Say, Geez!

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I didn’t intend it that way, but “Vacation Week,” as we discussed in the previous post of a week ago, did turn out to be a week of vacation for me. First, there was the condensed work schedule, because of the holiday. Then there was the Fourth of July itself, and then… well, it rained. Today, however, the Summer of Forgotten Sundays continues. On June 25, I showed you a cartoon of Arlo and Janis walking through the park. I mentioned that it had an unusual number of extras for A&J, and then I ran up on this one from 1988. I know it isn’t exactly the time of year for office parties, but I thought it’d be a visual treat after a week of nothing new—or old—to look at. Inevitably, it’s dated as all things are dated in our time: check out that video camera. And who today expects to go anywhere that dozens of video recorders aren’t present at the press of a button. I mean, a touch screen.