Sauce for the gander


Running into trees head-first with no visible effect is a guy thing, I suppose. On a related subject, a friend was goading me yesterday, because I haven’t written anything about the football team fielded this year by my alma mater, Auburn University. Well, I was taught if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything.

The Tigers aren’t doing very well this year and in grand fashion. I haven’t ranted. Well, not publicly. I haven’t disparaged our hardworking student athletes, who are, after all, young men trying their best. I haven’t called for the firing of any coaches. I have kept to myself (and a small circle of family and friends) remarks such as, “With all the money they spend on a football program, is this the best they can do!?”

I have hinted at the problem with cartoons such as this. And this. So, you see, I haven’t really been silent on the subject, but mostly my attitude is summed up accurately by this. Apologies to the non-sports fans out there.