Sea Fever

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I’m not much of a sketcher. I don’t have a lot of doodles or rough drafts lying around my office. So, what is all this junk lying around? But that’s another topic. I attribute this mainly to being a writer first and a graphic artist second. All my life I’ve had a knack for drawing, but it turned out to be a secondary talent. I marvel at the manic impulse to doodle that possesses so many of my cartooning peers. I wish I were more like that. However, every now and then, I turn out a sketch for the sake of warming up, or improving my chops, or—rarest of all—because I feel like drawing something. Anyway, I drew this one last week; I think it was a subliminal desire to be at the beach. I thought I would share it with you.

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  1. Great rendering. My SO has been hinting (hounding) at me that we did to go over to Orange Beach. Maybe we will bump into each other.

  2. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I recently visited Savannah and made a trip to Tybee Island (because I wanted to walk in the Atlantic Ocean). Most peaceful time of my life.

  3. What a great drawing. The details are fabulous. I can feel the heat, the wind, the sand, the spray from the water. I’m ready – let’s go!

  4. The little touches are quite nice – the stray lock of hair in front of a reflection in the glasses, the detail on Arlo’s jams – a very nice ‘doodle.’ Of course, the impulse to head to the shore is also there.

  5. That beach scene gave me a not-so-subliminal desire. 😉

    Seriously, great rendering; worthy of the cover of “Beaucoup Arlo & Janis”. Say, since the next book will also require some cover art…

    Or even better, one that features Janis in her storied yellow bikini, the one a mere photo of which brought Arlo to tears of nostalgia.

  6. It looks like Arlo sees something that Janis passed by and didn’t see. A shell, a piece of eight? Like the squalls in the background, also.

  7. I love the drawing, it is what these Villagers have said! And some of you folks are new … welcome to the Village, or the bunch, or whatever. I’ve gotta tell you that my computer is crashing and yesterday it wouldn’t do a darned thing. Luckily today on starting out I am VERY pleased to actually get on the site! It could conk out at any moment. No family close enough to help just now; I called a guy but haven’t heard back. On Thursday my daughter in Vermont is travelling with a friend to a Red Sox game that afternoon, plans for the friend to drop her off in Southern NH at my house; she wants to be here for Marges’s birthday party Friday evening; her husband is coming from Vermont on Friday, with the dog, we’ll hook up and some or all can work on my computer — maybe they can fix it! But I am not holding my breath.

    Google Chrome, which I have NOT installed, has through some accident, gotten into my computer and used up all the memory, and I tried uninstalling it, but as I already know, never had installed it; cannot get rid of it; my computer savvy is limited. The Google Chrome icon keeps popping into the Taskbar, and as I X them out, another appears. For now they aren’t appearing. I’ll try now to get on yesterday’s site, wasn’t able to see much before this stuff happened.

  8. (The friend will drop her off AFTER the game, natch.) We’re just off Interstate 93 — daughter is in Colchester Vermont, near Burlington and Lake Champlain.

  9. It would be a great T-shirt graphic!

    sandcastler ™, you are the Google expert. Can you help Charlotte exorcise Chrome from her computer?

  10. Anyone know if there’s a connection between and “visage volume”? I’m in classmates, but not in vv. A highschool friend is on both and recently received a suggestion from vv that she might know a certain person bearing my [uncommon] name. It turned out to be a different person who just coincidentally bore the same name as I, but how did vv figure out that my friend knew anyone of my name?
    Or, does vv have the ability to search email lists?

    Liked today’s drawing, though it seems as if Arlo is lagging quite a bit behind Janis; I’d have been closer! Yet, if only a wavelet or two separates them, he seems to lack some height. Let me not cavil – JJ’s a lot better artist than I could ever hope to be, so carry on and let us all enjoy the products.

  11. Charlotte, has your monitor been saying bad words? Spinning all the way ’round? Spitting split pea soup at you? Evil, evil Chrome. 🙂

  12. Mark, I can try, but my domain is Android OS, I only trash about MS when bird has a frustration. My suggestion is to open a file manager program. Find the program folders. Look for one labeled “Chrome” and delete the folder. If this doesn’t work call in The Geek Squad.

  13. CME, not familiar with visage volume, it is probably an algorithm that does matching across websites. Today, almost every website is scanned and indexed in real time. They can then be cross indexed based on user interactions. These algorithms are what allow searches to happen in near real time. Also, how search engines feed you a page of options based on your search term.

  14. Jimmy, we are past due for some beach stri and how about revisiting the schooner and sailing?

    I am taking Arlo and Janis and Beaucoup on my summer wide sailing camp vacation from now until end of October and hope to get some new readers with smarts for you.

    They will love A and J.

    Love Jackie

  15. Assuming Window OS here, Chrome is easily removed by going to to the Control Panel > Programs and Features > Google Chrome. Right click and chose Uninstall. These steps are for Windows 7 but older and newer versions have similar syntax.

  16. I tried posting earlier today and I came to the realization that a smart phone is not the best tool for me to post from.

    JJ, two phrases from your post resonated with me: “writer” and “graphic artist”. I finally realized why I enjoy Arlo & Janis so much- its literary quality. As a writer, your develop deep characters which we can connect with and empathize with; as a artist, you masterfully use a lines and shading to bring your ideas to life. Quite a far cry from the gag-a-day strips that recycle the same backgrounds. Bravo!

  17. Don’t know if anyone saw it, since it was one of the last posts before JJ changed the retro. Composer James Horner died in the crash of his private plane today. If the name does not ring a bell, think of Titanic, Braveheart, and others.

  18. I really like the retro today, too. It reminds me of time spent at Santa Rosa Beach in Pensacola when I was in Navy A-school there. And of the two years Uncle Sam gave me on Oahu. Great times. I’m with Arlo, got to watch where I’m going sometimes. Woman-watching is fun, but tripping and falling in front of a crowd is embarrassing!

  19. Mark in TT – sad news about James Horner. He may be gone, but his music will live in our hearts.

    Welcome back eMb – I enjoy your posts!

  20. JJ- l have always enjoyed Arlo & Janis, but I have to say your art on this website (the red sports car, the cover of the book, the beach scene today) says so much without any words at all. Thank you so much for sharing.

  21. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried congee, Ghost, but it can be pretty good. Basically it’s just rice, broth and a little bit of meat cooked slowly until the rice breaks down. Easy to make in a crock pot, and good at the end of a long, hard, cold day. Back when I worked the polls on Election Day, I generally had a pot cooking for when I got home because it’s filling, satisfying and simple. It’s a tad bland on its own, but a bit of onion and/or steak sauce picks it up very well. Mostly I used chicken broth and ground turkey, but broken up bits of breakfast sausage work well too. Frankly, the article gave me the impression that this is the Chinese version of Hooters except that it gives just as good a show to women as it does to men.

  22. Sideburns: Yes, I noticed the English translation of the name of restaurant was “Fresh Rice”. Doesn’t have quite the same impact or conjure the same image as “Hooters”, does it? 🙂

  23. Ruth Anne, I had to order the Terry Pratchett book at Barnes and Noble to be shipped, there were none in Tulsa. They said it was a new release last September and would be out in paperback this September but since I was buying it as a gift, I didn’t want to wait until then.

    While there I saw a quote on a book bag I loved, from Abraham Lincoln. “A friend is someone who gives me a book I have not read.”

    Love, Jackie

  24. Another vote of thanks to all of you who have posted music here for us to follow and enjoy. Because of that, my listening selections for next few months will be largely comprised of musicians, groups, bands, vocalists, all contributed by you all that I loved. I might have not known them or have forgotten about them but now I own a couple hundred CD’s to enjoy as I drive. And yes, I know CD’s are dying and I can load digital music for my van radio speakers. I have that port available. Maybe I will learn how to download music and do that as well but folks, I am just enjoying music again for first time in over twenty years and it is a joy to have back in my life.

    Thank you, my friends. Love, Jackie

  25. Jackie, I don’t recall you saying either way, but are you philosophically opposed to e-readers? I get the impression you are dragging an awful lot of printed books with you on your trip. E-readers are made for traveling.

    Also, if you haven’t already, you need to look at a Spotify subscription for your smart phone/mobile devices. It will put an incredible amount of music at your fingertips while on the road without having to pack along a single CD, not to mention not needing a dedicated player to listen to it.

  26. No, I own an e-reader, as does John. I have just never learned to use it, a Nook, or load books into it. I do have some sort of morbid nostalgia for printed paper and “real” books.

    Someone is going to have to drag me, a true relic of the last century into modern times. I had thought to get Mark to go shop with me and teach me how to use all this stuff I own and have no idea how to use. Then I have run out of time and Mark is in opposite direction from one I am headed into which is western U.S. for the summer. I doubt I will get far east of Mississippi River this year except when we are up in Michigan looking down on Canada.

    So, unless I find a patient person in next month, I am going to try to read and follow the owners manuals and learn to use things. I am stuck in the 80’s no doubt but the joke has always been I can’t operate anything more complicated than a light switch and a wheel barrow.

    Sorry Mark, you came to mind as a friendly patient tech person who wouldn’t laugh at me and go faster in explaining like I suspect others might. Not you, Ghost, or Sand, young kids who take it all for granted.

    Ghost, I will try to do both, John being an engineer and architect is more erudite than I, I will take the Nook along and see about learning to use it. And the paper books. I own a lot of those already, old habits die hard.

    Love, Jackie

  27. Jackie, it is so miraculous that you are able to reconnct with the music of your heart and let it rebuild and shape your days and goals. Just how do you feel different than nine months ago in relation to the music? How have you changed? I would like very much to know.

    Welcome back, emb! I hope all those gremlins, boggles, pookahs, fairies, & etc. have been reduced back to their well-disciplined zeroes and ones so necessary for human communcation.

    sand, it is true that Canadians are the most joyful, grateful, practical people in this hemisphere. They can cram more summer into summer than a butcher can cram forcemeat into casings. They start earlier, end later, and include everything from yarn-bombing to beer. All that activity must produce some sighs. ;D

  28. Jackie, I am glad you thought of me for that. As for e-readers, you can download the Nook and Kindle apps to your smartphone and use them if you don’t mind the smaller screen. They really are easy to use and the fact that you can adjust the type size and background color makes reading very pleasurable. But for gifts, you really want print since you can’t trade the e versions.

    On another subject, check this page out:

    They have waterproof bags for smartphones here, as well as various travel/gear bags.

  29. Mark I found box, it says Nookcolor. It has a Samsung 7 inch screen . It refers to it as a tablet and says you can send and read emails from it. I had the dang Nook reader thing this weekend and not the box. Now I found the box and cannot find the ereader!

  30. John is a huge Pratchett fan, owns all the fiction books. I am not sure he has this one that Ruth Anne recommended and I picked it up for him. But also for me to read. Ruth Anne will like that he is also a huge library fan and Denise will like that when he fractured his back, he worked for a couple years as a book seller in NZ, loves bookstores and books more than anyone I have ever seen. While we were in BC he actually read about eight books I think in the two weeks, plus wrote several magazine articles for his own writing. Pretty amazing. I will need to read more, guys.

    Mark, I was actually wanting to hire you to train me and help me pick up needed items to operate Smart phone, tablet, laptop, printer and make me current and knowledgeable. I may yet do that idea, I am smart myself but technologically very untrained. I may yet do that this winter while John goes off to adventure way south of South America where I will not be going. It will take my mind off and stop me from worrying if I am doing something constructive and learning.

    The reason they are going in winter is that obviously an antipodean country is having summer while we have winter. I will know next month exactly what it is they are doing, I do not know now except it is sailing a small boat and a movie and dangerous.

  31. No Nook of the North for me…I have one of the old Kindles with a keyboard, but I have the Kindle app on my smart phone and tablet, and Kindle for PC on my main laptop and my emergency back-up laptop. (Remember Dave Barry’s main dog and his emergency back-up dog?) Any and all of my book purchases from Amazon are available on any of the devices at anytime. Once you set up an account and a method of payment, everything is very simple and intuitive, and I’d have to think it is on the Nook, also.

    Perhaps Jimmy just doesn’t have time to draw Janis that busty on a daily basis. 😉 Actually, her legs caught my eye, too, but I’m sure that’s no surprise to anyone here.

  32. That drawing would make a good tee shirt or a cover for the new book that Jimmy does that focuses on all the beach and sailing strips. Hint, hint, hint~

  33. Oh and Jimmy, should you do such a book, I can recommend a couple of good boating magazines that sell special interest boating books and have been begging for some good cartoons. And the publisher of most of the boating and boat building books in America right now who i feel certain would love to have a book of sailing related cartoons for his line. There is a market.

  34. Good morning Villagers….

    I too noticed Lorraine’s cleavage on Janis 🙂 And, yes, it would make a nice book cover.

    Emb…just a test, don’t tease us with just “test”….good to see you’re back.

    Miss Charlotte….good luck with your computer…I’m lucky I have Ian, he’s a geek.

    GR 😉 I needed an earworm today…. enjoy:

    Some much needed heat relief coming in Friday…Amen

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  35. So, British accents aren’t bad either, Ghost. Better hair and pants on your last song.

    Have been running to fast to look at FB last few days but I know Mindy checks in there a lot, I can look for her if you want me to today while running and make sure she is OK.

    Good morning all, back running and back to Tulsa again daily.

  36. As a reader of both books and ebooks, I have to weigh in on reading devices. Not the brand, mind you, but the screen type. I have found the e-ink types much easier on the eyes for prolonged reading (as well as reading indoors and out) than the tablet-like devices. If color e-ink devices ever become a practical reality, I will have nothing left in life to wish for and will die happy. 😉

  37. Hmm, tried to post yesterday from mobile, but didn’t go through..

    Love the sketch! I agree with the others – maybe it’s time for A&J to have another extended beach vacation? 🙂


  38. I thought Arlo was looking for jellyfish, but maybe not. And yes, a t-shirt with this print would be really neat!

    I have the Kindle app on my smart phone, but don’t use it much because the print is too small for comfortable reading over long periods of time. I admit I like the feel of a real book, and the smell of an old, well read and much loved book just can’t be beat.

    The problem with having a husband who works with computers all day is that when he comes home he doesn’t want to look at whatever problem my computer is having. sigh…

  39. What is about funerals that are like a convoluted time machine? In many ways I was transported back to when I was 15 or so. I drove thru my home town of Fort Wayne and while many things have changed, many old buildings and houses remain the same. At the Funeral Home (or my brother’s sister) I saw many old friends and cousins. One cousin is only a couple months older than me as I caught him up on my family, he started to laugh. In 1979 he was offered a job as a Seat Engineer at Ford Motor Company and 31 years later my son accepted a job as a Seat Engineer!

    What really brought me back was going to the church that I grew up in. They have totally revamped it, but some of the old parts remain. I converted to Catholicism when I married, but I told my wife that two things Methodists do well is sing and potlucks. The food really brought me back. The post funeral meal is heaven. Ham, potatoes, green beans, Ambrosia salad and red velvet cake. I may have to re-write my will to make sure we have that at my funeral…only if I could take some with me!

  40. Glad to see everyone doing well. Been absent for a while. Grand kids in and out. Almost all gone on different trips now. One left here for the night. Put me down as liking Jimmy’s sketch. It reminds me of Orange Beach and Panama City and our many family trips. Great memories for me and my family. Wifey and I just celebrated 51 years last week. Blessings on everyone.

  41. According to the soprano in the 4th movement of Mahler’s Sym. 4, you will have all the red velvet cake you want in the Hereafter.

    The drawing at top: lovely, but JJ set himself up [That’s ok, “Even Homer nods”] for a Betty Burckmeyer critique [my Cornell U. drawing teacher], thus:

    Viewer is standing on the beach just above sea level. A calm sea horizon is always at the viewer’s eye level, whether sitting or standing. Janis’s ankles are in the water and her eyes are just below the horizon, so she’s about the same height as the viewer. [Actually, she’s in a low spot; that water is a bit deep for being so close to the water line.]

    Arlo is right at the water’s edge, so he must be tiny. To be a bit taller than Janis, his usual height, his eye level should be a bit above the horizon.

    Easy to spot with an ocean scene. Dealing with the perspectives [there are two] in Matisse’s naughty “Picnic on the grass” is harder. [I think it’s Matisse.]

    Peace, emb

  42. Where is everybody?

    Some of you seem to have given up on Brooke M. As you might imagine, I’m trudging through scads of email, and just reached the 9CL for Sun. 21 June. It’s a hoot, and also brings back fond memories.

    Peace, emb

  43. Awfully glad to see you are back in the Village, emb! My own problems continue … everything was very slow to load this morning, and I went to this site first … it’s good because it has no ads or “clutter”, and of course it’s the most important to me. Once I submit this post probably won’t be able to do anything, same as yesterday. My “guru” phoned and will be here later today to see what he can do. Hoping for good results!

    Thanks to all who offered suggestions; the “uninstall Chrome” I have already tried, but it’s not on the list, since it was never installed, so there’s nothing to click on. A different idea from I forget who, I’ll write down for the guru to see; can’t do it myself. Will look back after submitting this.

    Wonder how Indy Mindy is, and hope she is keeping her head above water (only figuratively!)

  44. I missed you, emb! You often send me scurrying off to research things further, and I love it. I don’t know where everyone else is, but I was out messing around in the garden today.

    I wish you many more years together with your good wife, domaucan1. My husband and I are coming up on 30 years (but he says 33 because he counts from when we began dating).

  45. Good afternoon Villagers…

    Emb…a very detailed critique…I’m so glad to see your post again 🙂

    I hate the mail…and the Health Market Place…just really po’da’ me today and they’ve already changed my insurance carrier….premiums lwent.
    up 33%..I loath the guberment, and I VOTE 🙂

    Husband was surprised my ‘ranting and NO phone calls…..prescription meds really do help.

    Thank you for letting me share this with ya’ll…..

  46. emb

    Arlo is just a little further behind Janis than the water line would indicate.

    Arlo has 4 fingers & a thumb on his left hand and
    Janis is practicing “Live long and prosper”
    AND she has a belly button 🙂 eat your heart out Genie

  47. Great news, got off most insulin, from five to one a day injection
    And taken off an another assortment of meds. All good, things were too low now. Celebrating with grilled salmon asparagus and quinoa green salad for lunch. Yeah!

  48. We have been blessed weather-wise. Rain, but nothing bad… the gardens and flowers are loving it! We are to have more tonight. Perhaps it will “tinkle” on the air conditioner in my bedroom and put me to sleep at a decent hour. That would be a welcome change…

  49. JJ, if you can somehow (electronically?) draw Arlo more in proportion and produce a T-shirt from the resulting view of A&J, I’d be a buyer. While, as a public service, I do not wear T-shirts, I know people who do wear ’em and wear ’em well.

  50. Hallelujah! My computer is back to normal again and I am so happy! “Frank” stopped in and worked on it, an hour and a half at least. He is a very affable and expert middle-aged fellow. He started with a System Restore and went back to early June when everything was working okay; that was really all it took! What wasn’t so easy was, to get Flash Player updated properly; I hadn’t been updating it as I should have. When daughter Nancy explained this and tried to fix it, it got all tangled up and I think that’s when it got so bad. It took a lot of wrangling but he persuaded it to install the up to date version. Then he didn’t want to take any money for all this! I made him take forty dollars; seems little enough to get rid of that awful stuff and get my favorite Web sites again. And get my Internet radio stations again — can’t live without them!

  51. Welcome back emb. I noticed your return earlier but was just taking a quick peek when I had gotten up from work computer. Looked at your Manet link. One question came to mind: why are the women nude but the men in suits? Seems like all four should be one or the other. Unless the men were trying out their new camera.

  52. Because no one in the target audience gave a fig about what the men were wearing, perhaps?

    Me, myself, didn’t notice Arlo was in the beach scene until about the fifth time I looked at it. 🙂

  53. “One question came to mind: why are the women nude but the men in suits?”

    Manet never split, as far as I know. It’s scandalous, maybe in order to have to start an alternative to the more proper annual show. The impressionists did very well over the next few decades, so it worked. [The woman in back is not nude, and is also seen from a different perspective, but that is harder to tell when the horizons are not obvious.] As in JJ’s drawing above, the viewer is standing or at least seated well above the reclining figures.

    “Arlo is just a little further behind Janis than the water line would indicate.”

    Sorry, that won’t do. Anyone walking at the water’s edge, assuming that the viewer is just above it, will have his eyes at or near the horizon. At this scale, it matters not that Earth is round. The water is flat, the horizon is flat, and everybody at the water’s edge will have eye-level at or near the viewer’s eye level, assuming she is standing. If she were sitting or sunning, nearby people’s heads would be well above horizon-level, but those far away would converge twd. the horizon. Ask Jimmy.

    Peace, emb

  54. Insight into emb’s take on art. I don’t insist that landscapes be photographically accurate. Van Gogh’s sunflowers and distorted buildings are fine. But when an artist is attempting to portray something accurately, she should get it right. Case in point [if it comes through properly]. I have a print of the George Inness landscape below on the wall I’m facing. But it’s deliberately placed so that the lower right corned is hidden by shelving. Why?

    Peace, emb

  55. EMB,

    Using your comments on perspective I moved Arlo back down the beach so that his eyes were slightly above the horizon. It was a much more balanced image, but Arlo was much further from Janis. I put him back on the last/top curve of the beach. It does look more normal. I don’t have anywhere to post it, so I can’t add a link. Interesting information. Thanks!


  56. emb, I don’t have your eye, obviously. It would seem to have something to do with the stream, looks too wide? But it looks to me as if it is a small pool in the widening of the stream and does not bother me. Perhaps if I had an actual print instead of looking at a small computer monitor, it would be more noticeable.

  57. emb – Iso that a person in the far field? If so, they must be huge up close.

    Alive, barely. As I told my boss today, I’m tired of feeling like I’ve been knee-capped and then told to run like hell. I’m giving it a couple more weeks, and if it doesn’t get any better, I will be seeking other employment.

  58. emb & Trucker

    That reflection is discombobulating – but if it was done Plein aire is that not what he saw?
    The top of the tree is bent enough so it “might” look like that.

  59. In the Inness painting, the lower right corner seems too bright and attracts the eye so much that I can hardly notice the rest of the picture. It doesn’t help that it’s a poor and rather blurry photograph.

    Very glad to hear that Mindy from Indy is still hanging in there, but is ready to tell the bosses where to go — or so it seems. You have been extremely patient and dedicated, dear.

    I am reveling in my newly come back to life computer, and imagine that it and I are wandering hand in hand through flowery meadows.

    No, Jackie, I don’t think Frank would travel that far, but golly, when I needed an expert, it was such a great relief to find a friendly helping hand. And I got acquainted with Frank when I asked a neighbor if they knew a computer repair person!

  60. Thanks for the info. The only things I saw which might be “off” are the reflections of 2 tree trunks. The one at the right doesn’t have the reflection lined up correctly, while the reflection near the middle lacks the lean of the actual tree.

    I never claimed to be an art critic!

  61. Bear and Trucker:

    Yep, ~ the problem at the beach, above. That’s a slow stream, basically a horizontal mirror reflecting a reasonably vertical trunk. The reflection belongs directly below the trunk, not off to the right [because that’s the way the current goes?].

    “That reflection is discombobulating – but if it was done Plein aire is that not what he saw?”

    Maybe he sketched the scene outdoors, didn’t bother with the reflection on site, and did the painting later in the studio, where he put the reflection in the wrong place.

    Anyway, it would drive me nuts were it in view all the time.

    Peace, emb

  62. c x-p. Neither of us are being art critics here, just picky scientists. As a work of art, I think it’s composed and executed well, which is why I bought it decades ago for our home. Most evocative of peaceful countryside. I didn’t notice the goof until maybe 20 years ago.

    I used it, the Manet, and two other paintings as exhibits a-d for a talk I gave on the pros and cons of science interacting with art, on whether being a scientist “spoils it.” Basically, I disagree with Eliot on this, though I don’t believe I quoted him or Wordsworth:

    Eliot, T. S. (1888-1965). Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information? A070719

    But knowing details can be a handicap in some situations. Not often enough for me to “rather not know.”

    Peace, emb

  63. Good morning Villagers….

    Indy Mindy, from the looks of the National Radar Service, it doesn’t look good for you in the next few hours….better hunker down girl.

    We’re supposed to get it later this afternoon, with much cooler air behind it. Amen. This heat and humidity is killing me…not to mention the hens. We try not to stir them up when it gets this hot and humid.

    My husband and I discussed getting rid of our cell phones to cut expenses. And my mom didn’t lose her cell phone, my sister has it. She thought I had already cut my cell phone off. Don’t really use them that much, don’t have much service out here in the boonies. The only time I get service is when I’m in town. So I won’t miss it much, it would only come in handy if my car broke down, and that would be iffy if I could get a signal…I hate drop calls.

    gotta go…..

  64. sand, I haven’t had that problem yet. But I learned to look closely when anything with a check box comes up after having my search switched during updates before. I’ve had fewer problems like that since I started using Chrome as my internet browser.

  65. Double argh!!! Cat bumped me, and post loaded prematurely. Wonder if there is a pharmaceutical for premature loading. 😉

    Never post before caffeine infuses one’s neural network. Or, with cat on lap.

    Mark, excellent advice. The problem is MS embeds some of it inside those “system updates ” that only say to not turn off the machine. Thanks for the kind words for Chrome. It is our only browser on the eight machines we are currently running.

  66. Thought for the Day: I don’t worry about the bullet with my name on it; I can’t do anything about that one. I worry about all the bullets that have “To Whom It May Concern” on them.

  67. That’s a great drawing Mr. Johnson. You know what would be great? You do a whole bunch of those and publish them in a coloring book format. What a lot of fun that would be!

  68. I Symply forgot and have not ben lurking lately…I owe you folks a Fargone picture! Here is the link to the finished motorcycle.

    Still read you Jimmy, but too busy for the time I spent here in the mornings anymore.

    Wishing the village well; I am

    Symply Fargone

  69. Adrian, I was just thinking the other day about how much I used to enjoy losing myself in coloring books as a kid, even with a box of 16 Crayolas. I might have even more fun now with a box of 64 Crayolas!

    Hi, Symply! Nice to hear from you!

    Mindy, I’m hoping for the best possible outcome for you, whatever that best is!

  70. The last vestigial trace of my beer belly is gone. I named it Braad. I loved Braad. And now I’ve lost him. We two have been through everything together…like, nothing can replace Braad. [sad face] And then, my abs called. And I broke into my happy dance.

    (With no apologies to That Insurance Company for Whinny People Who Don’t Read Their Policies)

  71. Symply doing what I can Galliglo and Charlotte….back has good days and bad….on the bad I stay home and on the good I’m totally Fargone.
    GR6 guessing you have been losing weight or speaking obfustacatoriously (I’ll add it to urban dictionary later like i did “pulling a Mindy”); congratulations on losing Braad….Sand, always a nice place to stop by…..remember if ever you are in central MA, let me know at the web site email or

  72. Debbe – The radar lied. It rained, but nothing exciting.

    AND I lost to the appliances today AND the dog and pony show has gone into overtime with drop in visits expected all weekend! I started my morning with a visit from the comomay president, then this afternoon with a corporation vice-president. Gah! Did I mention the eight pages of product inventories to count?

  73. Anon. She looks fine to me, except that she’s cut too much subcutaneous fat, perhaps for contest purposes. A little fat is healthier. Peace, emb

  74. Symply – After looking at your website I’m not surprised you’ve been too busy to drop by here. Congratulations – wish you were closer!

  75. Symply – glad you are back
    Nice bike and yes there are good days and bad and worse days.
    Just pray the good days and bad days out number the worse days.


    Endeavor Morse said: ” Artists paint what they see not what is there”

    I guess painters just paint houses.

    Anon. She looks fine to me, except that she’s cut too much subcutaneous fat, perhaps for contest purposes. A little fat is healthier. Peace, emb

    I suppose that is what has disturbed me about body builders – there is no roundness
    they really don’t look healthy.
    Michelangelo’s David has pretty good abbs but he is rounded and proportioned.

  76. Good morning Villagers..

    Simply…it’s so fargone to read your postings…glad you stopped in, don’t stay away so long the next time.

    Well, The Boss has left for his annual fishing trip to Canada….two week fishing trip. Still love his ex-son-in-law’s snippet “hell, a poor man can’t afford a week’s vacation, let alone a two week!” The Boss and I spoke somewhat on the drama that goes on at work, told me to just keep doing the good job I do, and when he comes back….some heads may roll 🙂 And the ex-son-in-law is still on the payroll.

    Indy Mindy, I’m like GR….ya got too many chiefs and not enough Indians 🙂

    Has Jackie left already on her furlough?

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  77. Ghost, your 6:28 pm post last night is going to have me chuckling for days. And each time I see the commercial. Or hear the name Brad. Or a reference to beer. Or belly. Or abs. (I already smile when I hear a reference to happy dance, but I may just start chuckling then, too.) (By the way, congratulations on your reason for dancing while happy.)

    Mark, at least one generation of British and American boys grew up wanting to be Mr. Steed just so they could be around Mrs. Peel. 😉

    Mindy, hugs and prayers!

    Jimmy, I’ll remember today’s real-time strip if I ever see one of the feeder-stalking cats feet up under one of my shrubs!

  78. Jackie is still here but running madly trying to get it all done and put into car and take off tomorrow morning. Ha! A pig just flew by office window again, right through the bushes!

    I have no idea what my summer schedule is going to be and it is looking more and more like I will be gone from now until October. I am taking lots of backup clothing and the 10# dog along with the broken foot. He won’t make it easier but it will make me not worry about him.

    Will find out where all we are going when John’s schedule settles down and quits shifting on us.
    In the meantime, I head for Pacific Northwest, pick up my microcruiser sailboat and go help my hostess with whatever help she needs for a full house of guests.

    Oops, just noticed the time and I have a hair appointment in an hour! Take care of priorities here, got nails done last night. Don’t all big time adventurers go get nails and hair done?

    Mark, thanks for Mr. Stead’s obit, I loved Partrick Macnee. What a tumultuous life he had! Makes the Birdcage look normal, doesn’t it? I adored Emma Peel too, just bought the Avengers collection of DVDS and haven’t watched them yet. Think I may toss in my suitcase too. yes, I know, I am taking way too much stuff!

    Mark, I will have a break in winter when I can travel to Tuscaloosa and I am dead on serious about getting you to help teach me to use technology. I will stay in touch with you all and especially when I need help, as I always do. Love my Village.

    Love, Jackie

  79. there’s a whole lot of Pearls Before Swine animations on youtube, Do we need to do a kickstart campaign to get some A&J sundays animated? My brother is in the video production business here in Houston and with him, I’ve met people who can do this stuff

  80. Or get those sticky vinyl cutouts made for vehicles with the A&J characters on them. Beats those stick figure versions all hollow.

  81. Mark, A&J car decals is the most positive thing I’ve heard this week. I am depressed over the liberal communists who are taking over the republic without so much as firing one shot.

  82. Jimmy owns his decal rights, think about Watterson and Calvin, of which he gets no money. They are all pirated. I would buy decals if JJ does them.

  83. “liberal communists” is an oxymoron.

    Also, if a historically communist regime has become in most respects capitalist, but is still a one-party state, it is in fact, fascist. Who was it won WWII?

  84. JJ

    Have you read or seen any of Eric Sloane’s cloud paintings or weather books?
    Your clouds brought him to mind.
    He did books on colonial tools and barns but he first did clouds & weather.

  85. My daughter had a rough week. She was down in Indiana with me Mon and Tuesday and found out a friend that she had been helping with a drug problem OD’d on heroin. Tonight was the wake and it was an hour from her apartment. She called us as she nearly passed out while she was there and it was raining as she drove home. Of course as she was talking with my wife, she started crying pretty hard.

    I immediately started to ask her questions about her new job and how they were treating her, especially with 2 funerals in one week. She started talking about how kind they had been, even one of the big guys held an umbrella for her as she walked to the car and then back to the work trailer when she realized that she had left her keys. I kept talking about work and what she was doing and the next thing you know she was home…safe. She graduated in Psych from Mich St and is about 2/3 of the way through for a degree in Engineering. I told her that I hoped she didn’t mind my amateur Psych trick of diverting her attention and she laughed and said that until I said something, she hadn’t noticed.

    I struggled for a few years after graduation, but eventually found my footing. So will she.

  86. My daughter had a rough week. She was down in Indiana with me Mon and Tuesday and found out a friend that she had been helping with a drug problem OD’d on heroin. Tonight was the wake and it was an hour from her apartment. She called us as she nearly passed out while she was there and it was raining as she drove home. Of course as she was talking with my wife, she started crying pretty hard.

    I immediately started to ask her questions about her new job and how they were treating her, especially with 2 funerals in one week. She started talking about how kind they had been, even one of the big guys held an umbrella for her as she walked to the car and then back to the work trailer when she realized that she had left her keys. I kept talking about work and what she was doing and the next thing you know she was home…safe. She graduated in Psych from Mich St and is about 2/3 of the way through for a degree in Engineering. I told her that I hoped she didn’t mind my amateur Psych trick of diverting her attention and she laughed and said that until I said something, she hadn’t noticed.

    I struggled for a few years after graduation, but eventually found my footing. So will she.

  87. Way to go, Steve/RO. [For all you youngsters in the Village, that was a common expression of approval about 50-60 years ago….]

  88. Good morning Debbe. I know you’ll be the next one here! Still in Oklahoma but taking off soon.
    While I was a tad north of town we had a storm sufficient to collapse fireworks tents and flood town a little, by the time I got home it was over and I had more water in back yard. Flood control is costing a fortune and seems to move from front to back!

  89. Good morning Villagers…

    ..and a back at ya Jackie!!

    Steve, you did good in raising your daughter. She’ll face many hurdles, but this one she will make her stronger and your diversion will be in her heart always….trust me on this one.

    Regarding decals…I can’t stand the one with Calvin peeing…..

    Ya’ll have a Happy Caturday….


    oh, re: today’s real time strip, you have to read the third comment regarding the Korean sauna…sounds luxurious.

    and I’m surprised I didn’t see GR 😉 commenting there…yet

  90. Debbe, you know Spellchex changes your spelling on me a lot! Along with a lot of other stuff.

    Five hours sleep, up doing laundry and pulling out stuff to pack. Some day I may learn to travel with a bikini bottom, a tee shirt, my toothbrush and purse but I haven’t learned yet!

    May stash some of this stuff somewhere and refill supply? Only done a long, long trip like this a time or two and I know I am a clothes aholic and a shopaholic and I need a 12 step program. May get it this summer! Laughs aloud here.

    Calvin peeing is downright rude and not endorsed nor approved. Nor the one of him kneeling at the cross either. It was all stolen from Watterson, so who could blame how he felt? Feels?

    Love, Jackie

  91. Jackie, I mostly pack along those lines, and it works well. I do always take a roll of quarters and a small container of laundry soap with me in case of need, and often wash things in a sink or shower. (Of course the places I go, anyone who sees me isn’t likely to be too critical of my apparel and appearance.) My general rule is one to wash, one to wear, one to spare; rain poncho, hooded jacket, two pairs of shoes, extra socks, personal hygiene items, first aid, water bottle, knitting, and books. Also, three pairs of earrings…hey, I’m a girl. 😉 I layer clothes when cold and remove them when hot.

  92. “I layer clothes when cold and remove them when hot.” Thinking Denise must make beach and desert holidays more delightful than winter )ski trips. 😉

  93. Apparently, Janis wouldn’t “feel good naked”.

    Also, I wonder if Arlo didn’t mean “pertness” (lively; sprightly; in good health), rather than “perky” (jaunty; cheerful). I find females who are “pert” to always be a good thing, while those who are overly “perky”…not so much at times.

  94. sandcastler ™, in relation to your comment yesterday, and emb’s reply: Political tags–such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and. so forth–are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. The former are idealists acting from highest motives for the greatest good of the greatest number. The latter are surly curmudgeons, suspicious and lacking in altruism. But they are more comfortable neighbors than the other sort.

    Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

  95. I’m guessing Arlo meant perky as with young bre asts vs. older. Seems to me [I recall a model’s name but am not sure it’s right and I don’t want to get sued] once said this is my last for Playboy because I’m no longer as perky as I once was. She was still pretty good.

    For any girls dreading becoming less perky in this sense, it still works as long as you have nerve endings there and your hubby is attentive. They last at least until 80 [+ some months]. Lunchtime.

    Peace, emb

  96. Jackie, another quote from Heinlein, from I Will Fear No Evil: Boats and ships are female because they are beautiful, lovable, expensive—and unpredictable.

  97. I favor perky.

    Mark’s post leaves me feeling….. Communism, like its Democratic, Labor, Independent, or Republican breathern can contain members of varying zeal. With hardliners leaning towards the conservative spectrum, reformists being most open to revision.

  98. sandcastler™, I agree with that assessment of Communist hardliners only if you mean they resist change no matter the results of existing positions. American conservatives are different in that they select positions based on what has worked in the past and are slow to adopt new ones until they are proven to work.

  99. Mark, I recall reading that Gorey’s original animation for “Masterpiece Theater” was several minutes longer. The opening subsequently aired was only a portion of that. I’d love to see it in it’s totality, wouldn’t you?

    sand, the places I usually travel rarely get above 70, so I don’t have the chance to strip far down too often. Although come to think of it, since I don’t much like feeling hot, I probably strip down at lower temps than other folks. 😉

    Ghost, I have heard “perky” used before in that context; perhaps it’s a colloquialism.

  100. I don’t think I was EVER perky! Maybe at age 8 or 9? Short trip, I forgot the laptop and my cell phone!

    Denise, you’d probably be OK traveling with my friend John, sounds like you pack to his specs. I don’t so don’t know how I can finesse the enormous wardrobe of clothes? When I fly next I am going to limit to one small suitcase. Perhaps I will just buy when I arrive? I actually shipped my dirty clothes home from last trip, that didn’t work too well cost wise!

    Love, Jackie

  101. TruckerRon, Jerry Pournelle once created a two-dimensional graph to describe political positions that’s far, far more informative than today’s right/left “spectrum.” One axis described how much a political movement depended on emotion to sway people verses logic. (As examples, compare National Socialism with Libertarianism.) The other axis shows how much it’s in favor of or against change for its own sake, with revolutionaries and reactionaries at opposite ends.

  102. Can’t imagine why the word “Test” will post, but a short message with no link will not. It’s that same @&#% “reject” message I got a couple of weeks ago. (And the most salacious word in it was “pert”.)

    Perhaps I’ll try my tablet.

  103. Thanks for the kind words. I normally try not to get too anxious about my kids, but because I lost my Mom in an accident, occasionally I do. When I heard my daughter’s voice, I said a prayer that Lord would keep her safe. That was when I started talking with her, so I guess that was the answer to my prayer.

    5 yrs ago I posted this song to You Tube. It was my first one. Somehow it has gotten 53K views

  104. Sorry, TruckerRon, I don’t. I think that it was part of his dissertation for one of his two PhDs. You could always email him and ask. I know that he reads all of his own email and answers when appropriate.

  105. Two Ph.D.s? I found him having only one, in political science. Not many people earn two doctorates – especially Ph.D.s – but some do. If memory serves, the late Cardinal George of Chicago had a Ph.D. and a S.T.D. (doctor of sacred theology) as well as two master’s degrees and a bachelor’s.
    Some notable persons gather honorary doctorates by the dozen, but that’s a different story.

  106. Yes: Poly Sci and Psych. Back in the ’60s, he worked for NASA, helping train the first astronauts, including testing their reactions under difficult conditions, such as high temperatures, and how they handled distractions when they were doing complex tasks, such as controlling the equipment they’d be using in the space capsules.

    He once came up behind John Glenn during one of those exercises and, without warning, dropped a big box of scrap metal on the floor. Glenn’s heart rate almost jumped through the roof, but he didn’t miss a beat, except to say, “I’ll get you for that, Pournelle!” What, if anything, happened later, Jerry doesn’t say. (He also claims responsibility for the attempt to see what a cat does in zero G by putting one in the cockpit of a jet and having it make a power dive and filming the cat.)

    He also has a Masters in Statistical Inference, but when he asked the CRU for their raw data, to look it over himself and see if their conclusions were justified, they refused his request on the grounds that he wasn’t qualified to understand it. Presumably, they weren’t aware of his degree, and he didn’t bother to pursue the matter any further.

  107. GR6: Maybe your short post was deemed too political. I believe I sent one in this morning that never appeared. It was more specific than Mark’s 1:06 post above, but no more controversial. If I’d realized it might be objectionable, I’d have cc’d. it. Or maybe I sent it off into cyberspace somehow. It was further musings re fas cism. Peace, emb

  108. c ex-p, thanks for explaining that meaning of S.T.D. Working for a hospital, that acronym has an entirely different meaning, and one I am sure the person in question would not want attached to him!

  109. 1955: bachelor’s in psychology; 1958: master’s in psychology; 1964: Ph.D. in political science.
    The above comes from the Wikipedia listing for Jerry Pournelle as found on If there is more, tell us.

  110. Mark, thanks! While I might quibble over where conservatives show up (modern day ones want to shrink government, not worship it), I can see the confusion stemming from the make up of the Republican party. The leadership (blue bloods) want to run the government, the rest of the party rejects statism.

  111. That’s what I thought it was. I had forgotten feed lots or might have driven elsewhere. Also forgot this hotel until I saw elevators and doors

  112. I still cannot get the message I composed this morning to post. This is the message it generates:

    “The requested URL was rejected. If you think this is an error, please contact the webmaster.

    Your support ID is: [a 19-digit number]”

    Other messages post without a problem. Any of you computer experts out there have an idea as to what is the problem?

  113. GR 😉 you betcha…..clad in black, never looked back and had a hub cap diamond starred halo! Now, is there anything else you would like to know? 🙂 Love the songs you post, makes my day. Thanks

  114. Good morning Villagers….

    Oh, and I was perky too. GR 🙂

    Loved the one comment on TDS, “perky can put your eyes out’ 🙂

    Miserable day at the packer yesterday, egg shells are thin, keep breaking all over the packer, and that’s no ‘yolk’ folks….then at the end of the day, a stinking top belt broke and wrapped around the black roller thereby causing the red cup that picks up the egg off the belt to break….gosh, I can hard wait to go in this morning! Going to put ‘Skittles’ on removing eggs off the top onto other belts.

    The temp on my front porch is 55 degrees right now with a high of 80 degrees today. I know me and my Miss Prissies are happy the heat wave is gone and will be for the next 10 days…according to!

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  115. GR6, according to the Emma Peel bio on IMDB, Mrs. Peel’s husband was Peter Peel. He was a test pilot whose plane crashed in the jungle and he was presumed dead. She left the show when her husband was found alive and went to the jungle to live with him. A lucky man indeed.

  116. Especially if Mrs. Peel adopted the style of loincloth worn by the early Jane (of Tarzan of the Apes fame) for everyday jungle wear.

    My message from yesterday would not post from my tablet either. Very strange.

    I was just trying to tell Denise that either “pert” or “perky” was correct enough for Arlo’s meaning. My mind has just always registered “pert” as more descriptive of the ones with apexes that are horizontally oriented, within a few degrees plus or minus. Well, for at least as far back as when I started noticing such things.

    I was also trying to tell her that, based on her clothing-to-suit-the-temperature method, if she lived in my part of the Deep South she would probably put on quite a sartorial show this time of year.

  117. Oh, and this just in…empirical evidence from Debbe that “perky” will work just fine. 😉

    And no, hon, that probably tells me everything I need to know. 🙂

  118. Debbe, that sounds like a real mess with the eggshells. I’m happy for you and the Misses that the temps are so much lower, though.

    Speaking of temps, I sure would, Ghost. I’d be wishing I still had the teeny blue bikini that my husband remembers so fondly. (Johnny Weissmuller matched Maureen O’Sullivan for hotness in the early Tarzan movies degree for degree.)

  119. Yesterday a 15 you girl, with a brand new learner’s permit, mixed up the accelerator and brake petals and crashed through my old store (around the corner from where I manage presently). Jumped the parking bumper, sailed through 32″ of buffer zone, cleared the sidewalk, destroyed an innocent water display, and crashed her suv halfway into the store.
    I was at home, asleep on the couch. I was out cold by 2p and when the phone FINALLY woke me up, it was 7:30p. I had four missed calls, a voicemail, and several text messages. My phone was right next to me. I was TIRED.

  120. Wow, Mindy from Indy, what a story! I bet the parents of that girl were extremely dismayed and upset! Hoping that neither the girl or anyone else was hurt. What a mess the store must have been. You sure were asleep, have been doing too much and gotten very tired.

  121. Miss Charlotte – Mom was in the passenger seat, screaming “BRAKE!” Absolutely demolished the solarium side of the store. They couldn’t even properly board it up the first night. They are closed until further notice. My store is picking up already. No one was injured.

  122. She is really a beauty, Ghost!

    “…destroyed an innocent water display…” Priceless, Mindy, and I’m thankful no one was hurt and that it’s not longer your store at this point!

  123. Mindy: Any chance you could put the link here? You wisely have your FB privacy settings such that not everyone can see your posts.

  124. Thank you for posting the pix, Mindy — fascinating! I went to your FB page but couldn’t see them there. Hope you are catching up on your sleep now and won’t have such a stressful week. How is Blacklight these days?

  125. In Denver area tonight, going to see a friend who builds the Sage sailboats here. These are fiberglass production boats but very good small boats, won best boat in small size last year Ghost, Sand, others, they also manufacture Spydeco knives so I will run over to that building as well, maybe buy a souvenir

  126. Like flashlights, Jackie, one can never have too many knives. Among others, I have three Spyderco knives. Tell them they have at least one satisfied customer.

    Lady Mindy, I know your life is a soap opera, but this is getting ridiculous. 🙂

  127. Food morning Villagers….

    Good grief Indy Mindy!!! I am glad no one was hurt, and you must have been one tired little girl to sleep through all those ringtones….take care of yourself girl. stress does age one…and i speak from personal experience.

    And Denise, yesterday was much better, I slowed the conveyor belts down and the packer speed down so that the eggs came in slower and didn’t have the breakage I was getting. Takes a little longer, but not as messy. They got the top belt fix in a couple of hours, hahaha, right after I had Skittles transfer all the eggs.

    I remember watching Tarzan as a youngster….and thanks for all the jpg’s….forgot how good he looked in that loin cloth 🙂

    Anxiety is building up in me. Tomorrow my Dad will have surgery on one lower leg to clear the main artery. They will schedule another surgery for the other lower leg He has poor circulation and has difficulty walking. The other option was amputation. I will be there with my three younger sisters, which should be interesting…they don’t exactly have the highest opinion of me; but, heh….it’s my life.

    GR 😉 enbiggenate?? You just love for me to word search, that’s a $100 word I had never heard.

    Ya’ll have a blessed Monday

  128. Miss Charlotte – Blacklight is alive and annoying. This morning, she pestered me every few minutes for ear scritches – starting at 2am! She still doesn’t like Prince hanging around *her* front stoop.

    Thanks for the “good sleep” wishes sent my way. However, you all keep missing the cat. 🙂

    Debbe – Just tell Skittles it builds character to do extra work. Keeping my fingers crossed for your dad.

    It’s raining. I’m relieved. I was beginning to worry; it hadn’t rained in almost 24 hours. :-/

  129. Mindy, I heard from all of my friends and relatives in the Central Indiana that it has only rained twice there all summer….Once for 25 days and the other for 35 days. Many communities set an all time record for rain for any month and there is still today and tomorrow to go.

    Ran/walked a 5K last night near my home. Many people from my Church were there as were old friends from my running days. I kept looking at people that looked for familiar and trying to figure out where I knew them from. I think one of the ladies was a mother of one of my daughter’s friends. My daughter graduated in 2006, so that was a while ago.

  130. Prayers for you and your Dad, Debbe. Just remember, all you have to do tomorrow is breathe and be there; all the rest is in the hands of others, and God will guide them. As for your sisters… We Villagers think the world of you, and we have them outnumbered! Take along a book or a craft project, make eye contact and listen when your sisters speak directly to you, and ignore them the rest of the time. That technique relieves my stress with my not-nice sister-in-law; I bet it works on sisters, too. Are they installing stents in your Dad’s arteries to hold them open? Is your Dad diabetic? I ask because my Mom had a similar surgery which restored her circulation.

    MIndy, Blacklight is sure lucky to have you. If someone gratified my wishes every few minutes, I’d wake them at 2 am, too. 😉

  131. Eat your heart out Ghost and others, Sal Glesser owner of Spydeco is giving me personal tour after lunch and taking me out to dinner tonight for sushi.

  132. Spydeco was phenomenon and love the owners, going to eat Italian with them in 7 minutes so I am late. No free knives but I bought a Japanese chef’s knife, a Salt and a kitchen knife guaranteed to chop off fingers. More later.

  133. …. and I go to work today only to find my poor 3rd shift girl working in semi-darkness. She has no mobile phone, and the cordless was dead. There was only power to the register she was on, four or five sets of fluorescents, three freezers, our deli table, and just enough juice left over to keep the walk-in from completely dying. I’ve never seen such a courteous power outage. The electric company showed up around 10a and we finally “started” our day around 11a.

    This is really starting to get old.

  134. Indy Mindy, I love the way you can turn a misfortune into a funny story. The drama never ends in your life, does it! I am glad to hear that Blacklight is carrying on as usual, you hadn’t mentioned her for a while and you know, sometimes that’s not a good sign. She is a naughty kitty, to keep you awake when you need sleep so much. You sure are patient with her.

    Debbe, wishing a good outcome for your father’s surgery. They can do such amazing things now, this will surely help him a lot. I have no sisters, so can’t help with that problem! You will tactfully get along with them; I have confidence in you. Just as Denise said, we Villagers think the world of you, and we have them outnumbered by an awful lot.

  135. No Italian sushi I am afraid . I left my phone in motel and the directions, figured I’d find it with Garmin but road work and the freeway defeated me and Garmin got totally lost more than once. Backtracked using Garmin and the cracker crumbs. They have worse traffic than Houston and Dallas just not as many lanes of it!

    Back to apologize for missing dinner. I ended up eating hummus pita chips, some chicken salad, cheese and an apple. From my food stash which will be handy if I slide into a snow bank or Garmin leads me into one.

    Love Jackie

  136. Left your phone at the motel, Jackie? I thought all modern humans are now joined at the hip with their phones. Oh, wait…you’re the oldfangled resident of the Village, aren’t you? 🙂

  137. Jackie, sounds like you should have let them pick you up, you being a stranger in town and all. Get you one of those arm band phone cases and wear it on you. Then you won’t forget it. But GPS won’t help with the construction anyway. That’s why you need the hometown folks to help you.

  138. “Oh, wait…you’re the oldfangled resident of the Village, aren’t you?” Change “the” to “an”. There are others of us.

    Ages ago, to the tune of a $5,000+ no-injury auto accident, we found Mrs. Garmin [ours has an elegant Brit accent] to be more distraction than help. I’ve mentioned here that [no accident involved], we were approaching a T-in from the left west of L. Harriet in Mpls., and Mrs. G. was saying, “Turn right, turn right.” We turned left and found the L.H. Bandshell parking lot. Full, it’s too small for the number who attend summer concerts there.

    Peace, emb

  139. So, instead of joined at the hip I would be saddled at the arm?

    I concur if old fangled means that I detest TV and can live without the phone in my hand, but not if it assumes I am ancient old biddy who is being left behind.

    That arm band will leave tan marks and I have already acquired some of those.

    Love Jackie

  140. Hey, do we have any rodeo clowns or bullriders among us? I got to see Spydeco s newest project, a knife that will cut the toughest straps off a bull to save the riders. They had a duplication made of a famous never ridden bull’s harness made to test the blades.

  141. Actually I was most impressed with the engineering, testing, quality control and ethics of the Spydeco products. I can say that I am proud to have them as American made products and wish we had more companies like them

  142. Indeed. I was gifted with a couple of very nice American-designed knives which, unfortunately, have the word “China” on them. I buy Spyderco knives for myself.

  143. Good morning Villagers….

    Thanks for all the well wishes regarding my father. Not sure what the surgery entails, spoke with one sister last night and she was telling me how Dad is getting rude in some of his comments. She had to ‘discipline’ him the other day in front of the nurse who was getting ready to draw blood. Oh, how the table turns as we age.

    Denise, will let you know details later.

    Indy Mindy, you’re funny…and you are right about the rain…80 percent chance down here today 🙂


    ya’ll have a blessed day

  144. GR 😉 Brenda Lee’s coming on strong….

    well, that didn’t work…..was her “Sweet Nothings” song….vintage 1960

    Have you ever checked out Golden Earring’s “Twilight Zone” video….??? First time I saw it, way back on MTV, my jaw dropped…..couldn’t believe they’d show that on TV…but look what kind of videos they show now….shocking, as you would say, just shocking 🙂

  145. TruckerRon, she is remarkable! Thanks for sharing!

    I hope, Mindy, that you are keeping notes for that book you are going to write. “I’ve never seen such a courteous power outage.” I would definitely read your books!

    emb, oldfangled here, too, to the point that I prefer paper maps. (Though I have to admit, you can’t beat Google Maps for the close-in, fiddly bits.)

    Jackie and Ghost, the pocket knife discussion reminds me that I’ve been meaning to acquire one for pocket or purse. Already have one for the backpack, but that one stays in there.

    Hugs and prayers, Debbe. Just breathe.

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