Safety in Numbers

Safety in Numbers

You might be forgiven for thinking that I was going to take “vacation week” off after talking about it last week. Well, not entirely. Here’s an old A&J from 2002. This cartoon was drawn with a felt-tip pen, which I have experimented with off and on over the years. It looks terrible, doesn’t it? The joke, however, is an old favorite of mine. Good writing rescues bad drawing almost every time! I expect to be here tomorrow, on the Fourth, but I want to go ahead and wish you a happy and safe holiday. Thanks for reading A&J!

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  1. As part of having a happy and safe holiday be sure to protect everyone and every pet who has sensitive hearing. And if you’re doing fireworks, remember that used fireworks often contain embers and can flare up again. Douse them thoroughly before putting them in the trash.

  2. Happy 4th and thanks for the years of laughs, Jimmy.

    Even the best felt tip pens just don’t have the same life as a good dip pen. I never think your art looks ‘terrible’ but the artist is usually his own harshest critic. I know I look at my paintings and see the flaws first, beauty later.

  3. Sorry that it was a bad day yesterday Jackie.

    My guess is that Janice said a dozen, since that is clearly impossible. The two, not so impossible, but one of them wouldn’t be her… some of the old insecurity creeping back in?

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