Sense of the Father


It’s Friday, and that gives us an excellent excuse to wrap up this “art school” sequence. There was one more strip after this one in the series, but it really was an expendable epilogue. We all know Gene did not become a traditional artist, but he did go into the creative craft of cooking and hospitality. Maybe we’ll see some new material about him soon. Meanwhile, I hope you have an enjoyable May weekend!

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46 responses to “Sense of the Father”

  1. Got a call from Debbe in Indiana yesterday. She is still taking care of her dad alone. She has no internet and no cell phone to communicate online. I tried to explain to her she could stop at McDonald’s or other free WiFi sources and use theirs or local libraries usually do too.

    I will have Ghost write her and explain how to use free services with an inexpensive tablet.

    Her father is becoming more difficult to care for, she has been ill and still is. Ian has moved away and she has no help with her dad. But she says she is alive and kicking.

    She misses the old Village and the orphans.

  2. I got a call from someone warning that there were 4 serious allegations filed against me and that I had to act before the police arrived. I didn’t know I was leading that exciting a life!

  3. I got a call from someone calling me Grandpa – is there something I don’t know about?
    The only grands we have a GrandKitties.

    Jackie; When Debbe calls tell her we miss her!

  4. Is Gocomics on a “Best Of” rerun this week? I was having a strong sense of Deja vu and looked closely at the copyright dates between panels 3 and 4. Everything was from different years– but the first panel date is not the strip shown on that date in the copyright year…

  5. Of course, I missed DJJG7’s comments on the previous post pointing out exactly what I JUST noticed…. sometimes I’m a little slow on the uptake.

  6. Just got this reply from GC. Peace,

    We’re sorry, too many people are accessing this website at the same time. We’re working on this problem. Please try again later.

  7. Just got to checking email, etc. We will be eating out as soon as #1 son shows up – probably in an hour. Today, at least, his usual tardiness will be helpful in allowing us to miss the bulk of the holiday lunchers!

  8. [or something similar] is where I watch a family of barn owls grow. The original 5 owlets were down to 3 after a raid by some marauder about 2 months ago. Those 3 are now all about 11 weeks old and ready to fly the coop. In fact, one has left…though sometimes returns to visit during the evenings. Presently, the 2 are huddling in the nesting box.
    Looked at eMb’s pet falcons, too: they seem to be lively enough, unlike the former owners of all those wings lying about. Considering the urban site, I suppose those former owners were pigeons of some sort.

  9. Today is my 65th birthday, and my first grandchild entered the world this morning at 1:34 MT.

    A beautiful baby girl – could not ask for a better birthday present.

  10. Happy Birthday, Rick! Gee… some of us must have started having babies earlier than you… well, at least our children did! I am almost 10 years older than you, and my youngest grandchild is expecting her SECOND next month!

    Have fun!

  11. Galligo:

    Mrs. Rick and I had our son when we were 33, and he is now 31. You’re right. We didn’t start very early.

  12. Our eldest girl was born on my 29.5 birthday. We visited my parents on my 30th, but all the attention was on the 6-month old.

    Our youngest of 4 girls was born when I was a few weeks away from turning 45. I had my 65th last month. So, our girls are now 35, 30, 23, and 20. Our 2nd girl has had 2 boys. So, we started later than most and kept at it later.

  13. I am 74 with one six year old grandson. We all were late and they were deliberate choices.

    Unlike today.

    No one calls me granny

  14. Jackie:

    I prefer “Granddad,” but I suspect “Grandpa” is in my future. But who really knows what the little one decides to call me? Children are linguistically free and highly creative.

    I will love whatever name she calls me.

  15. We successfully trained our 3 grandkids to call me Granddad, in contrast to the two Grandpas. No “greats” yet. Elaine was Gramelaine. Peace,

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