Seasonal Temperatures

Buy the new book, "Beaucoup Arlo & Janis!"Today's "Arlo & Janis!" This cartoon is from 20 years ago. I bought one of those warming trays not long ago, and it wasn’t cheap. It would make a nice gift, under the right circumstances. Actually, I wouldn’t mind getting one for Christmas, but sometimes you just have to draw a cartoon, you know? Here’s today’s Old Fogey observation: remember “Shopping Days until Christmas?” Often it would be expressed in a little graphic on the front page of the local newspaper. (Remember newspapers?) Now, what other kind of day is there?

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  1. Debbe πŸ˜‰ So, like George Burns, if you’d known you were going to live so long, you’d have taken better carry of yourself? πŸ™‚

    I have another friend who has trouble getting needed medications because of regulations promulgated due to the actions of the irresponsible few…or to use their proper name, “knuckleheads”.

  2. Anything shiny works, in my experience.

    Home invaders, Jackie? I have a remedy for that. Sorry your day did not start out well. On my theory that things tend to “even out”, let’s assume it well get better as it goes along. When we have time (ha!), we can compare “Mom” stories. I hadn’t mentioned it, but I had discovered she was skimping on her nutrition (“I wasn’t hungry.” “It was too much trouble to fix myself anything to eat.”), so for the past three weeks, I’ve been preparing her breakfast and dinner and having her lunch delivered. And when I deliver a meal, I sit and make sure she eats it. (At last! Revenge for all those yucky foods she made me eat when I was a kid!)

    The good news is, she seems to be getting out of the funk she had fallen into and is actually anxious to get back to the level of self-sufficiency she enjoyed before she was hospitalized. I may even be able to make a daytrip to visit my friends on the Redneck Riviera Saturday, and I have made tentative plans to attend a New Year’s Eve party. (Warning: Drama involved there. Film at eleven.)

  3. Add me to the list of those with autoimmune diseases and rheumatoid disease who have trouble due to people who abuse drugs and prescriptions. And Mike with cancer, can’t get a refill on a pain med without seeing doctor in person and a handwritten script.

  4. Add my mom to those who will not eat properly. When I moved her here she had already forgotten how to cook or even use any appliances and still cannot. I make everything and put in front of her. She has also forgotten what she does and does not eat, so I end up ordering for her in restaurants and reminding her that she eats broccoli.

    Her last living sister developed anorexia along with her cancer, so she has a “minimum must eat diet” which she repeats daily. Mom decided to copy that and when I got her she was dehydrated and malnourished. Something Mike’s last aunt died of actually.

    So, seniors not eating properly is almost universal, witness skinny little gray haired ladies in assisted living or nursing homes. If you have family member check their diets and ability to cook.

    Love, Jackie

  5. Actually, Denise, I’ll say a great big ol’ prayer for your husband.

    Lately, my prayers have all seemed to begin with, “It’s me again, Lord…”.

  6. And a few prayers for our community is appreciated. I grew up in Souderton, PA and still live just 15 minutes away. Google Brad Stone and get the gory details. We have guards surrounding our schools, doors locked and on alert until they catch the guy. Very sad. Holidays are brutal for some…

  7. Bucks county. How sad, I know exactly where you are. I seem to dream and pray for the Village all the time, but that is OK. I accept and am grateful for prayer from all faiths, all nationalities, all races. That is what a Village is for, to care for those we love.

    Even if we don’t know them yet, a Village is an extended family.

    Let’s pray for Australia and Pakistan as well. Sorrow knows no boundaries.

    Love, Jackie

  8. I mentioned the “Shopping Days Until Christmas” and got blank stares from the young Engineers that I work with. This topic came up as we debated stores being opened for Thanksgiving. As the child of two parents who needed to be at work on Holidays and Snow days, I really do not like the trend of stores opening on holidays. Those people should be home with family.

    However we still have car dealerships in Detroit that do not open on Saturday’s. For many of us, Saturday’s are the only day for car shopping or repairs.

  9. Some are wondering why the hostage taker/killer in Australia was not on a “terrorist watch list”. More to the point to me is the question of why he was not still in jail. News reports from Down Under indicate he was out on bail from an arrest for accessory to murder and 40+ sexual assault charges. Bail? Really?

  10. Dearest Ghost, you are a precious, caring son to your mother. Good for you, fixing her food and making sure she eats it! Do you cook at her house, or at yours and take it over?

    Debbe, you sure have problems — how you can keep a cheerful attitude is remarkable. Arthritis and cold concrete are bad news for legs and feet. Hope things are better today.

    No right answers yet on the color of my Dodge mini-van. I would love to have blue-green as dear Debbe guesses, or baby blue as Jackie suggests; my favorite color is blue. But no; hint hint — it’s a VERY popular color for this model. I see it everywhere, and I actually dislike it; but I’ve gotta put up with it.

    Dear Jackie, I’m thinking of you — best of luck if you do have to drive to Tulsa. Also sending good, caring thoughts to Denise and to Nancy.

  11. Charlotte, seems to me that about 90% of the minivans I see are white. My sedan is my favorite color for a vehicle…black. Yes, it’s a bear to keep clean, but a black vehicle has always seemed to me to look very elegant.

    I prepare my Mom’s meals in my home, as it’s easier that way, knowing where everything is in my kitchen, and I don’t have to travel too far. Several years ago, my ladies at work were ordering items from a catalog, and for no particular reason I ordered a set of plastic compartmentalized and covered food dishes (I suppose you’d call them “leftover” plates), which I promptly stored away and never used. Now it turns out they are perfect for transporting meals to my Mom. Funny how things like that work out.

  12. Eubie Blake, at 100, said, “If I’d known I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself” and I naively thought how neat of him to have thought of that. Then, I think a few years later, Burns. Now my thought is, how old is that line. In ages past, it might have been some geezer at 80.

    Prayers and thoughts for all those that make my handicaps look minor, likewise my $$, kid, and grandkid problems. And also for joys to come, incl. a ‘Save the Date’ card in today’s mail for a spring wedding.

    Peace, emb

  13. Nuts! “Now my thought is, how old is that line?” I’ve just exposed my most common booboo, failing to end a q. with a ?, or to close a ( or a [ or a ” or ‘. It may take 3-4 rereads to catch those, or fail to. My last column in the paper said fiath instead of faith. I must have clicked ‘add’ instead of ‘change’ on that one once. As the cat said, ‘nobody’s perfect.’

  14. With kids in the home, sometimes it boils down to getting that warming tray as a gift, because it sure cannot happen otherwise. No matter how much you earn, if you have children, there will never be enough money.

    It is still sheerest folly, however, to give the wife any sort of appliance unless it was specifically requested, but even then, you better have something “extra” to go with it. And I cannot conceive of being the guy who gives the wife a chainsaw for Christmas. The first thing she will use it on will be HIM!

  15. Years ago when my design crew and I were making over and making attractive floral/gift shops, I was stunned when my sweet midlife female designer said, “That display cabinet is hideous. Let me go get my saw out of the car trunk.” And came back in with a chain saw and proceeded to cut down all the 4 x 4 corner posts and about 2-3 feet off the length. Dexterously, too.

    While I carried tools in those days, they tended to be less aggressive, because the construction we did was supposed to be minimal. But I think we ended up adding a power skil saw to the collection after that to trim down and repurpose things. I don’t think the owners ever really figured it out, they’d say “Wow! You all made a lot of room when you moved things!”

    Love, Jackie

  16. Charlotte – Silver mini-van.

    Steve – Even if all the stores closed, people will still travel, run out of a neccessity, or need medical attention. No matter the day or hour, somebody is working. I don’t begrudge it. If I really minded, I wouldn’t hAve taken a job in retail.

    Those who need well wishes, I am in elf uniform, I’ll see what magic I can bring you all. πŸ™‚

  17. The Peanuts crew keep us up to date on “days to Christmas” in our “daily” paper – which comes out on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays … go figure!

  18. Thank you for all the entries in the “what color is my mini-van” contest. The answer is “maroon”. It looks like I’ve been fooling myself about the popularity of this color; maybe times have changed, too. But there are an awful lot of maroon Dodge Caravans out there! I’ve never liked maroon, especially for a car; the used car dealer called it “Cranberry” and I thought “okay” and by the time I came to and realised it’s the same, it was too late.

    Dearest Ghost, black is indeed elegant and it suits you. Your “leftover dishes” sound perfect for you and your mother.

  19. Charlotte, my guess is silver, too; but if I’m wrong, my backup guess is white.

    Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts for my husband. My little prayers take strength from yours. I know many of us pray often for all those here in the Village (and for family and friends of Villagers)…it just feels right and comforting, somehow.

  20. My MBH specifically requested that she be gifted with, of all things, a particular vacuum cleaner! That ought to have come under the heading of normal housekeeping stuff, but she said it was to be a Christmas gift. Of course, I got it about 6 weeks ago, and she does like it. [Maybe she was feeling guilty since it was our 3rd or 4th v.c. simultaneously owned!]

    We found it is really easy to discard v.c. around here: just put it out by the curb and someone will take it within a few hours. Method works with sundry other items which are perceived as having value, especially the night before garbage pickup each week.

    At various times, she has turned down offers of some decent jewelry (nothing big/gaudy; tasteful) and a new car. I guess some women aren’t wired for what are commonly thought of as very nice gifts. We did get the offered new car a year later, however.

    Yes, I offer prayers for all of God’s people, even those who do not know/recognize Him. Herein, for our villagers who feel special needs, special petitions are being added.

  21. emb, far enough back, and it might have been some geezer at age 40 saying that. πŸ™‚

    And Charlotte, at least console yourself with the thought that the “Cranberry” color for your van is still superior to the “Giblet Gravy” color. πŸ™‚

  22. Evan: ‘It is still sheerest folly, however, to give the wife any sort of appliance unless it was specifically requested, but even then, you better have something β€œextra” to go with it.’

    It was my good fortune to have a non-stereotypical [in many ways] wife. Apparently, there are lots of the others around. When she was about to retire in ’91, the VP for Nursing at our hospital asked me what she would like as a gift from the hospital. I did research, mostly by US mail inspired by ads in the New Yorker, and handed him the specs for a set of Calphalon cookware, intending it as a surprise. He checked with her to see if that was ok. Maybe his wife was like that. One of my daughters in law is.

    My first present to her, in’50 or so [we wed in ’52] was a necklace, paste of course, bought at Lord & Taylor’s on 5th Ave., for $7+ tax. Had Mom and a fellow private secy along as advisors. She like it, [knew it was paste], and wore it lots; had to discard it eventually when some of the paint wore off. Neat wife.

    Peace, emb

  23. side: I considered that, and chose a set where all except the fry pan have two grip-handles at the sides rather than long handles. Several stack. Happy wife. Like A&J, we each enjoyed pleasing the other. Peace, emb

  24. Dearest Ghost, I like your comment on the color of my car being better than giblet gravy color. The “Cranberry” color has gone up a notch in my mind, thanks to you.

  25. For those tired of network TV, I have a suggestion. While looking at the newer sets I became aware of something called the Roku Streaming Stick HDMI version. As long as you have home Wi-Fi and a tv with a HDMI port available, you plug this into it and set up an account. It then gives you access to over a thousand channels from the internet. I plan to buy one myself and thought somebody else in the Village might be interested in it. Some channels have a fee, some are free and the device is under $50.

  26. Mark, I think Jimmy mentioned having using a Roku a couple of years back, and being enthusiastic about it. I believe there are a couple of comparable units available from other companies.

  27. Good morning Villagers….

    It was a good visit with my female doctor, BP was very good, a little congested, and I gained one pound….up to 114 now! She couldn’t believe the muscle tone I have in my arms. But then I also packed in two trays (60 total) of double yolk eggs for her and her staff. I jokingly started to step on the scales holding the two trays…..they laughed. Told them I pick up six of them at one time. She also upped the daily count on my pain meds….got ready to pay, and she had wrote on my sheet “No Charge”….I went back there and hugged her, told her I loved her too. She does take good care of me.

    Denise, you have my prayer………………….Amen.

    Miss Charlotte….cranberry! Maroon, I like better. My favorite color in the box of 100 crayolas was magenta. As for my sense of humor, I fake it till I make it, or otherwise I could sit down and cry.

    Jackie, you travel safely and I hope you find your adapter for your computer…..would miss your postings.

    And yes GR πŸ˜‰ I have been saying that for several years now. Didn’t know George Burns quoted it….it suited him. The Wexford Carol….never heard of it till now. As you said, lovely tune.

    Indy Mindy….I could just see GR’s eyes bug out when you mentioned wearing your elf outfit….so are you that “Elf of the shelf” I’ve been hearing about.

    And yes, I volunteer to work on holidays, so that others can be with family. I volunteered to work the second shift desk clerk at the Hampton every year so that others could be with their families. I was the jack of all trades there when I was employed, everything from working the front desk and making reservations, to being the breakfast hostess, to housekeeping. Man, I am glad I am out of that business. I love my job I have now.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day.


  28. Well, this is interesting – twice recently I’ve posted a message that include a link to an old a&j page – both times into moderation, I guess (and I don’t think the last one ever showed up.)

    In any event, here is today’s again, with spaces that you can take out if you want to visit the old page:

    Hey Jimmy – maybe it’s time to revisit the Cuba series!


  29. My Excursion is my favorite color! Now, should I let everyone take a guess at what that is? πŸ˜‰

    The first gift Husband gave me, way back when, was a small tool box with a basic set of screwdrivers and a pair of pliers. He had seen that I desperately needed one. What I appreciated most was that he had paid attention, instead of getting me a more conventional gift. Later there was the starter set of Calphalon, and some years later a rather large tackle box that neatly holds most of my embroidery tools and thread. Yes, there has been jewelry, but again, he makes note of what I like and not what the tv ads say I should like.

  30. I keep all the Village in my thoughts and prayers, and for those who mention it, there will be extras. I do so enjoy “living” here, and want all my friends and neighbors to enjoy it, too.

  31. JJ: A thought on revamping the website. It would be useful if this: “on 16 Dec 2014 at 8:47 am #” actually had the number after it. Then, when we converse about a post, we could actually write “# 13, above” or some such. Peace, emb

  32. Yippee! Snow this morning!
    Okay, it was only a measly inch or so but it is something and puts us at a grand total of 1.5 inches so far. Historically we should have had closer to 1.5 feet by this time.
    Hopefully it’s not the last snow we see this winter.

  33. Debbe πŸ˜‰ I’m happy to hear you got a good report from your physician, hon. (And also happy you have such a caring doc.) Seems you are doing pretty well for a “Spent Hen.” πŸ™‚

    I remember you mentioning in the past you weighed 113 pounds, but I don’t remember you saying how tall you are. I remembered it because one of my all-female staff also weighs 113. She’s 63.5 inches tall, and I call her “my strong and wiry one”. The reason I know her height is that late one afternoon we got kind of silly in the office (no, alcohol was not involved), and I started trying to guess the height of all of my staff. Long story short, it ended up with all of them backing up to a door frame and having me mark their heights and write their names by them, like a bunch of kids. (Well, they are sort of like my kids.) I offered to record their other measurements as well, but they demurred.

    For three years, I had summer jobs working as a desk clerk at motels. (But like you, actually as a Jack-of-all-trades.) Then when I left the AF and was getting established in aviation, I worked the registration desk night shift at a hotel; flew in the mornings; worked relief bartender in the afternoons; and partied in the evenings. (I’m sure I must have gotten some sleep sometime, but I don’t recall when.) Like every job I’ve ever had, that is one at which you learn a lot about people and human nature. Sometimes more than you’d wish.

  34. We once had a regular visitor to the Village who, as I recall, called herself Book Woman or Book Lady; I’m pretty sure she was from Alabama. Haven’t seen her in quite a while but in case she’s still reading but not posting, here’s something I think she’ll appreciate. I just completed my 44th and LAST library inventory! One more semester to go πŸ™‚

  35. Galliglo in Ohio – when Jimmy had the “old style” blog you had to click on the comic strip to advance, this still works in my browser, hopefully yours too! When you click on the last strip of a post (I think there are 17-18 in this particular arc), it takes you back to one of Jimmy’s text pages where he posts other links, makes observations, etc. Fun reads.

  36. Bryan – YOU keep the snow. I don’t want it. Also, a friend and coworker is currently AWOL. She’s not been seen in over 11 hours. I’ve checked hospitals and jail. Nothing. Keep your fingers crossed.

  37. Thanks, Ghost – I think that was the name she used here. I had first “met” her through a library-related blog where she called herself Booklady. A statement she made at the end of an online workshop that we both did has stuck with me: “Although not a web native, I do now feel like I am a naturalized citizen, no longer an alien.”

  38. That’s why I was spreading the word, Ghost. He’s not only an author and computer columnist I enjoy reading, he’s a friend of mine. If you look through the pages of comments, you’ll find me there under my real name.

  39. Mark in TTown, interesting and kind of horrifying story on the plumbers’ truck. Never in a million years would I imagine such a thing could happen!

    Trapper Jean, Your latest posts are so friendly and interesting — I love your writing and your attitude. Guessing your car is some shade of blue (my favorite color too.) An Excursion is an SUV, isn’t it?

    Debbe, I loved reading about your visit to your ever-so-nice doctor. Glad to hear about the good parts of your checkup.

  40. Jean dear, Excursions didn’t come in all that many colors. Toreador Red Metallic?

    If yours were black, you’d probably look like a SWAT team or Secret Service detail coming down the highway. Wouldn’t have to worry much about carjackers.

  41. Good morning Villagers….

    Yesterday was my husband’s 62nd birthday. And he smoked a roll of pork loin, (smoked, pulled pork) and all the other trimmings. A good friend and nephews were in attendance. A good time was had by all. I practiced “responsible decadence” as I do have to work πŸ™‚

    Jean…I don’t know, how about silver? My Izuzu is silver…..

    …and Indy Mindy I am ready for some snow…got new tires and my Izuzu is 4 wheel drive…bring it on…..

    Miss Charlotte, my doctor is also a ‘cat woman’. She is a very caring doctor and listens attentively.

    GR πŸ˜‰ I’m tiny but mighty. I, at one time stood almost 5’7″….but like I said several months ago, I think I’ve lost height, as my favorite sundress needs to be taken up at the shoulders a couple of inches. I figure I’m about 5’51/2′, and yes, I know I’m underweight. They say for every inch you are over 5 ft, you should weigh 5 lbs for each inch….so yes, my doctor does show concern over my weight. I don’t like it when people make remarks about my weight, I tell them “I’m tiny, but mighty….wanna feel my biceps?”

    GR, had never heard of the group “Civil War”, but they did an excellent job on one of my favorite Christmas hymns….I noticed also Enya was posted on the right….so here is her version:

    And, the stinking auger they worked on all day Monday came out like a serpent yesterday. They FINALLY replaced all 1200 feet… took them until six to get it all replaced, so my hens missed 4 feedings. I don’t know why, but if the first unit’s feeding systems isn’t working, the rest of the units can’t pull in the feed…so all 5 units’ bottom feeding troughs didn’t get feed in them yesterday.

    And it’s off to work I go…………………………

    ya’ll have a blessed day

    Miss Charlotte….I’m like you, Jackie mentioned leaving and she had to pack….hope she remembered her “plug-in’ for her computer. I really admire that woman, taking care of her mother and husband, plus her pets, and her genuine concern for her employees.

  42. Debbe, until recently, I was 5’10”. About two years ago, I was measured and was surprised to learn that now I’m only 5’7″! Yes, I know how you shrink a tad as the padding between the bones of your spine wears, but I never expected to lose three inches.

  43. My village, I just finally got laptop to work at last. It has been so sad here, I hate to bring anyone down at Christmas. Mike is doing badly and we came to Tulsa for outpatient tests and treatment, just stayed so he doesn’t have to bump back and forth in pain 150 miles each way.
    Mama and I stayed all afternoon with him at the hospital and I had her in the new transport chair so she wouldn’t exert and have the angina. She was so worried about him, not herself.
    I got them both back to motel and it had been raining and freezing here all day, so Mike had me wheel her back to room and come get him second. When we got to room she had a seizure and collapsed. EMMSA got here right away and got her back to the hospital but she never regained conciousness and her heart just stopped.

    It is how she would have liked to go Iknow without lingering illness and hospitals, but I miss her so much already. I hated telling my help more than my relatives, to be honest. And her dogs will grieve so I know.

    My girls and children are enroute here to help with the funeral which will be in Louisiana and how she wanted it. Not my style but hers but I am going to bury her in a solid red dress and red flowers and a cherry wood coffin. More mine and girls tastes but where and how she wanted it.

    So sorry to have to recount this but I couldn’t just disappear.

    Love, Jackie

  44. Oh, Jackie. I know I speak for many here in the Village when I say I wish I could give you a physical hug of sympathy instead of only a “virtual” one, but please do know that you do have our hugs and our prayers. Thank you for letting us know.
    Love, Nancy Kirk in AZ

  45. Jackie, sorry to hear that. I appreciate what you said about it being how she would want it, quick. Glad she was with you and Mike at the end. Also glad you are not without the rest of the family. You and Mike are in my prayers. As NK said, would rather give hug in-person, but virtual will work too.

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