Rotting Hill

Rotting Hill

September 28, 2010

As might be expected, I was going through a compost phase myself this week 11 years ago. It didn’t last very long. The newly installed spam filter seems to be working generally. I say “generally,” because it snags an innocent comment occasionally and flags it as potential “spam.” I’m trying to keep an eye on this, approving any legitimate comments that are held out. (You know who you are!) Things have gotten so much better in the Comments Department, and I’ll keep working on the bugs. You just keep posting!

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  1. Continuing the earlier discussion – and hoping I won’t be filtered out again – I interpret Arlo’s assumption that Meg sleeping on the couch would be OK as indicating that they will be coming for only a short visit.

  2. My compost heap is easily defined: one side is marked by rising ground, one by a tree, one by an old railroad tie that was there when we moved in. The last side isn’t marked except by how far it’s spread. There was light rain last night, and the temp’s above 50, so I presume it’s working. I’m going to try to get some of it onto the lawn next spring, because it’s needed and there’s no point in keeping it working if it doesn’t get used.

  3. My MBH and I went for our 3rd Pfizer shots this morning. While at the pharmacy, we also opted for flu shots – I don’t remember when I last got a flu shot or had the flu, for that matter. Glad to have the added protections in place….

  4. My compost bins are behind the house and full. No one is using them at all but burning and hauling. I hope to be well enough to work in yard next week so maybe we can start a new compost pile or empty old ones?

    I love compost but so do snakes because of rodents in compost.

  5. Just read article on why snakes are in your yard. Guess what reason #5 was?

    Compost piles!

    Also bird feeders, bird baths, wood piles, water hoses, children’s play equipment, water ponds, rock gardens.

  6. For lunch today, I had Mississippi Roast, using a very simple slow-cooker recipe.

    Which reminds me of the story of a woman in a restaurant carrying a full plate from the salad bar who, when passing another customer seated at a table, said, “A cow died so you could eat that steak.”
    To which he replied, “If you weren’t eating its food, it might have lived.”

    • A Recipe from Ghost’s Kitchen
      Mississippi Roast
      (3-4 pound) roast, your choice of cut. Sometimes we use chuck, sometimes sirloin tip, sometimes rump.
      One stick butter
      1 package au jus gravy mix
      1 package Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix (dry)
      Pepperoncini peppers, number to your liking, and a little juice.
      Sometimes we sear it. Sometimes we don’t.
      Put roast in slow cooker. Add other ingredients. Salt and Pepper if you like and cook on low until tender.

  7. Today is anniversary of the beginning of Charlie Brown on October 2, 1950.

    I remember those early drawings clearly, I copied them as a grade school “cartoonist ” at age 7 and 8!

    Our school newspaper was printed by a hand operated mimeograph machine.

    • I remember the smell of those mimeographed handouts the teachers used in school. One thing lost to the Xerox machine that today’s kids won’t know.
      Good morning Jackie and Ghost. Good to hear from you.

      • I used them for exams early in my teaching career. Loved the ethanolic odor, but the all-too-smudgy purple ink wasn’t so much fun.

  8. Let’s see if this gets posted or if the spam collector takes it away!.
    We have a recipe which main ingredients include some cheap cut of beef, cubed, a bottle of pepperoncini preferably with juice, a can of beer, and considerable cooking time of 6-8 hours. It isn’t italian beef, exactly, but we call it that. There must be some other ingredient, but such escapes me for the nonce. Result is ever so tasty, especially those falling apart peppers….
    We serve over rolls or just bread or even mashed potatoes. Just don’t skim off all the fat (from the cheapness of the meat). That fat layer is where a LOT of the flavor resides, those flavor chemicals apparently preferring to dissolve in the most non-polar medium found.

  9. Ghost and I are cleaning food pantries and refrigerator. Than I need to inventory and make up list for pantry door plus a shopping list to use weekly that just requires a check mark or quantity to buy.

    We are almost to inside of fridge, we have done doors.

    It is not my legs that hurt the most but my back! I have three crushed vertebrae driving me crazy. All dozen of my daily meds say “Do not operate vehicles or use anything, can cause drowsiness, dizziness and confusion”.

    Couple that with cancer side effects and chemo brain!!!

  10. Ghost – your roast recipe is similar to one we use. The idea is the same, but the taste is slightly different. Here are the differences in case you would like to try a change:
    Chop 1/2 to one onion and put in crockpot. Chop a couple stalks of celery and put in crockpot with onion.
    Place roast (seared or not seared) on top of veggies. (If it is a small roast, about 3 lbs or less, can put it in straight from the freezer) Pour a can of beef broth over the roast, then sprinkle liberally with Cavender’s Greek seasoning. Cook on low if not frozen or cook on high if frozen for 6-8 hours. Two hours before serving, chop a couple of potatoes and some carrots (canned will also work) and add to the pot.
    I really like your idea of the pepperocini peppers and the dressing mix, and am going to try that next time I do our roast.

  11. Jackie – since Covid, we have been using a grocery list based on an Excel file. We added a column that lists the aisle where the items are usually found (warning- sometimes the change things around) in the store we usually frequent.
    The Kroger store nearest us has a website where you can look up this info.
    Then we sort the list before printing so the items are printed in the order that we usually go down the aisles. That way we spend less time in the store (and having a list means we don’t need to go to the store as often) so we hopefully get less exposure.
    Keep up the good work – your spirit and courage inspires me when I confront my own medical issues. Thanks!

  12. Yeah. My son just told me about it with a little reminder not to fall for any phishing scams asking for personal information because of it.

  13. Mark Zuckerman lost $6 billion today and dropped in his billionaire ratings from the expose of Facebook and the different Facebook companies going off air in shutdown.

  14. Didn’t get much done today but did bake a loaf of beer bread and a peach cobbler. I am going to soak some beans or dried peas for tomorrow if Ghost feels like eating some. If I have right kind I will do Cajun red beans and rice, my favorite. I love died legumes.

    Sure I told you in 1982 I came up with recipe for Texas 12 Beans Soup. We sold and shipped it all over America and the world for five years. It has been copied by so many companies who call it by other regions and numbers of beans.

  15. I wish I had made notes about the favorite restaurants in Tulsa that have been mentioned here. Just learned that a friend will be there tomorrow. He’s hoping to do the Art Deco walking tour.

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