I’m sorry I missed updating yesterday. I’m trying to do better about that. Actually, I was away from my lair yesterday and am again today, but Gene and Ruth resume their 1996 conversation. To be a stickler about it, it is their second conversation, and Gene’s confidence grows. However, I am going to interrupt our own conversation about adult Gene and the other coast people—and the boat—for at least a day. Thank you for coming by!

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  1. Debbe 😉 I was up late cramming for a final. Not really, but I was burning the midnight oil for a good purpose, saw the real-time cartoon, and couldn’t resist. I used to do early drive-by posts like that occasionally, but it’s been a while. Probably won’t make a habit of that.

    My first thought was of another “colorist failure”, as I suspect Jimmy may have pictured the cups to be red in color, making them examples of the world famous (well, Southern famous) Red Solo Cup™. So I went with Dixie Cup™ instead.

  2. Miss your wicked humor, Ghost. You have not been up to snuff lately. Stress does that. I will refrain from posting some of my worst ideas for names for the veggie stop.

    On the road again, among the blue bonnets as soon as I find my plastic maps to overwhelm my gps.


    Ghost, I personally found the “head-on” shot of Ruth in the 3rd panel to be both endearing and a fascinating exercise in perspective by Our Humble Author. (He also has an excellent recall of being in “the love cloud” with someone.) It made me wonder what Arlo and Janis would look like from “head-on” in a 3-D rendering.

    In the sixth grade, I endeavored to make 3-D likenesses of much of the cast of “Peanuts” that would also correspond to the drawings from Mr. Schulz’ preferred angles. Lucy’s hair was a major challenge, as was the shape of Linus’ head, but I was actually able to pull it off in each instance. I don’t know if it would be possible to do in exactly the same way with this cast, due to the measures of whimsy, artistic license and personal style that Our Humble Author uses (see “Ears, Ludwig’s” among other examples. ) It is an interesting visualization that accompanies such a challenge and speaks to the craftsmanship in the medium that one can easily overlook each day in the “funnies.”

  4. Evan, “endearing” is perhaps not the word I’d apply to the full-frontal view of Ruth’s head. But as someone here is wont to say, “De gustibus non est disputandum”. 🙂

    Below is the first example I can recall of the head of a major character here pictured in other than some degree of profile. And yes, it makes me wonder how Janis would look in a “full-frontal” 3-D rendering. Now *that* would be fascinating!

  5. The “full face” drawing of Ruth — my feeling is, maybe not a realistic picture of her features. More what she looks like to Gene as she moves toward him! He feels like a cornered animal!

  6. Full face view better for reflecting her thought processes as she amends her statement, trying not to spook Gene. First she says what she really feels, then adds Guys, so Gene won’t think she only wants to be with him, even though it’s what she means.

  7. Ghost, well met, and indeed, the eye of the beholder is always right. 🙂 In fact, it is Ruth’s shining eyes that caught my attention. It is always a good thing to be looked at with shining eyes.

    As for the 3-D rendering YOU were mentioning, I am not proficient in Latin at all, but the phrase that comes to mind is “Age quod agis,” which I heard in “Tombstone” and purportedly means, “Do what you do.” And you certainly do. 😉

  8. I believe I previously mentioned that when Millionaire Widow Lady and I had been apart for a while, I would always greet her with an embrace and kiss lasting for several minutes. When she came up for air, she would invariably comment that her eyes were “watering”. I never told her that glistening eyes are a sign of female sexual arousal.*

    * Information You Can Use

  9. Yes, what happened to the boat?

    That portrait of Ruth is a little scary, like doll in the movie?

    Here I am on Lake Texoma just inside Oklahoma state line driving alongside border. Potty break time. Realized I hadn’t stopped!

    Been in remote ranch area. Where’d all the swanky ranch houses come from? Huge mansions. Wells are shut down and not pumping.

  10. So, oil prices are so low, they won’t pay the electric bill to pump it? Doubt it. Why sell it at $37 a barrel now when it can stay in the ground a while and perhaps bring $60 or more a barrel when the next Middle East crisis inevitably occurs?

  11. GR6, my speculation on the boat. The kids swapped it for a patch of land with an old house and an abandoned roadside filling station. What I call a plot thickener.

    Why they still are pumping oil, from my industry sources. Pumping at a loss is cheaper than shutting down a field, which then has to be injected to get the flow going later. What the accountant would say is the marginal cost of pumping is cheaper in the long run than reopening the field later.

  12. Evan, fair warning on Mr. Dafoe. He was Sgt. Elias in Vietnam and after a CIA sheep dipping was known as John Clark. Not sure I would miss with him. 😉

  13. “trying not to spook Gene.” I thought she, in that 3/4 view in the 4th panel, with the look that says to herself “Be careful!”, is making sure her mother, not far off, is hearing that final “s”. Peace,

  14. What did I miss on red cups? We use for mixing epoxy and drinking tea.

    Saw some kind of touring Mexican band from Monterrey or else some rico touristas de Mejico? Coming to Merles services?

  15. During my stint in the USAF, keeping America safe from enemies foreign and domestic, I may have attended n (where n >1) number of parties like the one in Toby’s video, where red Solo Party Cups were a staple. We too used them for mixing and drinking, but neither epoxy nor tea were involved. They do work quite well for draft beer, as shown in the video, but nothing says “party” like Seven & Seven cocktails in a 16 ounce cup.

  16. Safe in Tulsa in bed with Dickens. I not only need a diet cgaperone, I need a hip manipulator. I has half a bag of Famous Amos cookies, half a Diet Coke and a pain pill for a one a.m. snack.

    I am here, whether I get to two doctors and a lawyer is questionable. I know I won’t make it to car service, I am in wrong vehicle. When did servicing a car become more expensive (twice) than my first car cost?

  17. Good morning Villagers…..


    …..and that was just last night

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  18. Probably just as well…if Trav had to deal with all the rude, ignorant, whiny, self-important people he’d encounter these days, he’d be constantly having to whoop someone’s ass.

  19. If Gene and Mary Lou haven’t yet sold the boat, they may have to in order to pay for environmental clean up of the old filling station. From the looks of today’s strip, the original gas tank is still buried beneath the station. Most older tanks leak over the years and the surrounding soil has to be dug up and removed– not an inexpensive proposition and usually the responsibility of the current property owner. Meg better start cranking up egg production to help cover the costs!

  20. My maternal grandparents home, built in the early 1950’s, had unusual looking shingle siding. When the house had to be torn down, it turned out that it was made with asbestos, so the destruction crew had to take a lot of extra steps.

  21. I apologize if anyone experienced an unsettling discomfort at approximately 07:00 CDT. Our cats created a minor ripple in the time space continuum while chasing a small lizard about the house. Lizard has been safely relocated outside and felines are again at rest.

  22. GR6, vases of flowers have been known to mysteriously topple over. Houseplants which should have smooth leaf edges have been known to develop jagged edges. Odd occurances that only the felines seem to understand. occurrences.

  23. Great news, after a year and a half of procrastination I broke down and saw the cardiac sleep apnea specialust. They gave me a cancellation date next weekend. I agreed even though it meant missing my favorite boat show in Franklin, LA with days of Cajun food, music and a luxury bed and breakfast reservation. I told scheduler what I was giving up.

    That sweet thing put me in someone’s broken appointment THIS Sunday! I am back going to cajunland.

  24. Judges 16:15-22. Both NRSV and KJV say “a man”, with no ref. to his sexual orientation. Kind of ridiculous to think that the strength of a man [Samson, that is] was in his hair, and that he got it back when his hair grew back. Legends are like that. Peace,

  25. emb, I think that the long hair symbolized Samson’s commitment to God. His strength came from God and when he broke that commitment he lost what God had given him. Judges 16:17 So he told her everything. “No razor has ever been used on my head,” he said, “because I have been a Nazirite dedicated to God from my mother’s womb. If my head were shaved, my strength would leave me, and I would become as weak as any other man.”But who can say that it did not happen as written?

  26. Thanks for the T. McGee link, Mark. We owned, read, and reread all of them. They did not survive the move, although “The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything” and a few others (both sci fi I think) did.

  27. “But who can say that it did not happen as written?” Anyone can. A story like that cannot be proven, and I personally don’t think that accepting it as literally true is particularly devout. I doubt that faith should primarily be acceptance of Biblical or other miraculous accounts as literally true, or primarily be following a prescribed set of rules supposedly handed down by divine fiat. Contra Luther, I think the outlook of the prophet Micah [Mic. 6:8] and the writer of the Letter of James [Js. 2:18] come closer to being truly faithful to Elohim. Peace,

  28. Dear Jackie, wonderful that the appointment scheduler was so kindhearted and nice to you! I think you often are treated like this, because you are so kind and generous yourself. You also have tons of charm!

    The boat show in Louisiana sounds marvelous. Hope you have a great time.

  29. As a longtime Travis McGee fan, I was stunned that the marina did away with the plaque honoring McGee and the Busted Flush. I am afraid that his kind shall not pass our way again.

  30. I am a fan of Travis McGee and John D. McDonald myself, and hate to read about the removal of the plaque. Guess it wasn’t making any money for the current owners. Should be happy they haven’t melted it for scrap. Perhaps they should donate it to the local library. That would be a fitting new location for it. Or the folks who placed the plaque should reclaim it and find it a new home. Carl Hiaasen should get involved in this. McGee was a forerunner of his kind of Florida fiction.

  31. For the mature among you, or those younger [like my elder son] who were fortunate enough to be brought up culturally aware, the site below has many hours of instructive and mostly humorous listening. Elaine would want you to. [Some of it may not be PC.]

    Peace, emb

    —–Original Message—–
    From: [elder son]
    Subject: Tom Lehrer is still alive?

    According to this guy (and according to Scott Simon of NPR) it’s Tom Lehrer’s birthday.

  32. Will try to send a URL for the following [which I just sent to 3 overlapping blind-copy groups].

    Couple of interesting items. Hope it’s clear for those of you with even moderate telescope or good binocular access to watch Aldebaran* peek out from behind Luna tomorrow. Local time details should be in the click to “read more.” As noted in the attachment, I had a JHS science teacher who asserted that the moon could not be seen in the daytime.

    Evolutionary implications of the two supernova bursts some 2 BYA are noteworthy.

    *Now in my A&J dictionary.


  33. Two separate URLs: Didn’t work. Suggest two searches. One for:


    and the other for:


    Peace, emb

  34. Guess you had no access to the email’s attachment, a combo of two copyrighted columns from 1990 and 2000 Bemidji Pioneers. Here are the relevant paragraphs:

    “Miss Holscher was a horse of another color, whose name is legion. She was an eighth or ninth grade science teacher. Miss Holscher was certain, but often wrong. She seldom checked what she “knew” against observation. She told us only introduced insects were harmful (Colorado potato beetles?), and that, due to the sun’s brightness, you cannot see the moon in the daytime. I had often seen it, and even Venus, in the daytime.
    “You say, “Surely she was kidding, Evan [not the other Evan]; she was just trying to stimulate discussion.” No, Miss Holscher didn’t do discussion. She once used this true/false item: “The sun will last for eternity.” She marked “true” correct. I objected that Sol would eventually stop shining (not knowing the explosive details then). She said no, since humans would no longer exist then, eternity would be over. Savvy pupils know not to argue with ignorance cloaked in authority.”

    Peace, emb

  35. Mark: ‘Where is everybody this morning?’

    Sol is still up, so it is still Shabat, and our colleagues are all [some closeted] Orthodox Jews, who think playing here is work.

    Shalom, emb

  36. It did make me feel better actually and I fell asleep getting facial and massage. Give me a good beautician any day over medications.

    Ghost would like this one, beautiful woman, worked in China for 17 years as a masseuse. I have no idea how she got here but I love her to pieces and am grateful. She looks French more than oriental but from deep interior of China, met her American husband there. Oil?

  37. I know a strangely beautiful young woman, one of several young and old who have adopted me since Elaine died [some specifically because of their love and regard for her, but not this one, who never met her]. Anyway, turns out her looks result from her maternal grandmother’s being full-blooded Japanese, presumably a marriage arising from the American occupation 1945ff. She no longer lives in town. Peace,

  38. Jackie, I’ve nearly gone to sleep in barber chairs, at times. When they begin working on my neck, it is almost like getting a neck massage with the pressure/motion of the clipper. Very relaxing.

  39. ok…good morning villagers…

    Good morning Villagers….

    …..are you still up Jackie? I too have a disturbing sleep cycle…my internal clock goes off at about 3 to 4ish…so I toss and turn and this get my cat, Snowee, going too….she doesn’t leave me alone…so I just get up. Then by 8ish pm, I’m asleep in the recliner, wake up at around 10ish and go to bed. I can’t break this cycle as it’s been this way now for years.

    Mark, thanks for the Mother Goose and Grim…going to have to remember to add them to my comics list. Always read them in the comics page of the local rag. Was Larson the one who did The Far Side? He was good, and yes, I did laugh at Whyatt’s page…

    emb…I found this link, unfortunately, we are supposed to have 100 percent chance of rain this afternoon and evening.

    Someone forgot to turn the water back on at the other hen house. They went last weekend without water until Monday morning…..we have a check list, and on that check list you are to check all forty water nipples…it was checked off that it was done….Skittles. Now the Corp wants no teens to sign off on check list….and they’ve decided to molt the little Miss Prissies….so lights go off at 1:30 pm and come on at 6 am and they are fed, but not nutritionally…they’ll rebound, and be good for about another six months of egg laying.


  40. Why do you people stay up all night? It must be catching. Woke up at 0335 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Problem on my mind [not personal health]. Damn.

    That ‘Damn’ reminds me of an article posted in Anu Garg’s A.W.A.D. Mail. Will try to post a link. Peace,

  41. That ‘Damn’ reminds me of an article posted in Anu Garg’s AWAD Mail.

    Search: AWADmail Issue 719 , then click on

    A Lexicographer Explains the Sneaky Agenda Behind Trump’s Dirty Mouth


  42. I made a quick trip Friday night to Fort Wayne for my Uncle’s visitation and funeral. After paying our respects, we stayed at my sister’s place and visited with her, her husband and my brother and his wife. After the funeral, we decided not to go to the cemetery, as we needed to get back home for an event that we rescheduled as did my brother-in-law. Usually the church and family sponsor a light lunch, but this time that they didn’t. So the six of us at at local restaurant. Some of the others might have been a bit miffed, but there is a graduation next month that we all plan to be at, so all is well.

  43. By the way, Walmart was selling plush covered handcuffs at Valentine’s and I think Dollar General did too, boxed sets. Not so racy when it’s that mainstream.

    But I must admit to never trying that. I am just boring and conservative old lady who never did rash things.

    But when Texas state police had to arrest me in front of 400 Mexicans in the driver’s license office they did have to cuff me on warrant. But they apologized profusely and wouldn’t actually book me. I sat around translating to the 400 arrested Mexicans that they were being sent back to Mexico as illegals.

    They really hated to let me go when Mike finally claimed me.

  44. Yes, Jackie, much has changed in the past eight years.

    From the expression on Janis’s face, I suspect the answer to “How did she get out?” was “Arlo called first responders”. If so, she’s not only a legend at the landfill, she’s a legend at the fire station as well.

    So, one other experience you’ve had that I haven’t…being arrested.

  45. One suggestion occurs to me. Attach the cuff key to the cuffs with a bit of string long enough to reach the keyhole without having to untie it. Because the next problem would be finding something with which to cut the string when you can’t untie the knot. And no, never tried cuffs either. Never arrested, but detained by Shore Patrol in case of mistaken identity.

  46. My arrest lay at fault of my late husband but I can claim that, as he is late. It was for a tag violation on plates that escalated into a warrant when I forgot the warning issued. I did get new plates, I forgot to send proof or whatever.

    Lots of flood waters of life between the warning and the arrest. In my defense I looked so upscale and elegant and clean records that troopers thought it was someone else who’d been driving my vehicle and tried not to arrest me. I paid a huge fine and never got booked.

    Still a lot of blame was due my husband, not unlike Arlo. I don’t dwell on past unless I can laugh at myself.

  47. Oh, that vehicle burned up literally on freeway in that gap and that was husband’s fault too. He took both our vehicles to a quick oil change place and both caught on fire and burned on same day, no insurance. So I can be forgiven forgetting about the dang tag.

  48. Tom Holt is a master of this:

    Paraprosdokians are figures of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected and is frequently humorous.

    1. Where there’s a will, I want to be in it.

    More to follow.

  49. Mark, lots of six foot five inch guys that looked like you wandering around when you were in the Navy, were there? 🙂

    Coincidentally, I renewed my car tag last week. So don’t have to worry about getting ticketed/arrested for another year, I suppose. One reason I try to avoid getting arrested is that it would get a bit ridiculous when they started disarming me.

  50. Thought for the Day: In the military, I learned one should never criticize one’s boss until one walks a mile in his shoes. That way, when he gets mad, you’re a mile away, and you have his shoes.

  51. Forgot to say the mysterious men wanting to befriend me now includes Air Force but still mainly oil patch. I do think I got some Army and Navy ones earlier. I just delete them but it is interesting and photos seem professionally staged and photographed.

    I am doing laundry and need to head to Tulsa in a short while, what a glamorous life. Some of my clothes got stained, gasp! Building boats, not coming clean.

  52. Ghost, nope. Just had the bad luck to be seen getting out of a taxi from which a pickpocket had just been driven away from the base’s enlisted club. I started to get into the cab and was told by the driver to take another cab. I got back out just as the Shore Patrol truck arrived, so I must be the guilty party. Was loaded into the back of the truck, driven back to the enlisted men’s club and presented to the club manager and the victim. The victim took one look and said “No, that’s not him. The one that stole my wallet was much shorter and had blond hair”. (mine’s brown). I was cut loose but not offered a ride back to the front gate where they picked me up. Yokosuka was a big base and I decided not to waste more money on cab fare going back so I stayed where I was for a while.

  53. I once looked out of the second floor dayroom window of my military living quarters and saw a local kid come out of a ground floor door, stash something in the shrubbery, and re-enter. I grabbed a buddy and we went down and out another door and were waiting for him when he came out again. He almost swallowed one of the rolls of toilet tissue he was carrying when I braced him. (Apparently he was stocking up on paper products and cleaning stuff and got our Air Force base confused with a five-and-dime store.) I had already told another guy to call the Security Police, and we held him until they arrived. (The kid kept trying to reach into his pants pocket for something; I was wearing jump boots, and I told him to stop doing that if he wanted to ever be able to have children.)

    The SP’s took him into custody, and took my buddy and me to their station to file witness reports. The desk sergeant gave us forms and told us to write down everything we had observed. When I gave it back to him, he said, “@%#*, what’s all this?” (I had written three single-spaced pages, and I guess he was used to witnesses who could put everything they remembered into three sentences.)

    “You told me to write down everything I observed,” I reminded him.

    At least they gave us a ride back to our quarters.

  54. Yeah, Mark, I saw that story previously. Reminded me of something I posted recently…

    Thought for the Day: You can tell a lot about a woman’s mood just by her hands. For instance, if she’s holding a gun, she’s probably angry.

  55. Good morning Villagers….

    Husband has weather channel on (yes, it’s going to rain all day and plummet to 36 degrees this time tomorrow), but my questions is….what has happened to maternity tops??? The pregnant weather lady had on a sweater top, and all you could see was boobs and baby bump! Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think it’s a very becoming look.

    …and never underestimate a knife in a woman’s hand either 🙂

    still trying to get my email to come up too….

    Old Bear, love the quotes….

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  56. Woman scorned story I heard from a police officer. Husband was seated at the breakfast table when he informed his wife, he was leaving her for another woman. She grabbed the first available implement, a meat fork. Her one stab was a killer, he arrived DOA.

  57. Debbe 😉 Actually, it’s been a while since a TWC anchor lady showed up on the air enceinte. It formally happened so often people joked that it must have been a contractual requirement when they were hired, or that there was “something in the water” there.

    Was it Demi Moore or Madonna or some other “celebrity” that started the “run to the photographer’s studio and have a nude picture made just before the baby pops out” thing? I mean, that’s fine if that’s their thing, and it certainly doesn’t offend me, but it just seems to me to be an odd way to make a “baby picture”.

  58. Naked swollen body is supposed to show the world how beautiful the pregnant woman’s body is.

    I was not, no one ever told me I was but it might have been nice? Especially if they wanted another progeny.

    I just wanted that baby OUT.

  59. Is showing “the world how beautiful the pregnant woman’s body is” on a magazine cover equivalent to installing ridiculously loud stereo speakers in one’s car so that one can selflessly share one’s favorite music genre and selections with everyone within a six block radius? (Also see: “attention seeking”)

  60. Just emailed this to 3 blind-cc. groups:

    ‘Headline from today’s Strib that is open to [un]intended misinterpretation:

    “Across Minnesota, there’s an average of nearly 800 students for each school counselor. Some lawmakers are pushing to improve that number.” ‘


  61. Yes, John Hope. Then Jim Cantore inherited the rumor which might be believable. Hope and Forbes not believable. Cantore works on the body he has.

    I would not inflict my pregnant body on anyone.. Hal said Nantucket.

  62. eMb and anyone else: In the Decorah eagle nest, what is that purplish round thing to the right of center? It was there a day ago – or two – near what seemed to be a deceased rabbit. Could it be some organ therefrom?

  63. It is 75 here and I am running car ac.

    Just saw funny sign on bank for a March to end gender discrimination. It said “Come see our president March in heels.”

    Made me think about marching in ROTC in heels, hose and garter belt as a darling. Should I suggest he add that?

  64. The Chandlery. Keeps a piece of the nautical past that the kids had, plus a wink to Gus and The Dock. Eggs and veggies, with a side of line and topsiders.

  65. Jackie, you may have had to do your ROTC marching in heels, hose and garter belt, but today you could volunteer for Army Ranger training, and they wouldn’t require you to wear heels, hose and garter belt for it. So things have changed somewhat.

  66. Missed my big chance for a Janis worthy selfish and I haven’t taught Dickens to use the camera yet. But he was a worried doggie as I disappeared in the fiam.

    Filled jacuzzi with water, then poured in lavender salts and soothing all purpose shower, bath wash with foaming bubbles. Turned it on and I looked like a head poking through a huge white cloud, disappearing as foam rose higher and higher, about two feet higher than tub in places. With mirrored wall, it looked like a giant meringue with top of my head and nose above it.

    Let water out, tub is STILL filled with bubbles to top and I had to go wash down in shower to remove suds. Totally obscured. Priceless.

  67. emb

    Post of 9 April
    Miss Holscher

    She was sort of correct about the Sun (Both should have been correct?)
    Time is a human concept developed so everything does not happen at once.

    No Humans no eternity – that does not mean the sun will not go out.
    (Gobbling the Earth in the process)

    Just saw a program about the moon – it is receding from earth 1.5 inches a year,
    eventually it will become stationary in relation to earth rotation so will be geosynchronous.

    Good show on the origins of the moon.

  68. Good morning Villagers…

    GR 😉 , funny thing is I was thinking of Demi Moore’s photo op while riding into work yesterday morning. Tacky, just plain tacky.

    Am enjoying the current real time arc JJ….hope there is not a fox in the hen house.

    My big boy, Golden Boy (new name for my rooster) is getting so big, his color is a golden yellow and his comb a rich blood red. His eyes are so big, kinda scary looking at you. He is starting crowd out his Miss Prissy he’s so big. May have Ian bring him into the packing room today for some exercise. I’m waiting for the golden egg to come into the packing room 🙂 (I wish)

    Old Bear, what channel was that moon program on?

    Did not sleep well again last night….life is so cyclical…….

    Mark and Sand, some good names for the stand….


    ya’ll have a sunny Tuesday, the sun comes out today…

  69. O.B.: “(Gobbling the Earth in the process).” That class was in 1944 or so. Don’t know if we knew then about Earth’s eventual red giant stage. Pretty sure Miss Holscher didn’t, among many other things. Miss Kelly, Mrs. Lauber, Mrs. Betz [Librarian], and Mlle. McGillicuddy were good teachers. Also, Miss Graham[?], math. Don’t remember all of them, and don’t remember the names of a few. Amy English was principal. Peace,

  70. I’ve been away and I have no idea what today’s strip is about. I do have great news. Some in the Village may remember the story of my step-son and his fiancé of about 14 years. They snuck off to Gatlinburg and got married. I was so happy when they called and told us last night that I was crying.

  71. Good morning Villagers…

    Running behind and on empty this a.m. So, no fox in the hen house…dang dog, or daag (re: movie Snatch and the pikey played by Brad Pitt)

    ya’ll have a blessed day

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