We’re getting to be like old friends, aren’t we? I know I’ve shown you this cartoon before and told you this story, but here it is again. Speaking of Hurricanes. The framed original of this 1997 A&J strip belonged to my good friend and neighbor John in Pass Christian. Being a painter himself, he particularly admired the artwork in this particular piece. However, it was lost in Hurricane Katrina, along with John’s house and much of everything else he owned. In the days after the storm, I helped John pick through the rubble of his home, and we saved many things, including some art pieces, but we never found this cartoon.

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  1. I first started following your blog after Hurricane Katrina. 2004 & 2005 were tough years for us on the Gulf Coast. I walked out onto my patio and looked up through the eye of Ivan in 2004 and Katrina hit less than a year later.

  2. When the big tornado came through here in 2011, people were finding photos, documents and all sorts of other things miles from the homes they had been stored in.

    I’m glad you shared this strip again with us, because a quiet, isolated place sounds very nice right now.

  3. While most Arlo & Janis strips can be described as minimalist in that any background is drawn either to establish location or set up a joke, beach-themed strips are always full of detail that go beyond the service of the joke.

    My favorite was the arc when Gene and Mary Lou first reconnected. Although the story only really needed dialog, JJ provided wonder seascapes as the youngsters walked along the beachfront. Is there any doubt that JJ loves the beach?

  4. From today’s A.W.A.D. Eisenhower, Dwight D., 34th POTUS (14 Oct. 1890-.) “An atheist is a man who watches a Notre Dame-Southern Methodist University game and doesn’t care who wins.” A.161014 [I’ll look up his DOD later; must get ready to suit up and help inaugurate the new BSU president. Cannot find my mortarboard but will substitute; can’t find Greek fisherman’s cap either.] Peace,

  5. I had not remembered this one but I love it. One of best columns I ever did was called “Could You Get off the Island?” I did a satirical boat sinking and asked a number of well known designers and builders how they would get off. Creatively.

  6. Listening to Kris K. On Pandora to get stoked at seeing him get an award he highly deserves. And to hear his music at a venue my late husband would never go to for 20 years here in Oklahoma. He might have gone to this one, he did like Kris and the Highwaymen.

    For those who don’t know Kris has alzheimers but is still playing.

  7. Jimmy I am so happy to see you over on Facebook. Hope this is part of your new promotion campaign. I am feeding you a steady supply of my friends over there and hoping they will come visit The Village. My friends like comics as much as I do.

    Symply I am simply envious of your strip office.

  8. I have to brag a bit. One of my nephews works in the Office of U.S. Trade Representative. He just posted this on FB – “Sometimes your boss has everybody from the office over to his house for a drink, just to say thanks for all of your hard work, which is nice. And sometimes you get to fist bump the President of the United States, which is also pretty special.” – along with some lovely pictures taken on the White House lawn.

    His brother is an Air Force JAG officer. Yeah, I’m pretty proud of them 🙂

  9. I’d brag too. Great kids to claim. I am outside Little Rock right now, late getting away from Oklahoma. You’d think I would be bored doing nothing.

    You all who are on Facebook need to go to Friends of Arlo and Janis. Jimmy is there personally. Cool.

  10. What a great story about Kris Kristopherson. I had heard the sad dementia diagnosis so I was expecting a sad concert now I am really looking forward to it. I love his smile and wicked grin.

  11. Are others of you getting German language ads for Survey Monkey?

    SurveyMonkey® – Pro Registrierung

    Beschreibung Der Likert-skala Der Wert Unseres Bezahlten Accounts [de = Deutschland]
    That was next to today’s A&J when I clicked above, but they’ve shown up elsewhere, not rel. to this website. I’ve taken several Survey Monkey surveys, but have never used it to make a survey. Hope I’d do better questions than some that appear there. Should, considering 36 yr. of writing ‘objective’ questions. I’ve had to pull a few off tests, but very few. Wonder if this will get ‘moderated’?


  12. Don’t answer surveys. Made it to Little Rock and stopping. Glamorous travel, truck stop and Subway sandwich to take to room, filled tank. I watched a guy in a Ford 250 put 0ver $300 tanks. Obviously customized gas tanks.

    Have enough trouble with Hal and English. God knows what he’d say in German.

    All gas stations seem to be truck tops now

  13. Best Subway sandwich in my life. Whole grain Flatbread with Chia seeds and roast beef, spinach, tomato and black olives, no dressings.and that sweet manager gave Dickens about three times the roast beef of a normal sandwich and me three times too, at no extra charge. If he does that for all the blondes that smile widely he will have awful margins.

  14. No German questions on my page for today’s strip. Maybe the fact that I have AdBlock Plus installed makes a difference. I would add that I get no English questions, either. Had I seen either, I would not have clicked anyway.

    Haven’t yet had a Subway hero since being able to chew, but I still managed to put back almost all the weight I had lost. Pshaw.

    Good one, Jackie – HAL doing his thing in surprising [to him] German might be a real hoot!!

    If JJ redid the cartoon for his friend, it still would not be the original.

  15. Try that new wholegrain flat bread. I am not going to order the regular rolls again. The flat bread is soft, easier eaten and held a ton of vegs and roast beef. It is brand new, I knew they had white flat bread. I will look for calories.

  16. Good morning Villagers….

    Couldn’t get onto my site yesterday. so I posted on Ian’s. Guess that’s where my yesterday morning posts are…still getting use to this laptop. So much to it.

    Been a long week and still have the weekend to go. Belts broke and an auger out…oh my. Have I use the word antiquated before???

    Going into the homestead after work today and hopefully put in a little time in helping out. Unfortunately, my stepsister will be there and I will hold my head high and laugh and cut up.
    Then on Sunday, my baby sister and I (after work) are going to spray for fleas at Dad’s again. Seems he’s let in a couple of pregnant mama cats who have had kittens….some of which died. Going to be a long and tiring weekend.

    …more to come

  17. Skittles did a parody to Johnny Cash’s “Walk the Line”….are you ready for this 🙂

    “I keep a close watch on these eggs of mine.
    I keep my eyes on these chickens all the time.
    It seems like I’m walking all the time.
    Because I….I walk the lines.”

    I just love that kid…..

  18. We go less to Subway than we do the local deli. While there is one on the local highway, it and the gas station / tacoria are on the wrong side of the road. My usual highway stops are Starbucks and the kolache shop, both are on the right side of the road. 😉

  19. Debbe, I think Ghost said he’d be travelling this week. Skittle’s lyrics are good. RA- yes! brag is good. CEP, I didn’t learn much of my grandfather’s welsh but is that something about coffee? Wish I could hear you say it 🙂 Have good days, folks…..

  20. Sand, it amused me too.

    OK all, this Village seems emptier without its haunted resident, our beloved Ghost. I hope his trip ends soon and he returns. Funny, the ghosts in my real house have vanished and I never miss them at all.

    Sand it would not do for me to have a kolache shop and a taquria on the road outside my ranch. I’d look like a bale of hay. With strings to hold it together.

    Heavy fog has lifted so I need to get going toward Memphis. Little Rock looked more like London with a lot of truck stops last night and fog still bad at 9.30 this morning.

  21. Listening to classical guitar on Pandora as I often do, I noticed the guitarist has long blonde hair and is sitting on a white horse in a meadow wearing a guitar.

    One way to sell classical music.

  22. I would say it would convert any man to listening to classical guitar. She is beautiful and she is the instrumentalist. I listen to this station ait, have been a classical guitar fan all my life, thanks to Andre Sego via.

    And Chet Atkins.

  23. Notice the foreign road sign which said “stop” in Arabic. The writer claims it was seen in, and I quote, “Morocco, Egypt”! Methinks not.

    Llee: It asked “Do you like coffee?” I think it is the singular “you”. The way I pronounce my Swedish is quite inaccurate and probably funny, but the way I pronounce my Welsh is close to criminal!

  24. My trip got extended beyond its original perimeters. And it’s not the kind of trip one would necessarily want extended. So not the best week I’ve had lately. I hope to be back at Home Base early next week and begin getting back to what I laughingly refer to as normal.

    I did think of the Village in general and Lady Mindy in particular the other day when I passed an establishment apparently devoted to meeting the needs of adult beverage enthusiasts and saw the sign “Time flies when you’re having rum”.

  25. GR6, welcome back. Would be a low profile recon about 45 miles from Ellington Field, never seen an air show with that much foot print. These bad boys are wearing gray with your basic unseeable markings.

    cep, far west side of Houston; Katy – Fulshear area.

  26. Ruth Anne, no.

    Jackie, might be a cow down in a pasture.

    Bird dog One to Bird dog Seven, Black Angus down at 17.439 ,89.700
    Bird dog Seven, copy. Maintain visual while I dial in Air Vet Tex.

  27. Rumor. They helicoptered in a Navy Seal with veterinary training. Should the heifer pull through, he will be up for a Navy Commendation Medal with a Silver T-bone device.

  28. Ghost, you will be as envious as I am but Symply owns not only the Whoopee Light strip but the bare breasted Janis with her tee shirt pulled up to her head to show off tan! He asked what you called them as Hal called them “book ends”. I said pokies.

    Do you own any risqué A and J strips? If so may I see your strip and I’ll show you mine? Strip that is.

    Sand I know you do but I am afraid of Loon.

  29. Had the five vegetable plate. Two were good, one mediocre and two awful. One small piece corn bread and passed on the cobbler and fresh biscuits.

    Doing my leg lifts to Clapton, Seger and Cale after I lug my suitcase in. There is a convention parked outside my room, running trucks, cars and motorcycles with no exhausts. I do NOT want Trigger slammed again.

  30. Darn it! Who owns Christmas Stocking? Mine is the gun toting Janis going out to shoot the rascally rabbit who ate her lettuce in garden. My support of gun rights.

    Got outbid on everything else both years I bid.

  31. Revenge of eating the forbidden is as bad as banishment from the garden. The fried green tomatoes were the best thing on plate but I CANNOT eat fried foods and should not try.

    Going to bed with a copy of Eat This, Not This. I need to read that. It would have said to eat ripe red or yellow tomato slices with no dressing.

  32. Villagers…

    Yes, 2016 sucks!!!

    Yesterday, Mike, the Boss stopped by the hen house. We knew the Corp was taking out the hens at house #1 on the 31st of this month. Mike told us the Corp was not going to restock the house with hens…then Mike told us that on the 2nd or 3rd of November, they were taking out our hens….and not restocking. They eliminated Mike as a middle man after 50 years in the business that his father started with the Corp. There were three middlemen left, one was eliminated a few weeks ago….then us and I’m sure they will get rid of the third. Corp greed, ya gotta love it.

    After busting our butts to get that 5 star rating, they are shutting us down.

    I cried, my Miss Prissies are still putting out 180 cases a day, but the glut in the egg market makes it economical unfeasible for the Corp to make any money from the middle man.
    I just hope Ian and I can draw unemployment till we can find jobs.

    Mike was very hurt…the first thing he told the CEO was…but I have good people working for me. He didn’t care, it’s that bottom dollar they think about. Mike is 55 and he doesn’t even know what he’s going to do. He has two feed mills and he may have to shut one down and lay off people there too.

    Now to take one day at a time….looking forward to working with Skittles today 🙂

  33. Smigz….I know I told the rest here about how Dakota got his nickname, but one day he was working on the packer and said “$hit me a rainbow, and call me Skittles”….and it has stuck. I’m going to miss that little guy….gotta go, starting to cry again……

  34. Debbe 🙁 I’m so sorry, hon. I know you put a hell of a lot of yourself into that job and not just for a paycheck. It’s an unfortunate truth that corporations exist primarily to produce profits for their shareholders, and although they provide different levels of perks for their employees, everything else is secondary to that.

    If there were any way I could, I’d hire you in a minute. You might not make the best money or pull down a lot of perks, but I guarantee you’d look forward to coming to work every day, and you’d laugh a lot while you were there. (Did I ever mention Dirty Joke Fridays?) If it’s any consolation, I’ve been there and have the t-shirt. My best advice at this point is “Non deficere”, which, if you don’t remember, basically means “Never give up”.

  35. Sunday A&J. We didn’t have texting, and had only one cell, but Elaine and I did this sort of thing often. Snotty college grads showing off, or maybe just lovers needling.

    Highlights at Orcalab. First, close expl ore. Peace


  36. Debbe, do you want me to contact my chicken farmer friend in North Louisiana for you and see if he is still looking for employees? He does fryers, not eggs, he is really old now but sweet as can be and so is wife, as nutty as me and funny animal loving, people loving.

    Out on big piney farm with Lake and job included housing in a restored historic family home. Near Ruston, Louisiana so big city close.

  37. Good morning to rest of Village. I hope everyone else is having a better weekend and Sunday. Having a Diet Coke and Glucerna shake for breakfast and brunch later on. Off to a big flea market for awhile.

    We don’t need any more fleas, Dickens says. He is scratching now so either he found some free ones or his allergies have kicked in and he needs a steroid shot.

  38. Good morning Debbe, that is certainly bad news. Any chance your boss could get a contract with another company? I’m guessing the chicken houses are his and not property of the current egg company? Probably this is related to the egg shortage caused by the last avian flu scare. Everybody went into overproduction to correct the problem and now there is a glut. In a year or two it will change again, most likely.

    I wish you good luck in finding another job quickly.

  39. Debbe, I am SO sorry! I know you have put heart and soul in that job. But… do you think perhaps God could be pointing you into another direction? You are in shock right now and are grieving. But consider all you have been going through. Old equipment that keeps breaking down. .. having to work so many hours… a lot of other stuff. Yes, the Boss was good to you in many ways, but there was only so much he could do.
    Be of good cheer and keep your eyes, ears and heart open. Hugs, Sweetie.

  40. Debbe, sorry to hear about the impending job loss. When I was laid off in 2012 I went into a deep funk. I spent over 1 year feeling sorry for myself and believing I no longer had what it took. (The layoff was completely unexpected.) Lack of money forced me to get back in the game. You have a bit of warning. Don’t be like me.

  41. Ah, Debbe! I’ve been there 4 times, and the Almighty has always came through. Consider what options you have very carefully. It just might be that you will look back on this and credit it for the result you found.

    GR, just what kind of job did you have in mind for Debbe? I don’t believe you’ve ever let us know what you do with such eclat & panache.

  42. What DO you do Mystery Man? Inquiring minds inquire.

    I have interesting events scheduled every weekend through end of month. If you are curious.

  43. Speaking of God and timing — Back in August I interviewed on a Thursday for my dream job, the one and only full time position I felt my health could handle, as a full-time chaplain at the hospital where I’ve volunteered for 7 years. The hours would have been a mix of regularly scheduled hours during the days plus showing up for activities on evenings and weekends for a total of 40 hours per week. I was told to expect results the next Monday.

    Monday came, and I learned the position had gone to a much younger guy who had only a little experience with mentally ill patients, none of it at a psychiatric hospital. 🙁

    Less than an hour later I took a call from a local state-run community college asking me to interview the next morning for a part-time proctoring position I’d applied for 2 months prior. So on Tuesday morning I had a very pleasant interview and was told I’d hear back from them on Wednesday. About 2 hours later they called and offered me the job! 🙂

    The strange thing about it all is that I found out how little they’re paying that chaplain (state runs a website with salary info) and realized I’d never have been able to accept that level of pay (and give up my SSDI). In fact, with my part-time job I still qualify for SSDI and, between the two, make about $50 less per month than they’re paying him.

    God has perfect timing and a sense of humor!

  44. Debbe,

    Overwhelming to hear, have Symply had my job end too many times in my life when not expected not to have sympathy…wishing you a coop resurrection or something of that ilk.

    My promoter life is over, the company dissolved, website removed, FB presence gone……hope I hit the lottery so I can start if all Fargone over. It was fun meeting the people who made the music I love, some more than others, but always a trip….

    Did I post my office pics here or only on FB I forgot so here is the link if you missed them. Hope it works.

  45. Symply, my life has ended dramatically so many times I just invent a new me and start over. It won’t be that easy for Debbe, too many other family members on the same train wreck.

    But you are right, I would probably do a lot of it again and it would be a different ride each time.

    Debbe, you have a lot of skills that apply to any job you tackle. You must view it like that.

  46. I say again, “Non deficere.”

    But you know, it appears that we have a whole passel of folks here who do not give up. I’d take that as a sign, Debbe.

    cxp, let’s just say that if I hired Debbe, she would greatly enjoy working under me. And I don’t mean that in the way some of you with dirty minds may assume. You know who you are. 🙂

  47. Short explanation why I am in Alabama trapping cats again. Marks mother has gone to Montgomery to live with his brother as her condition worsened somewhat. His brother is selling house. We had deadline of 10-15-16 to catch and move cats.

    We won’t probably catch them all but doing the best we can. I had last ones spayed and neutered, vaccinated, took to my property and two stayed, others ran away. Probably back to Alabama

    I am exhausted. You’d think I had hundreds of cats at my house but I actually have thirteen on a very large lot. All are acquisitions, someone’s throw aways.

  48. Denial. I deny I have anything dirty, just got out of shower and Dickens and I are flat on our backs in motel.

    Iove that word “passel”. It is so Southern. I have a tee shirt that says “Talk Southern to Me.”

    Just realized Southern ladies trap cats in their Anne Klein tee shirts and white jeans! Just in case some one from the club should come driving by! Appropriately accessorized

  49. Good morning Villagers…..

    I love this place and all who post. Thank each and every one of you for your sage advice, empathy, and your experiences too. This too shall pass.

    My two sisters at Dad’s yesterday said it was time for me to leave the hen house as it had taken it’s toll on me physically. And it has.

    Gal, my sister reminded me that God does not close one door without opening another.

    Every work week day I phone in the egg total and speak to the same woman. On Thursday, I told her about Skittles little parody, and I sang it for her….she then asked me to sing it again as she was going to put me on the speaker phone…..heh, I had never met them before, so I sang my heart out….

    “Improvise, adapt and overcome” Think I’ll write that on a few eggs that get shipped out on the last day 🙂

    why does this curser keep disappearing?

    …any way, ya’ll have a blessed Monday

    Mark, I’m sorry to hear your Mother is not doing well….sending prayers…..Amen

  50. Debbe,

    Have been”absent” lately and just learned of your life change. My heart goes out to you. I was treated similarly by the local university in 2010. I was “down” for a while but, with the help of Almighty God, I survived and am now very happy in my retired life, chasing grand children. As the Dr. Hook song goes, “I’ve got a couple of years on you, Babe, and that’s all”. Be well and keep trusting in The Real Boss. He will provide for His children. Pax te cum.

  51. Debbe,

    Sorrow re your predicament. But, to them, the bottom line is all that counts. The change from ‘personnel’ to ‘human resources’ was PC or something, but it tells you how they regard us: people are not special, they are an expendable resource or commodity, like eggs or gravel. I pray that you find something.


  52. Should have gone to email first. Here is Anu Garg’s ‘Thought for the Day’:

    ‘Don’t be seduced into thinking that that which does not make a profit is without value.’ Arthur Miller, playwright and essayist (17 Oct 1915-2005).


  53. Good morning. Do they think they are our wake up call at motels? Housekeeping comes and pounds on your door enthusiastically and Dickens does his rottweiler imitation.

    Need to get dressed to go load cats to move to Oklahoma. I need to alert my vet he has a new crop coming and he can go buy another used Porsche to restore. His Hobby.

    Two young black kittens are cute. All kittens are cute of course. I am reminded of the author Rick Braggs essay on how his mama became a Crazy Cat Lady overnight by not spaying and neutering her adopted cats.

    Am a proponent of spay and neuter programs for dogs, cats and bumans.

  54. Debbe, Skittles is older than his years. The first time I heard that song, I was on the road; I had to pull over because I was sobbing so hard. But tears and memories can be good, even when they’re together.

  55. Debbe, it sounds like the Corp is a ChickenBleep outfit. Does that make you feel at all better?

    How about Ecclesiastes?

    For everything there is a season. Have some faith. But work hard at recognizing the skills that you have so that you can sell it to a prospective employer.

  56. The Villagers must have retired early this evening.

    Hey! My teeth are finished after only 11 months. My regular dentist said so, absent any unexpected problems, thus I am free of appointments for 4 months when I should have a check-up. It is getting to be time to try a Subway hero, spicy Italian type.

  57. Just now going to bed in motel. Have to get up early to finish drive to Oklahoma with cats to vets by noon. I have done easier things than herd cats.

    Need a vacation and some rest. I am exhausted

  58. Good morning Villagers…

    Thank you God for the many friends I have made here. Amen

    My baby sister called last night and said she found Dad on the floor. She said he had laid there probably all day. We had been there the night before cleaning and spraying for fleas. I didn’t think he looked well. I should have said something to the girls then. Baby sister checks on him everyday. Right now he’s in the hospital. Please keep my Dad in your prayers.

    Dug through some old unemployment papers when I got home. Found wages reported from the hen house. So that’s some encouragement.

    Smigz, yes Skittles is older than his years. I enjoy working with him. I saved that song to my Utube file.

    Going to call my sister who lives in Vincennes…that’s where Dad is at in the hospital.

    love to each and all

  59. Just for info, how do its inhabitants pronounce ‘Vincennes’? Up here we have d’Moyne, New Praygue, actual Wayzata = WHYzetuh, actual New Ulm = new ullum, etc.


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