“See here, Private Johnson!”

This proud fellow with the cocky grin, posing for a picture to send the folks back home, is my father. It was taken in a stateside Army camp in 1941 or ’42. It could be Louisiana. Or California. Or Pennsylvania. Daddy had conquered much of North America before departing for England and, eventually, northern France. He was still proud when he was discharged at the end of World War II, but the cocky grin was long gone.

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  1. Your dad looks like Arlo! Now why is that?

    Thank you Mr. Johnson and thank you to his son.

    You were so lucky to have your dad come home. He has a good son.

  2. My dad was in the Navy before I was born, he dragged my mom, pregnant with my older sister, and my brother who was a toddler then, from WV to VA to FL and back to VA, all before I was born. He never talked about his time served, either. I’m just glad he got home safe too.

    Many years after his service, my parents divorced, and my father met and married a retired Navy woman. I am forever grateful to her for keeping him healthy until he passed.

  3. Great picture, Jimmy. I am proud that both my parents served overseas for Canada during WWII, my father with an anti tank company and my mother served as an army nurse.

  4. Thank you Jimmy for sharing your dad’s story with us. I wish I could thank him for what he did. And thank you to all the other veterans who served their country.

  5. Mark, Ghost, Sand, Sideburns, embJerry, all members of the Village are all veterans. We should thank them ad well.

    I know I have missed some here and I apologize. If so please post additional names to thank.

  6. I posted this over on the A&J Facebook page:

    “Thanks for sharing, Jimmy. My dad only talked about the funny, silly things regarding his cohorts – never about the war itself.”

  7. A number of WWII veterans drew comics for the military press while on active duty and after the war turned them into successful civilian comics. Up Front, Private Breger, Sad Sack come to mind. Hank Ketcham was a Navy vet who not only created Dennis the Menace but was drawing a single panel called Half Hitch for a Navy magazine while I was on active duty in the 1970’s. Mort Walker was an Army vet.

    And the animation studios did their part for the war by turning out cartoons for military training.


  8. Just back from a star party (astronomical). It’s my first time to see (and know that I was seeing) the Pleiades (WOW!) through my little telescope. I could also see Andromeda through mine almost as well as through the bigger scopes that were there. 🙂

    We got there early enough to spot Saturn and show it to several of our guests before it set.

    Unfortunately we had to leave before Orion cleared our mountains; I have daughters working at the local movie theaters. 🙁

  9. I think the reference is to the book, “See Here, Private Hargrove” by Marion Hargrove. May not have spelled the last name correctly but the man’s name “Marion” stuck in my memory. The book didn’t have illustrations — or did it? Maybe David Breger? Anyway, the book was awfully funny, to my ten or eleven year old mind at least. And there was a movie I believe.

  10. Trucker: Caution; star-gazing can be addictive. I sunk only several hundred into it, ’60s-’70s, back when $100 was worth at least $25 or so. Mostly read about it now, largely in Sky & Telescope. May someday buy some 15x image-stabilizing binocs, which would also be good for birding. About the Pleiades; find the Beehive [Praesepe] in Cancer, a zodiac constellation containing no really bright stars. Beehive is farther away than Pleiades, w/ more stars, a jewelbox.


  11. Miss Charlotte so glad to see you.

    Ghost and I went to the play Amadeus for the matinee. I loved it, got me reading about Mozart all the way home. We will get movie which I have not seen but Ghost loves.

    Poor Mozart. I will read more on his life. His music is being featured in the concert we are going to tomorrow I believe.

  12. Trucker Ron, that’s great, that you saw Saturn through your telescope. I’ve never had a telescope and have been happy enough to identify and admire the constellations and planets that can be seen with the unaided eye. It’s very enjoyable.

  13. Jimmy Johnson, I was doing my weekly catchup on the posts and liked the Talking Football 2nd strip (10/7/04) enough to go back and add it to my GoComics favorites. When I pulled up the ‘colorized’ version it just felt different, so I did a quick compare to your posted version on the blog — and I was right.

    Were you required to add the ‘granny panties’ to Janis’ cheerleader outfit by the editors on GoComics? It really does change the look of the whole strip (I like the realistic b/w sketch version MUCH better). Although I must admit that the unrelieved blue outfit might account for some of the reason I like it less.

    Always interested in things you pass on regarding your drawings, and your dealings with the business side of things as well.

  14. Love the Sunday Ludwig. What about the feeling a cat is sleeping with you or seeing the indention on covers but no cat?

    Why does Spell check change words I spell correctly and use properly to something it prefers? In the sentence above it changed to a car was sleeping with me and we could see the invention.

    I caught and edited it to what I had typed. Correctly typed!

  15. If you’ve got a reasonably clear night without a moon this month, the Andromeda Galaxy is a naked-eye object near the zenith most of the month. And, it’s not just a faint speck, either, it’s a fairly large glowing area with an apparent magnitude of about 3.44, not bad for something 2.5 million light years away!

  16. Yep, it’s easy to find… but most people don’t realize they’re looking directly at it. What we’re seeing is the bright central core of a large galaxy. Even at 2.5 million light years away, a spiral galaxy measuring 200,000 light years across fills an impressive piece of the sky, at least seven Moon widths! So, with the nearer stars of our on galaxy outshining those in the outer areas of Andromeda, we don’t recognize it.

  17. Nothing serious but in hospital for observation. Had pain and swelling in left arm when I got dressed for chamber music concert. Ghost made me call my cancer doctor who directed me to emergency room. Darn!

    No clot found but they kept me and I am wearing Holter monitor over night, will see my oncology doctor in morning.

  18. They have me on fluids to hydrate me. I thought I was pretty hydrated with water and juices?

    They have drawn blood samples like crazy, first in ER and now on cancer floor. I have cardiologist doing most I suspect, my heart doctors are owned by this hospital. They are the largest and best in state so I am in good hands.

    My side brought in a beautiful small quilt for me which she selected. She said it was me. It is, the colors of our bedroom. The pattern is one my grandmother who raised me quilted. The church ladies who quilted it are members of a congregation of Ghost ‘s faith.

    The quote on backup is”I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength. ” Philippians 4.13

    I feel like the wings of love embrace me. My hair is shedding and I don’t care. I know I am safe and loved and cared for.

  19. My aide brought in quilt. They are still drawing blood, all night long, more and more for esoteric rare tests it seems.

    It appears I may be here awhile in hospital. Ghost was right to insist O come.

  20. Jimmy:

    Except for the eyes, our fathers bear an uncanny resemblance.

    My dad, though, somehow still kept his grin throughout his entire life, right up until the moment the final stroke took him.

  21. Hard to get going in the morning. Since the time change it is absolutely dark when I get up. And it has been overcast all day long since Friday so it never truly feels like daytime.

  22. How early is sunrise there, Mark? Here it was at 7:10, but the sky was already too bright at 6:15 to see anything but the brightest stars. And our mountains were in the way of seeing the Venus/Jupiter conjunction. 🙁

  23. It is still dark here till almost 730 am, even after the time change. That’s one big difference I notice between OK and AL, is it gets daylight much later here. And daylight hours are longer here during daylight saving time, keeping some light till past 830 pm during the longest days. It is getting dark here by 6 pm now.

  24. Here are the local times for SLC and Tulsa today:

    Sunrise: 07:14
    Sunset: 17:11

    Sunrise: 07:00
    Sunset: 17:17

    Well, those are almost identical, meaning that perception of light levels matter more than actual times. Mine are skewed a bit by having a mountain range running N/S just to the east of town while Mark is in one of the flatter areas of the country (the tallest peak in the area is 1,360 ft). And I am a bit closer to the Arctic than Mark; I live a few miles north of the 40th parallel while Tulsa is just a few miles north of the 36th.

  25. TruckerRon: here are the sunrise/sunset times for my hometown of Tuscaloosa, AL for today. You can see there is about an hour’s difference between them and those for Tulsa:
    6:20 AM
    Monday, November 13, 2017 (CST)
    Sunrise in Tuscaloosa, AL
    4:49 PM
    Monday, November 13, 2017 (CST)
    Sunset in Tuscaloosa, AL

  26. Lying here in hospital with my hair falling out. Ghost said they will have to rake the floor when I go home.

    All the white and blonde hair is falling out but only about a dozen of the dark hairs have fallen out. I did not know co!or made a difference.

    My sca!p has become very painful, like it is covered in sores, I hope it doesn’t continue, it will hurt too much to wear wigs,

  27. TruckerRon, I found that TTown is also a nickname for Tulsa so I just left my screen name as it was.

    Sorry to hear you scalp is painful now Jackie. I knew that hair loss was one of the common side effects of chemo or radiation therapy, but I hadn’t realized about pain in the scalp. I would have thought it would be localized to the area affected by the disease.

    At least when the treatment stops your hair will grow back, I hope. And you will get to try short hair styles for a while.

  28. Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Is anyone else getti g ready for feasting? Ghost and I actually have FOUR consecutive days with no medical appointments and no trip to Tulsa.

    We are staying home alone to cook and rest and just hang out. I am looking forward to that. Our big trips got messed up with the cancer so all were cancelled.

    What will you do next week?

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