Sacré bleu!

Sacre bleu!

Of course, French people don’t really say “sacré bleu,” even if we in America like to think they do. That’s understandable. If my pigeon French serves me at all, it means something like “holy smoke.” When was the last time you heard an American use that expression whose last name wasn’t Cleaver?

OK, that’s my effort for the day at affecting normalcy. Things are going crazy around here. Some books shipped yesterday and might be falling in mail boxes tomorrow, but don’t get overly excited. Not many went out on Wednesday. However, the mail room is getting its feet beneath it, and things are picking up fast. Hopefully, most of the preorders will have shipped by early next week. There still will be some problematic orders to clear up, but we will get to them. Be patient, please, as you have been, and be assured things could be going a lot worse.

Oh, I was going to talk more about shipping. I will soon, but suffice to say the $5.99 shipping and handling charge will apply to all media-mail domestic shipments, regardless of size.