Shadow of a Doubt

This Sunday A&J from 2009 seems appropriate. Things where I am are about to get worse: high temperatures in the mid 90s in coming days with (and this is the problem) high humidity and heat indices well into the triple digits. The ol’ bear will be on the prowl. Speaking of summer, in case you missed my post a few days ago, I’m trying to update regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays until late September. I figure if I can’t update often, I can at least update predictably. Discipline! That’s what’s needed around here, discipline!

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131 responses to “Shadow of a Doubt”

  1. Here we are on time for my breast surgeon. There are some things you don’t want to be on time for or even early.

    Storms seem to have knocked out phones to the oncology clinic, they had none when I called to check in. The answering service couldn’t reach them!

  2. This vintage cartoon sums it up.

    I try to be on time as my Dad was always late. With 7 kids, it was difficult for my Mom to be on time. Even before my sister had 6 girls, I always kidded her that she would be late for her own funeral. Here’s to hoping that it will be very late.

  3. I have extra glasses I am giving away to friends and family. One person said I could make more money waiting until the last absolute minute and selling them at $25.00 a pair. Maybe, but why take out all of the fun of making someone happy instead?

  4. We did some checking today on best place to see the eclipse where we are. Checked position of the sun at the right time. We live in the woods, but right in front of the house we have a break in the canopy that is perfect. So we are gonna set up our queen airbed and snuggle with each other while we watch in comfort. Inexpensive and fun for a once in a lifetime event.

  5. So it’s the hottest since records began being kept? Story says 1880 is the starting point. So 2017-1880 equals 137 years. The hottest July in 137 years of record-keeping, but what is that really on the global timeline?

    Seems like a statistically small sample to extrapolate future events from.

  6. Here in Camarillo, it’s expected to be about 62%, the biggest one I can remember since the ’60s. We have special glasses that I got from ThinkGeek, and I’ve tested them. Outdoors on a sunny day, they block everything except the Sun itself, and I, who am very sensitive to bright lights and glare, can look at it comfortably.

  7. My issue with that nonsensical article regarding temperatures is that the planet’s temperature is being measured at how many points? Who certified those points as being representative? And that the area around them hadn’t been converted from a gravel parking lot to an asphalt one? And just who has been “normalizing” the data?

    The only system I trust is the satellites which cover the entire planet and don’t lend themselves to data manipulation by researchers looking for grants. And guess what the satellite records don’t show?

  8. Mark: Good use of the web. People refer to all sorts of data re past climate, often w/o appropriate perspective. My fave sort of science is paleobiology, 350 MYA to present. All sorts of interesting climate trends and many gaps in our data, and fascinating transitional fossils.

    But my personal, humanitarian, and patriotic concern is for my kids, grandkids, and such [no ‘and such’ exist yet], and for the same worldwide, all equally ‘children of God’, whether they live in Pittsburgh, Paris, or Pakistan. It is much shorter term, and that’s what climate change is about.

    Also think about the cultural loss. A few examples: the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Am. Mus. Natural History, Carnegie Hall, the Cabildo, Basin St., the French Quarter, the Hermitage, the Aegean Isles, Venice.

    Peace [which becomes less likely in a stressed world],

  9. As I understand the cited work, “Mules of Love”, the “mules” wouldn’t need to care about birth control since all males are sterile. That, in itself, would lighten things up.

  10. And Jackie has posted about herself on FB. A mastectomy will be required, bilaterally to keep them matching on reconstruction. (They don’t make replacements in her size, she said.)Ghost gets to pick the new pair.

  11. Still talking cloudy for Mon.

    Neighbor – going to school in Fargo – said he might rent school plane with buddies
    and fly above clouds.

    Brooke McEldowney had a stroke that is why no new Pibgorn and reruns of 9CWL.

  12. Have to clear about six more testz to insure cancer hasnt spread to bones, organs, etc. Left breast is clear but another biopsy for the new mass, another MRI, a PET scan. Ghost has list!

    We both keep this on our phone calendars. Worse than a dance card! Remember those?

  13. Heard of dance cards, but never encountered them. Elaine loved me despite my dancing ineptitude.

    Well known, ‘well-endowed’, cantankerous, retired UMC clergywoman opted for reduction on the cancer-free side ages ago; a silver lining to the cloud. Still with us, I believe. Elaine and I had supper w/ her at another beloved clergy couple’s home in Golden Valley [TC] in Aug. ’09. Their M.Div daughter recently preached at BUMC.

    Prayers / Jackie and Brooke [and thanks for that info / Pib.]


  14. Yes, reduction of the cancer free breast will be needed to get a matched pair. If I have genetically linked cancer total mastectomy on both sides will be needed. Waiting for results.

    Ghost gets to pick what he wants.

  15. Got the news about Brooke. Despite his walk (sometimes run) on the racy side I kind of like his work and wish him the best. Jackie still praying for you too. My list of people I am praying for continues to grow. I think a part of part of getting older.

  16. Cassini, the spacecraft that has been investigating Saturn and its rings and satellites for several yrs, is due to plunge into the planet Sep. 15. It has already made the first of 5 passes through Saturn’s upper atmosphere, which will 1. yield more info / that atmosphere and 2. slow it down for the plunge. There’s lots of info and pictures at:

    I didn’t finish all the reading. You can click on this and that to see what’s available.

    Alternative Fact: Actually, none of this is real. It’s a conspiracy by pretend scientists who are making it all up in a basement under the Pentagon, or maybe the Kremlin.


  17. (This post is not about an Arlo & Janis topic.)

    I suspect that some persons who are ardent nature lovers have never had poison ivy.

  18. Mark: I assure you that strange things do happen at busy distribution centers, but I never was involved in anything worse than arriving with a shifted load (not my fault — I’d had to hit the brakes hard when the drunk turned into the ramp I was exiting from!). And since that load was just massive rolls of cardboard that were still intact and the load was still legally balanced, no harm was done.

    As for leaving with someone or even a forklift in the trailer… Our company required us to complete the paperwork at the back of the trailer, to secure the load ourselves, and to get verbal clearance from the dock worker/manager if there wasn’t a dock lock system before removing the chocks and pulling out. Many of the docks I backed up to had the lock system with the red/green lights to verify things were either engaged or open.

  19. ‘… some persons who are ardent nature lovers have never had poison ivy.’ Likely, but I am and I have.

    Also, some are immune. Paul, Elaine’s dad, was, but was not an ardent nature lover, just a good guy, and a top-notch father.


  20. Many years ago my grand mother got into smoke from weeds she was burning.
    There was Poison Ivy in the weeds – she ended up in the hospital with facial swelling and
    maybe internal rash.

    We used to have, if not a Cadillac, a high end Oldsmobile, dock plate. But rather fix it after
    35 years, it was replaces with a go-kart. Now after 3 years it is rusted in place so we no longer drive the fork-lift into the trailer. Safer in some ways – not in others.

  21. Mark and TR, thanks for the dock stuff! I love finding out about how things work. The video was really fun—and reminded me of how impressed I am with good truck drivers.

  22. Small world department, Dennis from the Village and I were born in the same tiny hospital in the same tiny yown in Louisiana and delivered by same doctor. There was only one!

  23. All my sport coats and blazers are several years old and therefore too large on me. I took Jackie to a Goodwill store this afternoon and, although they seldom have much selection of those items, I found two blazers, one navy and one black, for $12.99 each. They appear to be not only new but unworn. (I’m thinking some guy my size must have croaked and his wife donated them.) One, I’m sure, retailed for $100-$125 and the other for $150-$175. What I paid is about what it costs to get one *dry cleaned* these days.

    From the Department of Odd Things I See, a woman shopping at Goodwill had as one of her (several) tattoos one on her left outer forearm reading “Nov. 25, 2014 5:48 pm”. I hope that was the date/time of some momentous occasion in her life and not her “Use by Date”.

  24. Also, from the same Department, yesterday afternoon during Jackie’s PT session an attractive young five foot nothing short-stack showed up, apparently straight from work, wearing a dress with a short skirt and dress shoes with platform heels. My first thought, knowing some of the odd positions PT clients have to assume, was there was no way she was there for PT…until she kicked off her shoes and started doing stair climbs and heel lifts. Her session was interesting to observe, especially when her therapist had her assume a supine position on a table with her knees lifted and parted. It’s never dull hanging with Jackie.

  25. Today’s strip is SO me. Except I look at obituaries of singers or actors that I have never heard of. Everyone is upset, so refrain from commenting. I will read their obituary and realize why I had never heard of them!

    I went to see my sister Thursday night and told her how much “together” she seems now than when I saw her in May. Her response was “Well YOU go through what I went through and you tell me how you would react!” I touched her arm and said “Oh no, no, no” I totally understood her state in May, as best as I could, and I was complementing her on her peace. She went to Italy with my wife and has been writing a book about her husband and how his death affected so many. That seems to be the key in handling her grief.

  26. Ghost and I took my daughter and son in law out for dinner tonight. We were going to hear my criends play at a club but it is so hot and humid here. We bailed out to motel.

    Dinner became a wonderful touching gift from the restaurant and made me so happy. A glorious experience. I will let Ghost elaborate.

  27. My wife and I were on the road today, driving up to the Montana side of the eclipse track. Monday we’ll drive 90 or so miles south to Dubois ID and join the festivities there. We could go farther into the track and get a longer period of totality, but I’d rather be in a small town with friendly people instead of jostling for position in one of the few legal places to park.

    I find it ironic that one of my least favorite places to visit on I-15, the DOT scales at Sage Junction Idaho, is about a half mile from the maximum eclipse line!

  28. I was gaming with some new acquaintances. One game called Evolution and one called Civilization. I enjoyed the first more than the second. My species kept getting eaten in the Evolution game, but it was a fun learning experience. The other was just too complicated in an uninteresting way.

  29. A good and bright Sunday morning to all…

    …to steal the words from Domaucon…may “God Bless America” “God bless us every one. God bless the USA.” Amen.

    Thank you one and all for the natal wishes.

    Mark, I need to get you a list of games that Ian plays online..I’ve know Idea…in the mean time, maybe you could put togehter your list of online, interactive

  30. Ghost and I are on our way home having had one of best meals of my life and best surf and turf ever at P.F. Changs for brunch. We combined Mongolian beef with long life noodles and fried prawns. The prawns were gigantic and so lightly breaded. The beef was fork tender and delectable.

    Ghost and I are unapologetic foodies. We are going to take some cooking classes together and do more fun cooking jointly. We are also going to start Spanish together because I need yo

  31. I also so that: πŸ™

    But he lived a good long time and did some real good in this world.

    I refuse to learn Spanish. I learned Japanese 40-odd years ago and I don’t have that many brain cells left to store another language.

  32. I wasted some time replying to a flat-earth conspiratist that belives the eclipse is a fake! He didn’t like that the totality shadow is smaller than the moon or that the eclipse shadow moves west to east. I don’t know what I was thinking… I’m just part of the cover-up. πŸ˜€

  33. Good morning Villagers…

    It’s heerrree!! Lookout Carbondale, IL..which is about, maybe, close to, around a half a state. Welll be sitting on the front porch watching it get dark…I may try and get Dad some glasses

    The hog house have welder’s helmets.

    …..more coffee

    GM Old Bearr

    Wonder what has happened to Smigz…I know Gal is out there reading…good morning, lady!


  34. David in Austin:

    The flat-earthers are a tough crowd.

    They refuse to see the truth: Earth orbits Sol, and the Moon is actually an ancient spaceship, abandoned thousands of years ago and finally captured by Earth’s gravity.

  35. Good morning, Villagers! In about 15 minutes we will be off to Rabun Gap to watch the eclipse. Yes, we have approved glasses. A man who works with my sister actually asked if this was really such a big deal. The entire office answered YES. How someone can be so clueless is beyond me.

  36. Oh, and just tell any flat-earthers that there is conclusive proof that the Earth is round. If it were flat cats would have pushed everything off by now.

  37. I started my search for eclipse glasses WAY too late and was a little down until my brother pointed out that on April 8, 2024 there will be another total eclipse and Indianapolis will be right in it’s path. I was joking that some of these glasses were going to arrive after the event, but I wish that I had ordered them so that I will be ready in 7 years.

    Very sad about Jerry Lewis. Wonderful man

  38. I would show today’s A&J to my smarter half, but that would give her ideas. Actually our whole plans for the event have changed. We will have two of our grandchildren over to view it. Our granddaughter is a very sick little girl, but will be with us anyway. Our grandson we are picking up early from school on an unexcused absence because the school is doing nothing for the event afraid of lawsuits. Not only that they are dismissing on time which is right at totality. Great education response to a major event.

  39. Had anyone heard there’s a solar eclipse today? πŸ˜€

    It had to happen, of course. I just got an email from a company offering an “Eclipse Day Discount”.

  40. We had about 11 pair left after giving them away like candy to friends and family so my lady took them to a parking lot and sold them all in less than 30 mins at $4.00 ea. Lol had people mad that she ran out. So my better half is more mercenary than me. Everything set here, she is retrieving the last “grandkid” now. We are so looking forward to this. The money from the glasses paid for overnighting several pair to our daughter and hers, and some friends of ours.

  41. Very strange. At what was supposed to be the darkest point of the eclipse it began pouring rain, the wind got very strong and the lightning began. It is dark and it is still storming.

  42. Here in Tulsa, it has been a clear, bright day. During the eclipse it only darkened a little outside. Looked like late afternoon, but no darker than that.

  43. There were a few passing clouds in Blairsville, Ga., that cleared at just the right moment. Truly awe-inspiring! Bob got some great pictures, including the “diamond ring”. To make it even better, one nephew and his wife and mom drove up from Atlanta to share it with us. (I hope they’re as fortunate with traffic on the way back as they were this morning.)

  44. Clouds here and only a partial was expected…I was with a friend watching it happen across the country. Then we walked outside and saw the coolest reflections/shadows through leaves. Neat. πŸ™‚

    Not much art accomplished lately, Debbe. It’s been a rough month. BUT there have been better moments and so possibilities are out there. And that’s a wonderful thing to hold on to.

  45. The welder glass need to be >12. However I seem to recall using some undeveloped film in 1970. It had to have been enough as my ophthalmologist could have seen damage.

    We were fortunate as the company next to us in the building complex had a party. The guy ordered 100 and ended up with 300. So I got to see the partial. I intend to keep mine for the next one in 2024. As long as the weather holds out, it should be awesome. I noticed that it is on a Monday. I will be 67 years old by then. Hopefully by then, I won’t care what day of the week it is.

  46. Great weather, bright sunny. Little ones got bored fast, but otherwise it went well. Dark enough that daytime critters and bugs started getting ready for sleep.

  47. In the little Idaho town where we watched the eclipse it was greeted with cheers and applause. Totality was much too short… anything shy of 5 minutes would have been much too short! My little telescope with its homemade solar filter worked very well. By the next time I get to a total eclipse (perhaps the 2024 one in Texas, Oklahoma, or Arkansas?) I should have much nicer equipment and not have to manually chase the sun the whole time — perhaps I’ll have it set up with a laptop to monitor and record what I see.

    If I make it to 2045, I’ll possibly be able to see it from a nursing home (I’ll be 92) here in Utah.

  48. Morning was scattered clouds. By noon it was overcast. And by eclipse time
    could not tell if it were clouds or the eclipse. Loud’en Boomers too.

    Found out Colin Dexter writer of Inspector Morse novels “stepped on the rainbow”
    in March. Lot of famous people have passed this month – only 2 of whom I ever heard.

  49. In 2045’s eclipse, there will be less than 2/3 coverage of the sun seen from the place where my ashes are to be buried.
    I’d have to live past the century mark to be alive yet, and none of the hundreds of ancestors I have located has lived that long. Odds are that I won’t, either. My MBH just might, though.

  50. Dear c x-p, I think you mean your wife, but I’ve been trying to figure out for quite a while — what the letters MBH stand for, the actual words. Not obvious to me!

  51. Charlotte, I began using it a while back, partly to see if anyone would ask. Thanks! It may not be standard, but that’s the way I choose to it.

  52. We ended up near Talullah Gorge yesterday, and had a wonderful view of the eclipse. Just as the moon started across the sun heavy clouds started moving in and we were afraid the entire trip-including several hours of sitting in the sun at broiling temps-was to be for naught but the clouds dissipated in time for us to see the the diamond ring and Baily’s Beads. Truly awesome!

  53. I just drove 400 miles to get home from the eclipse quest. Traffic was a mess because the various states left lanes closed the days before, during, and after the eclipse. If people would properly “zipper” into the remaining lane(s) it would have been no problem, but they don’t. Going up on Saturday took 5.5 hours of driving. Coming back, well, it took about 4 hours longer.

  54. Glad you enjoyed the trip. Not to put too fine a point on it, but to us Tennesseans, North Central Tennessee is north Middle Tennessee to us.
    War Eagle, I hope we enjoy the coming football season as much as you did the eclipse viewing.

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