Safe bet



A lot of you have speculated on whether an autograph will be included on the upcoming A&J book if it is purchased from this Web site. There has been so much conjecture and discussion that it has me thinking about the matter myself. I can’t see charging anyone extra for my signature. I am fairly certain that won’t happen. I can also say that it probably won’t be possible to get a sketch or personalized inscription on a book purchased online, as much as I’d like to accomodate you, especially with the latter. There simply will be too many books going out (hopefully!), and personalizing them would complicate exponentially what inevitably will be a harrowing process as it is. If you’re able to catch me at a personal book signing, it would be a different; I’d be glad to sign your book, “To the world’s biggest ‘Arlo and Janis’ fan….” 

As for online sales, that leaves autographs. My first reaction is, “That’s a lot of autographs,” and it is, but I think it’s a reasonable expectation for you people here. If you want my chicken scratching on your book, and that’s what it will be after a few dozen signings, I’m inclined to accomodate you. That’s not a promise! I’m thinking about it. I am weighing the possibility of signing, say, the first 1,000 books sold. We’ll see.