Roaring Forties

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A lot has happened since we visited last. A Super Bowl was played. Harper Lee is publishing the sequel to “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Friends in the Midwest and Northeast are being buried in snow still. There are new pictures of Fidel Castro. It’s been a busy few days. Speaking of Harper Lee, I lived in Monroeville, Alabama, and worked as a reporter for the weekly “Monroe Journal” when I was a young man. Monroeville is where Harper Lee was born and raised. She would fictionalize it as “Maycomb” in her famous novel. In my day, the book and Ms. Lee were not the industry they would become, but the town was very proud of its Favorite Daughter, who was living in New York City at that time. The only bookstore in town was a religious bookstore on the town square. As a matter of course, it had for sale autographed copies of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” available to anyone with a few dollars. Did I buy one in my almost two years in Monroeville? No, of course not!

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  1. Still trying to figure out the geometry of Janis’s swimsuit strap. Thought at first it was supposed to be a T-back, but then decided that it might be an X-strap. Of course, I’m actually more interested in what letter of the alphabet the front might represent. 😉

    Lady Mindy, definitely Malwarebytes, and it is worth the one-time charge for it. Also, I just recently installed the (free) Sophos Virus Removal Tool recommended by Kim Komando.

  2. But they are wearing their PFD’s so that is a positive thing! Not sure real sailors would get on a jet ski unless for rescue?

    Jerry, I used to do the Parades of Homes and Street of Dreams tours in Houston, so I know you will not be in the house! LOL since I cannot find an emoticon to use.

    One of my houses I worked on was on the front cover of Architectural Digest and doctor said he didn’t want anything of his family’s personal objects moved in even if the tour ended. He wanted it to match the magazine on his coffee table. Lord to be so rich!

    i once was “docent/guide” on a house and my job was to keep the tourists from setting foot in the walk in showers and the pool sized soaking tub that only needed Ester Williams rising from it between the marble columns and twin pouring waterfalls. Coast of that bathroom alone was what most people spend on entire home. Lord, to be so rich and not just a minion that created it.

    Love, Jackie

  3. My goodness, and my first edition Robert Lewis Stevenson “Treasure Island” is only worth a pittance! Jimmy, you goofed up big time.

    It took a long time before Larry McMurty was welcome in Houston or in his hometown of Archer City.

    I am cooking lunch for my Army fiend and housekeeper/yard lady who is helping him. Computer thinks that is Army fiend, so I will leave it. Inch thick pork chops bone in with fresh baked sweet potatoes, herbed zuchinni and fresh baked sour dough.

    Taking applications for additional minion.

    Love, Jackie

  4. Jackie, one of the other villagers found how to make a smiley a few days ago. It was either Ursen or Old Bear, I get them mixed up (Ursen=Bear, Old Bear).

    I think it was simply 😉 semicolon close paren, or 🙂 colon close paren

  5. 🙁 😉 😉 😀

    I’m a pretty good country cook, Jackie, but I see you already have one of those. I was looking at WW recipes by email (another perk of monthly membership) at lunch and found recipe for Cuban-Style Pork and Sweet Potato Slow Cooker Stew. After seeing your lunch menu, I think I’ll stop and get ingredients on the say home.

    I wonder if (insert name of overly-enhanced female celebrity of your choice) would need a PFD?

  6. Hum. Janis lures a ghost into the bathroom by announcing she’s about to take a bath. (A little exhibitionism, perhaps?) Angus sets off the fire alarm to get Lady Mindy to jump out of the shower naked. Jackie’s ghost shows up while she’s naked in the tub. I may need to have a word with “the boys” about appropriate behavior. (Honest, guys, it wasn’t my fault all those college girls kept taking off their tops in front of me that time in the Tallahassee boutique.)

    I suspect that many women do have a streak (no pun intended) of exhibitionism in them. How else to explain all the female “flashers” photographed in public places on the internet? Yeah, well, I know that alcohol is often involved, but still…

  7. Ghost, as Lewis Grizzard says “If you can’t chew the pork chop bone you are in the wrong restaurant.” I was raised in a Delta plantation where you fed all the field hands, deer hunters, visiting evangelists and free loading relatives. I can do country better than Paula Deen. And just as fast usually because you never knew if you’d be feeding two or twenty.

    I still like people who cook that are not me. Taking applications for a minion, I keep saying.

    That Cuban recipe sounds good. I may be getting to eat Cuban faster than I anticipated? I am not showing up for yours, just heading toward Cuba.

    The Castro photos were interesting to me last night. I still have somewhere a photo of me with Raul Castro but I never did see Fidel. It shocks me that he is still alive. Think, if they let us go there again it will be just like it was the day it was when I last was there.

    And the cars will still be on the road!

    Love, Jackie

  8. I would bet money Sand that you have been to Cuba more recently than my memories!

    What ARE you wanting to swap? I bet you HAVE a photo of Fidel too.

  9. We had to read To Kill a Mockingbird in High School English. It was good and I asked the teacher if we could read another one from Ms Lee….I will read the sequel (or is it a prequel as she wrote it before Mockingbird). I kidded my wife that I would dust off one of her old books that never got published and fund our retirement. Of course I am still waiting for one of her published books to do that, but we can dream.

    We ended up with 16.7″ at the airport. Not a major media event, but it did shut us down for a day. Of course the schools are still closed but unless the 2-4” tonight becomes something more, most of the schools will be back tomorrow.
    There was a run at the grocery stores on Saturday. But I took it as an occasion to work on my stand-up act and everyone waiting patiently with a smile on their faces. At one point I commented on the good behavior and the guy in front of me said “Whatcha gonna do?” I said “Oh we can complain!” and 3-4 people laughed and said “TO WHO?” I told them “I know the guy in charge of the complaint department and he is pretty understanding…. Too bad people don’t pay better attention to him”
    With all of the shoveling, I think there might be a shortage of Advil and Tylenol!

  10. “Our complaint department manager is Ms. Helen Wait. So if you have a compliant, go to Helen Wait. Thank you for shopping us.”

    Don’t suppose I’ll ever make it to Workers’ Paradise, Caribbean Division.

  11. Always thought mine was a male of older age since you can smell liniment , strawberry candy, cherry pipe tobacco and bourbon, all things that no one in this house owns or uses. I have cold spots too all over but especially in master bedroom where he seems to favor my bed with the big canop frame. I have been offered a priest to perform ghostly banishment but I decided I liked him.

    Since I have been a lifelong fan or The Ghost and Mrs. Muir and the sea captain ghost played by Rex Harrison I decided long ago to be tolerant. Sometimes it seems he has invited others or left the door unlatched.

    Not being blasphemous either. Love, Jackie

  12. Steve in Royal Oak, MI, and also a shortage of Aspercreme, etc. Wives should be giving lots of back rubs there now!

    Jackie, don’t think that’s blasphemous. An elderly man I knew was a long-time Pentecostal preacher whose wife passed before him. He said he felt her presence with him at times, especially at night and that he could even smell her perfume.

  13. Sand, what year on trading card? Mine are of 1959 vintage, first anniversary of revolution and no autograph, in fact I am looking somewhat askance at Raul and no hugging or kissing. Everyone was too dirty and uniforms too wrinkled to my taste, ill fitting. Perhaps yours were too in those days?

    Pretty cool, actually. In those days people were unsure I think but a number of my friends’ families were shot or disappeared. Then a lot of the free lance pilots and boaters ended up in prison there and you’d see them on news reels and go, “Oh my gosh, there’s ——–” And then Bay of Pigs. We have forgotten already, just like it seems we have in Viet Nam.

    Current IS situation is horrible. I cannot stand to watch news or read a newspaper. We are doing press releases and publicity for these people. I hope I have not offended anyone here?

    Love, Jackie

  14. Mark, my spirit has been here 20 years and I was married to Mike for 48. Who ever this spirit was, he was not mine! He seems to like me but pulls a lot of pranks and modern technology seems to frustrate him. As it does me.

    The cats and dogs follow with their eyes sometimes which is strange. They do not bark.

  15. General benefit to anyone: View to see if any state or province is holding assets in your name or in the name of a relative. Totally free, too.

    I have already checked on those of us whose real names I know (not many) and did find at least one “hit” and several possible “hit”s. Charlotte/NH and Galliglo are two which come to mind.

    Even if your present state is not shown (or a state of previous residence), there are links to the missing state’s site if one exists. California is one such which has its own site; so does Illinois.

    Look up your friends and relatives, too – even deceased ones.

    Does it work? Yes. I found a insurance claim for a friend and her sibs, and they collected whatever the amount was.

    The site keeps updating, so place the site in your lists of favorites and check it now and then. It’s interesting as well as potentially useful.

  16. Let me add that the opening page demands your current state (or any state you want to enter) but the succeeding search pages give you a choice of states/provinces or “all”.

  17. CEP- There is a finders fee for my step-dads supposedly lost Treasury Bonds, which means I have not found them or any proof of them except three cousins alleging they saw records of them from him Interestingly, two of three want to buy the old house I have to sell after my mom’s recent death. My daughter is cynical and says they know where it’s buried!

    I somewhat facetiously made that comment to Ghost but it really isn’t a total joke. Among the many things I have to do in next couple of months .I as always start there but people who distrust are inclined to try to hide their assets. I was extremely disappointed not to find a deposit box full of gold yet, so perhaps the TBonds are equally vaporized?

    Sometimes I think the old soldiers of fortune do this to appear wealthy and impress the young.

    Now Sand, I think you are real of course. But my step-dad while in China to help liberate it did not get out with Chinese millions! My friend down the street did get out of Viet Nam with those little adorable tea cups that Antique Road Show said were worth millions. I think finding this out did not make him enjoy them more, but less.

    Love, Jackie

  18. The only thing of value that I got out of my military service was the last honorable discharge. All the objects on our shelves, we purchased and they hold only treasured memories that remind us of where our feet have been.

  19. My state has taken quite a bit money from me, every year for many years, but I don’t expect them to give any of it back. Even if they hadn’t spent it, which they have.

    Knew a crop duster, about whom the word on the street was he had flown a B-26 for the CIA during the BoP invasion. He probably had.

    “…last honorable discharge”, sand?

    As I said before, Jackie, good luck with your T-Bill hunt. 🙂 No “hidden treasure” stories or rumors in my family…no treasure to have been hidden.

  20. Jackie: The 8 Dec. ’14 New Yorker has an article, “The Vortex” about the ISIS/Syria crises. Not encouraging. [Vortex because it centers on the city in Turkey which continually receives more refugees from Syria.]

    Especially the dogs?

    Peace?, emb

  21. GR6, at every reenlistment you get re sworn and then given a discharge for the enlistment just ended. Seems like someones idea of a cruel joke to play on NCO’s.

    The state money gifting is legally called escheatment. The holder of unclaimed assets are required to make a good faith effort to locate and return funds to the lawful owner, escheat. If they fail to escheat, funds go into state receivership. Every state has its own rules for: publication of and time limit escheated funds must be held before they go into state treasury general funds.

  22. Funny thing, but selecting the emoticons and pasting them into a text box “reveals” how they’re coded. GR6’s post above (#7, by my count) includes:

    🙁 😉 😉 😀

    Which come out as
    🙁 colon open paren
    😉 semicolon close paren and
    😀 colon D (capital D)

  23. GR6, are you saying crop dusting and medium bomber piloting are interchangeable skills? I always thought officer types were overrated. 😉

  24. sand, Agricultural Applicator Pilot is simple compared to piloting a Flying Prostitute, er, B-26, in combat. (High wing loading = No Visible Means of Support)

  25. GR6, have to poke on officers once in awhile. 😉

    Jackie, for the record the Che pic was a gift. Spent a goodly amount of time studying him.

  26. GR6:

    I think USAF had B26s at RAF Sculthorpe, nr. Fakenham, Norfolk. In ’52-’53 my former roommate bought the farm in one, over W. Germany. His wife had just been able to move to the UK, to join him.

    Metacrawled “RAF Sculthorpe”. Base has now been abandoned. Photos, but I’m not able to put any of the bldgs in context. It was no more attractive when it was occupied.

    Peace, emb

  27. Message to Mark: I was able to move/reserve my space in the Wooden Boat School’s Elementary Sailing (no it is really elements of sail) to the week before the 4th of July so I can be there for the Great Schooner Race and even possibly Windjammer Days the previous weekend. This is a massively crowded weekend up there so I am going to try and finesse my way onto said water in a classic sailing craft sailed by someone who knows how for the events. I think I can stay a little extra at the school if my bed isn’t already rented!

    What that would do is free me up to go to Nashville, TN for the Charlie Daniels Jam you suggested. I love events like these where any and everyone may walk out on stage, as unlikely as Pavarotti singing with Daniels? So, I tried to link to the ticket information from the information and it wouldn’t go there. And I like benefits that raise money for military veterans too which this one seems to do.

    So, give me a ticket link please and any hints about what else goes on around this event/time?

    Love, Jackie

  28. I highly disapprove of those who liberate anything from anyone under any circumstances, be it for “higher powers” like WWII leaders and the liberators who tried to take it home after they repelled the enemy. Doesn’t make it right who does it.

    I happen to agree with repatriation but it is sometimes difficult to identify who the “true owner” is. Is it military invaders like Napoleon or do the obelisks belong to Egypt? Does England own it or those like Greece they took the friezes from? Did they in turn get it from someone else? It is an endless cycle, like tigers chasing the tail of the other tigers in a giant circle. Thoughts like this sometimes keep me from enjoying museums.

    Nothing worse than taking a horticulture and having her learn.

    I need to go see if I have more volunteers willing to get out in a boat with me this spring and summer. I will have wives redefining “boat porn” if they ever knew the meaning anyway.

    Love, Jackie

  29. Jackie, I can’t find an event calendar for that time yet. Guess it’s a little early. You could go sailing on Old Hickory Lake, see The Hermitage (Andrew Jackson’s home, where he is buried), visit the Country Music Hall of Fame. There are quite a few old plantation homes open for viewing. One, Cheekwood, is now an art gallery and another is part of the Nashville Zoo.

    And this is a fun event, a real old-fashioned fair with lots of livestock and a collection of restored old buildings including a working water mill.

  30. Jackie, Belle Meade mansion is a great tour. We enjoyed it.

    GR6, just started a book you might like “Red Notice” by Bill Browder. True story about doing business in modern Russia. Check out a review.

  31. emb: I understand England is covered with WWII airfields, many of them literally just fields now. You were obviously one of the smart officers…the ones who let their sergeants run things. 🙂

    Jackie, “To the victors go the spoils” has been SOP for as long as there have been losers.

    Thanks, sand. I’ll check it out.

  32. My goodness, I have been away from concerts far too long except Jimmy Buffet and stuff kept getting in way on that one even, since he never refunds a ticket sale. It appears this event is in class with a Buffet concert based on what I paid last year for good seats to see Jimmy be snowed out but go on stage anyway. Which I did not see.

    I will need an insider’s advice on seating options in this arena. Are some of those I assume backstage pass tickets or private “boxes” and do the VIP tickets with food and beverage act like the party suites we used to have in Houston for things like football and rodeo? Curious which seats are OK but not super $$$$ Performers look great and Mike would have had me go for Sean Hannity.

    Andrew Jackson is one whom some would view differently. He is considered anathema to my native American friends and a hero to some others as founder of a new political party, while I am certain some of Mike’s ancestors fought with him at the Battle of New Orleans. They were the Islenos who came from deep in the swamps, not pirates but hunters and fishermen and watermen from the Portuguese Islands off Africa. Those weren’t especially Cajuns fighting with Jackson. No Cajuns down there.

    For years I had a portrait of Jackson who hung with Jefferson and Washington on our office wall. My mom and step-dad asked if they were Mike’s ancestors and I said not exactly. No royalty, sorry Ghost, but a lot of early veterans who fought in some places here in America!

    The Quakers did not, my Quakers were pacifists who got expelled from church. They made up for it after that.

    Love, Jackie

  33. Wan’t condoning the practice, babe, just commenting it’s been around for a long time. War may be an extension of politics, but for some it’s just an extension of business.

  34. Milo Minderbinder: As a matter of fact, Father, I know I can get my hands on an entire shipment of religious relics, blessed by the Pope himself. The Germans swiped them and put them on the open market. As I understand it, the stuff includes a wrist and collarbones of some of your top saints!

  35. Many a year ago I read that one, Ghost! Milo did make an impression I guess. Don’t think I saw the movie but the book, oh yeah!

    Crusaders, now that is an interesting topic. And Greeks. And Romans. And those we find a few clues about and no longer know their names nor where they came from nor who they fought.

    We are indeed just a blip on the history of the planet, kind of a Doomsday Clock of creation.

    I need to take those pills I picked up on Walmart, where my sweat pants slide off my butt and almost mooned a really elderly shopper, male, before I caught them. They are being retired at once after a one wearing resurrection. So, weight going down?

    Love, Jackie

  36. My ex and I saw Fleetwood Mac there. We were in the red section that is #107 on this chart, about halfway up. Great view of everything on that side, including peeks into the backstage area. This is a huge facility that was used for an indoor football team and now is home to Nashville’s pro hockey team. Floor seats in the red zone midsection should give a good view of the stage. If you are in the far end, better bring binoculars, though they do have one of those giant tv screens at the middle of the building. Eat before you go. Better food for the price elsewhere.

  37. Mark: Thanks, emb

    PO was a Quonset [Brits had a different name: Nissen?]. Since outside roof and walls were one steel structure, it may now be just a pile of rust. Some of the ruins may actually have been built after my stay there, Sep. ’52-May ’53. The aerial shot looked like lots more bldgs than I remember, esp. what appear to be married family housing. I think any couples that I knew of lived off base in private housing.

    There was a nearby wild area called Coxford Heath. No idea if it was privately owned, a public commons, or what. No cattle or horses on it, but a good area for birding.

    Peace, emb

  38. Marginally on subject, they use this form of “shelter” all over West Texas for farm equipment mainly, ie. airplane hangers so snow slides off easily. So I am riding along looking out window of truck and commented on the quasi-huts, thereby ensuring a life time of hearing them referred to as those “quasi-huts for almost planes” or equally dumb joke/blonde remarks.

    Not dumb nor much blonde any more but often guilty of Spoonerisms where it comes out “almost right”.

  39. I went looking for a The Cousin and ended with the Step-sister
    (see my last post yesterday)

    From an E post

    God didn’t promise
    days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun
    without rain, but He did promise strength for the
    day, comfort for the tears, and light for the

    If God brings you to
    it, He will bring you through

    The Cabin boat Hank designed is a
    #5696–LITTLE BUBBLE : Nine Feet of Runabout Fun!
    Go down to Hank Clark
    Boy does that bring back memories

    Back in the day Evenrude would lend him a couple of outboards for the season.

    F. Van Wyck Mason’s Manila Galleon
    Story of George Anson’s trip around the world starting in 1740
    Rotten ships, rotten food, and invalid men.

    He also wrote Hugh North stories – very much the James Bond type.


  40. The Corky is a very famous boat, actually, often joked about as how”the only thing smaller that one could use for an adventure race is a Corky.” So I must look it up and also look for Hank Clark.

    You know the old home building/mechanics illustrated/even women’s magazines all featured designs for back yard and home builders. During the 1950’s almost everyone in an area with any form of water built boats in their back yards, either for fishing, water skiing, paddling, all forms.

    The highest sales of plans ever recorded came from a woman’s magazine! I should do a little homework? Anyway, those of us who put on shows to get the public enthused try to bring in children and families, usually without much success. Kids today seem too attuned to a computer screen than outdoor activities. We try, I go after men, women, children and dogs, multi-generational. Try to make kids know how totally cool they are to do stuff like this. I have friends who work with kids, despite being childless.

    My daughters will not allow their children on a boat, despite being on them as children from infancy. Pretty sad when my oldest commented on one of the tributes to her dad, the one this week, that it was so sad to see the photos and they weren’t there. I wanted to say, “Whose choice was that?” But I didn’t.

    Love Jackie

  41. Yep, that is the “Corky” one of the famous one sheet wonders. I still have friends who do this, design one sheet wonders, boats that can be built from a single sheet of plywood. Goal is to use minimal materials, lighter weight, etc. Two of them are rocket scientists retired to boat designing, one in Illinois, another in Arizona, Boat designers seem to take a vow of poverty, if not celibacy.

    Actually, one sheet wonders are the minimalist boats moving upward in complexity to two, three, four and ultimately in my case a stash of $4000 in marine ply for a single boat. I rush to mention I will not be using it on one boat! If you use real wood and produce a classic boat, not a plywood boat, that number pales!

    Love, Jackie

  42. Galliglo, you were one of my “maybe” hits on the lost assets site. I didn’t know enough to make a definitive “hit” out of the site.
    Now, though, you can check out everyone you know and possibly elate a few with your own “hits”!

  43. Good morning Villagers….

    I remember when I first saw the above retro….it was funny then and even funnier now. 🙂

    Jackie, good advice on how to make those little emoticons 😀

    Mark mentioned roller coaster weather the other day…tonight’s low 12 degrees, tomorrow’s high 20 ish, then it’s 53 degrees on Saturday…..what the ????

    I agree, Jean has been MIA too long.

    Llee, you got to love the artwork and the fact he is a cat man intrigues me. Not that I am a tattoo fanatic

    Happy hump day


  44. Again, TIP BlogSpot and comic are the same.

    10-20+ years ago there was an ad*, can’t remember for what, 45ish guy and 3 babes in the water at the shallow end of a swimming pool, he obviously the center of their attn. but also obviously in distress, same basic question below the ad.

    Peace, emb

    *in a magazine, I believe.

  45. Debbe: “Mark mentioned roller coaster weather the other day…tonight’s low 12 degrees, tomorrow’s high 20 ish, then it’s 53 degrees on Saturday…..what the ????”

    Predicted high today +3, low tonight -something, high Th. +24. This is common.

    Peace, emb

  46. Good morning all, leaving on a road trip looking for warmer weather with 10# dog and a minion, female one. You know as J. Buffet says, “Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful” and “You take the weather with you”. Two totally different song lyrics. Sometimes I seem to take the cold with me but hopefully not.

    Last night I found myself being described as “an eccentric, wealthy cat woman who runs a no-kill shelter.” Probably not for he first time, but the wealthy part is not true! I just choose to spend my money creatively and have different values of wealth than some. I am now going to have to tell you all to catch me on the net. I will have my computer and a Smart phone smarter than me.

    I went outside barefooted and in a tee shirt to retrieve dog. Just remembered I have the almost bald Australian Shepherd out there and I need to retrieve her, a rescue of my mother’s that is so sweet and so old. Pokies, Ghost and the pj bottoms are about sliding off too. Great motivational tools.

    Love, Jackie

  47. he Texas state Comptroller usually has a big information campaign once a year telling everyone to check for lost assets, never anything for me, but it was fun finding several hundred$ for my stepson from some old apartment lease and Best Buy refund and insurance claim for my brother, I even found money for my employer

  48. I usually find money for my dead relatives and I am not in touch with their children, so I go, “Use that expensive education and put to some use. You obviously have more money than you need already!”

  49. Giving away all the clothes as I shrink out of them and they begin to fall off. Have plenty of smaller sizes to use until I reach minimum size, and I don’t even know what is possible. Then I will get it all tuned up and lifted back into place!

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