Shave and a Haircut

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You may have noticed the A&J strips running in newspapers last week. I hope you noticed. The week was devoted to Arlo’s hair, which he was wearing differently. I was having some fun while seriously playing around with Arlo’s appearance. I’ve never liked his hair. I don’t think it looks much like hair at all. I was tackling two issues last week, actually. I was trying to tame his outrageous forelock and to make him look more his age by receding his hairline a bit. However, I have about decided that Arlo’s coif, his forelock in particular, are too iconic to change. He’ll stay pretty much the same. I might tinker with his hair, but the changes will be small; hopefully, you won’t even notice. Speaking of all that, you’ll notice above that I was going through a tinkering phase with Janis’ hair at the time of this 2003 classic.