Rhyme and reason

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My snarky software is reminding me as I suggest “tags” for the above cartoon that it has run here on the Web site before, but I reply that I don’t care. This comic strip remains one of my favorite limericks, and it reminds us software doesn’t know everything, more pertinent now than it was 12 years ago when the strip first appeared.

Thank you, Memphis! My appearance at The Booksellers in Laurelwood Saturday afternoon was a great success. The weather was perfect, and so many people turned out I had a serious case of butterflies. Perhaps it will get tedious, but so far I haven’t tired of having nice people file past for almost two hours and tell me how much they like what I do. Nashville, I hope to have some specific information for you within a couple of days.

As if the fates know I am in need of a little humbling, today’s A&J appears in newspapers. Do you remember me talking at some point about the “sixth cartoon,” the last cartoon in a batch of daily strips, the one I don’t yet have an idea for, and deadline is approaching? Well, today’s “sneeze” cartoon was a sixth cartoon. I shouldn’t be telling you this.