Secrets of the Deadline

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In English, the Rosetta Stone translates, “Very expensive language instruction that can be had at the local bookstore for a fraction of the price.” In the age of the internet, one must be careful. There are many “this date in history” sites that are not entirely reliable, particularly concerning celebrity birthdays. This, one finds out the hard way.

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  1. Debbe I remember Way Out Russell. The other of course was Lilyback, who’s ramblings made more sense once she was outed. However I missed John and Mindy leaving us. We were getting a ton of posts and then poof. Maybe they got swallowed up by the bamboo?

  2. Because I got through it sort of half-way in high school, 40 years later I decided to get Rosetta Stone for German, pretty cool, there is no translation, if you go through it slowly and properly it all makes sense, but still there were a few times that I had to look up a translation on a word; and once you buy the actual download lessons, they make more money trying to get you to pay extra for live instructor sessions where you also speak with other learners, you get a free trail of that at the beginning but it was too weird for me

  3. I LOVED today’s real time strip! I think Jimmy must both read our comments and those of the Dark Side as well. I cannot do that, sorry guys. Jimmy you are a braver cartoonist than I am a reader!

    Off to give blood to the vampire blood suckers at my hospital lab for my perpetual life record. I wish they would just implant that chip in my arm and be done with it so they can point a laser at it and read my medical history. Oh right, that’s someone’s conspiracy theory plot isn’t it?

    Then going to the pool and exercise and work on my fitness and tan. Someone has to do it.
    Good morning and good day all, Love, Jackie

  4. And Jimmy, I never say this enough but if you do read what we write I will. Not only are you the ONLY cartoonist alive whose work I still read AND admire, you are also the best caption writer I have ever run into. I absolutely love the titles you give the retro cartoons, like today.

    Secrets of the Deadline.

    Fabulous play on words and genre and archaeology and reality shows and all that jazz. And I am friends with more than one punster who work it into daily conversations. Don’t know if you can do that but you are a fantastic punster and wordsmith as well. Love, Jackie

  5. Just in case anyone missed the date in the margin of the historical strip, the anniversary of the Rosetta Stone discovery is July 19th.

    Steve– I think Simply Fargone has non-virtual (or at least e-mail) contact with John & Mindy (alter ego/sister Ginger). I don’t think the bamboo got them…

  6. Surely not…everyone knows that if it’s on Teh InterWebNet, it’s got to be true. And how else would one learn the truth about things like Jade Helm 15?

    Debbe πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the Mike Jagger “cardio video”, but I don’t think that “rooster pecking move” of his would earn me any cred at a gym. Unless I started going to the Zoomba or whatever-you-call-it classes. They do offer those classes at my gym, and I stopped by one day to discover what appeared to be a group of slightly chubby but very cute young Hispanic ladies auditioning for stripper jobs. I guess that’s what a friend meant when she once said,” Zumba…because those poles won’t dance around themselves.”

    Yes, Jackie, I can only guess where TDS went with a cartoon with the word “yeast” in it. And no, I didn’t look to see.

  7. One I don’t have to look up…on this date in 1939, Germany invaded Poland. No, I wasn’t there, but it was in all the papers, and I read about it later.

  8. If memory serves, JJ has made this point on at least one other occasion, but I don’t remember when.

    Jackie, when it comes to giving blood, I’m a turnip. In fact, I go to a convention every year that has a Heinlein Memorial Blood Drive, and on the day of the drive, I hand out white ribbons with the word TURNIP in red to those of us who have medical reasons that we can’t donate. (One of my friends is a big donor, but sometimes he can’t because of timing, and it’s always amusing to see that somebody who’s given several hundred pints is a turnip.)

  9. As much as I like the Rolling Stones I have to admit Mick always reminds me of a banty rooster. He can sing though!

    Jackie, I do love Ray Stevens but I don’t think I’ve ever heard Would Jesus Wear A Rolex, so thanks for that! And speaking of televangelists, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of John Oliver, but he had a word or two to say on the subject. The video is about 20 minutes long, but well worth the watch:

    Ghost Sweetie, I’ve seen a few videos of men pole dancing, and let me tell you…!!!!

  10. Sideburns once my autoimmune diseases and hepatitis and other issues were on my record my donations cannot be of any use. Unfortunately I still give a lot of blood every 90 days or more often and I console myself that it goes for medical research and knowledge. One of my docs once told me all his patients were research cases!

    So I am a turnip now too. Love Jackie

  11. Two people sitting at a table with their hands in their laps is another clue. Putting the time you finished the drawing in the corner with the date might give the cognoscenti a secondary chuckle.

  12. I haven’t snarked about 9CL lately, so here goes…

    One can only hope that at least several of the characters will be garroted by those “amusingly” flexible panel border lines. Feel free to post your lists of suggested garrotees.

  13. Jackie, I’ve given blood twice, about 30 years apart. Both times I went into shock and my blood pressure dropped through the floor. The second time, I wasn’t able to stand for over an hour, and was wobbly for the rest of the day. And, ever since the first time (of two) that I was hospitalized because I had a dangerously-low blood platelet count, I’ve been under doctor’s orders not to donate. My count has gradually come back to normal over the last five years, which isn’t what usually happens, but donating still isn’t a Good Idea for me. Some people can donate regularly with no ill effects, including my sister, but I’m very much NOT one of them.

    I have a friend who does her best to collect every possible ribbon when she goes to a convention, once gathering enough to make a skirt, but she doesn’t ever get a TURNIP ribbon because the only reason she doesn’t donate is that she doesn’t want to, and that doesn’t qualify. That ribbon is for people who can’t donate, not for those who just won’t. I do, however, have a ribbon that’s mostly for trading that I’ll give her: THE RIBBON OF RASSILON because that one’s just for fun.

  14. Jackie, the biggest drawback to the implant idea is this, how far away could someone read the data on the chip? Since they are now stealing credit card information from RFID equipped cards, I am concerned about keeping the data protected.

  15. I don’t recall any prior usage of the perfectly fine word THERETOFORE, although HERETOFORE is familiar. Nice of JJ to increase our vocabularies that way.

    BTW, Jackie, how did I merit the address “crud professor” a few days ago? [Au 30 @ 1:08 pm] This inquiring mind wants to know.

  16. Mark hit it, I losty air pen fory Smartphone and my little cuddy fingers don’t work well. I am often azed at what is send so I left this uneducated to show you what it does to me.

    The other day I wrote a male friend and spllcheck substituted thong for thing for me, told him 5th at I was thinking about a lot of thongs. He would believe that I was so I corrected that one with a sebond email an hour later.

    Love Jackie

  17. Jackie, try speech to text if that phone has it. Or press the little button onscreen that looks like a microphone and record a short voice message to send them. You can also get WhatsApp to do these things, but you can only use it with other people who have it too.

    Sebond email? So you were texting him about denture adhesive?

  18. Trapper Jean:

    Mrs. Rick in Shermantown and I saw the Stones in Columbus. The highlight of the show was the Ohio University Choir singing on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

    Yesterday, I bought tickets for Sir Paul. He will be in Columbus in October.

  19. Jackie, on your phone find the Settings. On mine there is a little icon that looks like a gear. Open it up and look for Language and input. Open that and you will find the keyboard and speech to text settings. Mine has the gear icon at the end of the line. Touch that to open the keyboard settings and you will be able to turn off spell check, next word suggestion(which throws you a curve ball when you don’t look before you send), and mine also blocks offensive language so you don’t get something added which you didn’t want. The offensive language disable is also built into the Google speech to text feature. Since your phone has the Android operating system like mine, the settings should be similar. Good luck!

  20. GR6:

    “… it was in all the papers, and I read about it later.” I read about it then, aged 9. ’39-’45 was an interesting time to go through early adolescence. Which reminds me, there are still no “Bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover”, unless some idiot has introduced them. They are native American thrushes. I don’t know if Blue Tits range as far S. as Dover, or maybe even onto the Continent. My European bird guides are in another room.

    Just like the “Nightingale” that sings in “Appalachian” folk songs. Nightingales are O.W. thrushes. Their habit of singing both day and night has led to the common euphemism, “the nightingale sang” [=the guy scored, another euphemism]. The song may have come with colonists, who fortunately did not import the birds.

    Peace, emb

  21. Steve that is why I didn’t try voice mode, I figured I would say even more embarrassing things. Sometimes I do it accidentally out loud anyway without assistance.

  22. Jerry – Glad you are back safe.

    In reference to Mindy and bamboo – I’m not sure if it is specifically bamboo, but all along the edge of overgrown mess that is my backyard “driveway” is what I’m calling bamboo. And yes, it is out of control. πŸ™ So at least one Mindy is battling obnoxious plant-life.

    Went up to see grandma for her 89th birthday on Sunday. My aunt was there earlier in the day, and my sister went up to see her today. She was having a good memory day and was able to have extended conversations. I posted a couple pictures of us on Facebook and spotlighted an old photo I have of her from the late 40s in a two piece swimsuit. She enjoyed all of the birthday greetings, and playful catcalls on the swimsuit picture. I pulled up an online album of old pictures, and we spent some time on memory lane. Had a good visit, she enjoyed the flowers and the licorice, and she “tossed” me out at nine so she could get ready for bed.

    The next day, I caught up on my to do list at my aunt’s. Reinstalled the mirrored doors to her medicine cabinet, finally got the shed doors back on their tracks (interrupting the largest arachnid family reuniom in Indiana, I think. Ick!), cleaned up around the roses, and pruned numerous low-hanging and dead branches on her silver maples. And because no good deed goes unpunished, I also pruned the small (< 3') pines in the front yard. I happen to be allergic to pine and cedar sap. I figured it was only a couple small branches, I could manage. Apparently one of the stupid branches got my wrist – SO ICHY!

  23. Rick from S town
    β€œYou Can’t Always Get What You Want.” is supposedly a quote from “Mr Jimmy”
    in Excelsior, MN – Mick met him there many years ago while playing a gig at the Amusement Park.
    Mr Jimmy was a town character – developmentally challenged. That is the story around here anyway.

  24. Back the other day about Wills and Trusts – What Jackie said.
    If you are not careful the govment gets it.

    On the PC hold Alt then type 0246 ΓΆ should appear. The Γ€ & Γ₯ are there also but I don’t recall the numbers – 1/2 is Alt 0189

    Judy in Conroe — in my case think Pearl Harbor.

    Debbe – “How It’s Made” did a segment on eggs in 2005. They keep repeating on the
    SCI Channel.

    MIL always added Gluten to her bread (All Purpose?) flour to make bread rise correctly.

    GR6 — to me Guys is gender nonspecific.

    just catching up.

  25. From even further back before were were untimely interupted

    Thanks all for best wishes =
    I checked other people with 8/23 B/D
    of the 48 listed I knew of 5
    Gene Kelly
    Barbra Eden
    Shelly Long
    Keith Moon
    River Phoenix

  26. Dear Mindy from Indy, I sure agree with Ghost’s comment on your visit with Grandma — he is a wise man. You are such a caring granddaughter, to make her so happy on her birthday. I saw you on Facebook and the pictures are great.

    Gosh, I admire the energy and determination with which you tackled the jobs at your aunt’s house. Epecially, in spite of the spider family, and all the stuff you’ve had to put up with at work, too!

  27. I had thought the number was 62 (no not 42) but very interesting fact:

    Surprisingly in a room of 70 people there is a 99.9% probability 2 will share a Birthday
    40 people it is 90%
    23 people it is 50%

    100% is 367 people (leap year)

  28. Ruth Ann
    Re: Progress & Change
    I have been using that ever since a company I worked for introduced mainframe computers. (That was all there were)
    It was the size of a Ford Torus with less computing power than a modern Laptop the printer was the size of a chest freezer.

  29. Old Bear, once at a floral association meeting they asked to honor the birthday members and asked we stand up. There were ten of us seated at the officers’ table and four of us stood up, me and three guys. No one else in room of about 300 members.

    We asked each other what day in February was their birthday on? All four of us were born on February 7, 1944! And we were all born along the Mississippi Delta on both sides of the river in towns approximately 50 miles apart from each other!

    So the rest of table starts going “Doo dah doo dah doo” like the theme song from the Twilight Zone and speculating what kind of spaceship dropped us off in the pods.

    It was bizarre and inexplicable, we were all friends but had no idea about birth dates.

    Love, Jackie

  30. Charlotte and Mindy from Indy, I have to admit my mind instantly flashed to Mindy this morning as I reached my hand up to turn off the lights out in breezeway and porch. An entire pack of rather largish spiders came racing out of I assume the light box the switch was connected to, like a herd of cats.

    All I could think of was “Thank God that Mindy isn’t here, these giant albino spiders would give her heart failure” and I switched off lights and left them alive. I don’t know why?

    Love, Jackie

  31. Yes, that was good. Mindy and her spiders and thinking of them gave me idea for a Halloween costume for myself that involves purple satin long gloves, purple satin heels, fish net hose, purple glittered hair and several dozens of giant tarantulas and assorted other spiders in blacks and purples, glitter, jeweled stones, cascading hair piece and satin streamer ribbons with spiders everywhere.

    I love Halloween, my favorite holiday. And I love costumes. Going to start shopping for spiders.

    And no photos, Mindy would have nightmares! Love, Jackie

  32. Good morning Villagers……

    Today’s real time strip will definitely raise GR’s πŸ˜‰ blood pressure…..I love it when JJ pushes the button…….

    So…Andrew and Rachael are back together and have been for a week…..I think I would install a revolving door on their rental house. And her pregnancy is coming along fine, despite she is a high risk. Little Kyler sure is full of pi$$ and vinegar, think I’d be investing in a straight jacket or gorilla tape.

    Rick….I am envious, Sir Paul. I have been playing a homemade cassette tape of their tour “Flowers in the Dirt”. It is the best live version of songs I’ve ever heard. This was when Linda was still alive. For your enjoyment, one of my favorite cuts off that cassette.

    Old Bear….my husband recorded that segment…I found it very interesting too.

    Going in early…..

    ya’ll have a blessed day…………..

    Jerry, glad your home safe.

  33. Jean…the next rooster I find, I will dub him ‘Mick” in your honor.

    Indy Mindy…..after reading your post, I’m too tired to go into work today. You go girl. Your Aunt is very blessed to have you as her niece. Oh, and I am too scared of spiders, and there are a lot of them in the hen house.


  34. Old Bear:

    Great story, and I believe it.

    As for Mr. Jimmy being developmentally challenged, I have learned much from those of us who supposedly have less to offer.

    Actually, I think I have learned more from the challenged than I have from those who have degree upon degree.

    The challenged seem to have true humility and compassion, whereas the degreed frequently have arrogance tinged with what they think is noblesse oblige but is actually just condescension.

  35. I was just catching up and thought of two good comments, but have not had breakfast and forgot them. Oh yes. I believe that it was Hank Jr. who recorded “They say send your money to God, but they give you their address.” Hi Debbe. Still making the big bucks? That reminds me. Who is the new Colonel Sanders? I thought that the original sales agreement prevented that sort of thing. Mindy in Indy, what’s happening with you? Big weekend coming up. You guys probably look forward to it like we look forward to the 4th of July. Not!

  36. “GR6β€”to me Guys is gender nonspecific.” First learned this from the well behaved teen daughter of a U.Mich. entomologist in his home in ’56 or so, when she respectfully addressed him and her mother as “You guys.”

    Degrees/arrogance. I’ve found little correlation. Many are arrogant, degreed or not, but if arrogant, a degree is a handy thing to display your arrogance about. A minor problem for me is dissuading former students from calling me “Dr.” when I’m volunteering at the hospital. Another is the real assumption that a fud or whatever means you’re an expert in everything.

    Peace, emb

  37. Ghost, I noticed there is a pun there. Wonder if it was deliberate or accidental? Last panel hostess says they are fashionably late. They were late because of Janis’ fashions, alright!

  38. No es nada, emb. πŸ™‚

    Mark, in the fourth panel I was more trying to decide if Janis’s big ol’ smile is just a standard-issue party-arrival smile or the result of something else. Of course, similar circumstances have caused me to be late claiming dinner reservations on more than one occasion, as well as getting a knowing look from the restaurant hostess. πŸ˜‰

  39. Good morning everyone, just got out of tub and dressed, so decent to greet you. Ghost, you seldom disappoint. Just ordered some of those fishnet hose as part of my Halloween costume last night. And no, no French maid, Spider Queen or some version there of. Not sending any photos but it is a cool costume. I need a volunteer to glue the spiders which must be applied after in costume. And the glitter too.

    Gotta get going, this afternoon is day for the second toe surgery. The other one is still attached.

    Listening to Neil Diamond “Forever in Blue Jeans” and that could be my mantra, I love jeans. The lyrics are great, “Money talks but it don’t walk.” See if I can do this

    Have a great day, I am off to the big city in minutes. Love, Jackie

  40. Thought for the Day: Training on a firing range in all your tacticool gear is like a CrossFit class; it’s not complete until you take a selfie.

    My WW class leader is doing CrossFit with her husband. And another CrossFit studio has opened on the other end of the strip mall from my gym. I believe I will leave that to the wannabee jarheads and SEAL’s.

  41. Debbe, your tune from last night dropped into the Black Hole of Moderation again. I’ll try it without the link…

    Debbe Playlist Two, Song the Fourth – I must have missed China Grove when I was down about San Anton’. Come to think of it, when I was down about there was for Basic at Lackland AFB, and I even missed San Antonio itself, other than a bus ride from the airport and a bus ride back to the airport. I do remember there were these two really hot-looking female MP’s at the airport. No wait; that was from the movie β€œStripes”.

  42. What can one say about today’s real-time cartoon? Well, we all know what I could say about it, but I shan’t. Other than to note I like it (a lot) when Janis doesn’t have those little straight, skinny, pipe cleaner legs. Of course, I suppose there could be some correlation with how close to deadline Jimmy is working when he draws them like that. πŸ™‚

  43. I. Just have to share this one with you guys. I am 1.2 pounds from reaching my 100 pound weight loss goal.and if I can burn enough calories I should be there this week. Did an hour and a half of water aerobics tonight and the Vietnamese restaurants cook did a special shrimp and grilled chicken bun for me with no fat or fried items. I am getting great special meals now. My local ice cream shop makes me fat free sugar free banana milk shake s and unsweetened tea with fresh limes.

    Love Jackie

  44. Congratulations, Jackie. Keep going. By the way, if you like coffee you might want to try this brand: Trung Nguyen. It’s a Vietnamese import so you will probably have to look for it at an Oriental market. The Gourmet blend is very good.

  45. That’s wonderful, Jackie. Obviously, I should have been soliciting weight control/nutrition information *from* you, rather than offering it *to* you. I lost 0.8 pound this past week; doesn’t sound like much, but I’m getting down into that tough area where weekly progress is often measured by fractions of a pound. Me, I just consider it a victory when I go a week without gaining anything.

    Still have all your toes? πŸ™‚

  46. Thanks guys, but I don’t drink coffee, never had. Surely I told you about my boss, half my age. Who said the only time he’d missed coffee in bed was when wife gave birth to their children. Asked if I would bring him coffee in bed? I replied only if he called room service. In front of sales staff.
    Don’t know how to make coffee.

    Ghost I never said that I didn’t know diet, nutrition and exercise, just that I was stupid. Love Jackie

  47. Rick in Shermantown, Ohio

    I had the good four tune to see Sir Paul this summer the day after his 73rd birthday. He put on a great show- nearly two hours non-stop. He is quite the entertainer. I think as time goes on, It is becoming more apparent that Paul was the most talented Beatle (not that the other three were slackers) and much of their legacy is due to him.

    BTW, it was a great summer for concerts- I also got to see Weird Al in concert. Another great showman who is really more talented than most people give him credit for.

  48. My favorite Weird Al story is the one he told about his parody of “Money for Nothing”. He always contacts the original artist of a song he parodies and gets their permission to do so. When he asked Mark Knopfler for his OK, Knofler agreed on one condition…that he (Knopfler) could play the guitar part on Al’s recording. So Al is all like, well, sure, I guess that would be fine, while thinking, “Are you bleeping kidding me? Mark Knopfler is going to play guitar on one of my parody tracks?!”

  49. Good for you, Jackie, on the weight loss. Not easy to do, at all! Lots of determination and hard work.

    Actually I am quite near my ideal weight now (whatever that is). Over the past ten or fifteen years it’s gone down gradually — but I fear that lots of it is muscle loss, not so much fat loss! Gotta work out more.

  50. Charlotte it is totally true because when I lost so fast and was starving myself I lost fat but there was no muscle. I looked so bad but smaller clothes. I think Ghost made me realize that exercise was the only way. So, I have actually been building dense muscles or I would have lost even more. And looked like the Wraiths in Harry Potter.

    Parts like my legs and arms are actually filled out, but still losing with hard work. No magic pill or surgery. Lots of leg lifts! Love you, Jackie

  51. So, I had to watch the parody because I love Money For Nothing and Mark Knopfler but had never heard the Weird Al one. And yes, it was funny and then I watched the video that compares the two Dire Straits and then Weird Al frame for frame and that was awesome.

    But I had no idea that the original song had been censored and edited! So I had to listen to the uncensored version. I cannot believe that happened since the #&*$# stuff that is played on radio every day and minute of the world and no one edits it. Rap is all violence and sex so far as I can tell since I only hear it blaring from open windows and loud radios at stop lights.

    Love, Jackie

  52. πŸ™‚ you go Jackie – I am sorry to say the hardest part is yet to come.
    Keeping it off. – But exercise and what you say you are eating will help- now you just have to
    eat at regular intervals (I have 1 interval – when I am sleeping) what ever times you want
    but keep them consistent.

    Hugs for encouragement.

  53. Old Bear, my second coach besides Ghost preaches the same things. I am not good about consistency and hours and routine. Sort of anathema to me, asymmetry in life appeals to me in design and all things, along with randomness. But I am trying to learn that lesson.

    Yes, if I could keep it off I would still be a size 8 petite and look like a beach blanket bingo chick from the 1960’s. I suspect I have lost a few thousand pounds and hundreds of clothing sizes.
    But this time I have something really worthwhile at stake, my life.

    That is not a joke. I was supposed to have died and this time everyone expected it. I have shocked a team of specialists who are cheering me on, simply because I am finally doing what I should have done all the time. It was losing my husband and mother that week last Christmas that gave me the shock I needed to make that decision to live. Love, Jackie

  54. Good morning Villagers….

    Old Bear, thanks…someone, if they haven’t already done it, should do a cat video to that tune…featuring the dreaded ‘red dot’.

    And Jerry, I’ve used that line before too. Which BCN are are you talking about. There is the one on GoComics and then the one on her BCN website. So actually, we are treated to four strips a week. I’ve read and posted on her BCN website, and was flattered when she responded to my comment. I also read her twitter account, where sometimes she posts photos of the real life cats.

    Jackie, you are one inspirational lady….need to adopt some of your health regiments….I was a naughty girl last night…too much indulgence, now where is that Advil?

    Can I brag that I’ve gained 2.4 pounds??!!

    Gotta go…………..

    Ya’ll have a blessed day…

  55. GR πŸ˜‰ liked the Letterman version. There also is a video of him singing that song while riding a bike in circles. The lyrics can be taken anyway you want…I believe it is based on when he left Genesis..anyway, that what I read on the internet…you know, if it’s on the internet, it’s got to be true…so grab your things I’ve come to take you home……

  56. And tying the Weird Al and Sir Paul threads together: Weird Al told the story that Paul McCartney loves his stuff but would not give Al permission to record his parody of “Live and Let Die” called “Chicken Pot Pie” due to the McCartney’s vegan beliefs. Weird Al could have gone ahead a recorded the song citing fair use laws but will not, out of respect to Sir Paul.

  57. Debbe πŸ˜‰ There’s a joke somewhere in that cat-licking-a-chick video, but I’ll pass. (Don’t look at me like that…you were probably thinking the same thing. πŸ™‚ )

    Congratulations on your weight gain. (There’s something you won’t hear me say very often.) In your case, it’s undoubtedly a good thing, health-wise. Not to mention giving you a little more of what Janis was showing yesterday. πŸ˜‰

  58. Since everyone contributes exercise music I will start posting some I like like by Wilson Pickett or anyone else actually. The one that just played on my CD earlier was a little faster and an earlier version.

    And Queen like “Fat Bottomed Girls” but I am not linking two here!

    Good morning all and I am up and in exercise clothes, heading to hair dresser and then gym and veterinarians, not in that order! I am facing demons. August is gone and September is a good time to fight demons, the weather should eventually cool off! Love, Jackie

  59. And a favorite the great Muddy Waters

    Because I am a GRITS girl raised in the South and raised in the black gumbo of the Mississippi mud. And because Muddy Waters played on the bootleg radio we all listened to and played for our fraternity dances and other places we weren’t supposed to go for music.

    OK, I have to go to Tulsa and find me some Muddy Waters! There’s that harmonica harmony in the background.

    Love, Jackie

  60. Which led me to Howlin’ Wolf and John Lee Hooker and a lot of other old memories. I should mention that NONE of these fantastic artists could be played on main stream radio stations or their records sold in the local record shops. Totally taboo, so we listened to them on the bootleg stations late, late at night and in the early morning hours on horrible scratchy car radios and you’d find a remote location that would pick up the air waves. And other things.

    Their songs would be covered by white bands and singers and played on day time radio, so we knew the songs, but the originals only got played about two a.m. If you were lucky you had a portable radio with ten pounds of batteries that picked it up and you could listen instead of sleeping at 2 a.m.

    Even Chuck Berry or Little Richard weren’t played. Which also brings up Redd Foxx and Moms Mabley and other great memories of the Southern radio genre. Enough history. Love, Jackie

  61. Ghost Sweetie, I keep hoping the 9CL panel lines will turn into a bow string and we will see the characters stuck head first into a giant bullseye.

    Debbe, Mick the Rooster…LOVE it!

    I gave up on the whole scales and weighing thing. If my blue jeans fit (and yes, I’m forever in blue jeans) I’m good, and if they’re a bit tight I drink more water and cut back on what I eat.

  62. Thanks, Jean dear. I now no longer see male pole dancing as a viable future career change for me.

    Oh, and about that costume? David was quite the little slut, wasn’t he? πŸ™‚

  63. Trapper Jean, I love you! I am late for next stop, just got back from the vets and now my hair.

    But yesterday I am driving through Bristow, Oklahoma and look at a marquee and guess who is appearing? Jeanne Robertson, tickets are $75 each. Well, I definitely thought of you and I definitely thought of going. I loved her and heard her through you or I’d have never known this Funny Lady.

    And I had no idea New South Wales had male pole dancers!

    But I was trying to link Rooster from Muddy Waters or Howlin’ Wolf but couldn’t, but the Rolling Stones version would have linked and I didn’t have time. Thank you!

    Suspect you are a Grits charter member. Love, Jackie

  64. Obviously I have not been posting, but I have been reading! And enjoying everyone’s comments.

    Have just been too tired to post! But I am getting back my “sea legs” at work, so hopefully I will soon have some extra energy. But I must say – I am having fun at work! No, it isn’t the co-worker interaction, although it is nice renewing old acquaintances and making new ones… it is delving into numbers and making them all nice and orderly and logical! Ah, me… different strokes for different folks!

  65. Galliglo, I am proud of you! You showed a lot of gumption in deciding to go back to work, and then following through on it. I’m glad it’s fun and you are having a good time.

  66. “The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness.
    You have to catch it yourself.”
    Ben Franklin

    Hugs to those that need it — and those that do not pass it on.

  67. Too many not only overlook the “catch” part of that, OB, they expect it to be delivered to them with a big bow on it.

    Jackie, I too hit the gym and got my hair cut today, but no veterinarian was featured in the events of my day. My pneumatic and pulchritudinous hair stylist’s outfit du jour was OK but not breathtaking…what appeared to be Capri pants (although I don’t recall ever seeing quite that “spray-painted-on” version of Capri pants before); a low-cut sports bra; and an even lower-cut T-top. Not bad, of course, but not up to (or down to) her usual standards. I will say she made those pants look better than one would have thought possible for a woman of her age. More testament of what good diet and exercise can accomplish. But I know I’m preaching to the choir when I tell you that.

  68. Getting things correct to the penny apparently isn’t normal. During high school I almost lost my first job because my till came up exactly right every day. According to my boss, it meant that I was somehow ripping off the company else I’d be a few cents off like everyone else was. πŸ™

  69. Was that a proposal, Ghost? Unless there is another millionaire widow lady I don’t know about!

    Thanks to all for the continued support on the over turning of all my leaves and the raking up too. Seriously, all of you have spurred me to keep trying. You have been the only support group I ever enjoyed and stuck out more than one or two visits. The Village is full of good people.

    For instance, Galliglo and I have discovered a shared passion for men in kilts, especially Sean Connery, who are far more likely to raise my blood pressure than male pole dancers, even those from New Zealand. To make sure that is a valid statement I will force myself to watch Trapper Jean’s contribution to male pulchritude. Thank you, Jean, we need equal time to the females.

    Right now I am listening to Elvis’ fifty best love songs compilation and he is doing “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” and this all started with me listening to Elvis’ best twenty love songs all the way back from my gym, so that tells you how far away my gym is located.

    By the way, my personal trainer had not seen me in some time what with all the traveling and weight and did not recognize me. That was REALLY rewarding. Love, Jackie

  70. Trucker Ron, when I opened my own business (I had actually been a banking and oil and gas accountant for brief periods in past and worked for several banks on short employment, so a penny counter, we had to reconcile) I insisted on checks, credit cards, cash all balancing.
    One holiday night late my assistant manager and I were trying to balance the drawer and we kept coming up wrong but we finally decided it was 37 cents off. Robbie got so disgusted she reached in her purse and threw 37 cents in the till and said, “Now can we go home?”

    Several years later we came across over $800 in cash stuffed in an envelope and hidden in the files in cabinet from a big holiday, probably Valentine’s, and forgotten. I said, well obviously we hadn’t noticed we were $800 off but the money came in handy when we found it. After a few years you got more casual about counting the money!

    Love, Jackie

  71. Forced myself to watch the pole dancer on mute while listening to Elvis. Now that WAS interesting. Obviously I had not recognized the talent on a cursory inspection. I bet he would look good in a kilt but might need a beard?

  72. Good morning Villagers…..

    It’s the dog days of summer here in S IN… help had to leave yesterday with me packing, stacking the last two skids of eggs, Jason always does the rest of it….I miss that battery operated skid lift. We have a manual one now. You guys would get a good laugh at watching me “pump” the skid up. I actually have to put all of my weight into it to get it to rise at least a couple of inches, drag it to the cooler, shrink wrap it, and push it into an orderly line of skids. I think I lost those 2.4 pounds yesterday. Jason will be back today though……..Amen.

    Gal….I am so proud of you. I love bean counters. I did it for years. At the Marriott years ago, I was Assistant Night Audit Supervisor….and yes, all had to balance out. I remember when I worked in Corpus for an oil and gas company, and my check book for one of the subsidiaries was two cents off…..he made me look for it….told him I’d give him two cents if he could find it. I did learn though if you are off by 9 you have transposed numbers……but, I know you already knew that.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day….

    Jerry, you never answered my question on BCN… you read both strips? Lupin is my favorite. From the photos she posts on instagram, Lupin looks just like my white Snowee.


  73. I saw on a newsfeed this morning that Black Sabbath announced that they will hold their final tour soon.

    My first thought was “They were touring before?”

    My second thought was that – even thought Black Sabbath will still most likely be one of the world’s loudest bands (yeah, I saw them once) – their audience won’t have as much auditory pain to endure this time.

    Considering the current age of most Sabbath fans today, all they will have to do is to turn down their hearing aids.

  74. Blinky:

    Thanks – I am now looking forward to the Sir Paul concert even more. Myself, I give a slight nod to Lennon as the most influential force in The Beatles, but I’m not firm on that stance. McCartney was definitely the bigger showman and perhaps the better businessman.

    However, in terms of current music, I have become a big fan of Railroad Earth.

    Eclectic and cerebral – they’re astounding.

    I’ve been to two of their concerts and am looking forward to the next one. They’re always on tour, so it shouldn’t be long.

  75. Rick in Shermantown, Ohio-

    Ever hear of a band called Here Come the Mummies? They are a group of Nashville session players that tour mostly in the midwest. Their gimmick- they are dressed in rags and makeup so as to look like mummies. (supposedly some members are well known in the music industry, but this gimmick lets the audience focus on the music and not the players.) I’ve never seen them, but I friend of mine in Indiana raves about them. Lots of brass and rock.

  76. I’m a fan of Grand Funk Railroad, but I’ve never heard of Railroad Earth. Maybe a regional thing, like the Swinging Medallions from Birmingham. Anybody remember Doubleshot? Mindy from Indy, you are probably just busy these days and Trucker Ron, what happened on the work at home front? Debbe, I just occasionally remember to check the web on BCN. I do keep it on my favorites list.

  77. I just read BCN’s comments. It appears to be a very friendly group, but, knowing nothing of the strip’s history, I don’t really know what they’re talking about.

  78. Jerry, all my plans and thoughts about working at home got sidelined by my wife’s suddenly declining health… which is now improving since her thyroidectomy a few weeks ago. Also, with the school year restarting our one married daughter is finally finishing off her final semester of student teaching, so we’ll be doing a lot of babysitting of our two grandsons (2.5 years and 9 months old) between Labor Day and the first week of December.

  79. Debbe, I’ve been reading BCN and loving it. I still need to go read all the back strips, but that is no hardship.

    Ghost Sweetie, if you’re not up to pole dancing you might want to try this. You might have to cut-and-paste to see it. Sorry, but Technology doesn’t like me today, it seems.

    Jackie, thanks for the kind words! Always happy to be of service! You will enjoy the above video, too, I’m sure. πŸ˜‰

  80. Jean dear, when I get my upper body in as good a shape as that dude’s, I’ll seriously consider it. Besides, great way to meet some of those awesome female belly dancers. πŸ˜‰

    Thought about you yesterday, when someone online mentioned being in Atlanta for Dragoncon.

  81. Ghost, that must be one of the all-electric versions of the Prius, since the others have their own gas engines under the hood to recharge the battery. And after all, the all-electric versions must depend on electricity generated by some means. Most likely coal-burning, hydroelectric or nuclear plants.

  82. Considering the potential burden on our infrastructure, all-electric cars aren’t the best idea (Imagine the load on your local system* if significant numbers of people went to them and needed to recharge on a sultry summer night!). Hybrids make a lot more sense since their batteries are recharged as needed by the gas-powered motor. That also eliminates the wasted gas while idling at traffic stops.

    * Tesla claims the load isn’t that much, that our systems are set up to allocate power as needed, etc., but I also keep seeing articles about much of our aging electrical infrastructure being over capacity as it is…

  83. Yeah, too many people seem to think that the energy to power their all-electric cars just appears magically out of the air, like fairy dust or unicorn dander, without any carbon footprint of its own. Sure, it may be a relatively smaller footprint, but still, TANSTAAFL.

  84. Mark, well thank you too. But how about their version of RC Cola and A Moon Pie? Here it is, the true Southern breakfast of champions

    Or dinner and lunch as well.

    Good morning and afternoon all, I have friends from South Africa with their camper in my back yard and it is danged hot here, they may feel at home. I need to go get my two cats from the vet before they lock up for weekend and they get a Labor Day bed and breakfast in the kennel.

    I am heading for the gym and the pool for rest of afternoon, my celebration for the day. I am supposed to be going to a nautical flea market in OKC tomorrow and a kayaking seminar. If it is this hot tomorrow I may or may not enjoy it. Ditto the Raft Race on Monday. I have volunteered to sell beer at the Budweiser beer truck since I don’t actually drink. I will have to bring my own water cooler! But I will be under shade!

    And yes, I am wearing shorts to sell beer and if it is too hot I will just drip ice on myself and if I spill beer I can hose off. Love, Jackie

  85. Jackie, get yourself a bandana if you don’t have one. Then you can dip it in the water in your cooler and cool off with it. Another thing that works is to get a spray bottle and fill it with water. Whenever you get too hot, mist yourself with it. Evaporative cooling works great.

  86. The Board has directed me to tender on its behalf this emendatio to its missive of the 29th ultimo. One of our erstwhile vagabonds, Master Malcolm Burkwistle, has taken leave of the big top circus to which he had absconded, and he is now returned to the slightly peeved but nonetheless welcoming bosom of the Orphanage. He discovered forthwith that a necessary, nay, vital element for one’s success in the profession of circus clown is a sense of humor, an attribute which the dear boy sadly and conspicuously lacks. Happily for the fortunes of the Orphanage’s dining hall, he was able to recover and bring with him a good quantity of the less over-ripe produce which had been flung at him during the course of his first and only performance.

    Malcolm reported that his fellow vagabond, Master Cyril Bicksford-Smythe, was manifestly vexed by the malodorous conditions that are an inexorable part of the position of elephant mucker, as well as his continually demonstrated inability to muck at a speed anywhere near that which would be necessary to keep apace of the prodigious amounts of excrement produced by a half dozen well-fed and Brobdingnagian pachyderms. Malcolm urged Cyril to avail himself of the opportunity to also take to shanks’ mare and accompany him back to the Orphanage but was instantly rebuffed by Cyril’s sharp rejoinder, “What, and give up show business?”

    In a separate but somewhat related matter, the King of the Gypsies has offered to treat with the Board regarding terms for the return of Nigel Arbuckle to the Orphanage. The Board has advised the Roma King, who seems to be either discombobulated or agitated or both, that they will take his proposal under advisement and place it in the second third of the agenda of the next semi-annual meeting of the Board.

    I have the honor to be, &c.
    (s) Rosamund Wainwright-Altringham
    Corresponding Secretary to the Board of the Village Orphan’s Society

  87. That was so funny and so well written that I almost choked on my Greek yogurt and fresh raspberries, tried to wash it down with some bottled water and almost lost it all up my nose!

    Whoever you are Rosamund, please keep posting reports on the n’er do wells and miscreants. I loved the adventures.

    And the vocabulary. Love the vocabulary! Words are not always just words. Love, Jackie

  88. Rats. just heard I have been assigned to check in participants and complete paper work instead of selling beer! Probably figured they wanted more nubile and pulchritudinous and pneumatic beer girls in the Budweiser tent. I wanted the shade of the tent.

    I do get free rides on Uber and all the free beer and goodies I want, along with an official volunteer shirt to wear. I hope they still have some large sizes left when I pick mine up!

    Thanks, I will take the cooler, my water, my bandana, my very large hat, a spray bottle and that thingy I bought for sailing that the military uses in the desserts. Just heard from my committee lady, so bye! Love, Jackie

  89. Jerry – Work life has been aggravating to say the least. Working ridiculously long hours again. Splitting my time between looking for new employees and looking for new employment for myself. It is highly suspected the new company is setting us up to declare bankruptcy and reopen under a new name. If the universe is willing, I will be long out of the picture before this happens. I forgot to ask before, how did Elvis and Cilla judge the quarters? And speaking of Elvis, BCN is very much autobiographical, so the non sequitur comments likely relate to something Georgia has posted elsewhere. P.S. – Thanks for the tropical updates. I’ve missed them.

    Blinky – Have seen and heard the Mummies myself. My boss loves them. Lots of innuendo and double entendre.

  90. TruckerRon – I used to have a clerk who always came up perfect. Just to annoy her, I’d toss random change into her drawer. Wrong? Sure. Entertaining? Absolutely. πŸ™‚

    My tills almost always are over. When people tell me to “keep the change,” I will throw some of it into the take-a-penny bin, but leave the rest in my drawer. I’ve had way too many people just pocket anything in TAP bin or try to pay for their entire purchase with it. I keep a running total in my head of roughly how much “extra” is in my drawer and will cover honest shortages as I can. The universe approves of this mrthod too. Late one night, not long after I had started with my present company, an elderly gentleman came in with his severely disabled, grown, daughter. He fussed and cooed about her as he helped her select a few treats. At checkout, they came up sixteen cents short. He was going to have her chose which goody to put back. Sadly, I happened to have no money with me that night, and the TAP bin was empty. But I couldn’t bear the thought of the girl having to sacrifice a treat during an obviously rare outing and purchase over sixteen cents, and sent them on their way with everything. The dad was bowled over at my willingness to short my drawer for his daughter. I assured him I would collect enough spare change to cover during the night to cover it. After they left, I rummaged through the front counter candy boxes. Sure enough, I found sixteen cents. I was almost completely back around the corner when a heard something hit the floor behind me. I turned around to see a single dime settle to the floor, no where close to anything, and I was alone in the store. Where it came from, I have never figured out.

  91. Thanks, as always, for introducing new musical groups for us to look for. Heard some interesting covers of old songs on Sirius today. One was by a group called Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – don’t know about all their music but it’s a great name.

    If you like blues, check out Beth McKee. She definitely qualifies as a GRIT and has created her own group known as Swamp Sistas.

  92. Mindy, glad to hear from you and whoever, your story was great. If you can write an entire book like that I’ll publish it. Cilla, Elvis and Spunky love the new house and are spoiled rotten. One of my main duties these days is opening the door to the back porch so they can go in and out. We don’t want a pet door and, besides, they don’t need it. They’ve got me!

  93. Blinky:

    Come to think of it, I have heard of them, but I have never heard them.

    Sounds as if they are doing a little of The Traveling Wilburys but incognito.

  94. Tomorrow is a giant nautical flea market event in Oklahoma City that I have wanted to go to for years and years, never have. So, I am going to go to bed early and get all my clothes and gear ready tonight so the Adventure Dog and I can take off in morning. It ends at 3 p.m. so I’d best leave early so I don’t miss entire event!

    It is hotter than the coals of Hades in Oklahoma right now so I am out of my mind more than usual to even go out. I will throw in a cooler, water, ice, spray bottle, etc. as recommended for this event as well. Wish we weren’t all scattered to the four corners of the earth and a few Villagers were from around here.

    You all are about the nicest people I know. I am plotting a plan to come pick up Mark in Tuscaloosa and we go on a road trip to meet Mindy from Indy, Debbe and the chickens in Indiana, on to Galliglo’s place and anyone else who would actually like to meet each other in living color. A Village Reunion of the Orphans that left the Home earlier.

    Love, Jackie

  95. Jackie
    There is a spray bottle with a fan for cooling off – IF I remember I will get the SKU Sat.
    A little late but maybe for next time.

    I have heard the Prius carbon footprint is actually larger than a regular car over eaches
    (new word?) lifetime. But then I take anything with statistics with a grain of salt.

    Son came in from NH (Concord, to let you know Charlotte) and updated the computer – Everything is easy if you don’t want anything that WAS on your computer. I hope I find out all I am missing before he leaves. This is not stuff I want just stuff we are told we need.
    Progress & change again.

    Lady Mindy I have a job for you – the commute will be a bear though.

    Jerry in FL
    Like you better half has not retired – she is a full time door person.
    The definition of a cat is:
    “A four footed mammal that wants to be on the other side of the door.”

    The other day Arnold came in the front door and made a direct line to be let out the back door.


  96. Good Morning Villagers….

    Do you know how many times I had to read VOS’s comment???? Talk about $100 words!!! And I don’t even have the time to look them up πŸ™‚

    Mindy….like Gal, dimes can come from heaven too. You, dear, are a saint.

    Jean…you need to read the letters to the editor…they are hilarious. Elvis the cat is the corresponding editor, and he is quite the commenter. They are on her main website and not on GoComics.

    Old Bear…I really enjoy your tidbits of wisdom….

    More drama at the hen house….had the whole place to myself yesterday until 1ish…long story about Jason and his children and CPS…his ex-wife is a witch….as a matter of fact, we have nicknamed her Ursella…if that tells you anything.

    Jackie…be careful out there in the heat today. When we went into Jasper yesterday, the temp on Walgreen’s marquee said it was 95 degrees at 3ish. All I could think of was my poor Miss Prissies. And it’s not going to get any better until Wednesday.

    Happy Caturday…..

  97. Hi Debbe, yes, the heat scares me. I am in some form of “remission ” from the lupus and RA and I don’t want to get it back so I am rethinking.

    Sympathy For the Devil is one of my favorites.

  98. GR6
    FA & GR – poetry in motion, Music on 4 feet.

    GR feet used to bleed by the end of rehearsal.

    Jackie – this is not a sales pitch but our store has a few items that might help you in the heat-
    These are true Value #s but they are available elsewhere.

    Cool Mist Fan – (spray bottle with floppy – battery powered- fan) SKU 741704

    Deluxe Fan – as above but with shroud SKU 132876

    4″ Battery Fan – no mist – runs on Bat., USB port or AC (Adapter NOT included) SKU 164567

    If the nape of your neck or feet are cool the rest of you will feel cool (er).

    Did you make like a “mad dog or Englishman” today?

    Off till Monday

    Hugs to all

  99. Regarding the “footprint” of various cars and technologies: Be certain to verify you’re comparing apples to apples. Some articles focus strictly on the cars’ operating impact, others include the manufacturing impact (those batteries use some dangerous-to-produce materials).

  100. Good morning Villagers…

    Is everyone out enjoying the three day weekend? Quiet yesterday in here…..

    Old Bear, I love watching those dance movies from the old days. And FA and GR were fantastic, it’s has if they floated on air.

    Yup, I love the way “Sympathy for the Devil” starts out. When Ian was little, he would love to holler out the ‘hoo, hoo’. That boy does know his rock and roll from the old days.

    I think today I will use a wet, cold rag around my neck….forgot about that trick. Also, your inside wrists are cooling points too. This humidity has got to go….Wednesday’s high is supposed to be 83 degrees….I suspect there will be some riders on the storm then πŸ™‚

    Didn’t Elton John do a cover album labeled “Mad Dogs and Englishman’?

    Enjoy your day….ya’ll

  101. Wrong…it was Joe Cocker who did Mad Dog and Englishman’ What album am I thinking about with Elton John….it’ll come to me, when? Got it….Mad Man Across the Water……I love my coffeee πŸ™‚

  102. Listening to Clapton who is doing Let It Rain and it is hotter than Hades here and I am trying to leave to go to OKC for a kayaking seminar called Kayaking 101 and it is a two plus hour drive, even at speeds I do. Debbe I was in OKC and then at party at club swimming and didn’t get home until after midnight. Why I am late today getting out, just drank breakfast, a chocolate nutrition shake. Love, Jackie

  103. Yep, it’s actually hotter in OKC right now than in my little corner of the Deep South. And forecast to have a higher high temperature there today. But still 10 degrees or so cooler here than a month ago.


  104. Yes, Arlo we have come a long way. Part of the reason that I am sorting through so much stuff is that we had some very lean times early in our marriage and did not want to throw out too much stuff. Glad the kids are around to help me as I’m not sure how much my old body can endure. Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone.

  105. Yes, Fred and Ginger were pretty spectacular, especially since not only was she in high heels, but dealing with long gowns that wrapped around her legs making it hard for her to dance. But, Ghost Sweetie, there were also Gene Kelly and Cyd Charrise. Maybe a slightly different style, but just as spectacular.

    And Cyd also had pretty good gams!

  106. Thanks for the link, Ghost. I do not think anything has ever outclassed it. And… it played homage to all boys and girls (and even adult boys and girls!) who like to splash and dance in the rain…

  107. Come to think of it Jackie, you might be able to rent one of those industrial coolers next time you have an outdoor event in the heat. Or you could do it the old-fashioned way, hook up a lawn sprinkler and let ‘er rip! Speaking of splashing in the water.

  108. It is only about 85F here right now so it isn’t too bad. I thought it was funny to see a couple of marshmallows roasting on the asphalt in the mall parking lot this afternoon.

  109. Jerry:

    (I originally posted this several days ago, but it is stuck in moderation limbo because I had several links in it. I removed the links from this one.)

    Actually, RRE is national.

    RRE will be at Red Rocks on 09.18.15, followed by a gig in Boulder, where my son lived until a couple of years ago when he moved about 15 miles south to Broomfield.

    Man, I’d sure love to go out there and take my son and daughter-in-law to see them.

    If you go to their Website, you’ll get an idea.

    Also, I have their DVD of their first Red Rocks performance. As I said, astounding.

    Finally, NPR’s Mountain Stage featured them a couple of years ago.

  110. Years ago I had a unique experience at the Flying J truck stop in Billings MT. A week prior they had had new asphalt put down with beautiful, bright yellow stripes throughout the truck parking area. It had been a mild (70s) since then until the day I arrived. Even though it reached only 90 F, the new asphalt was of the wrong grade; as trucks moved about the lot they left ruts in the surface. The next time I came through lot had been redone.

  111. Jackie survived the 102 degree Temps by getting in shade of trees and not on water. Then I went to pool and stayed in water but still got some sun and am long ready to go to sleep! Outdoors does that to me.

    Tried to read Terry Prachett but no one else did anything at lest than megawattage. Am going to reread it. Love the man.

    Tomorrow is raft race. Praying for shade but will take giant Spf 70 hat.

    I am flying back to Port Townsend for the Wooden Boat Festival but going alone, although I will have lots of friends there to visit. Did I mention I am sleeping alone in the suite Richard Gere and Debra Winger were filmed in for Officer and A Gentleman?

    Except I identified it as Tom Cruise in Top Gun, got my hunks mixed up. I mean, uniforms and motorcycles in both! It blurs. Love, Jackie

  112. Read today’s comic just now, Janis counting quarters. For some time I have been just leaving pennies, not taking them as part of my change, because I end up with large amounts and I have to take to bank to get rid of them. I have been thinking of Mindy’s story about the candy for the customer who really needed it.

    So now when I leave my pennies I sometimes ask the clerks. One chain said they donated theirs to a small charity fund they had going, others said they used to make up deficits for customers or the drawer. Today one clerk remarked that a lot of people just don’t even bother to take the change, say keep it, especially if it is small amounts.

    Mindy, what do you think? Do people say leave 17 cents because they hate loose change?

    The chain that said they have a charity fund is a huge national super convenience store, people love to work for them, Mindy you should apply, I am told they pay well. Anyway, the manager told me that it is a company policy that any overages in drawers go to the donation fund, they don’t keep it. I do like this chain very much and their deli foods are a far better bet than 98% of the sit down casual dining chains. Healthy choices and fresh. Love Jackie

  113. Good morning Villagers….

    Twenty-seven years ago, I truly was in labor…today Ian is 27. Where has all these years gone. Mom was my coach, and we didn’t want to know the sex of the baby due. Everyone was so positive I was pregnant with a girl. When Ian ‘popped’ out….the doctor said “it’s a boy!” Mom, in a slightly less positive note said “a boy?’ “WelL the doc said, I can’t put him back”

    And it’s been a labor of love since….sure do miss him. But, it was time, way time for him to sprout his wings…..

    I love the marshmellows on the asphalt story. I could out do that by putting an egg on the concrete steps today…..

    Enjoy your labor day celebrations…..I think the Miss Prissies are planning something for me today…like they do everyday.


  114. GR πŸ™‚ for some reason I just knew it was going to be ‘Radar Love’…had that on 8 track tape…remember 8 track tapes?????

    No ‘back at ya” this morning…..

  115. Debbe, I would love to see eggs cooking on the concrete steps. I will pass on eating them (a little too much grit for my liking).

    Today I plan on cleaning out my smoker and then making bacon wrapped onion bombs for supper. (No grit there.)

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