Remote Possibilities

Remote Possibilities

I warned you there might be a weekend post! This is an old classic from January, 1997. Note both players still have their original hairstyles. A baby born when this strip first appeared in newspapers can legally buy the cartoonist a beer today. I’m free this afternoon. By the way, note also the email address in the fourth panel. In 1996, Arlo & Janis became one of the first strips anywhere to include an email address, and the above address was the original. Don’t bother trying it. It hasn’t been active for years.

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    • Anybody have any info on the After Dark book? Did it get sent out ? I never got my copy after the Parsonage contribution.

      Slainte….Mike From Long Island

  1. FWIW Scott Adams beat you by several years, first publishing his “Internet ID” in 1993. (Dilbert was even distributed for a while as encoded images via the Clarinet commercial Usenet feed.)

  2. So, if Arlo touched the SAP button on her nightie, would Janis respond provocatively in another language?

    Back in the day, didn’t TVs have only two knobs on their fronts?

  3. Back in the day there were lot more than 2

    beside channel – with fine tuning
    there was:
    hoz. hold
    vert. hold
    If color also
    All on the front of the set.

  4. Women have not commented because some of us own far funnier and provocative play clothes.

    Last time I made a similar comment it vanished, deleted by Jimmy or the blog police.

  5. Gee, an entire day with no comments from the men OR women. I am not going to post any more and scare you off!

    Come back, the playground is yours again.

  6. I had a long day yesterday, out at 830am and not home again till after 6pm. I didn’t have anything to say, so I didn’t. Good night all.

  7. Too tired to think of anything clever to say. One of the cats we rescued last month – the one that has a heart murmur and can’t be spayed until she’s checked out by a specialist whose first available appointment is next month – is in heat. Of course this started after the vet closed for the weekend. We’ll be calling them tomorrow for advice on how to get through this.

  8. I posted somewhere else and I have to say that I liked the old way of doing this, but then my hand-held computer only counts to five. Anyway it’s good to see some familiar names. Hello Jackie and Ghost. While wandering around the web I came across a photo from 2012 of JJ and ex. An attractive pair and I realized that Arlo and Janis was inspired by the two of them.

  9. Think the Great Spirit Bluff surviving kid may finally be off on its own. Will let you know if I see otherwise. Creative cam operator: often has zoomed in on a resting caterpillar, damselfly, or such on a leaf, 3x or more on the laptop screen. Peace,

  10. Stay dry, Jerry.
    Although it appears my area of The Deep South is catching the brunt of the rain from The Weather System Formerly Known as Barry.

  11. On the 7/15/19 strip, a commenter on GoComics noted that it appears that alternate universe Janis has a different, smaller, sized bra than Janis in Universe Prime. I wonder if that was deliberate, or simply the lack of one small pen line for reference?

  12. For those who are interested in Barry news: My kids (are 40 yr olds still kids?) live in the New Orleans area – Mandeville north of the lake and Harahan in a bend of the river. There was a lot of concern about the possible 20 inches of rain that would come with the storm, not only because New Orleans easily floods, but also because there has been a LOT of rain during the last year and the Mississippi River is running high, even with the spillway being open for months now (usually the spillway is opened only for a short time and not even every year). There was street flooding near the downtown area (Magazine Street) in advance of the arrival of the storm, which heightened concern.

    Luckily the storm moved farther west than originally anticipated and dry cool north winds weakened it and kept the bulk of the rain offshore much longer than predicted. My kids got less than 2 inches of rain in their areas. Here just north of Houston we got just over 2 inches of rain from a couple of rain bands that passed over our area. It looks to me as if Lafayette and Alexandria in LA got pounded the worst. Perhaps someone else can report on that.

    I always take nightmare predictions of storm activity with a grain of salt. The news will take the worst case scenario in order to get more viewers. That said, it is prudent to prepare for the worst case scenario because sometimes it does come to pass. So I try to be prepared without getting in a panic.

    I am still worried about the Mississippi River. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, the river was at 2 feet. Right now it is at 16 feet and it was at 17 feet during Barry. It was predicted to rise (worst case scenario) to 20 ft with Barry, which is the height of the levees. Thank goodness it did not. My son and his family in Harahan live about 1/2 mile from the levee. In the winter months when the tree branches are bare, a person can sit at a stop sign facing the levee about 1/4 mile from Jefferson Highway and look up to see barges and ships passing on the river, apparently through the tree branches. Spooky.

  13. Re being a stranger I’m afraid that being strange is too engrained {isn’t that the way you spell it?) in my nature to do anything about it now. Best that I can do is try to be interesting. Reminds me of “May you live in interesting times.” Aren’t we ?!

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