It’s the first full day of spring, and it has dawned with much promise in these parts. In fact, the forecast is for temperatures in the 80s, which is a bit much, but I’ll take it. As for today’s classic A&J, we can’t seem to get away from the old days, as in those old days when there were a lot more “wage slaves” than there are today. I now have a nephew in college and a niece in high school. I sometimes think what I’d advise them about a future livelihood if they were to ask (They haven’t!). I never can think of anything. The best thing I can come up with is, “Learn a foreign language.” At least that way you’ll know you’ve learned something. Plus, it might have future practical application. One never knows!
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105 responses to “Revelations”

  1. How many times have I said to myself, “Boy if I’d known then what I know now, I’d have done things differently”. Or even, “I’d asked my parents for advice more often”. But the truth is that they had no more idea about what was coming than I did. Whatever advice you could give to your nephew/niece would be of dubious value anyhow. C’est la vie, the old folks say.

  2. I would tell them to make sure they have a passion for their chosen profession even if it isn’t the most glamorous or high-paying field. They may be doing it for the rest of their lives and if they aren’t passionate about it they will be miserable. Even if they get their dream jobs, there will be aspects that aren’t going to be perfect so their passion will be needed to make the less fun parts tolerable.

  3. That is a deep subject for the first full day of spring. I have learned to never regret anything. Even the poor decisions or the bad things in life (in some ways especially the bad things) have made me the person that I am today.

    When I moved up to Michigan, I really wanted to go back home to Indiana. I had a job all lined up and the last interview did not go well. A few months later I met my wife and I ended up staying in Michigan for the last 37+ years. That “bad” luck kept me here to meet my wife.

  4. Re decisions, one never really knows in advance what will be the long-term consequences of the ones you make. I am regularly amazed at the major effects seemingly minor decisions I made years ago are still having today. So ditto on the “no regrets”, Steve.

  5. If one achieves a positive results even from a negative life event that is a worthwhile result.

    I have had several passions, the floral industry was one, sales another. I love to teach and see others grow and improve as a result.

    No, I don’t truly regret because all our past decisions create the person we are today. I would not be “me” had they not happened.

  6. A dozen homes down road from me burned last night, hundreds were mandatory evacuations including the fire chief, a friend of mine whose wife grooms and boards my dogs for years.

    This weekend probable tornadoes predicted. That is spring in Oklahoma. Season starting early.

  7. Geez, Jackie, a dozen homes burning at once sounds more like California during brush-fire season than Oklahoma. Not too close down the road, I hope.

  8. Fire turned from our direction and moved east toward town of Enterprise. I was east of it. The fires are wind flamed and often arson.

    Oklahoma is a bad state for wild fires. We just had huge fires in Panhandle this month where whole towns were evacuated. They are chiefly fought by volunteers who often die.

  9. Wild fires, that is why I don’t do bonfires at home, I am too close to the woods. Which is a partial answer to decisions and consequences. Yes I did learn a language in college, Spanish, but due to age and health have forgotten most of it, just enough to get by is left. There are some bad things in past I would eliminate, but mostly there are do overs.

  10. Is your Spanish so bad that upon being asked by a rose rancher in Mexico if you were married that you thought he was asking if you were tired?
    And your translator called you over to tell you that you’d agreed to fly on his helicopter to the ranch to look at his roses for a week?

    I used to laugh at Peggy on King of the Hill because that was what my Spanish did for me, produce a sitcom plot.

  11. I like JJ’s foreign language advice and the rationale for it. My advice would be to be prepared to be, and to enjoy being, a life-long learner.

    When I talked to kids about how to find good library and on-line resources for their career reports, I often quoted a speaker I had heard in the mid-1980s. He said that, for children who were starting school that year, their first career would not exist by the time they retired and the careers they retired from had not yet been invented. That usually was a little too abstract for most of them but I got their attention when I gave them a personal example: I met my husband when he was 25 – the job he had then did not exist by the time he was 30. (He was the guy who developed that “film at 11” at one of our local TV stations. The videotape that replaced film has long since been made obsolete by digital media.)

  12. I took two years of Spanish and a year of it at Purdue (the Professor looked like Charles Manson). I do pick up bits and pieces when I go to Mexico, but they speak too fast, usually.

    I learned morse code when I was 10 when I got my Ham Radio license. I only had to learn 5 words per minute and my Dad gave me the test, so I kind of got a break. When my Dad finally got his Extra Class license, he had challenged my to get my General. At the age of 40, I had to learn 13 words per minute. I actually crammed it in one week of practice and was shocked when I passed! I’ve never used it again, but sometimes movies will come on with code beeping in the background and I can pick up a few letters.

  13. Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson starred in the move “Lost in Translation”. Jackie and the rose rancher’s sitcom could have been called “Gained in Translation”.

  14. My first major career, where I had All-Female Staff #1, actually no longer exists, but I saw that coming and changed to the one with All-Female Staff #2.

    One datum doesn’t establish a trend, but perhaps two points do? 🙂

  15. Strange but my first career still exists and has grown, as did my second, my third and even my fourth and fifth. Of course finding trained or capable people to perform them is probably more difficult than ever. College doesn’t do so.

    In my defense I only had sit years of Spanish in junior and senior high and three years in college. Only three years of bilingual courses in junior high to meet the country’s requirement of classes being taught in their own language.

    Sounds chauvinistic doesn’t it? Own language? Isn’t English good enough?

  16. Ghost, two points can make a line; whatever that is worth or means I’ve nary a clue.

    Sideburns, tomatoes are setting fruit.

  17. Steve from Royal Oak, MI
    I managed to pass 20 words per minute by the skin of my teeth many years ago. Now I use it almost exclusively.

  18. Ghost, what was that first career position? As it no longer exists, you are certainly no longer in it, so it should be safe to tell us.

  19. Even 40 YA they (the ubiquitous they) were saying we would change careers (not just jobs)
    5 times in our working life – I am a little above average. (as always 🙂 )

  20. Old Bear:

    Both look great. Thanks for posting – will have to wait until this evening to watch and read. I’m running late this morning.

  21. Guess I’m the exception. One full time civilian job, ’58-’94, biol. faculty, BSC/BSU. En route there: drug store delivery boy, summer farm worker, summer asst. zoo keeper, 2 yr. USAF Lt. College, grad. school, 1 yr. TA. Since then: vol. columnist, copy editor, hospital gopher, flirt, amateur theolog, mentor of 1 sort & another. Peace,

  22. On paper I took two years of French in high school. Truth was, our teacher was supposed to teach math, but there were enough math teachers, so he got stuck with French. To say we strayed from the subject is a gross understatement. When I got to college I signed up for French, and made it through the first semester, and that was the end of that.

    I have realized over the years that college isn’t for everyone, and manual labor is not to be looked down on.

  23. This is to announce the release of my new book I Fought the Law and the Law lost or How I Brought a Perfectly Good Economic Recovery to a Screaming Halt, available at fine Dollar Stores everywhere.

  24. Good morning Village. Things moving along steadily today. May not put top down. Overcast out there. Going home to pickup four days worth of clothes for my trip to birthday party.

    I’m an interesting date.

  25. sand, I’m jealous your tomatoes are setting fruit. I will not have tomato plants (purchased) even in the ground for at least seven more weeks. I’ve been planning what to do with those tomatoes since December, however. 😉

    Anyone else notice that more emojis have been made available for our texting pleasure? I am unreasonably excited that there is now a duck. I have often longed for that duck, although not as much as I have longed for a squirrel. Making do, in a poor way, with the chipmunk as a stand-in.

  26. Unemployed RWL who is spending her children’s inheritance.

    That is an occupation, right?

    But yeah, I guess I could pose for a cartoonist still if I wanted to. I keep saying Roger Rabbits wife or Elvira or Janis or even 9CL maybe. Not “up” for Little Annie Fanny anymore.

  27. Friends I have a heavy foot and showed the common sense of buying the small engine Mustang with an automatic instead of stick shift.

    Coming from Muskogee back to Eufaula I looked down and I was cruising at over a hundred and hadn’t noticed! These new Ford engines are amazingly powerful and fast. Not your granny’s Mustang folks.

  28. About my occupation, I have been expecting those catalog companies would begin giving me a professional discount on that lingerie.

    Too old of course but back in the day my joke was I was going to hang out at the Warwick Hotel in Houston and pick up rich oil men. Which my daughter at age 5 informed all our friends at a wine party. LOL

  29. Foreign languages are great and you can learn them anytime you want. As for professions, i always said I would be a veterinarian from early childhood and now I have been one for 50 years. I don’t regret a second of it.

    God bless us every one. God Bless the USA.

  30. Steve from Royal Oak, MI – re Lost in Translation: I heartily agree with you. I could not believe it got all sorts of award nominations. Just an absolutely lousy movie!

  31. Jackie, I would gladly pop a cap on an arsonist for you, but by the time I dealt with all the people who cannot grasp the concept of the left lane of an Interstate be the PASSING lane, I would likely be out of ammunition.

    From warning shots only, of course. 🙂

  32. Good morning Villagers….

    Twas a quiet day here yesterday.

    Good grief, Jackie, you put a new meaning on cruising 🙂

    Smigz, how do you bring up those emoticons?

    The cats are up too

    Got good news yesterday, Mom and Stepfather’s home and property sold….we signed papers yesterday…..will have to forfeit some of it to taxes. then buy a vehicle, pay off cards….and a big Amen to that.

    One sister had expressed concern about this couple’s financing through the VA, that the VA is very strict on inspections, or were, but she added that the VA is trying to secure loans and that’s is why you see so many ads/commercials.

    Dad is up and moving. there are two sounds that echo the home here….the sound of his walker, the the toilet seat being dropped down, two sounds that someday I will miss.

    later, gators……

  33. A work trip to the coast turns into a family vacation. Meanwhile, boat repairs go undone and the zinc slowly corrodes away.

  34. No Steve, it was about 110 MPH before I noticed and on VERY rough beat-up Oklahoma roads with potholes from parade of 18 wheelers from Chicago to Dallas and Houston.

  35. So happy you are getting a car Debbe. Put it in just your name when you title it.

    And get a good phone and don’t let anyone else use it either!

  36. Debbe, the emojis for texting are brought up by tapping the smiley face during a text. I discovered later yesterday that I have the new ones on my phone but not on my tablet; my husband has them on neither phone nor tablet. When I attempted to share the emojis for bacon, bat, duck, and peanut with him, they did not appear on his phone.

  37. Smigz, I thought the emoticons were added here. Gave up my cell phone, Verizon really stuck it to me with a contract, got tired of the high cost and getting dropped calls from home. I’ve seen Consumer ?? being advertised, have given it some thought…a cell phone is not on my must have list.

    Jackie, now I know that Mustang has cruise control….

    I have beef soup with frozen veggies (no, not from a can) slow cooking for lunch…the smell is just permeating the air….and I’m hungry. Made the mistake of going grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago with baby sister, while hungry….and I think she had to talk to every one in that store. Naturally, I zoomed in on those end of aisle ‘specials’….hey, got us some strawberry filled Twinkies 🙂

  38. GR 😉 been a while on this one…not sure which song will post, may have been too slow to copy and paste, gotta go stire my soup….

    ….either way…it plays

  39. Debbe, here is what I switched to: Project Fi from Google. Uses 3 different cell phone carriers to maintain better signals no matter where you go, Wifi where available. Unlimited calls and text at $20 month base cost, plus $10 per Gig of data used and whatever taxes are required. You can use the phone as a Wifi hotspot to get internet connection where you don’t have other service. But you must use one of their phones due to the need to access any one of the three carriers.

  40. Hi Mark – I suspect the group is busy doing all those things that must be done. For me it was grocery shopping, eating lunch, and getting a haircut. Not much to talk about 🙂

  41. Jackie, so glad you are going to Jack’s birthday party! Also very glad that you will have company on the trip—both much safer AND much more fun!!! Do be careful on the road, though.

    Re emoticons, I just posted a cartoon on Facebook that said “4000 years and we are back to the same language. 2006 B.C. vs 2016 A.D.” The top half is hieroglyphics and the bottom half is emoticons!!

  42. In order to qualify for Medicaid they want a sick person to prove that they are looking for a job. There we go with the war on poverty again.

  43. Left a plumber rotorooting my three bathrooms that flooded. Went and prepaid a pest control company to come out and spray house, garage and all of yard for fleas to eradicate the hatched out fleas. Will have to be done twice. Signed a contract for routine spraying each four months.

    Made arrangements to neuter and spay two more of Mark’s cats
    Made arrangements to board my two big dogs.
    Made arrangements for Dickens and I to stay in hotel.

  44. Ummm another option for y’all trying to connect on email… You could leave a message on my link and I could send it along. At least, I think it is possible! There is a note/message part on the website. OH! My email is listed on the profile tab, so you could email me.

    Just offering.

  45. I did Godson #2 a solid and he emailed his thanks and told me the next time we are in the same town he would buy me a beer OMG! Four-year-olds that snuggle up with one on a sofa and watch Lord of the Rings with one cannot buy beers!

    Then I remembered he just turned 24. That teared me up a little.

  46. Ghost, my goddaughter will be 25 in July, and my godson turns 43 in May. I’ve felt so lucky to be a part of their lives…and it doesn’t feel very long at all since they were small enough to be held and spit up on me. 😉

  47. I hope everyone’s out having fun with people they love tonight. My wife and I are hiding in a motel far away from our kids during spring break. And tomorrow night it looks like I’ll finally be able to use my telescope.

  48. Having a lot of fun on plan F after every other plan has gone afoul and astray. Plan F turned out to be a lot of fun.

    So far no bad weather and leaving by noon for Illinois tomorrow. After I pack a suitcase at motel.

  49. Good morning Villagers….

    Mark, thanks for the info on the cell phones….I don’t know if even the deal on that site would entice me to get another cell phone. I see my sisters constantly on their phones checking pics. What ever happened to photo albums????

    Another restless night for Dad…he gets anxious about getting to sleep, even the two Benedry doesn’t help.

    Jackie….incoming rain this weekend…grab an umbrella.

    Nancy….seen the brackets this morning. Forgot they were playing last night. Purdue fell last night to Kansas (boooo 🙂 )…still have Butler. My niece is a PA at a hospital in Indy, she is a Butler alum.

    My baby sister is such a Purdue fan that she even went to the extent of buying a little girl’s school uniform and has their pics taken in it.

    gotta go…later

  50. Old Bear. Thank you for the videos. The music from the sixties took me back. I loved the marble machine. It looked like something built in the nineteenth century, but updated to the twenty-first.
    Debbe. I loved those cats. Yes, how did they get those kitties to do that?

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