Run for Your Life IV

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I’m finding that I rather like this simple series about jogging from exactly four years ago, so much that I’m sticking with it. I hope you like it, too.

Comments about comments! How existential! I’m not exactly sure what “existential” means, but it’s a great word, and I misuse it whenever I have the opportunity. I even used it in the strip recently. Perhaps I should let sleeping blogs lie, but I felt I should say something about recent remarks. When I converted to WordPress blogging software more than six years ago, no comments were posted before I personally reviewed them. Of course, it quickly became apparent that moderation inconvenienced everyone, and, not without trepidation, I dispatched with it. You haven’t let me down. I think I could count on one hand the comments I’ve censored after the fact. There have been comments and threads that made me cringe or roll my eyes (I’m looking at YOU!), but my policy is to let visitors have their fun. Actually, most who come don’t comment. Believe me: I see the Web stats. They come for the old cartoon and, I assume, to see if I got out of bed in time to write something remotely interesting. However, many people do comment, and that’s encouraged. The ability to comment is why I use this format, and if there are regular visitors who enjoy treating as their own chat room, let’s just say they have my permission.

The real reason I’m bringing this up is to mention that the plans for change that I’ve discussed lately relate to all this. I mentioned this in “comments” myself yesterday, but I thought it’s worth repeating here. I hope, in the near future, this site will feature several pages, including a home page, a page for blogging and comment, a page for separate features and, ahem, a page for selling stuff. I hope it’s going to be a big improvement on several levels.

The Web is becoming more and more important to people like me. Without my knowing much of anything about what I’m doing, I think we’ve built quite a community here over the years. I want it to grow. I thank you all for coming, whatever your reason, and I’m glad you’re here.