Shaky Premise

Shaky Premise

Well, not just to see cheerleaders. As we’re into the heart of football season, I thought I’d resurrect this golden oldie from 2001. I’m sorry, but I don’t have a lot of time this morning. The corporeal world is demanding attention. I always feel badly about falling back on the no-time cop-out, but I figure it’s better than not showing up at all, which happens all too often. I hope you enjoy the above comic and today’s A&J at GoComics.

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  1. A few weeks ago, we had a slight dusting of snow. Last night it started snowing for real and hasn’t stopped yet. We’re expecting eight to twelve inches today. Earlier, I got a call from my physical therapy people to see if I’d be in today; of course. Then they asked if I could move my session up to 1 PM instead of 2:30. They’ve had a lot of cancellations and are trying to consolidated things. Of course I can, as that lets them finish up and get home safely and earlier.

  2. As Lily Tomlin said, “rah.”
    Also, “Just because you’re acting the part of a heterosexual doesn’t mean you have to actually BE a heterosexual,” or words to that effect.

  3. I am about to have an experience few (probably) have had. Having lucked out and found a HS buddy on-line about 2 months ago, in atonement for a then-impossible act, I am about to send him a wedding gift more than 52 years too late! Back in ’67, I/we just didn’t have the means to send anything significant. Now that I know he is still kicking, he’s gonna get a major goodie next week! I only wish his late wife were around to enjoy it, too.
    Sorry that I couldn’t do it back then, but delighted to be able to act now….

  4. For those who take a handful of pills at any given time, did you ever notice that, if you drop one,

    a) it will be the smallest, or

    b) it will be the last visible against the flooring, or

    c) both (a) and (b), and,

    d) if you are in a recliner, it will always roll underneath same?

    This has been shown time and again…and again just now.

    • Or if you are taking them by the bathroom sink, they will go direct for the drain. For that reason, I put one of those drop-in screens in my sink, which does not have a built in stopper.

      That also reminds me of the do-it-yourselfer rule that states that any part you drop will roll under the workbench to the farthest corner from you.

  5. Todays comic trick or treat candy. Poor kids will get red hots and candy corn. Everything from panel 2 to end is too expensive to give trick or treaters. Janice will eat it all herself as that is her plan.

  6. My dad taught 36 years at the same college where he was a small-college All-American football player; football games were, of course, what we did on Saturday. The whole time I was growing up, the college cheerleaders were beautiful. sophisticated women.
    Now, many decades later, I live in a university town, and – while I have never gone to a game – I see the cheerleaders at parades at such events, and I have to wonder: When did they change to using silly children for cheerleaders?

  7. CC
    About the same time the people in our yearbook went from adult looking – ready
    for the world, to young naive kids without a clue.
    Mark & c e-p
    Small parts dropped attain escape velocity and enter a different dimension before hitting the
    floor. After driving across/into town for a replacement they return and will be right there where you looked for
    45 min before leaving.

  8. From the Department of That Was Then, This is Now:
    Tattoo sleeves used to mean you were biker and would kill someone.
    Now it means you are a chef who makes a lovely pork belly with a balsamic drizzle.

  9. Looks as if Auburn bit the dust.

    I was mildly concerned that the Buckeyes might be goners, too.

    However, are they really going to take it all? I just can’t see them beating an SEC team.

  10. Tattoo sleeves done by a good tattoo artist cost thousands of dollars $$$. When you see one think how much they cost. Some are beautiful works of art. On young beautiful bodies they can be stunning.

    When I see a particularly lovely one I make a point of admiring it to owner, just as I would hair or clothes. This has led to some interesting conversations.. The most beautiful one I’ve seen extended over shoulder and dowh shoulderblade. It cost $7000 the owner said..

    My cousin the tattooist makes more than a brain surgeon.

    • My niece and her meth-head ex got many tattoos – while sponging off parents & grandparents to support their kids.
      And while they may, indeed, look stunning on young bodies, the one thing all tattoos have in common is that they fade and spread.

      One of the main reasons I am ink-free is that in my youth I knew a bartender called “Sailor Joe”; he got his tats in the navy as a youth – I knew him in his late 80s. There is no way you could figure out what any of them had been.

      Well, that and I am old enough to remember when tattoos were an act of rebellion, instead of an act of conformance.

  11. Have been trying to bake a pineapple upside down skillet cake for Ghost for days. First I burned spill from blackberry pie in oven, was cleaning it and knocked large glass bottle of olive oil onto ceramic floor which turned into skating rink. Cake is assembled on counter. On schedule for tomorrow along with sweet cresm biscuits. Ghost deserves that and more.

  12. Barely made it to my 3 pm physical therapy appointment after brunch. Ended up eating enchiladas and beef nachos at a favorite local restaurant. Mark likes it too.

    Cooking cake tomorrow?

  13. A out Janis and sink today. I had a grandmother my stepdads mom who insisted on spreading newspapers on any surface you were eating over including the sink, counter or table. I found her compulsively annoying. But it was only house she had ever lived in having lived in real log cabin with dirt floors and open fireplaces for heat and cooking.. i heard she was that way even in cabin.

    Janis is just compulsive.

  14. Coupla new birds in Kenya webcams today [7am CDT here = 3pm EAT there]. Red-Eyed Dove [which Elaine & I had seen there in ’87] & 3-Banded Plover [very much like our Killdeer, & member of the same genus]. Webcam operators don’t zoom in on birds as much as I’d like.

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