Saint Somebody

Saint Somebody

March 17, 2003

Winter comes in with Christmas and goes out with St. Patrick’s Day, bookends of the harshest season. Other than that, they don’t have a lot in common, but St. Patrick’s Day comes up in the current A&J today, so I thought that would be sufficient excuse to look back in the archives for another St. Patrick’s Day cartoon to show here on I selected a Sunday from 2003. Now, I’m going to give you some real inside cartoon stuff. I did not draw all the little shamrocks. I created what’s called a “pattern” in Photoshop and filled pre-selected spaces with the pattern—a simple click of the mouse. Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, why are the Irish considered so lucky? With all respect and admiration, they historically have been a rather put-upon population. Maybe they consider themselves lucky to be here. I think we can all relate to that.

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  1. My family is Irish. We came to America in early 1700s before the Revolutionary War, three McCarty brothers. Most of the McCartys in America are their descendants.

  2. If anyone back East can find a way to do it, reroute your storm to Utah’s mountains. We revel in snow! Our ski resorts love it, and the rest of us enjoy the water entering our aquifers and being caught in our reservoirs!

  3. Could Symply do with a bit less of the white stuff heah in Massachusetts…the nasty is all cold and buried, was going to slog through to Maine to hide out for the holidays, think I will wait a Fargone bit until the roads are cleah again.

    Still hidin in the village on occasion.

    @Jackie, hope your rehab is continuing well, wishing you an Ghost all the best for the season…

    Catch you on the other side of the stawm (All typos sic)

  4. This morning a guy on the radio here in Utah played a montage of reporters warning about the states back east facing a storm with perhaps a foot of snow. Then he played crickets chirping about all the panic over our incoming storm today. He denounced the eastern panic as “Flake News!”

    • This is only our third winter in snow country, but except for insisting on a clear windshield, that could be me. My sister insists on cleaning off all of the snow, even from the roof, because she thinks it’s against the law not to.

      • I can tell you that truck driving schools warn you to be careful about snow buildup because, as the cartoon shows, snow off the roof of your trailer is a danger to other people. That’s why many truck terminals in northern tier states have devices (often just a horizontal bar on 2 pylons) to knock snow off the exiting trailers. And there are plenty of lawyers willing to sue trucking companies for you if snow or ice from a truck causes damage or injury. Finally, there are no exceptions to weight limit laws for snow or ice on your truck.

  5. @Trucker Ron “Those of us who grew up with or learned to drive in harsh winter conditions can easily spot those who are new to the realities of heavy snow.”

    I grew up in northern Oklahoma, which was too dry back then for much snow, but during winter we had our share of ice (black ice was the most treacherous). I won’t claim to be the greatest winter driver, but I knew how to approach and clear an intersection in icy weather. Fast forward 25 years and I’m living in a suburb of New Orleans, where snow and ice are only an occasional happening. What a different experience when the rare freeze hit! Mostly my family and I stayed home on those occasions or, if we were away from home, we got back home as soon as possible.

    For instance – one time I was on my way to work on a morning when the weather was dry but the temperature was freezing. As I approached a sharp curve, I saw a car down the road suddenly swerve and spin, so of course I slowed down to keep out of the way. The car got back in control and left. Imagine my surprise when I got to the curve and saw a small patch of ice – about the size as though someone had dumped a drink out the window and it froze. I easily steered around the little patch and shook my head in amazement – I don’t think I could have spun on that patch if I tried. I hope that driver stayed in New Orleans and never went somewhere there is REAL ice and snow!

  6. My father’s surname is Hodgson. That ancestor came to America in 1600s with a shipload of religious refugees from England. By pre Revolutionary War days they had settled in North Carolina in a community named Harmony as Methodists. They are still there marrying and burying.

    • My family experienced its own diaspora, unfortunately.

      As a result, I still feel as if I have no true home, even though I am 67 and have lived here since I was six.

  7. When I got in last night from visiting Jackie in Broken Arrow, I found my new phone case had been delivered, as promised. I just opened the package, and an enclosed notice from the seller explained the great low price. It was a refurbished item. I am fine with that, because…
    1) Great low price!
    2) I cannot find a single scratch or blemish on it.
    3) Recycling!

  8. They are working me in rehab in learning to get up to dress myself, get in and out of bed, in and out of wheelchair, in and out of toilet, how to bath, shampoo hair, dry hair, exercise.

    Normal life in wheelchair.

    • Yes, that was clever of Arlo (and, of course, Jimmy). Other than having probably convinced Janis that Arlo has finally “gone ’round the bend”.

  9. I miss my cats. I know Ghost is probably making the Garfields stay out in yard with other cats and possoms. They are well fed. Skipper is no doubt still sleeping with Ghost and Dickens. He has decided he is Ghost’s cat and cuddles with him. Skipper came to live with me when his previous owner who had dementia sent him to be killed. Skipper was brought to live with me by the care giver sitter of the ill man. One of most elegant and off cats I have ever owned.

  10. Spending my spare time in hospital raising $$$ and toys for over 200 needy children on Angel Tree, 30 to go.

    Raising baking, donations and attendance for my and Ghost’s friend for her birthday Celebration at this afternoon.

    Trying to help get dogs and cats adopted out of multiple shelters for Christmas before they are killed.

    Suddenly trying to raise $$ and food donations for families and children with no food or Christmas dinner.

    Coordinating pet food for those with nothing to feed their pets.

    Waiting in hospital for help getting out of bed, dressed and wheelchair.

    Merry Christmas 2020!

  11. Murphy’s law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.
    Should we survive it, I’m convinced that 2020 will evermore be known as “The Year of Murphy.”
    Unless 2021 is. 🙁

    • Yes, indeed. And what has gone wrong for me is some low-life seems to have stolen the catalytic converter off my car overnight. So I am stuck at home all weekend now, and will only have three days to arrange getting it fixed, or having to wait till after Christmas.

  12. No one ever got me out of bed today. I slept all day or begged on Facebook for donations. Too late for getting dressed, I already had dinner!

    Hope your last Saturday before Christmas was better than that! Ghost and Dickens are coming to see me tomorrow and while brief, wonderful. I am tearing up.

  13. Now I am begging for people to donate food to help others cook and eat for Christmas. Kind of one on one through gift cards at local grocery or bags/boxes taken to them or even Ghost and my shop to be anonymous gift.

    Next year we are going to organize this better with my local grocery as a “Shop With A Friend ” event and also as a Donate A Gift Card to be used in grocery.

  14. Got the most unexpected and wonderful Christmas gift from a friend, got the impossible to find “Bop Til You Drop”. I am getting ready to read it in bed in a few minutes.

    Jimmy if I mail it to you (insured) will you autograph it for me?

    Thank you both so much!

  15. Recently, I’ve found myself thinking, “I’m glad I won’t have to worry about how such-and-such turns out, because I won’t live long enough.” Then I remember that my Dad lived to be 13 years older I am now, and my Mom 22 years! If I live to be an average of those two, I might find myself looking at the year 2037 or beyond one day. Perhaps I need to increase my concern level.

  16. On the advice of an allergist, I got rid of my perpetual postnasal drip problem by cutting out all dairy products. I’m also a type 2 diabetic, so between the two restrictions on high-glycemic foods and dairy, this is going to be my first holiday season in years without a 5 to 10 pound weight gain to lose over the next few months. I like the results… but hate having to maintain the self-discipline!

    • I cut down significantly on dairy products but haven’t noticed a difference of any kind. Perhaps I need to eliminate them entirely.

      I had been drinking soy milk, but I recently switched to almond after reading that soy increases estrogen levels in men.

    • Having been diabetic for 18 years (Started out Type 2, now considered LADA.) I can assure you that eating properly soon becomes a habit, once you’ve started. And, you need to remember that it’s not that you can’t eat those foods but that you shouldn’t; an occasional lapse is OK. What you’ll need to learn is how to make adjustments. If you know that there’s going to be birthday cake for dessert, cut back on the carbs during the rest of the dinner; less rice, potatoes or whatever, so that a small slice of cake can make things come out even.

    • Unfortunately, looks like our local skies will be cloudy tonight, just as I feared. Well, the next similar alignment is only in 80 years!

    • It was very overcast and then snow/rain. I had a rehearsal at Church where I am singing Christmas eve and looked up at the Parking Lot lights and took a picture of them. Posted it on Facebook, and told everyone that I spotted them. My lovely 84 year old thought that they were real. I told her to take a closer look as the lights were connected to a post! We shared a good laugh.

  17. Re 12-21-20 real-time cartoon: Is Janis unwell? It’s the first day of winter (although she thinks that occurred two months ago), and there’s no long, heavy flannel nightgown?
    Also, Panel #0, had there been one, would be an illustration of the adage, “Some things are best left to the imagination”.
    Oh, and good to see Jimmy is still pushing the envelope.

  18. As I posted elsewhere:

    For anyone planning to view the “Christmas Star” (grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn) it’s tonight. You only need to have a clear view of the SW sky down to the horizon and, at most binoculars to see it better. No telescope needed, though a tripod for the binoculars might be helpful. And dress warmly!
    The prime viewing time is around an hour after local sunset, but don’t wait too long past that time since those planets set pretty early now (about 2 hours and a bit after sunset), depending on what’s to the SW of your location.
    Even with low power binoculars you’ll be able to see the planets are about 0.3 degrees apart and also the 4 largest moons of Jupiter.

  19. Re the current today strip and Mickey Mouse tee shirt, it is very obvious that the tee is all Janis is wearing. No shorts, no panties.

    Have been begging Ghost to bring me night gowns or shirts, shorts, anything to wear to sleep in here in hospital. I pointed out we have been sleeping together for three years now, surely he can recognize something?

  20. Going to try to see the planet conjunction tonight, but probably won’t be able – forecast is cloudy, and we are probably too close to Houston and I-45 to get far enough from urban lights, even if the clouds stay away. Alternate plan – our neighborhood has a lot of Christmas lights, so one way or another we will find something to enjoy.
    My Christmas wish is for healthy and happiness for The Village. My spouse and I are going to make a quick trip to see our grandchildren in Louisiana, some of whom we haven’t visited since March. I fear one or both of us will end up sick, but we plan to visit only family and take precautions, so keep your fingers crossed for us. Everybody there says they are well and have not been around anyone sick, and I am so tired of not seeing family. I can tell from pictures that my granddaugher who turned 13 this summer is now taller than I am. I need to see her and talk to her in person.

  21. Started reading “Bop Til You Drop”. Very different from the current Arlo and Janis.

    Never seen most of these early strips. Gene looks different in every one! Janis does too. Arlo is most consistent. Lots more dialogue back then, more reading.

    Too tired to read.

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    Really.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something that’s needed on the internet, someone with a bit of originality!

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