Run for Your Life

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The winter of 2014 plows on. It was just another winter storm to me (yawn) until yesterday the National Weather Service used the word “catastrophic.” That got my attention. The last time I heard that term applied by those officially in charge of the weather was in the hours before Hurricane Katrina came ashore. This time, of course, it’s the potential for icing. The action is down south again. I’m not in an area where ice is expected to be bad, although some is possible, but I can tell you it is raining cats and dogs. To the east, where temperatures are colder, this much rain means a lot of ice, an inch or more. The potential “catastrophe” is going to be the million or more without electricity who will be dependent upon ridiculously overworked crews to restore that power. I know from experience some could be waiting days, even weeks. And our friends in the northeast? It’s coming your way. Again.