Ripping and burning, oh my!


Regulars here may recall that last year I discussed my ongoing transition to MP3 music files. The transition is complete, more or less. The technology and the experience are so different from everything that’s existed until now that it’s difficult to draw comparisions. I’m tempted to say the experience is moving backward toward the days of tiny “transistor” radios. The technology, of course, is a different matter. It’s very cool. I have all my music on a sleek gizmo smaller than a deck of cards. Even “Alice’s Restaurant!”

Speaking of music, Tom Petty should win a Grammy for “Best Super Bowl Performance by an Old Rocker Dude in the Post-Janet Jackson Era.” Which reminds me, there was a big sports story yesterday. Did you hear about it? That’s right! Tiger Woods came from four strokes back at the turn on the final day to overtake Ernie Els and win the Dubai Desert Classic. That is his fifth tournament win in a row. Do you know how formerly impossible that is?

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