Rhyme and Shine

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I hope it won’t be inappropriate to attempt to lighten the mood with a bit of good, if unimportant, news; we all know how our friends in Boston love their baseball. In case you haven’t heard, the Boston Braves are doing great. The Braves are one of two charter members still playing in the National League, the other being the Chicago Cubs. Of course, the Braves left Boston for Milwaukee in 1953, but little in baseball is ever forgotten. The 2013 Boston Braves (aka Atlanta Braves) are 12-1, having won their last ten games. With a winning percentage well over .900, they’re already 4.5 games in front of the second-place Washington Nationals in the National League East. Having watched the whatever Braves closely since the team left Milwaukee for Georgia in 1966, I have a prediction: the Braves will finish the season 161-1 and lose in the first round of the playoffs to a wildcard team.