Saturday Morning Cartoons

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Sometimes, a series of weekly strips flow as one page, as they do here. Still at the beach in 2006. Happy Saturday!

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  1. “Mrs. Robinson”

    Magazine Publisher: “It’s time to renew your magazine subscription…only $60.00 for one year.”

    Me: “No thanks. I barely have time to look at it, much less prepare all the complicated recipes in it.”

    MP (a week later): “Then how about we renew it for a year for $9.95?”

    Cool marketing technique. I could only wish Mercedes Benz would try that.

  2. Yesterday’s “Blue See” and today’s post put me in mind of what someone once said about Walt Kelly’s “Pogo”—and it’s true of A&J too: Every character, no matter how brief the appearance, is a real character, with his or her own personality, “fully formed” in a manner of speaking. I really saw that yesterday, but today is a good chance to see that too. It seems that Mr. Harpo-Hair would be the most likely of the three men to get Janis’s hat for her–he’s the kindest of the three, at first glance, anyway, perhaps the most earnest to please others. And Janis—losing her hat again!

  3. This is one of my favorite series and not just because I remember a couple of older, well-chested ladies from my own college days.

  4. We lost Doris Day this morning (Monday). I remember in my prepubescent youth thinking she was the most beautiful woman on the planet.
    As an adult I knew she was a beautiful person in many ways.

  5. Yes, Steve From Royal Oak, MI ! I agree that that first strip is a real teaser—oh, no! The hat’s fallen into the midst of—young men?! *Now* what does Janis do? What I love about the very next panel (the fifth) is that we see Mr. Harpo-Hair running, not walking: Tells us he’s an earnest young man, probably the most harmless of the three. No mere bit player, he’s a real character, big hands and feet too. Tall, too. Plenty taller than Arlo. *Now* what does Janis do?!

  6. Agreed- JJ’s art work on the series divine- the wind blown skirt, Janis’s hair blowing, the subtle shift in Harpo-hair’s gaze and Janis’ reaction: really very well done!

  7. Tim Conway is gone, too. He was a major highlight for Carol Burnett (sp?) and also in McHale’s Navy. There are probably more, but he didn’t do well in his own shows, IF memory serves. Feel free to correct me.

    • In the late 60s and early 70s it seemed that nearly every comedian and singer had their own variety show. Tim Conway was no exception, with the “Tim Conway Show” in 1970 lasting for a single season of 12 episodes.

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