Run for Your Life VI

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In for a penny, in for a pound. Here’s the denouement of the jogging series, from exactly four years ago today. Here’s a thought, based on some of our conversations this week. Well, it’s not really “just a thought.” It’s something I’ve known for years now, to my chagrin. It is possible to make money as a Web cartoonist. Some are doing it, if they are to be believed themselves, and I have no reason to doubt them. The problem for many, though, is that a successful Web cartoonist must be a good self-promoter, not to mention a good business man, a good graphic designer, a passable programmer, a savvy retailer and a paragon of self-discipline—all in addition to being funny. In reality, many cartoonists who’ve managed to thrive in the traditional environment aren’t really good at anything except drawing cartoons. We won’t name any names. No one has a greater interest in solving this conundrum than the old-school syndicates, the organizations that have sold features to print newspapers for more than a century. They are working on it. I wish them luck.