Rolling in the Grass

Rolling in the Grass

Here’s another arboreal Sunday from the spring of 2015. Croquet is like bowling. You don’t do it very often, but when you do you have fun and say stuff like, “We should do that more often!” Everyone readily agrees, but then you don’t. A lot of things can be that way when you get older.

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  1. The difference in expressions between the winner and the loser really make this strip, Jimmy. I haven’t played croquet since I was a kid. And I didn’t understand the rules then, so we were just trying to knock the balls through the wickets. As kids we couldn’t understand the attraction, other than hitting big heavy balls with hammers!

  2. To my Villagers..

    Thanks for all the kind words, thoughts and prayers.

    Steve, the video was beautiful and so is your voice.

    One of the songs played was ‘Amazing Grace’ sung by Judy Collins….all the younger generation never heard of her, can you imagine that 😉

  3. Very dear friend had set set up semi-permanently on her lawn
    (not a Croquet pitch). She could beat anyone’s pants off in her 90s.
    Of course she sometimes had home course advantage with the lumps and bumps.

  4. FB post from Jackie, borrowed from someone else:
    This is hilarious. How many days of severe storms and unrelenting rain have we had in Oklahoma?
    Meteorologists have all banked enough overtime to take their entire families on Hawaiian vacations, and they’re running on Red Bull and takeout.
    City emergency officials are no longer posting road closures on social media. They’re posting the roads that are actually open.
    Local stores are keenly advertising their kayaks at 30% off.
    Rain boots now go with every kind of outfit, even formal graduation attire.
    Many of us have contemplated our interior decorating choices in our storm shelter because we’ve spent so much time in there lately. Would a dusty blue or a nice bold yellow make it seem bigger? Perhaps a mirror and a nice floral arrangement would spruce up the place a bit.
    Everyone is learning new towns that we’ve never heard of, and we can name all 77 counties. Here’s looking at you, Bowlegs and Retrop.
    Runaway barges are a water cooler conversation topic, and it’s not even weird.
    Storm Chasers have put more miles on their storm chase trucks in the past 2 weeks than most of us put on our cars in 6 months.
    People have started a GoFundMe to buy the Tulsa Channel 6 weather team a round of beers. It was funded almost instantly.
    No one dares actually play a drinking game while watching the weather. No chance for coming out of that one sober.
    And finally- Firefighters have gotten more use out of their rescue boats lately than out of their bunker gear.
    So if you have a friend from Oklahoma, send them something to make them smile. We are tired y’all, and maybe just a little bit grumpy about everything. We are made of strong stuff though, so no need to worry about us. But for real, send coffee. (I borrowed this from my cousin it is not original)

  5. Re 5-30-19 real-time cartoon: Dickens and I hot bunk. I don’t really mind.

    (If you’re wondering how I have so much time to post today, it’s because Jackie has started physical therapy today to try to alleviate some of the side effects of her cancer surgery. We’ll be doing that twice a week for a while.)

      • That’s affirmative, Steve. We’ve agreed it wouldn’t be wise for Jackie to drive with some of the medications she’s currently taking. Fortunately, I enjoy driving. Except perhaps on days like yesterday, when driving back from Tulsa in the afternoon in the rain and wind was like unto penetrating a hurricane in a C-130 Hurricane Hunter aircraft.

  6. Jackie has not driven a car since early 2017. I have been in surgery treatment or cancer treatment continuously since then. I have been left with significant damage to my left arm and chest as well as major neuropathy in both arms, hands, legs and feet. I also take pain medications that are illegal to drive with.

    We sold my Mustang with only 7000 miles on it.

    Be grateful Ghost drives me, as I am. People like me cause accidents that kill others.

  7. ” People like me cause accidents that kill others. ”
    Not you Jackie – you are the wise one. It is those that “know better”.

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