I can think of that comes close was the Black Death, and that was mostly just Europe. I’m sorry I haven’t posted much lately. I must confess to having an entertaining, painful, highly disorganized and unpredictable life outside my cartoon work. Sometimes, it requires my participation. I hope you will understand and trust that something good will come along.

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  1. If you continue along after that week, you eventually get to a series where you are drawing the characters as squirls. Please don’t repost any of those. Thank you!

    • Oh, I love the squirrels! And especially the alligators! Such nonsense! It’s not too much for me; it’s what makes me a “Pogo” fan, too. But, falling down the rabbit hole of the above strip (thank you, Jimmy), I went all the way to February 1, 1998. *That* day is so on the spot for today’s style of news it isn’t even funny. It’s completely prescient, about as prescient as anything could be. Smart.

  2. Jimmy – we understand busy… not enough time… not enough energy. We just need to know you don’t have Covid, or fell down and broke something vital. We care about YOU!

  3. Off topic but highly interesting, I think.

    This past summer on the way to Mt. Evans, I saw a statue in a small city park. I am one of those nerds who has to read every historical marker and examine every statue that I find on a trip.

    This one was a statue of Steve Canyon. No joke. A statue of a fictional comic strip and television character.

    Enter “Steve Canyon statue” in a search engine, and enjoy what you find.

    • Rick, as I was reading your post, it really caught my attention. My last name is Evans and at a quick glance I saw Mr. Evans and then Steve and thought that you were talking about me!

      It is a unique tourist attraction. Makes me think of Truth Or Consequences New Mexico which changed it’s name from Hot Springs to T-C as a result of a contest from the Radio show

      • Steve:

        Thanks for the memory jog. I now recall faintly reading about T of C and thinking that the town’s citizens must have a unique sense of humor.

  4. Welcome back Jimmy!

    About Steve Canyon, Steve had a young female sidekick named Poteet, an orphan found abandoned in a canyon near Poteet Texas.

    Poteet Canyon Park is located in Poteet. Texas. The last time I was there they had signs and a statue of her there.

    I have been to Popeyes home, Wimpys and Poohs home where there are also statues.

  5. Jackie:

    I had read Steve Canyon for at least twenty-five years, and I have no memory whatsoever of Poteet. Thanks for the info.

    And thanks for the info about the others. All of it is new to me.

  6. Wrote more about cartoon statues in America which did not post. I may rewrite when I am in better mood. December is horrible month for me. Five immediate family members died, two one Christmas, two another including Christmas Eve death.

    We are in process of reducing/eliminating what remains of my too abundant belongings and life. There will be no holidays celebrated. Should I drop off again that is why, I am dropping out again. Not you guys.

  7. Today was also anniversary of Ghost’s only sister’s death in 2013. He cared for her daily for months as she was unable to leave hospital ever.

    Today I have been fighting through papers concerning several grandparents, my mom and stepdad, my father, husband, in-laws, many aunts and uncles and legal suits, photos, old newspapers and letters, financial records.

    I am physically and emotionally distraught. Have cried on phone, to Ghost and to no one. I am so filthy with dirt, some ancient germs. I could embrace a good sermon right now.

  8. Ghost is Air Force, my dad was Army Air Force. Step dad and father in law were Navy WWII.

    I was 1st lieutenant Army honorable.

    My favorite doctor is my plastic surgeon Dr. Arch Miller, III, Airborne Ranger in Vietnam and third generation graduate of the Citadel. I think I will cheer Army for him.

  9. My intro to college football was as an early teen in WWII, at West Pt. The 4 grownups with me thought I ‘d be enthusiastic. Army & Navy were the only live act in those years. Army was playing somebody else, not Navy. Believe Army won. Have also seen one season of Cornell home games & 1 Michigan/Penn game, & one[?] BSU footbal game, I think. Cannot remember who we played or who won. Also one Bkln Dodgers double header at Ebbets Field. Roy Campanella, etc. won both gams. Elaine & I once watched U. Mich. beat Penn[?] when I was in grad school in Ann Arbor. UM had a good band. Cornell plays Penn, also an Ivy League school, every Thanksgiving, but I think it’s aways in Phila.

    A/N was before I knew Elaine existed, & she was the only reason I went to the later college games, a wise investment. And 1 BSU hockey game where a frat boy in the row behind Elaine spilled milk punch on her & the BSU crowd was unsportspersonlike. My enthusiasm for intercollegiate sports has remained at the same level since Elaine died: whoopee fizz; “rah” a la Lily Tomlin.

    Watched an apple core turn brown after rest home’s weekly boxed Sunday supper in my apt. this evening. Kim chi makes the sandwich more interesting. And the Moo Juice oatmeal stout was good. Peace,

  10. In today’s cartoon (De 6th), the chair positions are changed in the last panel. DIL was on Janis’ left until the last panel. Therein, she in nearer our viewing point than is Janis, so is on Janis’ right. Yet, DIL is still facing the way as if she were still in the original place, i.e., on the far side of Janis.

  11. Janis, I don’t have youth or as many resources to stzfy over. But I have aot of education, skills and ability, resilience, good health again. I agree, it is determined by individuals, us and our determination.

  12. This is Pearl Harbor Day – “A Day That Will Live In Infamy.”
    I did an unofficial short survey today (at different locations as we did different appointments)- more than half the people did not know it was
    Pearl Harbor day. Of those 1/3or more did not care.
    We are in trouble.
    Of those that knew almost all were older.


    I have read the files and first person accounts of every civilian federal employee that was injured or killed on Pearl Harbor Day. There were probably thousands.

    No one paid me to do it. I came in early or stayed late on my own time. Their files had not been looked at or read for decades.

    By day I worked Vietnam but on my free time I worked Pearl Harbor. Hawaii in 1969-70.

    • I keep a spreadsheet of my blood sugar readings, with a space for the occasional comment. Usually, it’s about an unusually high or low reading, but Sunday’s comment was “Remember Pearl Harbor!” When I was in the Navy, it was my ship’s home port and I too will never forget. I doubt that any of my shipmates felt that way, but most of them weren’t that interested in stuff like history.

      One exception: One evening, I went to the Base Theater and watched the movie Pearl Harbor, which was in first run at the time. Every time a Japanese airplane was shot down, the room was filled with cheers and applause. I wonder, now, if that happened anywhere else in the country.

  14. Just removed EVERY garment from one closet and have half a closet (already sorted) to pack in storage bins.

    Packing all spring/summer clothes in plastic storage bins along with light weight fall. Convinced winter will arrive soon despite 78 degree weather!

    You know that strip Jimmy did where Janis waved a magic wand? Like Mickey in Fantasia? And the clothes swirled and danced in order all around room?

    I want that wand!!

  15. Totally exhausted. Not enough pain meds to stop the throbbing. I still have most of summer clothes to pull off hangers and pack.

    The summer clothes I had packed to wear after Iosd the cancer chemo fat got accidentally put on truck, along with all my new winter clothes packed. I am an unhappy obcessed clothing

    When my mother developed dementia she bought hundreds of often identical clothes, many expensive. She forgot how to dress or even be clean. It was often depressing and embarrassing.

    I will not be that senior citizen. I refuse.

    • Jackie you have Ghost – keep repeating your mantra so the synapsis get imprinted.
      You will NOT be that senior citizen. I refuse to be A senior citizen. 🙂
      Keep saying “I love You” in anyway you can —- everyone — to everyone.
      Like the song says “What the world needs now is LOVE”

  16. I even tell all my doctors and nurses that I love and appreciate them, other patients, everyone I interact with. There is never a time I consider that wrong.

    Total strangers too. I will get COVID hugging you or someone I just met.

  17. Son chose and installed our new computer today. It is going to take some time to get used to it. It was difficult enough, even with him sitting right there, to get into my email accounts, auction site, and even just to see basketball scores. I had to change a password on one email site in order to get in so as to see the emailed number used to change the password of a different place – I wonder how I got into that email site, come to think of it. Apparently, when using a different device, reentering information is a necessity.
    The thing even has a 27″ screen!! That’s so big it needs to be curved and I think one will have to sit back from it just to minimize the wear/tear on one’s atlas joint. Good thing I don’t watch tennis on any computer.

  18. I think Jimmy must have been trying one of those “find the difference” images in this retro. In panel 2 Arlo has three fingers and a thumb on his right hand. In the last two panels he has the normal complement of 4 fingers and a thumb.

  19. Hope everyone here in Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee are safe. The tornado damage, deaths and injuries are horrific.

    I was at beginning of an EF5 Christmas tornado in December 1953 I believe. It went on to hit Vicksburg, MS where it did more damage then Grant’s Civil War assault. Left with a lifelong fear of storms by winter tornadoes in the South, a Southern phenomenon.

    • I don’t know about anybody else, but I spent Monday going from Trinidad to Denver, and Tuesday going from Denver to Washington DC to attend this year’s World Science Fiction convention, delayed from Labor Day Weekend because of the Coronapocolypse.

  20. Where did this guy go?
    Saturday — 3 hour dress rehearsal for “Carols by Candlelight” service (CbC) with my interfaith choir.
    Sunday — Usual church services (as volunteer chaplain at state hospital) and at my church, plus performance of CbC.
    Monday — Work plus additional performance of CbC.
    Today — Work plus school staff’s off-site Christmas party
    Not much time for posting things! But still…
    Somebody call a plumber!

  21. Wishing everyone Happy Holidays! I am looking forward to spending time with the grandchildren, and hopefully avoiding indulging in too much sugar and too much salt. This hectic season is one that often has as many downs as ups (I blame the sugar! LOL) As I’ve aged, I’ve tried to learn to enjoy the little moments and be tolerant of my own failings as well as those of others. I’ll bake a couple of pecan pies to share and won’t obsess over the perfections of the crust and filling. I will treasure the memories I make – after all, who knows how many more I will be able to enjoy. I plan to take Jackie’s advice and let everyone know how much I appreciate and love them. That’s what will make this holiday special! Probably won’t see y’all until next year. So Happy New Year, too.

  22. For Christmas Ghost and I have been seeing more new doctors with tests and diagnosis for me. Impressively the three PAs we saw swiftly tedted anf diagnosed my problems and began treatment.

    AS a physician once told me when I was similarly impaired. ^He read the book to tje last page”. Meaning the medical text.

    We shopped Amazon anf Ancestry. Com. Merry Christmas!

  23. Got dressed nicely and went to a Christmas party for a professional Women’s group I belong to. Won a nice bottle of champagne I cannot drink and Ghost says we will regift
    It was first “event” I have been to since COVID hit it seems
    I walked in, no walker or wheelchair, one year post operative.

  24. There are three ladies here at the convention that I’m looking forward to see today. Wednesday they were dressed as the fairy godmothers from Sleeping Beauty; Thursday they were a dalek, the TARDIS and a weeping angel. Wonder what they’ll be today.

  25. A wonderment, apropos nothing: Ever notice, when your bottle of pills has a gel packet of desiccant included, that said packet ALWAYS falls out into your waiting hand every single time you wish to retrieve a single pill?

    • They really went all out for the kids visit, didn’t they? TruckerRon, so far I’ve watched Scrooge with Alastair Sim, Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol, The Nightmare Before Christmas and It’s A Wonderful Life. The animated Rudolph and Charlie Brown Christmas used to be part of my holiday watching, but since I’m not on cable I have no source for these except to go buy a disc, and I’m not that into them.

        • Thanks, but I don’t have cable or an antenna that will pick up anything. I can usually find Rudolph on YouTube somewhere, but I doubt Charlie Brown will be there. Anyway, I took a few days off this week and have been enjoying sleeping in and doing very little. Christmas week I will be working my full 40 hour schedule. Have a safe week, everybody.

  26. Jackie – Did you send me a friend request on Facebook? We have been friends for quite some time. Also…. there has been a lot of fake requests on FB, using actual FB account holder names. I have gotten several requests recently that were not legit. Let me know… if you DID make the request, I shall be happy to accept it! … Gloria

  27. Gloria and all my other friends here, it is indeed me. I resorted to using the duplicate account Facebook opened for me so that I can post information on my own original account as my friend!!

    Go figure, this is Meta, the new Facebook! Insane as ever. I refuse to permanently close my REAL account and lose it all so now there are two REAL me and two accounts to maintain, more work for me.

  28. I tried this earlier, but neglected to include my email below.
    Received a CP80 from the IRS. They claim not to have received the return I sent by certified mail back in March 2021. However, they admit to having a credit of $xxxx for us – which is true only because the IRS received and cashed the check [for that very amount] which was attached to my return back in March! It was charged to my checking account on March 15th.
    So, what am I supposed to do? They want me to copy every bit of paperwork I included last March, with newly dated signatures, and resend. I suppose it would be amusing to have the IRS and the Postal Service argue about the receipt of certified mail, but that wouldn’t be efficient. Better warm up the copier and try to ignore the grief in my sitting region….

  29. Jimmy, better early than late. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Thanks for making our lives funnier and more cheerful. Especially the last couple of years. I’m having a lot of fun finding retro strips for the Facebook site, too. I’m seeing things now that I don’t recall ever seeing before, like the one where Arlo and Janis put a pink flamingo on the mantel.

  30. Welcome back, Mayor JJ, whenever you can manage it. Meantime, have a blessed Christmas with those in your “group”.
    We are having both kids and kidlets here Saturday-Sunday. I’m a bit nervous, but two-of-the-three adults have said they will take covid tests before coming…the third is here each week anyway, so is in our group.
    Fellow villagers, let me also extend that wish to y’all; don’t feel ignored! You are sufficiently valued that I check this page a few times each day.

  31. Last night, for no particular reason, I looked back in the archive for all the December 25th A&J cartoons it contains. (I am so used to seeing Christmas-themed ones for that date that I was a bit surprised to find that that was not the case in 1997. I idly wondered if JJ has a story related to that fact.) Some, but fewer in number than I would have guessed, dealt with the lore of animals being able to speak at midnight on Christmas Eve. And one of those is my favorite A&J Christmas cartoon.

  32. I too wish peace and compassion to all for these times. No matter your color, your race, sex, faith- may we live together with laughter and love.

    Mr. Johnson thank you for 35 years of Christmas with the Days! We love you and your family here.

  33. Merry Christmas all! We cancelled our fast trip to spend Christmas weekend in Illinois with my daughter and grandson. Ghost and I are home alone with Sickens and kitties. Ghost is napping on sofa with said puppy plastered against him. Ghost will cook us a lovely dinner tonight after we walk in 70 temperatures.

  34. Happy Boxing Day! Second day of Christmas.
    Christmas is not over till 12th night.
    Our inside decorations do not come down till then- -outside depends on the
    Saw a TV program where they have programable LED lights that stay up all year.
    And blend into the trim. 🙂

    • We are currently remodeling our house and thinking seriously about getting those. They aren’t cheap, but sure would be convenient. Can be programmed to be other colors, too (like red white blue for July 4th, etc).

  35. Happy Boxing Day from me too. One last day (a nice quiet one where I can catch up on things) in Long Beach with son and DIL. driving back home tomorrow and Tuesday. Today seemed like a good day NOT to be on the road.

  36. Our kids & kidlets did arrive, stay, and depart without undue incident. My thoughts were soothed by the fact that all four came with recent clean covid tests…and the 5th is part of our “group” as mentioned above. Yay!
    My MBH blessed me with a dozen pounds of Claxton fruitcake, one of which has just about disappeared. Also yay! She produced a new-recipe lasagna for Christmas dinner in spite of our stove being somewhat recalcitrant. Today, we ordered stuff from a local fast food place; all were satisfied. Because we had to wait for the stove yesterday, gift-opening was split – about half yesterday while waiting, and the rest this afternoon. There were so many [How many WERE there, Johnny?] that Amazon might name a truck in honor of my MBH! I’ll be tearing up cardboard for a long time, and I’ve been doing so as we went along, too.
    Be safe, y’all.

  37. Just had our delicious Christmas dinner today the 26th cooked by Ghost. All healthy, sugar and salt, fat free. Roast chicken, homemade cornbread stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberries, ham, his mama’s asparagus casserole and deviled eggs. We had sweet potato, pumpkin and cherry pies sugar free. I made cherry.

    • I was pleased with how the 4-lb roaster chicken turned out. It was moist and juicy, a far cry from the dry shoe leather-ness poultry can sometimes acquire during oven-cooking. Likely this was due to a method about which I had just learned…after seasoning inside and out, I shoved an entire stick of butter into the bird’s, ah, cavity before placing it in the oven.
      And yes, as Arlo did with the turkey, I apologized to the Spirit of the Chicken.

  38. Ghost : I do not know if you are aware of another method of moisturizing a bird.
    And alcohol may not be in the diet (Mostly evaporates anyway) but standing the bird
    on its but with a can of beer in the ,ah, cavity produces a moist meat. There are racks
    designed for that – but a can and some props work. First saw the method in grilling.

    • Yep, we called it “Drunken Chicken” back in the day. And my late sister actually gifted me with a cast iron “Vertical Chicken Roasting Pan” that uses the same principle as sitting the chicken on a beer can, except that it cooks the bird from inside and outside at the same time. It works in both the oven and on a closed outdoor grill.

    • It works beautifully. I found a beer-can holder in the supermarket about 10 years ago, and have been using it ever since. It makes for really moist meat throughout.

  39. Hey Jimmy Johnson,
    We all miss you so,
    We are all so lonely
    Why did you have to go?

    Four weeks without you,
    Has really been too long
    We long to see a new retro
    With perhaps Arlo singing a song.

    Please come back Jimmy
    We long to see your words
    To let us know you still care
    For the Village and its odd birds.

    (Thanks to Bye Bye Birdie)

  40. I once had the stainless steel rear cavity roasters in turkey size (takes a big oven to hold or small turkey) chicken and cornish game hen sized. We served game hens a lot so had 8 of that size, multiples of chicken sized to do 3 chickens at once

    My kids called it “Yummy Skinned Chicken ” because the skin emerged crispy and delicious.

    Like so much in my life, my poultry racks have vanished. My “helpers” have not known how to boil water and cooking implements were so foreign they tossed them

    Tess is still finding unwashed laundry hidden by the girl we fired two years or more ago.

    • Do you recall how you could make words with numbers on a calculator display? And how having parts of the display not show up as they ought could produce odd effects? From what Arlo says, the microwave display is acting up, and Janis saw a word that upset her. Nothing intentional, just the display going bad. By the way, this is a rerun from a few years ago, now nicely colored by Jimmy.

  41. Re 12-30-21 real-time retro cartoon: I thought that old proverb went “It is better to light a single candle than to curse the @$#*&% darkness.” (But like most old proverbs, there are several slightly different wordings.) However, whatever works for Janis. And for me, for that matter.

  42. Was looking for something (which I have not found yet!) and came across copies of conversations we had here back in January/February of 2015. That is when my SO Jerry passed away, and in subsequent days. Reading those comments made me sad, for I relived that time in my life. BUT… I was buoyed again for all the kind works you expressed. Jackie, Ghost, Mark, Charlotte in NH, Debbe, Ruth Ann, and so many more – wrote kind, thoughtful, and uplifting thoughts that were a comfort.

    That was seven years ago. A lot has changed during that time. But – I am so glad that we still have the Village and the friendships that we have established. I just want to say – thank you for being a part of my life. You were a comfort then – you are a comfort now. Thank you again and… love conquers all… and I love you!

    • Back atcha, kid, and in spades, doubled!
      Back then, I used a different name, but there aren’t too many 80+ y.o. former profs here…don’t want to mention same lest I jinx this entry.

  43. I miss so many of our “regulars” from those days but it too cheers me to see posts here. I too stumbled on posts from 2014-2015 not long ago.

    If you are an oldy or a newby in the Village, please post. Let’s keep it open!

  44. I had bookmarked something here which disappeared. However, this useful little search box that Jimmy had attached proved more persistent. It lets you search for things that appeared in that second version of the Village. So this version of A&J roulette not only gets you interesting and funny comics, but whatever comments Jimmy chose to attach, and the Villagers replies. So if you want a flashback, give it a try. It’s fun.

  45. Whenever I can, I like to have a moderately fancy dinner on New Year’s Eve, including asparagus because it’s not a winter delicacy. I had plans for my sister and I, but alas, she’s working until 8 PM and will come home too tired. She is, however, off tomorrow, so we’re postponing it one day. There’s a slight chance of snow tonight and a 71% chance tomorrow. Snow or no snow, it’s predicted that the high tomorrow will be 14 and the low 5. Winter has arrived in Trinidad!

  46. Oh no, Betty White died today January 31, 2021 at age 99. Only 17 days before her 100th birthday.

    I wanted to believe she could live forever, like an elf or fairy godmother or really good witch.

  47. I am so XXXXXXX depressed about my own life. I have worked so XXXX hard for almost 78 years. I simply have to admit I am incapable of retaining anything I ever loved or had meaning to me.

    New Years 2022 looks to be a repeat.

  48. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2022. That’s a lot of 2’s! Maybe it means next year will be 2 fine, 2 good, 2 be believed – I certainly hope so for all of us. A big hug from me to all the Village.

  49. It’s 2022, i followed the Irish tradition of opening the cottage door at midnight to flush the bad fumes of the old year out, bringing in the fresh air of 2022.

    One cat frightened by the midnight explosion of fireworks streaked in. I stuck my foot in front of the one trying to exit with 2021.

  50. It is about 19 degrees here going to 15 tonight with possible snow flurries still predicted. I think Mark in TTown or Tulsa has had ice and snow.

    I am in bed with two cats and Dickens, a blanket and quilt, clean sheets. Ghost is having hot chocolate I think in kitchen.

    An authentic A and J moment.

  51. Is minus 12 – guest stopped at gas station and could not get his car started.
    Walked the mile + back here. (He has a spare car here). Took Momma Bears advice and
    drove back before digging the other car out.
    Luckily the original started after sitting. not fit out for man nor beast.
    I think emb is in the minus 30 zone.

  52. I have no idea what this “gangsta of luv” thing is supposed to mean nor what it has to do with gift selection. Anyone care to educate me on those points?

  53. Having photo of my radioactive stomach taken every 10 minutes at outpatient imaging. Getting in a mile walking back and forth! Anyone else had this test done?

    And it’s Tuesday so our favorite pho shop is closed! What will we find that I can safely eat after four hours of this and over 12 hours with no food or drink?

  54. Remember the Corn Flakes that came in a small box at the Diner?
    They would cut an X in the back pour in milk and serve in the box.
    Cinnamon toast and weak tea sounds like your future Jackie.

    • We also got those in the Navy, in Boot Camp, at the school I went to and in the fleet. We got big cartons with a variety of cereals, but more corn flakes than anything else. That way, General Mills could claim that their corn flakes were their most popular brand, even though they were always the least popular with the crew and almost nobody took them if there was any other choice available.

      • I liked Raisin Bran until I saw a raisin doing the backstroke in the milk. 🙂
        Today they have so much preserves that probably would not happen.

      • Yep, I remember those. NTC Orlando, A school at Correy Field in Pensacola, on the communications base and on the OK City. I was one of the oddballs who actually liked corn flakes along with the rest. Sometimes I just didn’t want the sweetened cereals.

  55. I dislike sweet cereals, like rice crispies, corn flakes and shredded wheat. I have not tasted tea since 2017 when I stopped all caffeine consumption.

    My diet is totally bland now anyway. I have decided to just eat to survive. Or maybe go back on my ulcer diet upon which I lived on diet Jello and little else. I want to weigh 107 pounds again with an 18 inch waist !!

    Listening to harpsichord, cello and piano music, my favorite instruments and reading The Right Stuff. I only knew Deke Slayton out of original seven astronauts. He and first wife tried to sell me their house, I had forgotten that.

  56. Anyone heard from the Mayor on, say, facebook? I am not a user of “visage volume” myself, so cannot peek. Hope it is merely some kind of vacation as opposed to medical or legal problems.
    Perhaps JJ could post just a few words of explanation for us.

  57. In Jimmy’s last missive, he describes his life outside of cartooning as “entertaining, painful, highly disorganized and unpredictable”. One may suspect the “highly disorganized” facet has come to the fore. One may also sympathize.

  58. Re 1-5-21 real-time cartoon: Were I to be gifted with 8 maids a-milking, my concern would not be how they arrived but (not being the proud owner of any dairy cows) what to do with them. (I do own a Western hat, so I suppose the idiom “All hat, no cattle” would apply to me literally, but hopefully not figuratively.) I suppose I could assign them to other duties.

  59. We got a note from Debbe.
    she has had a rough year – got the inner ear vertigo,
    fell and broke her hip- hip replacement. Rehab for 3 months,
    2 days out, fell and broke arm & wrist, another 3 months in rehab.
    Then quarantine for asymptomatic Covid.
    She said she was tried to spoil her at the Rehab Home.
    Ian took care of computer so she has none now.
    We occasionally correspond by snail mail , so I will make an effort to pass on
    any wishes.

  60. Jimmy commented over on FB. He has had some issues but said he feels the New Year is a good time to jump back into the fray. So I hope he will resume communicating here when he feels like it. We all miss you, Jimmy. You’re like family, and when family drops out for a while, we worry.

  61. Old Bear – Sorry to hear that 2021 was rough on Debbe! She probably won’t remember me – I lurk more than I post – but tell her good wishes are coming her way from Judy in Conroe for a better year in 2022.

  62. Good morning all. If you belong to the Arlo and Janis Fans page on Facebook, Jimmy had a few comments this morning on one of his strips. I found the Sunday where Arlo becomes “Spenser” from Robert Parker’s detective novels. Jimmy provided some backstory to this which I didn’t know. He said Parker mentioned Arlo and Janis in several novels, and when Jimmy did this strip Parker emailed him, telling Jimmy he liked the choice of books on the desk.

    Hope you are all having a good weekend. It is supposed to be a bit warmer today in Tulsa, and I’m glad of it.

  63. Old Bear — I was telling my daughter, Katie, about the problems that Debbe has experienced during the past year. Katie remembered how I used to talk about what a great person Debbe is – and how she loved her chickens!

    Katie said that if Debbe has access to internet where she is, Katie has an extra laptop that she would like to give to Debbe. If Debbe would like it, let me know her address. You can email me at Or – if you are on Facebook, you can private message me.

    I think it would really help Debbe’s outlook if she could communicate with friends – or even play games!

  64. Not certain Debbie has access to internet or phones. When Ghost and I lost contact she had neither. A prepaid phone might be beneficial but I can no longer afford such gifts.

  65. There is much more discussion and take over on the Sell and Janis Facebook page than here now. Jim Young and Mark Vick as moderatos deserve credit for how good the group is.

    I have not been contributing much except inviting all my friends to join A and J. I have invited a couple thousand but not all join but many do.

    • Jackie, I think the discussion is because I have been posting the links to Jimmy’s older strips from GoComics. That is something you got me to do and I have been enjoying finding and sharing them there. Jimmy said that the increased exposure is helping him, as well, getting more views on his GoComics page. I am glad for him that is happening. So if any of you are on Facebook, join the Arlo and Janis Fans group over there too.

  66. Monks have trained koi for centuries. Goldfish are like koi and respond to humans. I never like idea of eating pets whether fish or fowl nor beast.

  67. Re: today’s A&J (I/14/22) –
    In the 1997 recap of their first meeting, Arlo’s outfit – uncolored, of course – was totally plain. His shirt showed no pattern and no flared trousers were evident to me.

  68. Good morning, everyone. I finally found a minute to try to catch up here and found it’s been a long dry spell since updates! Good to hear from all y’all, anyhow. OB, please pass along my greetings to Debbe also. I often think of her and her “old lady” hens.

  69. Nancy I believe you are correct.
    It goes back to the Loony Tunes character Foghorn Leghorn cartoons.
    W/ Henry the Chicken Hawk & the “Egg Head” Foghorn calls Boy. (Prissy’s son)- I think he called
    every male “boy”

  70. Just ran across a blog post from March 1, 2020 in which the oldie appears to have been published November 5th, 1985. Janis remembers first seeing Arlo wearing orange bell bottoms and a pink shirt with purple flowers. I would not be surprised if Arlo’s recollection of Janis’s attire remains unchanged, though.

  71. An entire day with no comments? To on us all!

    I have been baking sugar free breakfast breads but I eat all day. Banana nut, oatmeal applesauce and tonight pumpkin raisin pecan. Tomorrow is either orange or blue berry lemon.

    Ghost cannot understand me baking. Anyone else bake to fight depression then eat the by product?

  72. Just to leave a comment.
    I bake “Friendship Bread” – The idea is to share – so I end up with
    two slices out of 3 loaves. I don’t gain weight from that – It is all the other

  73. I froze loaf of oatmeal applesauce bread, finishing up one I sliced. May bake something else today. I am using up natural stuff, no sugar.

    May make pear bread or another healthy kind. I could make sugar free pear crunch, pears are an allowed fruit. This is NOT a diet but consumption restrictions due to damage to digestive system. Maybe due to age, chemotherapy or pain meds or all three.

    Limits have improved the pain anyway!

  74. I love quick breads! I used to make them all the time, then I got out of the habit – come to think of it, was probably when the kids left home. Maybe I need to try some again!

    Looking at the cartoon at the top of this page, it suddenly occurred to me – Jimmy will be coming back for Valentine’s Day

  75. I discovered the joys of a breadmaker when I was married. Being able to have fresh bread while letting the machine take care of the rising, etc, was great. We would buy bread flour in a large bag at Sams Club, along with a jar of yeast. Then we would measure out the dry ingredients (minus the yeast) into ziplock bags. After that, when we wanted bread all we had to do was empty a bag into the breadmaker, add the wet ingredients and yeast, and set it going. The best make we found is a Japanese brand called Zojirushi. She is still using the one we got in 2008, just had to replace the baking pan and paddles.

  76. Today I’ll make another quick bread of some kind. Mango, lemon, blueberry or strawberry, all sugar free.

    Ghost makes delicious beer bread. I modify mine with herbs and add ins.

    Arlo has been unhappy a lot lately. I hated Betty White dying. All the actors and musicians are succumbing and it is painful, like family.

  77. When I said “Bread” it is actually a ‘yeast’ cake made with a “starter” .
    In the 25 years I have been making it I have 75 pages of different flavors
    (5-7 variations per page) try not to repeat – Latest was: Banana-Chocolate Chip -Pineapple(w/cherries),
    Sometimes I know weeks in advance what flavors I will use other times it is “what do I have in stock today”

    I have one bake pan with small hole so calories leak out during baking- that is my story and I am sticking to it. 🙂

  78. Meatloaf just died and Ghost didn’t tell me. I was just listening to John Prine, Roy Clark and Van Morrison and he complained they were depressing.

    So, Meatloaf…….

  79. If you want to see proof Jimmy is alive look at his cartoons he is drawing most days. He is communicating occasionally over on the A and J Facebook page.

    Otherwise leave him alone and quit asking where he is. He told us he’s depressed. He doesn’t owe us this page or posting to it daily.

    Sorry, I wish the entire world was a happier place.

    • I’m sorry to hear that he’s depressed, Jackie, has he said anything about why? Maybe a post here talking about it would help, and if nothing else, he’d know that there are people out here who care.

      On a more positive note, I recently got measured for two pairs of diabetic shoes. I’m not sure what problems they’re expected to deal with, or how I’m supposed to give them their insulin, but I guess I’ll find out when they get here. Will keep you all informed as things change.

  80. Funny about diabetic shoes. Veterans are supposed to still get theirs without problems.

    Old nonveterans on Medicare must now buy ours I was told last week.

    If Jimmy wants to discuss depression I will any day. I will point out that is his choice.

    Me, I am suicidal but I have a social worker and a new psychiatrist. My social worker counselor has been off ill for over 3 weeks and I fear COVID.

    Not good for my depression

  81. Here’s Jimmy’s comment from Facebook on Jan. 6th.
    Jimmy Johnson
    Group expert
    Steve is being positive but not entirely candid. Oh, I am fine, and I do wish everyone a belated “Happy Holidays.” But I did tell Steve I felt beset by Churchill’s “black dog.” If you Google it, you will uncover a classic online discussion about what the phrase means, who said it first, was Churchill depressed, did he ever really use the phrase, etc. I don’t recommend Googling it. It’s depressing. However, it is Epiphany, the last of the many official ends of the holidays, if you don’t count the carnival season. I suppose this is as good a time as any to jump back into the fray. Thank you all.

    • what FaceBook page is Jimmy posting on? Could you post a link here or email so we can also look for any updates on how he is doing? Thanks!

  82. I have found the recent launch and deployment of the James Webb Space Telescope to be quite uplifting. There is a fun and informative FB group for it that has consumed many of my hours. Great fun for those who are into space exploration.

  83. I remember 25 years ago, I started using a coach to run my marathons and he unfairly got sent to Prison. ( No, he really was a great guy that made a harmless and honest mistake, but not in the eyes of the government) Anyway I wrote to him while he did his time I told him to try to get workouts in. He me told that it was vital it was for him to workout daily.

    Then he told the story about the man who was suicidal, so he decided to run until he collapsed and died. Well he ran and collapsed but didn’t die. So he did it again the next day….and the next day until about a month or so later he felt so good that he didn’t want to kill himself. I know, simple story and an unlikely outcome, there is an element of truth in there somewhere.

    • I can state both from personal experience and from coursework to become a mental health chaplain at the state hospital that exercise can help with milder cases of depression. Clinical depression is a harder nut to crack, but even it can be lessened by doing the right things (fresh air, exercise, being in more natural environments) and so some of our patients are encouraged to walk or jog outdoors with a staff member.

  84. We met Mark for lunch Friday which didn’t end well for me. I ate Southern stuff I shouldn’t have, totally ill.

    Plus going for COVID-19 test tomorrow. Had symptoms more than week and missed a weeks worth of medical appointments.

  85. Hope it isn’t Covid, Jackie. Better the allergies you and Ghost thought it might be instead. I nearly got wrecked yesterday while I was out. I was making a left turn with a green arrow, and some woman barreled through the red light from the opposite side of the intersection. I’d say she was within a foot or less of hitting me head-on, toward the left fender. Fortunately, while she was going 40 or more, I was just accelerating from a standing stop so I had time to hit the brakes and play her a horn solo.

  86. We had an earthquake about 2 hours ago. News says 4.5 magnitude. Enough to produce visible shaking in things on my desk and lasted over a minute. By Wednesday we might have 8 inches of snow. Not how I wanted to celebrate my birthday!

    • Thanks, Steve. My birthday is Friday, when it is supposed to stop snowing and be sunny. But it won’t go above freezing till Saturday or Sunday. And around here(as well as in Alabama) all you need is the forecast of snow to bring on the grocery store flash mobs.

  87. Around here the forecast of snow has people gassing up their cars, strapping their skis and snowboards to their cars, and heading up to the resorts! The younger crowd especially love snowy weekends. The past few winters have been too warm and dry for my taste.

  88. My COVID-19 TEST was negative but they think I had it and suggested I have antibody tests done. I am at my cancer center with my paperwork still feeling bad.

    Mark we will reinvite you for your birthday after the ice and snow melt. You and I can celebrate together.

    • I’m glad it came out negative, Jackie. And the birthday celebration sounds good. Maybe we should do like Queen Elizabeth and have our celebrations in the spring when the weather’s better!

  89. If the Groundhog SEES his shadow there is 6 weeks more of winter –
    If he does NOT see his shadow there is a month and a half.
    Here in MN it is 10 weeks & 2 1/2 months-

  90. Regarding the Feb 2nd strip, “It snowed in the movie”. I don’t understand this one. Janis is saying “Good morning” in a sing-songy way that would imply……….maybe something nice had happened the night before. What movie is Arlo referring to? I don’t think it’s Groundhog Day. I do recall there was a winter wonderland scene in Dr. Zhivago after Lara and Zhivago went to the ice encrusted winter house. Any ideas folks?

      • Ah, thank you TruckerRon. I guess I haven’t watched Groundhog Day often enough. If I had, then I would have experienced Groundhog Day in a loop like Bill Murray’s character had. Too existential for me!

        • To be a bit more clear: On that first February 2, there was some patches of snow on the ground. Later that first day, we encounter the blizzard that sends them back. But when Phil looks out that first repeated day, again it’s just patches of snow. On subsequent loops, there is plenty of snow falling in the afternoon leading to the evening Phil effortlessly carves an ice statue. The author of the story says that Phil potentially went through tens of thousands of repeated days until he not only did everything right, but he became a better human being that the girl could fall in love with. So, it’s a redemption story as well as a romantic comedy.

  91. Here in Tulsa we had around 5 inches of snow overnight and the temperature is around 18. More snow is expected later and it isn’t supposed to rise above freezing till Saturday.

  92. I am basically a positive person, but the last couple of years have made it hard to stay positive. Now don’t think I’ve been through anything terrible, because I haven’t. Just a lot of little things – health – Covid – getting older and losing people to death – I know I’m not the only one. Here’s what I try to combat the depression that is trying to get me down.
    Be mindful and notice the positive things around you
    It’s easy to get distracted by the negative things that happen. After all, our survival depends on seeing dangers that need to be confronted or avoided.
    But just as many positive things happen in this life, and happiness and joy are fostered by noticing them. So pay attention to all those little things, and make that awareness a meaningful part of your day.
    1. Be open to the beauty of the world around us.
    2. Find something good to notice every day.
    3. Try something new or different.
    4. Find your strengths.
    5. Do something kind for others.
    6. Thank someone who is kind to you.
    Remember: Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it a good one – the choice is yours.

  93. The emergency room nurse and doctor, along with my cancer doctor and nurse all believe I had the Omicron virus COVID-19 for the past couple weeks and survived.

    Ghost had exactly same illness at same time. Only he claims seasonal allergies that coincidentally arrived at same time.

    I had 16 of 18 possible symptoms of the illness only fever was missing but had every single of others. Took three attempts to get my tests run and my cancer doctor said those tests had been running false negative and weren’t trusted.

    So, I am survived and going back Monday to redraw my cancer blood work and be given my cancer treatment if I pass the retesting.

  94. Wow Jackie! You have really been through it. Congratulations on surviving the Omicron Covid. Your news is something good for me today. I will sending you good wishes on Monday to pass the retesting!

  95. As to Jan 30 Cartoon.
    Janis is using an old dieting stratagem – the stomach thinks it is
    getting a full bowl rather than 1/2.
    Same amount but one satisfied the other not.
    Works with flat plates too.

  96. Old Bear I thought she just didn’t want a half gallon sized portion.

    Ghost made chicken pot pie for us (me) tonight with the Bisquick Miracle Crust recipe. It was delicious and my taste appetite seems to have returned. I have been living on popsicles mainly and could not identify flavors in the dark if I could not see color!

  97. Sadly my birthday is probably the unhappiest day of my life for sixty years. I have grieved all those years privately with no one to talk to or help me Today is a day I have fought over and over to get through.

    I don’t celebrate, no parties, no cakes, no gifts, no cards. I just try to survive another day, another year. I do not believe in heaven or hell, we live that here on earth.

    • Whatever the genesis of your birthday pain, Jackie, I hope you can find something to bring solace. Having been raised with, and run away from, religion, I know this kind of thing is harder for those of us who look at life rationally, and offer you whatever comfort my thoughts can bring you, and wish you the strength to keep going.

  98. Today’s strip may be been a help to me. My wife’s birthday is the 12th (Same as Abe) and I want to take her to a very nice restaurant. It just hit me that the Saturday before Valentine’s Day might be a very popular time. Maybe instead of going to Saturday Mass, we can get to the restaurant early.

    • Which only leaves us with the football coach, the NASCAR driver, the Muscle Shoals guitarist, the superb bass player (for Alan Holdsworth, Lee Ritenouer, Steve Gadd, James Taylor, and others), and our Jimmy Johnson.

      Having met the Chicago guitarist & the bassist, I can assure you they both are/were really nice guys, and I am as saddened to here of that one’s passing as I would be this one.

  99. I don’t know if my post about the treatment of depression will appear or not because it contains a link.

    If it does not appear, enter these words in a search engine: An experimental depression treatment uses electric currents to bring relief

  100. Just tossing this in: My MBH is, right now, in the local OR for a knee replacement. Aside from possible discomfort, the process ought to work well in spite of her more than four-score years. The largest problem, as we see it, is that her “good” knee really isn’t….
    Aha! Just had a call from her surgeon; things did go well medically and she is still loopy, which is a lot better than hurting. I’ve had both knees replaced so I’ve been there.

  101. My MBH was retrieved from the hospital late Wednesday afternoon. It is taking a bit of effort, but we’re getting used to her needs and methods of doing things. Pain pills are a blessing, even if not 100% effective. She doesn’t get to see the surgeon again until 2 weeks have passed. I don’t care for that, as it places a lot of medical responsibility on the (untrained) patient/family in the interim. How does a layman know what to look for when re-dressing the wound?
    Now, if she could only eat better….


    This is a fascinating new-ish fad. It is especially fun for those with an appreciation for our language. MBH’s PT told me of it last Friday, and I worked out a plan while driving back home. Yep, an actual strategy for results topping 98% over several hundred tries. Go ahead; find such a strategy on your own. That’s a challenge.

  103. I’m playing a one-a-day version. I had 27 straight wins, missed one, and have won two more. 11 wins have been on the fourth guess. 4 have been on the sixth. I’ve yet to win on the first guess, nor do I expect to.

  104. It seems that the last cartoon posted on this site has made it to the St. Valentines Day Massacre.
    Here is hoping for a new post and that all is well.

      • Hide-and-seek? First one to touch “home” would call out “Home free all!”. Never knew quite what that was supposed to mean unless it meant that that sector of the game was over and it was time to hide again while the seeker counted aloud with hands over eyes.
        I have heard, as an adult, what Blinky wrote, but do not know if it was for the same game.

  105. I recall what Dick Cavett or another celebrity said about depression: “You look at a closet full of blue shirts, and you can’t decide which one to wear.”

    That’s a paraphrasing, but I think it’s fairly accurate.

    The main point: I’ve been there. If Jimmy is there, I hope that he comes through it. I just about didn’t.

    • Agreed, as to what depression does to you. My lowest point came 20 years ago last August, and without the VA’s help I wouldn’t have made it back. And Jimmy’s work on this strip also gave me the needed comedy relief that helped greatly.

    • Rick as many know I am a recovering depressive. For over 70 years. Like drugs or alcoholism you fight daily. I never did either but principle is same, you are ill.

      Do many of us are high functioning depressives, we lead almost normal lives. The trick is pulling back when the functioning stops.

      My plan for tomorrow is a bath, getting dressed in jeans and garden clothes, cleaning pots and a stone bed and planting seeds.. Well and Janis are relateable.,.

  106. Often, I’ve posted wildlife live-cam videos here from Recently, it became harder to go there directly. But I managed it, and have a gift for you, the URL below. Put it in a safe place in your cptr. It will take you to a particular site in South Africa. But, from there [1] you can scroll to 16 other sites in east & south Africa, and [2] you can go to the upper Right corner of your screen & click on 50 nestflix [NOT netflix] bird sites [actual nests & nesting habitats]. That’s where I found the snowy owls, on the upper Miss. flyway site.
    Beware: they can be addictive. You can miss appts. or burn that pie in the oven. In this rest home, somebody else does all my cooking.

    • I’ve been using that site for years; it IS interesting, but the time difference makes a lot of the scenes in the dark. Nice seeing the glowing of the animals’ eyes, though.
      I usually go there via looking at the two Decorah bald eagle nests. The north nest has two newly laid eggs at the moment. The other nest wasn’t used last year and seems not to have attracted any birds this year as well. Pity.

  107. Yesterday I got out and worked in garden several hours in afternoon. Plan to do same tomorrow.

    Fridsy I baked 3 loaves of banana bread. Plan to bake again tomorrow.

    So baking and gardening on same day. I must be recovering?

  108. Jackie

    You can come here when you are done with spring chores.

    Not this week though – they are saying 5 to 7 inches by tomorrow night.
    12 to 18 North of us – embrace somewhere between? He is on North side of storm
    we on South. Wont hurt my feelings if it stays North (calf rope/uncle)
    Low teens (for high) for week after snow.

    • Ha, ha. Time to call calf rope on the autocorrect.
      75 high today in Tulsa, predicted high Wednesday around 35 with sleet/snow. Low Wednesday night in the teens, more snow Thursday. At least Jackie’s new plantings should survive as they haven’t even had time to germinate yet.

  109. Got the long stone ditch bed planted today. Mark you know how. Big that bed is. All greens but I did not get turnips and spinach planted. going to clean the Bern bed that runs alongside the wall, also sixty feet long. I have never measured it. There are tulips and daffodils coming up so spinach and turnips can too.

    Moving things around in yard as I remove grass and weeds. Prior yard workers have killed most of it.

  110. Nine (!) raccoons at one time at that Iowa deer-feeding site! I’ve never seen so many simultaneously. Previous record for me was five – and in my attic some years ago. Mom was happily raising her four kits until the professional trappers removed them. She was quite exceptionally peeved while in her personal cage when the piles of kits were in other holders….

    • Raccoons. I don’t care for them at all. My mother-in-law had the darn beasts in her attic, too.

      Before your posting, I had not seen the pernicious critters on the deer cam. This morning, I saw four of them.

      Perhaps they have coon hunters out there.

      • Back 50-55 years ago, while driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway in western Virginia, we went through – quite slowly – a herd of 15+ deer. They were unperturbed, as they are protected in that national park and, thus, have not been hunted for many generations.
        On the subject, I have seen only several elk at a time in the Canadian Rockies; remainders of the herds were hidden in the woods. Have come across 3 moose along a highway in Ontario near White River – a mom and twin calves. They are best seen from a distance.
        Seeing one bear at a time, twice or thrice, from the safety of my vehicle was enough….

  111. Shopped Dollar Tree in Tulsa today. Manager said it was second biggest in country. I thought it huge.

    Got lots of basic and some.more interesting garden seeds @ four packets for $1. Going to try cleaning grass and roots, replant as garden veggies. Produce costs are outrageous.

  112. Here’s a Luddie Sunday for you. Have a great day. Jackie, where was this Dollar Tree where you shopped? I know of one larger one in the shopping center with the Farrell bakery, and at Tulsa Hills. I also know of a smaller one on Peoria. In Tennessee they had Dollar General Markets which were more like Aldi’s with a Dollar General attached.

  113. Two weeks after her knee replacement, my MBH is doing well, according to her knee’s surgeon’s physician’s assistant. Bending is quite good, better than I expected. Color is still somewhat angry, but normal for the 2-week time lapse. Staples are now out and the nasty elastic stockings are probably already in the trash. Big sigh of relief for that last item.
    We give thanks.
    A week ago, it looked to me that the site might be infected so we got a rush appointment for an examination. That went OK, and we were very lucky to get back home only minutes before the city thoughtfully plowed the street snow into our driveway, blocking same. [no snow today] We’d rather be blocked into our place than blocked out of it….

  114. In case hanging out on the website is closed at some point, I want to thank everyone. I’ve been in the background reading here for maybe 5 years, and a long time Arlo anD Janis fan. I want to thank all of you for giving me an interesting/entertaining/informative/ and friendly community of people to listen to thru the pandemic and earlier. I’ve tried recipes, watched owls, cheered on those tackling medical issues, but all quietly. I will greatly miss all this if it closes. I’m not on Facebook but can still access the Fan website, hopefully that continues without Facebook membership. Thanks to your special group.

  115. When I opened a second Facebook account I decided to remove anyone that upset me. You don’t have to be like me, just don’t upset me! So, my new friends list is not thousands but Very Nice People and Interesting. Like the Village. Put in s request to me and get a Facebook group of people who remind me of the old Village.

    Mark provides Well and Janis cartoons. My wildlife photography friends do wild and lots of gardening, flowers, outdoors.

  116. When I opened a second Facebook account I decided to remove anyone that upset me. You don’t have to be like me, just don’t upset me! So, my new friends list is not thousands but Very Nice People and Interesting. Like the Village. Put in s request to me and get a Facebook group of people who remind me of the old Village.

    Mark provides Arloll and Janis cartoons. My wildlife photography friends do wild and lots of gardening, flowers, outdoors.

  117. Right now, there is a magnificent wild turkey at that southern Iowa feeding station; truly a handsome bird, seemingly as big around as most of their deer.

  118. It must be the festival of “Venison-an-der-Hoof” in southern Iowa. Have been seeing 10+ deer at a time this afternoon – maybe 11 or 12 [they are quite mobile] – albeit not all feeding simultaneously. They seem to glide like ghosts into or out of view.

  119. Working in the basement, I often will pull out the laundry and actually fold it. My wife received hearing aids a few weeks ago and is now more likely to hear the buzzer go off. When I saw today’s (02-28-2022) strip, I thought maybe A or J were going to need a hearing test. If that happens soon, then we know Jimmy’s been looking in our windows!

  120. At the Iowa feeder, two turkeys approached almost exactly at 5pm, only to be scared off by a new load of corn (?) dropped from the hopper above. Poor timing. A few minutes later, two deer came in to begin feeding. One was slightly larger than the other. Perhaps they were paired.

  121. Feeding time in Iowa seems to begin about 5pm. Maybe my sample size to too small for reliability. Not much action after, say, 9pm, either – maybe a stray ‘coon or deer.

    • Don’t know if it is medication but Momma Bear yells a lot in her sleep.
      If it continues, I wake her – sometimes she says it is NOT a nightmare.

  122. On Dec. 2, 2021, I posted a note about a Steve Canyon statue in Colorado.

    Here’s another trivia question and answer about a comic strip character:

    Q.: What comic strip character did the grateful farmers of Crystal City, Texas, honor with a six-foot-high stone mountain in 1937?

    A.: Popeye – for his role in popularizing spinach, their main crop.

  123. Here’s one last bit of trivia that is close enough to a comic strip character:

    Q.: Who came in second to Eleanor Roosevelt in a 1945 Fortune magazine poll taken to determine the most famous woman in America?

    A.: The fictitious Betty Crocker, the symbol created in 1921 for General Mills’ baking products.

    • On Jan 3, 1998 – following your reference above – there is a reference to the Heart of Juliet Jones. I do not understand that HJJ reference – was HJJ known for women changing clothing or similar?

      • I had to look it up, too, and I still don’t fully understand it. HJJ was a comic strip done in a soap opera style, but I couldn’t find anything that was connected to Janis taking off her blouse so that she could get into character.

      • I never got into HJJ; it was too boring for this boy. It was really a soap opera with romances, betrayals by roomies and sisters, etc. There wasn’t anything really salacious, but the characters did wear swimsuits and fairly modest sleepwear. Comics Kingdom is rerunning the series.

  124. So far, it has not been very exciting at the Iowa deer-feeding place. Having nothing better to view, I recorded that the top hop(per) crop drop occurs at 5:00:10 to 5:00:16 pm Central Time. No deer showed up until 5:16, and then only two of them. No raccoons and no squirrels presently there nor back near the drop time.
    Saw a number of strikingly colored B&W birds before the drop. Their bellies, tops of tails, and trailing edges of wings were extremely white, while the rest of the body was equally black. They seemed larger than sparrows and smaller than crows; my guess is a kind of magpie.

  125. Hi, everyone. I try to make it here still everyday as long as I have time, and I totally agree in appreciation of our Village. Let’s keep enjoying it while we can.

    A note about turkeys, deer, and elk. My brother lives on 50 acres in the Texas hill country. He has feeders out for both deer and wild turkeys. We see many of each when we visit there. Also SWARMS of hummingbirds in season. For elk, we lived inFlagstaff for many years and often had an opportunity to go to the appropriate place outside town to see a sizable herd. Plus you often saw them in town—while they were eating up your plants! Seen up close—they are BIG!!

    • Perhaps they can see that can of cranberry sauce in your pocket….

      PS: Another turkey came by briefly later on. At one time, there were two fully antlered stags eating peacefully adjacently. Did not see the half-antlered guy.
      Even later, an antlered stag pulled rank and purposefully “encouraged” all the other 8 deer present to leave while he ate. They did. [But the raccoons didn’t; they sat in his “plate” and stuffed themselves!]

  126. Thanks, Mark. I usually spend some time each day browsing the older strips available herein. Yep, I have gone through all the A&J strips, in order, so I am doing repeats. It’s nice when I hit upon one I don’t fully recall – makes it seem new.

    • As I’m finding ones to post on the Facebook fan site, I’m finding ones that are new to me, and refreshing my memory of some I saw but haven’t thought of in a while. Either way, they are just as enjoyable as ever and I’m having fun with the finding and sharing.

  127. For those to whom Wordle in insufficiently challenging, try “Octordle”. You get 13 tries (instead of 6) but you need to find 8 different 5-letter words simultaneously. Aside from my usual theoretical sequences for Wordle, I haven’t tried to find another systematic way to ascertain which of the 8 words ought to be of primary concern. Right now, I tend to try to identify the ones with the most letters known, and that seems likely to remain the best way.

    Use “octordle” in your favorite search engine and you’ll find at least one site with all the games you’ll need. One such is It shows one of my successful completions.

  128. Botanists love Fibonacci because so many plants exhibit the first several numbers. The easiest example for most of us to see is to look down on grocery store pineapples from above.

  129. I pop in occasionally but haven’t posted in a long time. I’m getting a kick out of reading the posts about watching deer in Iowa, mostly because we have that in my yard nearly every day. We have a few different family groups of mule deer live on the mesas and canyons surrounding my house and it is a rare day that my little yard (~25×40 feet) isn’t visited by at least one of these groups. I’ve had as many as 11 deer in this yard at once, licking the bird feeder, eating windfall apples, eating grass or even the pruning from the apple tree. Occasional skirmishes between the bucks or does from different groups. The biggest this winter is a 10×10 buck that probably weighs in close to 300#. Two different 1-antlers bucks. Sometimes one will look in the windows at my cats. All quite cool and entertaining.

      • It’s not bad: 7500ft elevation on the side of a 10K mountain in northern New Mexico. Beautiful, full of wildlife and plenty of hiking/walking/biking trails right out my front door. But also next to no shopping or eating out and the droughts are slowly killing the forests. Still, I’m definitely staying here when I retire in a few weeks.

  130. As usual, I have yet to see a wild turkey, and it’s about to drive me to begin drinking Wild Turkey.

    This morning, I saw a very young doe, along with several birds that have returned from warmer climes.

    Of special note was a cardinal that had a particularly disagreeable disposition.

  131. It’s from Star Trek: the Vulcan salute Leonard Nimoy created for his character, Spock. The salute was accompanied by the greeting used as the caption.

  132. Does that Vail Crush Feeder drop a load of food at a certain time every day, once a day? It’s fascinating to check in at different times of the day to see who’s there.

    • Seems to drop the food at 5:00:10 to 5:00:14 pm each day, central time. I have seen a few drops in action, and all were in that slot. I drop in several times per day, and have never seen any other drop nor signs that a fresh load was in the tray.

  133. And…today’s top hop(per) crop drop in Iowa was ~13 seconds earlier than previous ones: about 3 seconds before 5pm until 1 second after 5pm. There seem to be truck tracks at the left side. I wonder if a truck reloaded the hopper and, maybe, nudged the timer a bit. What will happen when the time changes?

    • double entendre?

      And I am truly glad that you are enjoying the cam. I have liked ever since I found it quite a few months ago.

      • City boys, such as I am, were not raised in the presence of these animals. There were (pet and stray) cats/dogs, and even some horse-drawn carts now and then. Even the birds were drab and small – although pigeons had some size. I’d have welcomed squirrels & raccoons and kowtowed for deer! I suppose a bunch of unseen mice & rats existed, but not within my boyhood vision.

    • Of our five cats (all deceased now), only one liked to retrieve. Her name was Peanut, and she preferred to fetch crumpled paper and wadded-up cellophane wrap.

  134. The deer cam: You know that you didn’t sleep enough last night when you tap on the monitor in hopes of getting the attention of the deer.

    • As always, excellent choice of comic.

      Extremely glad. If I could have done so this evening, I would not have set a personal best. I saw 13 calm does, one fairly irritated doe, and one randy buck.

  135. Jimmy commented on my Facebook post about the end of the lockout and the implementation of the DH. I said “Love it or hate it, both the AL and NL will have the same rules about the DH….it only took them 50 years or about as long as a Yankee-Red Sox game.

    Jimmy said that he hates it.

    So maybe our lockout will end soon. The late Ernie Harwell recited this on the opening day or Spring Training games: “For lo’ the winter is past, the rain is over and gone, the flowers appear on the earth, the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land. Happy New Year, everybody. It’s Tiger Baseball (2022).”

    • Harwell’s name takes me back to boyhood in NYCity. I remember Harwell paired up with Russ Hodges for announcing NYGiants baseball games. That’d have been 1950-1953 or 1954. At the same time, Mel Allen was doing the NYYankees games. I saw on the ‘net that Harwell was #2 to Allen in the late 1940s, but cannot say I remember that. I recall Red Barber, too, both with Brooklyn and, as of 1954, the NYYankees.
      Thanks for the memory jog.
      On the subject of changing baseball rules: Doesn’t it ever strike the baseball statisticians that, with any significant changes, old records can no longer be compared to the new data generated under the newest rules? It’d be like comparing apples, Wellington boots, and Mayan calendars….

    • Facebook is like nuclear energy. When used for good, it can be very good. When used for bad, it can be toxic. I do not use it to post or actually read political stuff. Because I grew up in Indiana and live in Michigan, I use it to keep track of family, old HS friends and of course tell and read jokes. It also has a nice A&J page where we can look at old comics. I’m also friends with Jimmy and he sometimes posts stuff.

  136. I see does now, but even the raccoons have abandoned me.

    I am beginning to think that you two are putting me on, just to drive me crazy with turkey envy.

  137. Jimmy posted a comment about croissants today on FB. Croissant day today, he says. OK by me, but my favorite breakfast bread is still biscuits, preferably with sorghum syrup or molasses.

    emb, the Herman comics are owned and managed by Laughing Stock since the death of Jim Unger. You can find posters, prints and original art for sale on their website.

    A retro for today, with a guest appearance.

  138. Turkey today, my first. What kind of bird: red cap, black with wide white stripe across back and white breast. I first thought pileated woodpecker, but too much white.

    • There’s also a B&W bird there without the red. When it flies at a certain angle to the camera, the white on its wings (trailing edges?) is completed by the white atop the tail, so it appears like a white boomerang. I was thinking of some type of magpie, but am not a qualified observer.

  139. Is anyone else wondering if this site will remain online much longer?

    I hate to see it disappear, but I know that an online site such as this isn’t free.

  140. Good one about a good marriage: when one spouse is unsettled, the other spouse stays awake just in case s/he can help. When the unsettled one becomes more at ease – like, sleeping – then the other feels free to sleep, too.

  141. The top hop(per) crop drop did not happen at 5pm CDT, so probably is timed by the degree of expected darkness – I imagine it will do its thing around 6pm CDT.

  142. 5:59:47 to 5:59:54 was a longer than usual drop. There were more than a dozen moseying around waiting for it. One of them raised a foreleg to several others and also to the turkey. All moved away before incurring any damage from the leg/hoof.

    • I was there at first but couldn’t check back in until this morning. I just saw 12 does and a pushy raccoon. No turkey yet.

    • Excellent choice, one that I remember well, even though I was born in 1953 – I’ve always been a fan of big bands.

      Yes, it was released in 1941.

      Let’s hope that we are not in the same situation now that we were in when the song was released.

  143. I’m here, Rick. Not a good morning, with the effects of the time change. Trying to go to sleep an hour earlier than my body is used to resulted in me sleeping very poorly when I finally got to sleep. And don’t even think about what having to get up an hour early is doing to me. I checked the feeder cam just now, plenty of does but nothing else. I’ll pick a retro strip after work. Have a day.

    • Not to brag, but I seem to be able to adjust to time changes without paying an obvious price. That was an obvious plus for driving across the country. My biggest sleep challenge was getting used to running (or not) the engine because of external temperatures. My last company truck had an APU, which was nice since it used less than a fourth as much fuel as idling the truck’s engine. It kept me cool in the summers and kept one tank from gelling during the very cold nights.

        • Idle Buster is/was (I’m not sure) one of many Auxiliary Power Units that came on the market during the 15 or so years. They are meant for use when no power lines are available to keep the truck (and driver!) in good shape. They generate power for the batteries, to run electrical appliances the trucker may have (fridge, microwave oven, TV, etc.) and to run the APU’s A/C unit during the summer (they have their own vents into the cab). During the winter they use fuel from one tank and, like the big diesel engines, return part of that now-hot fuel back to the tank. They’re not meant to run constantly for days at a time, but the system can monitor outside temperature and the truck batteries to determine when it has to run to keep things good.
          BTW, the unheated tank can indeed gel… I once experienced what happens when the truck engine is warming up with hot fuel in one tank and gelled fuel in the other. For over 30 minutes it was bucking like an unhappy horse.

          • TruckerRon: That’s great information – thanks.

            The only thing of which I was even remotely aware is that diesel fuel can gel.

            Question: Why isn’t diesel capitalized? Rudolf Diesel invented it.

    • Mark: As I just wrote to Trucker, good to hear from you again!

      Thanks to being retired, the time change didn’t affect me much. When I was working, it was a true pain.

      “Have a day.” That brings back some memories. That’s exactly what I used to say to my students at the end of the period.

  144. Jackie mentioned on FB that she was leaving for Tulsa at 7am this morning for another set of doctor visits. So she likely won’t be answering on here till later this afternoon.

  145. Excellent news from Jackie. She said the MRI showed no suspected cancer so the plastic surgeon can go ahead with her breast reconstruction. This will involve reconstructing the one removed due to cancer, and reducing the other so they match. I know she is really jazzed to finally get this over and done with.

  146. One-antler is now feeding. Y’know, he may have only one antler, but that one has significant tines. If he nailed you with a left cross, you’d be well and truly punctured.

  147. Saw a teaser that congress MAY keep DST all year – one survey I saw said over 70%
    of people wanted one or the other not keep changing.
    We used blended diesel in winter – cause it gets 50 below here.
    diesel like other names got co-opted
    aspirin was a war reparation from Bayer
    But Band-Aid, Kleenex, Formica, Styrofoam, Fiberglas, even Coke in some areas means
    carbonated beverage (of the sweet kind).
    Maybe not yet but soon Subway may also be co-opted for a: hero, grinder, sub(marine sandwich),
    gyro, poor boy, hoagy and others?
    Just saw on Jeopardy that there are more Subway Shops than any other franchise in America.

    • It showed up, Old Bear. It’s strange that some posts appear instantly, and others take their own sweet time. My guess is that Jimmy or someone else has to approve of certain types before they can show, like the ones where I’m posting a link to a retro strip.

      I read some sad news on Facebook today. John Rose, who is currently doing the Snuffy Smith comic strip, posted photos of his family with their new granddaughter. The sad part is that the little girl had complications during birth and died within a few hours. John and his family are Christians and shared the belief that they will be reunited with this child eventually in Heaven.

  148. Arnold liked to put his head up near ours (sometimes under our chin).
    only problem he was a sneezer.
    Skeezix snuggles with her head toward my feet – but not but in the face, just
    far enough away that it is not easy to pet her. BUT she is in bed with me 90 seconds
    when I crawl in, and I have no idea where she is in the house – she just knows when I
    crawl into bed.

  149. So I started at Purdue in 1975 and graduated in 1979. Anyone who knows me probably is sick of me saying it, but I paid for everything, Tuition, Room & Board books etc. I looked at my SS statement that showed my earnings and it appears that the total that I paid was roughly $2,000 to $2,200. I got a nice bump in pay in 1977 to $5.75 per/hour and then $6.00 p/hr in 1978 and bought a 1974 car, which I paid off before I graduated. I calculated that it would take my son getting a $30 per hour job 20 years ago to pay his entire expense. He was great in Computer Aided Design & could have commanded it, but he couldn’t find a job. So he and I took out loans, which was ironic because I did it without loans.

    4 years after I graduated and a few days before my son was born, I lost my job. This was devastating to me as the main reason that I went to college was to avoid ever being unemployed! That was a lesson learned….

  150. Here’s a long(for Jimmy) story. I don’t know who TonyC is, but I appreciate him collecting these as one page. I used to have a good time going through the archive he put together for all online strips from 1996 to the point where GoComics took over the strip. Unfortunately, the links in his archive no longer work, but at least GoComics has most of the same material on their site now, excepting the early part of 1994.

    • I’ve learned to “rewind” the deer feeder cam (using the line at the bottom). It’s easier with a real cursor on a desktop but possible with a finger on my tablet. Tonight I went back to around 6:16 and saw three turkeys and a couple of very fat squirrels. As I watched, some deer approached but hung back until the birds moved away.

      • You’re absolutely right! What a great tool for checking on turkeys or even aardvarks…though not the odd ones! I ran it back and viewed the turkeys between 6:15 and 6:29 last evening. I did not check to see how far back one can run their “tape”. [I use a laptop; just as easy.]
        Thank you so much!

        I hope Rick notes your post.

    • Trucker:

      I saw that same video – hilarious!

      My first thought was that it was too bad that the sloth couldn’t slide down the line. It might have enjoyed the ride.

  151. Ruth Anne and Deplume:

    Thanks for the tip!

    I did indeed see both posts, and, because of my monitor’s characteristics, I was unaware that the view could be run back.

    I immediately rewound the view and found that it could go back eight hours. So, no turkeys yet.

    I will give it a shot this evening. It seems that those birds are fairly regular in their feeding times.

    • Rick, I just discovered something else about that cam. When you hover the cursor over the screen and get the controls, there is a little graphic in the lower left that says more views. When you click on that, you get a view from the right hand side looking from right to left, at the level of the tray. It looks like the camera is mounted in the feeding tray. Great closeup of that squirrel that’s in it now.

  152. Tried every trick I could. All I saw this evening were two overfed squirrels and a bird that was either an Old Crow or an Agent Starling.

  153. The endwise camera picks up the invisible light reflected by the animals as purple! “I never saw a purple deer; I never hope to see one……” An Ogden Nash opus, if memory serves.
    Purple raccoons, too – maybe odd aardvarks aren’t out of the question.

  154. 9:15 pm to present: There is a raccoon whose dark markings are distinctly lighter than those seen in other raccoons. His tail rings are discernible with a little effort, but his mask is almost not there. [Perhaps it’s my vision.] BTW, to help identify, his LR is gimpy and held off the ground most of the time. When he first walked into the frame towards the camera, I thought it might be an opossum – but opossums (‘opossa”?) don’t have fuzzy tails.

    • 10:15 pm: There are TWO different raccoons with gimpy LRs! Odd coincidence, but I was viewing both at the same time and both limped. The light-colored one is the one mentioned earlier, while the other has the more usual coloring. They tend to feed on ground level while the unimpaired ones tend to sit right in the food tray and stuff their faces….

  155. I just realized that Janis’s roommate can warn all she wants, but no one will ever listen to a Cassandra! For those who’ve forgotten your Greek mythology, the original Cassandra was cursed so though she would see the future, nobody would believe her prophecies.

  156. I don’t own much in the way of Greek mythology, and I have forgotten some of it.

    However, I still know all of my own mythology. Delusion allows me to survive.

  157. I just goofed. I asked 4 college graduates, average age late 80s, but with all their marbles [not true of some others here], “How many hours of potential sunlight today in Atlanta, GA?” No idea.
    “How about Beijing, China?” No idea.
    I should have started with, “Today is the first day of Spring.” My guess is they still would not have known.
    “Well, he has a doctorate!” Yeah, but this is about 8th grade General Science, no?

  158. 6:30 Iowa time and I finally hit the jackpot: nine does, one squirrel, two turkeys.

    As I watching the gathering, a notable absence finally struck me: predators.

    Coyotes are plentiful in Iowa, and I would expect them to lurk around a feeding area. I don’t care to see a coyote in action, but I’m curious why none is around.

  159. Two turkeys visited and fed quite leisurely 6:25 – 6:37. Deer are now coming in small bunches. The squirrels ignore all the others and are ignored by the others as well. No raccoons seen yet this afternoon/early evening.

    • deplume: We were watching at the same time – pretty neat. I remembered what you had written about the best time to see the turkeys.

    • emb: It was an eerie sight this morning. The birds were milling about in the darkness, trilling as they did so. Their eyes were glowing due to some unidentifiable light source or the kind of camera that is there. It was akin to a sci-fi movie.

      • I think those trail cams have their own infrared light source. And it makes the eyes glow like something out of a movie, all right.

  160. Haven’t seen any antlers in several days – would they all have been dropped? I had been looking forward to seeing some close up at the tray.

    • deplume: That’s a good question. Not being a hunter and not living in the country, I didn’t know that deer drop their antlers in the spring.

      • Internet says that antlers remain as long as there are breedable does around. Those does inspire the males’ testosterone production which keeps the antlers in place. Dropping occurs from mid-Dec. (that is early) to mid-April (which is late). So, I guess dropping around this time or earlier is the norm.

  161. Today’s strip 3/21/22: Met gal during college orientation week; took long walks. Occasionally, went to a movie throughout that year and the start of soph. year. Attended homecoming dance that soph year, after which she dumped me in favor of a chap from a different school. I returned to my dorm and told my neighbor that I felt I was going to marry that girl – even though she had just dumped me. Just a tad bit optimistic….

    A year later, she saw the light when she wanted help in a course and phoned me. Been together ever since, though we didn’t wed until I had been in grad school a year and she had taught a year. It’ll be 60 years this summer.

    Meanwhile, that other chap married my wife’s sister, so we’re sort of related anyway!

    Decades later, here in N. IL., we met that neighbor from my dorm and were pleased to tell him my supposition had been correct. He recalled the incident.