Revenge Is a Dish

I noticed a question has arisen: how does one spell the nickname of Ludwig, the cat? Well, I can tell you that the nickname should rhyme with “moody.” Apparently, I have spelled it differently in the strip over the years, as some of you have observed. (That’s the problem with digital archives and comments.) Anyway, my task is to produce a phonetic spelling that sounds like “moody.” To me, “Luddie” should be pronounced “LUHDdie,” so that won’t work. “Ludie” might be better, but a vestige of confusion remains. That, of course, leaves “Loodie” or “Loody.” In the future, owing to the “moody” example, let’s go with “Loody.” Also, it’s one less letter than “Loodie,” and you might be amazed how much that can help in certain deadline situations. OK, that’s settled. The reason I haven’t been consistent in the past is, I haven’t given the issue nearly as much thought as some of you. But thanks for thinking of me!
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  1. Having had a brother in law(gone for a few years now) named Ludwig who we called Ludy pronounced Loodie, I have Symply never had a problem saying Ludwig the cat’s name.


    Love to hear from you. Sounds you like you have a NE colonial, love them….

    @Jackie(and others; if you make it curious as to what you think)the Fargone Hullupchas recipe follows:

    Hullupchas (according to my mother)
    Few Meat Bones to cover bottom of pot(I use short ribs)
    1 lb. ground beef
    1 handful uncooked rice (I use a handful and a half)
    1 handful chopped onion (1/2”x ½”) I use a little extra
    1 egg
    Chopped Parsley(dry about ¼ cup; fresh use ½ cup)
    Salt to taste
    Brown Sugar (I am using ½ cup)
    Sour Salt(Calcium Citrate) (I used 1 ½ teaspoons)
    Head of Cabbage steamed so leaves are pliable and save water
    Raisins a handful
    Ketchup (quantity not given) I do not use it….
    Canned and Crushed tomatoes w/juice(I use can of Puree and can Diced/Crushed)
    3 or 4 ginger snap cookies
    Below is what Mom gave me….

    “I don’t have any amounts, but figure to use 1 lb. (450g.) hamburg
    A good handful each of uncooked rice, and chopped onions
    1 egg, some chopped parsley, salt , and mix thoroughly.

    Cabbage leaves (soaked in boiling water, to soften). Wrap meat/rice mxt. in cabbage leaf (folding top over and bottom up, then each side in to center, so that meat mxt. is completely contained.

    Place meat bones in bottom of kettle, and braise them, adding cabbage wrapped meat balls, carrot slices, raisins (if you like), tomato ketchup, canned, crushed tomatoes (with juice), 3 or 4 ginger snaps (crushed), and tsp sour salt, just enough water(I use the water I steamed cabbage in) to cover.

    Simmer for an hour, and taste. Add brown sugar to taste, and continue cooking for another hour until all the sauce has blended. Rectify by adding lemon juice or sour salt, or more brown sugar, to taste.”

    Good luck! Let me know!

    Also have a great recipe for Swiss onion pie and maple bourbon short ribs if needed….I’ll be back to check.

  2. Symply I have eaten something VERY like that but thought it was Bavarian or Germanic. But Switzerland borders all those doesn’t it? When I went to school in Pennsylvania’s Dutch country I learned their food was German more than Dutch. I went to school in Holland and found out what Dutch tasted like.

    Ghost and I are going to cook this. I will get him to copy recipe. I love stuffed cabbage and raisins, love short ribs too.

  3. Why do we have to assume that A&J (plus various supporting characters) have always used the same nickname for the cat?
    The obvious explanation for why the cat’s nickname has been inconsistently spelled in the past is because the characters have called him by different nicknames, or different pronunciations.

  4. They asked so players on the Dodgers some questions about 1988, the last time that the Dodgers won the series. Questions were What was the biggest movie? What was the price of gas? What was the most popular song and who was elected President. One of the players said John F. Kennedy. Obviously he was going for the laugh.

  5. “When I went to school in Pennsylvania’s Dutch country I learned their food was German”

    Pennsylvania’s Dutch country is German, not just their food. (What’s the German word for “German”?)

  6. A long time lurker speaks:

    You don’t mention what I think my first choice for the spelling would be (given a clean slate, anyway): “Ludy”, which seems to me like Judy which rhymes with moody…

  7. Mark, a nickles worth of meaning, snerk.

    I wonder what the initial newsstand price of a Times-Picayune might have been. Sorry, that sarcasm is too strong. What I really wonder is what the letters to the editor might have said back when they raised the price for the first time.

  8. See Sleeping Beauty for Mizz Charlotte’s description of her house.

    It is very nice – set back from the road. Very pleasing colors.

    And very nice Carriage House I wish I had,
    and not just because all my barns are full.

    GN all.

  9. Since all the cooks at our school were back slid Mennonite or Amish women who were out working in the “world” after leaving churches or being asked to leave, eating at meals was akin to an Amish buffet. I gained 20 pounds in months!

    My best friend was from Lancaster, heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. Her father was lieutenant governor of state and their cook and housekeeper of course were of course out churched Amish women.

  10. Symply goofed in the recipe! Not calcium citrate in the recipe….should be Fargone sour salt or citric acid not calcium citrate…Papa is laughing at me(he was an organic chemist)

  11. Have to go. On way to hospital for surgery to install my chemo port into my heart major vessel. About a five hour procedure they said. Ghost will report. We are at hotel in leiu of inpatient with Dickens.

    Actually they only do inpatient if you’re REALLY sick with cancer nowadays. Obviously I am not that sick, walking second aid will do!

  12. Jackie’s surgeon was running late on her case schedule, so she got off to a slow start. The good news is she did OK and is now in Recovery. The bad news is I’m sitting in the surgery waiting room, which ranks above only having a simultaneous colonoscopy and root canal on my list of favorite things to do.

    Just kidding. I’m happy I can be here with her. And it’s not like I haven’t had some practice doing that. I’ll try to make my next post a bit more entertaining. Perhaps the story of spending most of yesterday afternoon in an upscale lingerie shop and meeting a female “glamour” photographer who would have been a better photography subject than most of her clients.

  13. But he is my slut puppy and he got his own woman who wears the underwear. He says Rich Widow Lady took him bra shopping but he gets to breast shop with me and lingerie. And the lingerie shop was having their tenth anniversary party with champagne, strawberries, brownies, cookies and gifts. They loved Sickens and Ghost.

    Women love the Ghost.

  14. @Ghost and Jackie,

    Symply thankful she is out and in recovery. Waiting rooms are the Fargone worst, but at least you already have the news and it was good.

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