Run for Your Life II

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I don’t remember the specifics, but I do remember the inspiration for this comic strip from the 2010 series I’m calling “Run for Your Life.” Members of the United States women’s soccer team had completed a particularly exhilarating match with an international opponent, and in a spirit of bonhomme (bonnefemme?) inspired by their counterparts on men’s teams, some members stripped off their colorful team jerseys and exchanged them with members of the other team. This created a huge scandal in the U.S. media, where utterly silly scolds were given all the platform they desired to discuss the appropriateness of the athletes’ behavior. You see, underneath the jerseys the young women wore only “sports bras,” dense expanses of spandex covering the torso from collarbone to the lower ribcage designed not to flatter but to support, i.e. flatten. I tell you, people, 24-hour news channels are going to be the downfall of us all.